Open Discussion: Week of June 22nd

Baseball is again on hold.  Five Phillies’ players and three staffers tested positive for Covid-19 at the Phillies’ Clearwater Complex.  Other organizations have released infection numbers and as many as 40 players and staff across baseball have been confirmed positive while teams await further results.

MLB shut down all spring training facilities.  If baseball does restart, teams will most likely hold ST2 in their home cities, although plans for the Blue Jays remain up in the air.

The Inquirer reported that family members of those found positive have also been infected.

The phrasing of the Phillies press release and the Inquirer story lead me to believe that the affected players are on the 27-man active roster.  I don’t think the minor league players I’ve seen at DiMaggio Field are among those affected.  But, I don’t know for sure.

Baseball America has reported that the Philles have signed 10 non-drafted free agents.  I will update our draft tracker with this information.

The current Draft Discussion includes the draft tracker.  I’ll update it if/when the comments section becomes unwieldy.  I suggest that we take our draft talk there.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • June 10-11, 2020 – Amateur Draft
  • June 14, 2020 – Teams can begin to sign non-drafted players
  • August 1, 2020 – Deadline for signing drafted players
  • October 15, 2020, 5:00 PM EDT – Close of the 2019 international signing period
  • January 15, 2021, 9:00 AM EST – Start of the 2020 international signing period
  • August 1, 2020 – Signing period for 2020 draft picks closes

The rosters and lists are up to date as of May 25th … 352 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)
  • 6/17/2020 – RHP Chase Antle assigned to GCL West
  • 6/17/2020 – LHP Jake McKenna assigned to GCL West
  • 6/17/2020 – RHP Jonathan Hughes assigned to GCL West
  • 6/17/2020 – LHP J.P. Woodward assigned to GCL West
  • 6/17/2020 – RHP Billy Sullivan assigned to GCL West
  • 6/17/2020 – RHP Noah Skirrow assigned to GCL West
  • 6/17/2020 – RHP Sam Jacobsak assigned to Clearwater
  • 6/17/2020 – LHP Jordan Fowler assigned to Clearwater
  • 6/16/2020 – Phillies signed NDFA LHP J.P. Woodward to an MiLB contract
  • 6/16/2020 – Phillies signed NDFA RHP Billy Sullivan to an MiLB contract
  • 6/16/2020 – Phillies signed NDFA LHP Jake McKenna to an MiLB contract
  • 6/16/2020 – Phillies signed NDFA RHP Chase Antle to an MiLB contract
  • 6/16/2020 – Phillies signed NDFA RHP Noah Skirrow to an MiLB contract
  • 6/16/2020 – Phillies signed NDFA RHP Jonathan Hughes to an MiLB contract
  • 6/14/2020 – Phillies signed NDFA LHP Jordan Fowler to an MiLB contract
  • 6/14/2020 – Phillies signed NDFA RHP Sam Jacobsak to an MiLB contract



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  1. Note: One of you had a problem commenting. I noticed the new name. I found the cause within the app and corrected the problem (I think). You should be able to post under your original name. If you still have a problem, let me know. This is a “feature” that has happened in the past. I can sometimes correct it. If not, I have to go thru the app’s customer service which isn’t always helpful.

  2. I wonder if other “fans”, like me, are going through the weekends more and more content without baseball. I know once it starts up I will be there watching and rooting, but for now, I’m enjoying the family time.

    Baseball better get it’s act together or they will lose the more casual fans forever.

    1. I’ve never been a huge baseball fan, I love the Phillies and have been going to/watching games since the early ’80’s but I’ve always been a die hard hockey fan. That said every year as spring training would get closer I would start to come down with a case of baseball fever. This year I badly wanted the season to start but as time has gone by and especially with how things have played out between the two sides I have really just given up and don’t really care at this point. If they play I will likely watch them and if they don’t I won’t lose a bit of sleep over it.

      I could see baseball being in real trouble as the divide between owners/players, a pandemic that if some reports about it being around for 2 years are true, it’s going to be very interesting to see what the sport looks like when things are back to normal assuming we ever get there.

  3. Hey, hope all dads here had a great weekend!

    I want to apologize for my part in pulling this site in the wrong vein with my non-baseball comments. We don’t all agree on baseball matters, so why would we agree on even more impassioned ones? I appreciate Jim’s labors in maintaining Phuture Phillies. And all the contributors here provide some relief from the realities of life.

  4. With all the negativity and weirdness of 2020, I am happy that we have Phuture Phillies. There is always great discussion and great debate. Like any group there will be some disagreements but we are all here for the same reasons, baseball and Jim’s awesome content.

  5. Well, can’t complain about all the extra signing that the Phillies are making. Quite a few top 500 pitchers. I feel bad about the low bonuses since they get paid peanuts in the minors though. Such a double edged sword.

  6. I would think that there is a very real possibility that there will be no baseball, basketball or hockey the rest of the season. The uptick in new infections is worrisome, especially for the players who tested positive and their families. But there is an unintended consequence to this situation. It takes the focus off the players union and owners, who in my opinion, were looking like petulant 5 year olds trying to claim the slide in a playground. They should have had an agreement in place, so once the health situation improved enough, and the risk of infections was almost nil, they could have started with minimal issues.

    1. It’s embarrassing for both sides. People have gotten sick, some have died, some have lost their jobs, and here we have 2 sides flush with money who can’t work out their monetary differences. They are only looking out for themselves and don’t give a crap about the fans. They could have come together, made a plan to have a season, and perhaps instilled some hope for life after Covid. I still want to see my Phillies play, but I wouldn’t be saddened if the season was cancelled. You reap what you sow.

  7. And like clockwork, word from the AP says that the MLPA players board rejected the owners plan, and now the threats of grievances and counter grievances are being hurled. Instead of both sides trying to be the roadrunner, both are tripping over themselves to be the coyote.

  8. Sounding like 60 games after all, so long as the players report for spring training by July 1.

  9. So now that there may be a 60 game season with normal playoffs and a DH, I’d like to propose the following ideas:

    1) Spencer Howard is in the rotation for the full 2020 season. Even with a full playoff run, he’d likely max out at 17 starts and about 100 innings. I believe that’s a reasonable and safe workload.

    2) With the DH and so many position players that Girardi is unlikely to sub out of a game or pinch hit for (Didi, JTR, Bryce, Cutch, Rhys, Segura), they can likely go with an extra pitcher or two, depending on the final roster size.

    3) I’d strongly consider giving Roman Quinn an everyday role in CF for as long as he can stay healthy and try to catch lightning in a bottle. I’d make Jay Bruce the everyday DH.

    4) lineup – 1) Cutch, 2) Didi, 3) JTR, 4) Bryce, 5) Rhys, 6) Bruce, 7) Segura, 8) Kingery, 9) Quinn

    1. It will be nice to talk actual baseball again. We actually have to wait and see if everyone agrees to play and then if they’re all healthy. It’s tough to know what to do with Howard and Bohm. I might start with Howard in the pen. Lots of relievers will he needed with 60 games in 60 days and only 3 weeks to get ready. Cutch won’t be able to play LF every day but he and Bruce can switch between DH and LF. I agree to try and squeeze what you can from Roman in a short season. I expect we’ll see Segura bat 2nd and if it’s me I’d bat Harper 3rd before Hoskins, Bruce and then JTR, Didi, Kingery and Quinn. Baseball talk!

    2. Buddy B – Howard would max 12 starts (60÷5 man rotation) at the most, and say average 5 or 6 innings per start for approximately 60-70 ip.

      1. He was suggesting “through the playoffs” which would mean another 4/5 starts possibly to your 12. Semantics….

  10. Now that the MLBPA has voted to not accept the owners’ last proposal.

    The commissioner is now free to implement a season of any length under the March 26th agreement.

    Whatever the length of the season, the players will get full pro rata pay. There will be no expanded playoffs. There will be no advertising on uniforms. There will be no DH unless it is done so as a health and safety protocol (see #2 below).

    The owners have asked the MLBPA to respond to two requests:
    1: Can they report for ST by July 1st
    2. Will the union agree to the proposed Operating Manual that governs health and safety protocols for resuming play amidst the pandemic

    These are the facts. The following is my opinion.

    Since the commissioner will be implementing the start of the season under the March 26th agreement, and since it appears that they will be playing with the players receiving the full pro rated pay as described in that agreement, it would appear that the owners wasted the past two-and-half months trying to break that agreement and force the players to accept less than the agreed upon compensation.

    This could have been settled at any time that the owners took money off the table and stuck to the negotiable parts of the agreement, e.g. length of season. At the very least, the commissioner could have started the ball rolling the day after the players said, ” Tell us when and where”.

    I know a lot of people want to blame the players. I blame the owners. A small block of owners. I think Manfred was caught between common sense and this small block of owners.

    Oh, and I have lost all respect for a gaggle of national sportswriters who lost their objectivity to “carry the water” for the owners. They were nothing more than the cutting edge in the owners’ social media war.

    1. Sorry Jim but I blame both sides equally. The players couldn’t recognize that the no fans at games would decrease revenue? That’s just silly to me. Both sides refused to concede for fear that it would be used against them in the next larger negotiation. It’s a sad commentary and reflects very poorly on Manfred and Clark as leaders.
      Normal playoffs??? What does that mean when we’ll only be playing NL and AL East teams? Doesn’t seem very fair for the wildcard of that reverts to a traditional NL format.

      1. What I’ve never understood about this argument is, why should the players be expected to share the burden? They signed a contract. Is it written in the contract that their pay is dependent upon revenue? No? Then it’s not their issue.

        Don’t forget, owners have no issue gaming the system in their favor even when revenues are at all-time highs. How many top prospects are held down just to delay service time? Why do clubs get public funding for ballparks? How often do you think clubs win in arbitration? Hell, why is there a salary cap?

        People keep painting this as billionaires fighting millionaires. But;

        1) There is a HUGE difference between the two. Millionaires are closer to us average people than they are to billionaires. By a lot.

        2) Not all MLB players are even making millions. Many are on league minimum. And a large number of THOSE will never see a pay raise. Some will never play again after this year. Do you really want them to lose their small window of earning potential just to appease the people who are just going to offset all expenses onto us, the viewers, anyways?

        and of course 3) It’s not an issue of money. It’s an issue of ethics and legality. If you let the owners back out of their contracts now, they’ll find a way to do it again. And again. And again. People don’t consider this, but everything players agree to sets precedent. You may only think of those precedents when it comes to free agency, but it permeates every aspect of baseball. And allowing owners to take an inch will embolden them to take several miles.

  11. Any word of scheduling…. assume teams play in their all specific region of teams…..
    for example, Philies play all East teams…NL and Al……Cardinals play all Central ..NL and AL…and Dodgers play all West..NL and AL.??????

    1. My guess would be yes, east vs east, west vs west etc….at 60 games, figure division rivals 10 games (5 home, 5 away) totalling 40, and interleague 4 games (2 home, 2 away) for the other 20.

      1. If that is the case, then it will look like almost half the Phillies travel can be by Acela…games in NYC and Wash/Baltimore…..then the flights to Toronto , Atlanta, Boston and Florida.

  12. Neither side has clean hands but over-all the owners behaved horribly and damaged the game. If the players had accepted the last owners offer they would have been the clear victors.

    1. I think the owners dilly dallied shamelessly.
      I think the players should have taken the 70 games but they spited the owners with the potential grievance hanging there. Another case where both sides can’t be right, but they both leave poor optics and bitter roots before entering the next CBA talks. That’s what we called when I was a yute, ‘Fugly’.

      1. Still have two seasons to go thru, another free agency period, and almost 18 months before the negotiations begin….a very fluid situation with the opportunity of more things happening along the way.

  13. Looking for positives from these negotiations it’s clear to everyone now there is no trust and a fair amount of animosity between the two sides… I had no idea it was this bad..Better to see this now than after the last pitch of the 2021 WS. My strong suggestion would be for the 2020 season to play out and then in November of 2020, not 2021 start a dialogue between the sides.. No exchanging of CBA offers but where does each side philosophically see baseball going in the 5,10 and 20 years. Innovations? Ideas to make the game better? Expanding it’s popularity…With parents looking for youth sports that are healthy for their kids now that football at the youth level is on the decline there the opening for baseball is historic..

    I think six months of discussions on topics like this would set up a CBA negotiating environment that would lend itself to a great agreement that allows both sides to win and prohibit the thing that will kill baseball and that’s a strike.

    1. No big deal…..I have seen 8 of them …the majority between 1972 and 1995….strikes and lock-outs…all with acrimonious relationships between the owners/commissioner and the player/ union…it survived after each time.
      Once that first pitch is thrown it all comes together…fans come back.

      This time, both sides, have a commone enemy to blame…a world pandemic….which makes it that more easier to resume

    2. That’s a great idea, Hawkeye. May I suggest an additional one….vowed media silence from both sides so this doesn’t become another restart fiasco.

      1. Agree 100%. A gag order agreed to by both sides as their first discussion point would be great. Then, if they want to update the public, a joint press release. (Did you know that on Twitter some referred to Heyman as Baghdad Bob?)

  14. Two more players tested positive. They’re keeping the names anonymous for now but how will this work when the season starts? Suddenly a player is “inactive” and no reason is given?

    1. I Wonder some of these guys have Pregnant Wifes. and young kids. is 60 games worth it?

  15. If the owners weren’t a short sighted lot, baseball operations could be radically different than the are today, in which the MLPA has grown into the most powerful of the sports unions. Back in 1976, when free agency had just come in to play, Charles Finley, owner of the A’s proposed making all the players free agents every year. Marvin Miller, the head of the players union, was scared to death that the owners would adopt this proposal. Finley’s reasoning behind his idea is that it would naturally keep player salaries down, because instead of having 5 teams trying to outbid each other for a player, players would be competing against each other for jobs, and if they wanted to play, they would present themselves as the cheapest signing for an owner. Miller knew that if the owners adopted this proposal, he would then be put into the no win situation of trying to convince the players that this was a bad idea, even though he just secured them freedom in the future. The owners hated Finley as much as they hated the players, and voted down the proposal. Now they get to reap the “rewards” for their lack of vision.

  16. Just for fun, trying to talk real baseball, I looked at the 60 games and came up with a 32-28 prediction. That will probably not be enough for a wild card spot.
    I guessed 15-15 with their big three and 7-3 vs the Fish. Then I guessed 4-8 against the AL East big three and 6-2 against Balt and Toronto. That’s 32-28, which would project to 86 wins over 162. Any counter thoughts or predictions?
    FYI -Lehigh Valley will also be used for spring training 2, starting a week from today theoretically (for the healthy).

    1. This year is a complete crap shoot. Hard to predict anything other than maybe they’ll be done games and in the end maybe will have play offs. Weird to think we could have two Natinal league or American League teams playing for a championship of 1/3 of a season. Just feels hollow.

  17. As for the prior positive COVID-19 tests and those that came back today; I say this reinforces the case to get players in a health protocol as they will be safer playing baseball than what’s mostly likely out there right now for protections..

    1. Maybe all the positives can be a positive. Hopefully, players are immune after contracting COVID, not sure we no with great certainty. The more that get it now, the fewer will get it during the season. It is now up to 7 players, and the Inquirer said they were mostly major leaguers.

      Trying hard to find a silver lining

      1. Tom B;
        …too much uncertainty now
        …Commissioner apparently is pushing ahead no matter what
        …season starts, a player tests positive, now quar.for 2 wks, (12/13 games)..20% of the season
        ….it will be a bastardized season

          1. Jim have you been watching them workout ? Since the virus has hit them i hope your safe,

  18. Biggest winner in this is the SF Giants. If anyone knew how to manage focusing on 60 games and ignoring the last 102, it was ole Gabe!!!

  19. Minor league extra innings format to be used. Runner on 2nd base in the 10th innings on.

    1. No. I do not want the runner on 2nd to start extra innings. If so, then 3 fouls and your out, out at pitcher’s mound, you can hit the runners with the thrown ball for outs, etc…..

        1. Denny…soccer rule changes….will only have 7 on the pitch, no off-sides.(tic)
          …actually that would makes the match more wide open and exciting with more goals.

          1. I love the soccer comments. You know, I always wondered how it would work with 2 goals with 2 goalies on each team. You get to decide which one to shoot on.

            1. Denny…lived in England for five years back in the 80s, so got to learn and actually love the game. But always wondered what it would be like if there were no off-sides, and the defender had to have the skills to mark the striker wherever he went. Of course the Brits would look at me like i was some sort of crazed American…..’bloody hell, you Yanks want to change everything’.

            2. Hahaha. Okay, let’s move to timed Golf. Set a time limit, so golfers need to be full athletes to compete. Players need to move quickly and have a set time to hit the ball. Would really speed up the game. Also, no carts.

      1. Instead, have a HR derby between each team’s top power bats. 10 swings each. See who finishes with more. That would at least be entertaining.

  20. Works been slow the last few days (that’s a good thing for everyone btw) So decided I’d YouTube 2007-2011 Phillies yearbook and watch. Besides passing the time, I also realized there were so many moments I had forgotten about. For example in 2010 Jamie Moyer throws a complete game 2 hit shut out at age 47 (a couple days after the passing of Robin Roberts). 9IP 2 Hits 5 SO 0 BB
    His next start he would give up 9 runs in 1 IP.
    How even on a random night in May CBP was packed to the gills.

    Someone posed a question on twitter, “what was the best Phillies game you’ve attended?” With the type of fans we have on PP, I would think it might be interesting to hear some responses on here . . . Same question, best Phillies game you’ve attended . . .

    Top 3 for me

    1. NLCS Game 4 Rollins walk off against the Dodgers. It’s such a blur but remember how loud it was and how elated people were as we were walking to our cars.

    2. 2008 NLDS Game 2 vs Brewers 5-2 win. Victorino grand slam/Myers ABs. When Victorino hit the grand slam it was close to as loud as it was when Rollins walked it off.

    3. Aug 28th 2008 vs Mets at CBP. Phillies come back from 7-1 to win in 13. During the Phillies run a group of us would go to 2-3 Phillies/Mets game each year. Half are Phillies fans, half are Mets. We all throw in $20 (6 of us) and bet who will have the best game/MVP. Only rule is you have to pick in the parking lot, if the player isn’t playing you lose $20. I tookChris Coste however when we get to our seats I see that he’s not in the starting line up. Great. Well he ends up pinch hitting and staying in the game going 4 for 4 with the game winning hit. $100 in my pocket but the enjoyment of sticking it to Mets fans, priceless.

    Btw work is slow tonight as well, if you couldn’t tell.

    1. My son and I were sitting in the 2nd row in left field when Victorino hit that homer just to our right. I knew it was gone off the bat. Amazing night and a wonderful memory.
      Favorite and worst Phillies memories in the same game – 1977 – I was at the Burt Hooten Game with my brother. I’ve never seen anything like it. And then Ozark leaves Bull in LF…. I’m still pissed at him.

      1. ‘Ozark leaves Bull in LF’…yep..most of the year Jerry Martin went in there in the 8th or 9th after Bull’s last AB….but not that night.

        1. I was working in the stadium restaurant, That year, I couldn’t believe he left him in, Made my stomach sick.

        2. I painfully remember going to the elimination game with my dad. I was 14. It rained the entire night. We had season tickets that year. All night long, my old man complained about how we were placed in left field after having 500 level seats over 3b all season. And of course he couldn’t get over how they let everyone sit in the steady rain and not call it. He wasn’t the fan I was. The finality of that game made it worse.

          1. Was a heartbreak for sure….Phillies could have beaten the Yanks that year…Carlton and Christensen were lights out and Schmidt and the Bull had plenty of HR pop going…and the best defense up the middle in baseball..

          2. 8mark…teams with the low points
            …..last two weeks in sept of the ’64 team
            …..that ’77 game vs Dodgers.
            …. the ’83 WS vs Os after winning the opening game…then puff
            ….’93 team and the Jays’ Carter explosion
            ….2009 vs Yanks and 2010 Phillies vs Cardinals

            Could have had 5 more championship flags flying in the OF where it not for brief lapses.

          3. I was there too. Damn Tommy John. My mother actually made me a surprise 21st bday party for that night after the game, which she had planned before knowing the Phils would be playing. Boy did I get drunk that night….

    2. Mine’s pretty easy. 2008 WS game 5. Was out in right center with my dad and uncle. 6 rows back, directly behind where Geoff Jenkins hit his double in the 6th. My dad and I only got to go to the second part of the game because it was cold and raining and my family was worried how my grand dad ‘s health would hold up.

      It capped off a year in which the Phils never lost a game I attended, including in the playoffs. Stark contrast to last year where they never won a game I was at, hah.

      1. As a runner-up, I’ll go with Chase Utley’s return to Philly with the Dodgers. We got absolutely drubbed 15-5, but I cheered more than I have at most Phils games because Utley hit 2 homers; a solo shot and a grand slam.

        Both of his curtain calls were deafening and it stands out in my mind as a moment where Philadelphia showed the world just how much we love our family; even after they’ve moved on.

    3. Going to CBP during the 2007-2011 run was just an amazing time. There was Incredible energy in Stadium night in and night out. Going to a game was the thing to do. For some reason, even if we win, I don’t think we’ll ever see something like that again. Hope I’m wrong.

    4. Okay, best/most memorable (in a good way) games I’ve ever seen in person, in no particular order:

      1. Phillies/Mets, August 30, 2007. Phillies win 11-10 in the absolutely most exciting regular season game ever without direct post-season consequences. Better yet, a work friend got me tickets in the Diamond Club – I was sitting right behind home plate taking all of that in. Completely amazing.

      2. Phillies/Brewers, game 2, NLDS, October 2, 2008. Victorino hits grand slam, but that wasn’t the best moment. The best, by far, was Myers’ walk heard round the world where he broke Sabathia’s will or concentration by fouling off pitch after pitch until drawing a free pass.

      3. Phillies/Rays – Game 3, 2008 WS, October 26, 2008. Ruiz’s walk-off bunt scores Eric Bruntlett after endless rain delays which saved me. Why did it save me? I was coming back from a business trip and a buddy phoned me during my trip back that – oops – the tickets were tonight and not another night.

      4. Phillies/Blue Jays, Game 5, 1993 WS, October 21, 1993. Schilling was scintillating in shutting out the Jays. This was his first taste of postseason greatness. I know lots of people don’t like Schilling the person, but there is ZERO question on the merits, that Curt Schilling should be in the HOF.

      5. Phillies/Cubs, July 4, 1999. Curt Schilling throws 7 innings of heavy heat (his FB sat between 96-99 and he pretty much only threw fastballs) while searing temperatures bring the heat on the field at the Vet to 160 degrees. I was sitting with my then 5 year-old son on the metal risers. It was sooooooo hot. If you got up for literally one minute, it was too hot to sit down on the plastic seats without bathing them in ice water for a long time. I literally drank 4 or 5 32 ounce drinks. What Schilling did under those conditions was amazing.

      Worst game

      2011 Phillies/Cardinals, game 5 NLDS – in one night the Phillies dynasty ends. Roy Halladay pitches his last great game – by ST the next year he is a shell of his former self. On the last play of the game, Ryan Howard, tears his tendon and lies on the ground, as if shot dead, while the freaking Cardinals celebrate around him. The most depressing game I’ve ever attended in any sport.

  21. Charlie Bkackmon and a couple other Rox were reported to have tested positive. Any reason why no Phillies names were released? Is it based on the player’s okay to release his name? Just curious…

    1. I’m pretty sure it was leaked 8mark. Two of the players were asymptomatic and the 3rd had symptoms.

    2. HIPAA laws. It’s a non baseball injury therefore the player has to consent. Kind of like when Carrasco had leukemia and it took months to be released, the player rightfully gets to make the call.

  22. man I really hate that MiLB rule of man on 2B to start extra innings. Had hoped it would never make it to the bigs. Hopefully it is gone in 2021. Makes me wonder if the Independent league experiment with stealing first base will be next.

  23. I would guess in short order we will know the players invited to Philadelphia for ST-2. I’m guessing the 40-man roster list and the additional 20 players for the taxi squad. So 60. Is there a limit on ST-2 numbers who can participate before they narrow the MLB roster down to 30 and the taxi squad to 20? Could it be more than 60? Probably most of the taxi squad players are a mix of the MLB Top-30 and AAA players? I know pitching will be a huge component of the taxi squad..

    1. I read that 60 players would be eligible to play in 2020. I haven’t seen anything regarding the possibility of players being allowed to reenter the game in extra innings.

  24. I understand the reason for the extra innings rule, but don’t like it at all. I have no real feel for the season except the schedule hurts us having to play the Yankees and Rays. Even Boston, who isn’t nearly as good. Joe G needs to get them ready from day 1. I have followed some of those projected games that I have seen, and Rhys fairs horribly. We need the exact opposite!

    1. I thought I saw that they were waiting on MLB’s decision and then would be canceling the season.

    2. I think we can expect minor league cancellations to start being announced. FWIW, last night would have been the FSL All star game.

  25. I was watching the Doc Halladay’s no-hitter via Reds in 2010 playoffs. Looking at that team and wonder what would happen if we had any luck, just some luck. I think many of the players had an opportunity to have 5 more years of satisfactory service without injuries.

    1b Howard was 30 and then 35
    2b Utley was 31 and then 36
    SS Rollins was SP 31 and then 36
    3B had to find someone
    Lf had to find someone
    Cf Victorino was 29 and then 34
    Rf Werth 31 and then 36
    C Chooch was 31 and then 36

    SP Doc was 33 and then 38
    SP Lee was 32 and then 37, he came the next year
    SP Hamels was 26 and then 31
    SP Oswalt was 32 and then 37
    SP Blanton was 29 and then 34
    SP Happ was 27 and then 32

    Domonic Brown was 22 and if he would have produced.
    Ryan Madson was 29
    Vance Worley was 22
    Brad Lidge was 33.
    Hunter Pence was obtained the next year and he was 28.

    I know it was a pipe dream but if look at this team, most got hurt or let go, this was such a disappointing.

  26. MLB transaction freeze ends at 12 noon on Friday. I wonder if the Phillies-JTR talks will intensify. I say that hopefully.

      1. Well, immediately as in they can send the proposal(s) to the league office for approval. They would happen the same way as they always have, seeing as physicals have always been required in trades. If they test positive for Corona, I imagine the teams could either use that to nix the trade, or just put the player in question into quarantine.

  27. LOL! Astros owner Jim Crane thinks they may have fans in the stadium at some point this season (lots of jokes being thrown around that trash can lids will be too easy to be heard in an empty stadium 🙂 ).


    I hope the Phillies go with the KBO model.

    1. Teams like Miami and Tampa need not worry about such things, Hinkie. Their fans masquerade as empty seats anyway🤣

    2. Let the Phanatic bring his closest 15,000 furry friends.

      But actually, letting the Phanatic have free reign with a bunch of props in the stands could be way more interesting than anything they’ve ever done between innings before.

      1. I think they should let you have one section to yourself ….with your sign.
        Go to a different section in the Park, for each of this 30 game season

          1. Yep….what about, a new section every inning…9 a game…270 (30 x9) a season!
            It would be a novelty for sure…the solo sign fan…of course, no getting around it, after awhile you may go bonkers…there will no concessions open, bring BYOF ..may be the only thing available will be the ability to relieve yourself, if they do not have them closed up… Then again, the TV/radio crew and ensemble will have to have somewhere to go, so there you have it.

  28. Now another possible complication as New York requires travelers from heavy COVID states to quarantine. It includes Florida, which would include the Marlins and Rays, possible division rivals if divisions are reorganized this year. Of course, the quarantine could be lifted by July 24.

      1. Hawkeye … Florida already did that to New Yorkers a couple of months (I think) ago.

        1. Hinkie, there’s a couple from Staten Island who bought a house across a vacant lot from us last fall who visited for just three days before Christmas and had to leave to get back to work. They are both NYC employees. They haven’t been back since because of the Florida quarantine on New Yorkers. Now, they were planning to come down for three weeks when, today, New York imposed a reverse quarantine. My guess is they aren’t happy.

          Meanwhile, I haven’t seen a live baseball game since July. Missed a Phillies spring training game in Ft. Myers because of my own travel schedule. Opted out of a trip to see the Rays-Phillies the day before Spring training suspended. Lost out on last Threshers trip to Ft Myers last year as they cut the season short. No Threshers this summer. Hopefully televised Phillies games can partly make up for it. Otherwise, it’s wait til 2021 and not even sure about that.

    1. Frank….all the payers will be tested before next Wednesday. July 1st.
      And also have to assume they will be tested periodically to ensure they are clean.
      So assume if negative there will be no need for ‘new location quarantine’.
      New York’s Cuomo currently only has nursing homes…residents and staff…tested on a weekly basis….maybe twice a week in the previous hotspots…

      Bob Nightengale
      ·Players told they will need to report to spring training before July 1 so they can undergo COVID-19 testing.

  29. I would have to think that having no “real” people in the seats in 2020 would nullify to a significant degree any home field advantage other than batting last. We’ll be seeing/posting predictions of division standings in the weeks ahead, but based on what factors other than field talent/tactics? This whole aberration of a truncated season mutes much of our projection, no? So, while the Phillies are not considered a playoff team by most projections so far, do those projections take into account the oddities of 2020? I doubt it.

  30. Players will have their temperatures checked at least twice per day. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 degrees can’t enter a ball park…however some of the Phillies who tested positive had normal temps.

    Matt Gelb:
    “After one person reported mild symptoms last week, the Phillies tested 48 players and staff at their Florida complex, and 11 were COVID-19 positive. One of the COVID-19 positive tests, according to two sources, came from a person who never failed the temperature checks.

    “As far as I can tell, all the guidelines MLB set were met within the complex,” one Phillies player said on condition of anonymity. “I was there every day until it was shut down, and I tested negative. So it’s hard to say exactly how it spread.”

    1. Romus, This is such a surreptitious disease it’s diabolical. Good reason to require everyone to wear GD face mast.

    2. Obviously temperature checks are a broad brush, since they aren’t COVID-19 specific and almost by definition one has to be infected for awhile before the body’s immune system will reach with a temperature increase. The internet tells me that MD Anderson cancer center (U of Texas) cites the most sensitive and accurate test as being a nasal swab but that it is “not painful but also not enjoyable”. Perhaps (until the equivalent of the COVID rings Romus highlighted are perfected) some sort of compromise can be reached where a more sensitive and accurate test is done periodically along with the quick and easy ones?

  31. I heard a great suggestion on MLB radio. They should play a morning minor leaguer game televised at the major league stadium before the night game with the team’s prospects, no 4a guys. What a great way to showcase the prospects and introduce the next wave of talent coming.

  32. Per question, “what was the best Phillies game you’ve attended?”

    1993 clincher vs Braves. I always loved Morandini after that triple! Best part though was that so many fans stayed long after the game. (That wasn’t a thing back then like it is now.). That last-to-first 93 Phillies team was crazy and the fans loved them!! Many of the players came back out from the clubhouse onto the field to celebrate with the fans! Danny Jackson did his “pump you up” schtick and tore his shirt. Just so much fun! During and after that game I think I hugged over 100 different people! My dad and I were still inside almost an hour after the game ended.

    I’ve been to many big games but that was as fun as it gets.

  33. Post – Part 1 (if I write too long of a post, it gets caught up in some filter here – who knows why?).

    Okay, best/most memorable (in a good way) games I’ve ever seen in person, in no particular order:

    1. Phillies/Mets, August 30, 2007. Phillies win 11-10 in the absolutely most exciting regular season game ever without direct post-season consequences. Better yet, a work friend got me tickets in the Diamond Club – I was sitting right behind home plate taking all of that in. Completely amazing.

    2. Phillies/Brewers, game 2, NLDS, October 2, 2008. Victorino hits grand slam, but that wasn’t the best moment. The best, by far, was Myers’ walk heard round the world where he broke Sabathia’s will or concentration by fouling off pitch after pitch until drawing a free pass.

  34. Post – Part 2

    Okay, best/most memorable (in a good way) games I’ve ever seen in person, in no particular order:

    3. Phillies/Rays – Game 3, 2008 WS, October 26, 2008. Ruiz’s walk-off bunt scores Eric Bruntlett after endless rain delays which saved me. Why did it save me? I was coming back from a business trip and a buddy phoned me during my trip back that – oops – the tickets were tonight and not another night.

    4. Phillies/Blue Jays, Game 5, 1993 WS, October 21, 1993. Schilling was scintillating in shutting out the Jays. This was his first taste of postseason greatness. I know lots of people don’t like Schilling the person, but there is ZERO question on the merits, that Curt Schilling should be in the HOF.

    5. Phillies/Cubs, July 4, 1999. Curt Schilling throws 7 innings of heavy heat (his FB sat between 96-99 and he pretty much only threw fastballs) while searing temperatures bring the heat on the field at the Vet to 160 degrees. I was sitting with my then 5 year-old son on the metal risers. It was sooooooo hot. If you got up for literally one minute, it was too hot to sit down on the plastic seats without bathing them in ice water for a long time. I literally drank 4 or 5 32 ounce drinks. What Schilling did under those conditions was amazing.

    Worst game

    2011 Phillies/Cardinals, game 5 NLDS – in one night the Phillies dynasty ends. Roy Halladay pitches his last great game – by ST the next year he is a shell of his former self. On the last play of the game, Ryan Howard, tears his tendon and lies on the ground, as if shot dead, while the freaking Cardinals celebrate around him. The most depressing game I’ve ever attended in any sport.

  35. Baseball America’s updated Top-100 Prospects is out.. Updated from what was my first question. The draft? Howard and Bohm are our only two Phillies… Stott may have been on it last year but he dropped off. Some 2020 draft picks are on the list which I still go huh? 15 college games and no high school? Anyway, some interesting viewing..

    1. Yeah, any prospect list right now has to be taken with even more grains of salt than usual. Don’t know why they’d bother, to be honest. I guess it still drives traffic to their website, but I don’t get why.

      1. LOL. I put together my updated Phillies top 50 the other day. It’s a post draft list. I know there won’t be any MiLB games this year, and very few college and HS games were played … but … that didn’t stop me from having opinions based on pedigree, past performance, and future projection.

        I put Mick Abel at #3, behind Howard and Bohm (for obvious reasons).
        I slotted Casey Martin in between two other infielders: behind Nick Maton (has a higher floor/is at least a MLB utility player, and I’m just a believer in the total package) and in front of Kendall Simmons (the two are a lot alike – tooled up/big power, speed,arms, but Martin has a real chance to stay at SS, Simmons is more likely a 2bman or 3Bman).
        I ranked Carson Ragsdale just in front of Brett Schulze (last year’s 7th round pick). Both Ragsdale and Schulze have shots to remain starters (two abv avg pitches and third offerings that are currently a work in progress). I gave Ragsdale the nod based on his projection (a year out of TJ, size/lots of room to fill out, and the fact that he will now focus solely on pitching [he played some 1B and hit a couple HR’s in college]).
        I also put Baron Radcliff right behind Darick Hall (didn’t forget about you, Romus). Those two have the most thunder in their bats throughout the system. Hall is three and a half years older, but has a lower K-rate, and comes with a MiLB track record.

        HINKIE LIST:

        1. Spencer Howard
        2. Alec Bohm
        3. Mick Abel
        4. Bryson Stott
        5. Francisco Morales
        6. Rafael Marchan
        7. Luis Garcia
        8. Adonis Medina
        9. Mickey Moniak
        10. Damon Jones
        11. Nick Maton
        12. Casey Martin
        13. Kendall Simmons
        14. Johan Rojas
        15. Simon Muzzioti
        16. Connor Seabold
        17. Mauricio Llovera
        18. Erik Miller
        19. JoJo Romero
        20. Dominic Pipkin
        21. Cristopher Sanchez
        22. Kyle Young
        23. Deivy Grullon
        24. Colton Eastman
        25. Gunner Mayer
        26. Starlyn Castillo
        27. Jhailyn Ortiz
        28. Carlos De La Cruz
        29. Logan O’Hoppe
        30. Jamari Baylor
        31. Alexeis Azuaje
        32. Ethan Lindow
        33. Jonathan Guzman
        34. Carson Ragsdale
        35. Brett Schulze
        36. Juan Aparicio
        37. Ben Brown
        38. Fernando Ortega
        39. Victor Santos
        40. Andrick Nava
        41. Darick Hall
        42. Baron Radcliff
        43. Kyle Dohy
        44. Andrew Schultz
        45. Garrett Cleavinger
        46. Austin Listi
        47. Connor Brogdon
        48. Zach Warren
        49. Jake Hernandez
        50. Manuel Silva

        1. Solid list, Hinkie! I do consider Ethan Lindow a top 20 prospect based mostly on pedigree, maturity and tutelage under Tom Glavine. Shame how Jhailyn Ortiz has virtually dropped off the map. Was hoping for a big bopper to crop up through the system. Maybe de la Cruz will emerge with age?

          1. I should have mentioned Ortiz with Hall and Radcliff as the system’s top power bats.

    1. Interesting that FoxBet has the Phillies with the 4th best odds to win the WS, yet Vegas has the Phillies over/under number at just 31.5.

      Anything can happen in a 60 game season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Phillies win the NL (and even have the season shutdown before the WS can be played), or watch the club stumble out of the gate and wind up with a top 10 draft pick for 2021.

      1. That over/under is tricky….since Nats and Braves are only 2 more than the Phillies…Mets one.
        If I had to make a play…I would lean over

  36. catch, I was there in 2011. Sitting in the 3rd level above Home Plate, and I swore that both Raul’s and Chase’s hits were HRs when they left the bat. They would have been in about 75 of the home games that year, but didn’t get to the wall. Then it was over, with Ryan injured, and the feeling was just awful. I didn’t really recover until the 2013 season. By then, it was clear that a rebuild was needed.

    1. During the summer of 2006 my son and daughter in-law were visiting Philadelphia from our home in NC. They were expected a son in February and went to a Phillies game later in the summer, the game went into extra innings. At the bottom of the inning in extras, Chase Utley came up in a game winning situation, they decided that if Chase Utley knocked in the winning run, they would name their son after him. My grandson Chase is now 13 1/2.

      1. Denny….hah…..also grandson named Chase, son decided it also based on favorite player Utley…turns 14 in August.

        Chase may be a very common name in the Philadelphia area for a lot of young men. Who knows, Rhys and Bryce could be that way for future generations.

    1. v1 – Here goes from BA : Phils expected to sign # 13 ranked OF Yamal Flores (DRepub) who has power bat and strong arm ; # 29 ranked C Ricardo Perez (Venez) considered one of the 2 best catchers in his country with a power and hit bat and solid defensive skills. They are also expected to sign 3 other shortstops – none who has a top 50 rating : Marcos Soto and Leonardo Rondon – both mid level Venez infielders ; also , Yamil Rosario, unrated in top 50 from DRepub. Let’s hope Barber with scouts pull a few more out of their hats.

  37. It’s my understanding the list of players (60) invited to ST-2 will be announced by Sunday 12 PM Pacific time. I believe the list will include those who will be placed on the taxi squad once the season starts..

  38. ESPN did a round table (at One of the Q’s was “Which player will benefit the most from the shortened season?”
    Buster Olney’s response: “Bryce Harper. Historically, he is a very fast starter, and if he has to deal with a nagging injury or two along the way, he could benefit from some days at DH.”

  39. Does each player on the 40 man roster need to be on the traditional 40 man roster? Will players brought up from the 60 need to go in the 40? Is there still a 40 man roster this season? Needless to say, this makes a huge difference on who makes the initial 30. With DH, the bench won’t be that big, maybe 5 guys. That would allow for 16 pitchers, 11 of whom are relievers.

  40. Sounding like the 6 man rotation will be a popular option among MLB teams in 2020. In case the league and the union agree to expand the playoff scenario, which is still a possibility, that would keep the top arms fresh for the post season. I can see the Phillies go this route with Spencer Howard in the mix.

    1. Short season…anything can happen…Marlins could be in the Series!

      Andrew Simon
      ·Jun 24
      If the 8 previous seasons had ended after 60 games:

      – The past 2 NL champs would have missed the playoffs
      – The Dodgers would have won 3 division titles instead of 7
      – The Mariners could have made 3 postseasons
      – Wild tiebreaker scenarios!

      1. True, Romus….but after 60 games in a normal season, very few are played with much urgency until after the all star break. In this scenario, EVERY GAME will take on a weight of importance, especially if the 10 team playoff setup remains.

        1. Yes…that sense of urgency happens from the opening of the gates… is the Kentucky Derby , not the Belmont.
          Now last year the Phillies would be in @ 33-27…..the Nats were under .500 (27-33)..after 60 games.

      2. In other words, as opposed to the usual marathon that a baseball season is typically described, 2020 will be a sprint.

    2. I don’t see the Phils reducing the number of starts for Nola and Wheeler. I think they’ll stick with 5 starters. There will be six days off in 66 days or about one every other week. That should be enough to keep 5 guys sharp. Who will be that 5th guy? Pivetta? Vinnie? Howard? I’m not sure. And they may try all 3 at various times. It doesn’t sound like they’ll have doubleheader’s though.

  41. With the anticipated “Asterisk Stigma” of 2020, meaning that individual achievements and even the championship itself would be “cheapened” by the aberration of this coming season, I have to think that whoever does come away with the World Series title will enjoy it very very much. In the future, looking back on this surreal and highly unusual year and all the hardship that’s been suffered across the nation, wouldn’t we carry fonder memories should the Phillies somehow emerge as the champs. Sure, the rest of the baseball world might consider it an asterisk year, but nonetheless a memorable benchmark in the history of the franchise that does take the title.

    1. One very possible result of this short season…a .400 hitter could emerge.
      Its been 79 years….Ted Williams would roll over…..well most of him, not his head.

      1. Another interesting wrinkle in 2020 is that there may be no in person scouting allowed, even during the playoffs.

        1. With empty ball parks…you may even get clear echoing of trash can lids banging…except at Minute Maid! 🙂

          1. You will see the big rats running around, I worked there and used to enter where the Beer came in, to get the elevator, The rats were as big as cats,

      2. Romus it wont count a 400 hitter, Dont you need a minimum of at bats, Which they wont get in a short season ?

  42. Best Games I Attended:
    1. 1993 NLCS Game 6
    2. 1993 Doubleheader vs Padres in July
    3. 2007 NL East Clincher vs Nationals
    4. 2009 NLCS Game 5 vs Dodgers (Rollins)
    5. 2008 NLCS Game 4 at Dodger Stadium (Stairs)

    Worst Games Ever Attended:
    1. 1993 World Series, Game 4
    2. 2010 NLCS, Game 6

    Best Play Ever:
    1. Eagles vs Vikings, NFC Championship, Patrick Robinson Pick 6

    Best Parade:
    1. 2018 Eagles
    2. 2008 Phillies

    Top Regrets I Didn’t Go:
    1. 2008 World Series Game 5
    2. Super Bowl 52
    3. 1990 Mulholland No Hitter

    1. Buddy, we agree on best game attended. Were you still in the ballpark when the players came out? The game and postgame were both something I’ll never forget. So fun!

      1. I actually saw highlights after I got home. My friend and I saw to it to head to the visiting team bus departure area at ground level. There were about 500 Phillies fans surrounding their bus mocking the tomahawk chop and literally rocking the Braves’ bus. The funniest moment was seeing about 20 of Philadelphia’s finest walking towards us, us thinking uh oh, and the cops completely ignoring us and joining in by mocking the chop. Was a WONDERFUL night to be 18 years old in the greatest city in the world.

  43. Finally something to look forward to….12 noon today the transaction freeze lifts. Also, with the 20 man taxi squad this year, will we get to see a sneak peak of Mickey Moniak? He’ll likely be rule 5 protected on the this November anyway.

    1. 8mark…so, bearing everything now occurring in mind,and the future uncertainty of things, do you think JTR decides to take a Philies offer before July 24th?

  44. Wish I could be more optimistic about JTR but he is even 3 mos. closer to free agency. There will be only a few marquee free agents – he being one of them – and who knows if those teams with the big wallets will just go after 1 or 2 free agents. And I don’t think there is compensation for him either ? At the very least, given the financial hit that all teams took it would be unlikely that he would get now what the team may have been willing to pay before ?

    1. Can’t recall where exactly but I recently saw a proposed framework for a deal for JTR: say, 4yrs@$96M ($24M AAV) with 2 vesting option years AND a player opt out after year 3. Sounds fair to me…

      1. A 30 year-old catcher is one player to whom I’d give an opt out three years into a deal any day of the week. If he wants to opt out after his age 33 season he would be doing them a favor.

        Anyway, I freak out about Realmuto much less than other people do. Yeah, he’s a super player, no doubt. But he will be expensive and the last thing you want to do is overpay a 33, 34 or 35 year-old catcher. His great value is as a catcher. Catchers historically decline precipitously (see Buster Posey, Joe Mauer, Gary Carter, and, many, many others) after the age of about 32 or 33. And, no, he WON’T be valuable, or worth anywhere near that salary playing another position – he would be like a 1 WAR first baseman where his bat would be borderline at best, so don’t wish that upon us.

        I think both sides will figure it out and he’ll sign, but if he doesn’t, stop freaking out, they will have plenty of good places to put that money and they will get a comp pick for him signing someplace else.

          1. 8mark …to catch’s point about the age decline for catchers.
            Here are the catchers with highest MLB rWAR and their decline age.
            Some are HoFrs and many have played other positions, 1B, LF, DH,
            as they aged for ‘preservation’
            Player….Age….rWAR…Career WAR
            1. Bench-31…1.2…(75)
            2 Carter-33….1.0…..(70)
            3.Ivan Rod.-35….1.4….(69)
            4 Fisk-36……….1.5…(68)
            5. Piazza-34…..2.1…(60)
            6. Yogi-35………2.2…(60)
            7. Maurer-31…..1.7…(55)
            8. Bill Dickey-33….1.3…(57)
            9. Gab Hartnett-37…2.8…(57)
            10. T.Simmons-34…-2.6…(50)
            Buster-32….. .9….(42)

            1. Got it. What am I missing? The vesting options for the 5th and 6th years are just that…JT would have to reach certain criterion, perhaps based on games started behind the dish, certain metrics, etc. It’s no gimme he would. Offset by the opt out. In today’s economic climate/free agent uncertainty, I think it would be amenable to both parties. Or maybe the Phillies wait out the market to see what he’s offered. But he’s still the best catcher in the game. We’re not hedging on that.

            2. Can understand his want….and the Phillies want.
              IMO, it will come down to length and not dollars.
              The vesting option….depends….player or club or mutual.
              Agents do not want ‘club’ options unless there is a drastic overpayment early on into the contract.
              So that cold be the hang up when the time comes to finalize a deal.
              In the past the Phillies have been very generous on dollars and length so it will look like it will be more of the same here.

              They may also have built in incentives for ‘games played’ or ‘PAs obtained’ in the outer years….and assume he will be playing like catchers in the past like Piazza, Yogi, maurere and now even Buster, at first base or LF or DHing when that time comes

          2. Yeah, sure, that’s my entire argument. It’s a subsidiary point at best. Here’s the freaking point. Catchers crash young. Very young. If you give Realmuto the contract he wants and you’ll likely be paying him what he’s worth for the first few years and way overpaying him for the last few years. They have money. If they don’t sign him, they can use the money for other needs. Yes, he’s important. Yes, I’d like to have him too. No, the world certainly won’t end for the Phillies if they don’t sign him. The comp pick is relevant because if they don’t use the money for him they’ll use it for another FA most likely and the comp picks lost and gained will equal out to a degree.

            1. Just so everyone understands … I’m not 100% certain, but I believe MLB has scrapped comp picks for 2021. If the Phillies don’t re-sign JTR, they get no draft compensation.
              That said, I expect Middleton and Klentak to reach a deal with JTR before he reaches free agency, I think the contract Romus mentioned above sounds fair to both sides. Phillies coughed up a lot of prospect capital for him. But … you also gotta’ remember this is a horrible time for a player to hit the open market. Most teams (even the big market clubs) will probably be more fiscally conservative because of the COVID-19 shortened (still maybe cancelled) season.

        1. If he walks after 1 year with the team then this has the potential to be an all-time terrible trade. It hinges on Sixto, of course, but I’d rather not have to think about that in the future.

          1. I believe the Phillies would get a comp pick for losing Realmuto. One of the owners’ proposals was that the team signing a free agent would not lose a second round pick during 2020-21 free agent signing period. This was supposed to be an incentive to the Players Union to sign the deal because of the potential benefit for 2020-21 free agents who did not have to contend with the negative repercussion for a signing team.
            I am not sure if this ever went through because the players Union did not accept that particular offer by the owners. That being said, I don’t believe it was ever proposed that a team losing a free agent would not get a comp pick, just that the signing team would not have to forfeit their own 2021 2nd rounder.

  45. It’s been ruled that everyone on the 40 doesn’t have to be on the 60. However, everyone on the 30 had to be on the 40. This is a big deal. Most people think the Phils will be adding all these veteran bats and arms to the 30. We don’t have available 40 spots so this won’t be that easy. I think young pitchers already on the 40 will get the lady spots on the 30. Guys like Guerra, McLain, Davis, and Cleavinger will get spots on the 30 over Storen and the like. Also the bench will not add 3 infield vets, they’ll only add 2 and Garlick or Williams might get the last spot. Baseball stuff to think about!!

    1. Storen and Sczur released. Weren’t going on 30, not on 40. There will be more guys released from 40 to add a few guys.

      1. Swarzak, Norris, Parker, Mahtook and even Martini could find themselves in that same boat very soon.
        I think Walker, Harrison, Forsythe and Bethancourt could be safe for now.

        1. I don’t think Harrison will want to stay on the 60. Bethancourt could but Grullon is on the 40 and ahead of him. I don’t know the pitchers will stay if they’re only in the 60. Mahtook will stay on the 60 though.
          I forgot Dominguez will go on 60 DL to reclaim 40 spot for Liriano.

          1. Yeah…can see that.
            Harrison will not want that.
            Seranthony’s official designation for the 60 day, I assume, does not come until July 24th or 25th, so we will have to see who they use for his 40 spot.

      2. Walker and Forsythe will require two 40 spots. Gamboa and Williams most likely. Liriano should get spot, some pitcher will lose his 40 spot.

  46. There’s been a lot of ‘well, anything can happen in a shortened season’ and ‘look, the Nationals were well below .500 and nowhere close to the playoff picture after 60 games’ in 2019. The fun part of a truncated season is that every game and series will be played with a far greater sense of urgency than the 60th game of a normal season. Sure, anything can happen. And probably a few oddities will occur. But in a capsule, the 2020 riptide will create a constant state of scoreboard watching unlike any prior season in our lifetime. The usual marathon has suddenly become a 60 game dash. No breather days for the frontline players.

  47. Rumor has the Phillies 60-man roster is heavy on vets and light on prospects with the added quirk they plan to stay below the 60-man limit for roster flexibility..

    1. It’s 7:30 pm eastern time, 3 and a half hours after the deadline, and nuttin’. Total Klentak.

  48. Well, I thought Drew Storen had a chance to help us, but he and Matt Szczur were released today

    1. Hi Hinkie!! I’m glad that baseball is back. It may not be surprising especially for 8mark, but Adonis Medina is not included in the pool. I also expect Rafael Marchan to some extent.

        1. Hello Romus, yeah i told myself that I will not talking of baseball until MLB is officially back. It is just hard to get excited about something that may not happen.

          But now it’s official, I’m happy to talk baseball again!

      1. that appears to be Klentak’s MO. Cannot pull the trigger early and cannot properly assess talent. Klentak rather lose a player due to suckage than trade him and worry if he made a mistake or not. Klentak is the exact opposite of the Sixer’s Hinkie.

        1. Touché
          Nick Williams value is low…but he could have easily garnered the Phillies $500K/750K in international money from a team like the Os or Tigers last season..
          And that is about the lowest return on a MLB player that a team can get
          Plus its only fair to let the player have a opportunity with teams he has a chance of playing full time with.

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