Spring Training, Minor League, Mar 7, 2020

Activities started around 10:00 AM Saturday morning.  Players from major league camp came out and took BP on Ashburn Field.  Minor league catchers began their day with BP on Carlton Field.  I watched a little of each, waiting for some scheduled pitching on Roberts Field.  Victor Arano was first on the mound.  He threw a simulated inning, facing Cornelius Randolph and Matt Vierling twice each.

Arano v Randolph

Arano v Vierling

After Arano, a scrimmage took place.  Zach Eflin threw four solid innings.  Jose Alvarez and JD Hammer threw for the other side.

Here are the rest of this morning’s videos.  Sorry for any fluttering, the wind made stationary shooting difficult, again.  Also, I’m old and my hands start to cramp way too soon.  I noticed the clarity changing within some videos.  That’s not me fiddling with the video.  I think it’s auto focus.  Let’s call it a feature.

Eflin v Szczur

Eflin v Randolph

Eflin v Stott

Alvarez v Guzman

Alvarez v Knapp

Alvarez v Muzzioti

Alvarez v Ortiz

Eflin v Szczur

Eflin v Lartigue

Eflin v Simmons

Hammer v Knapp

Hammer v Knapp

Hammer v De La Cruz

De La Cruz’ broken bat, shift-beating flare to the vacant second base position was the only hit.  He was erased on a 5-4-3 double play started by Kendall Simmons.  The only other base runner was Lartigue who did so on a throwing error by Stobbe (I think) who as the third baseman was shifted over near the second base bag.  He overthrew the first baseman.  It wasn’t a wild throw, looked like he took something off the throw and it just sailed.

The catchers remained on Roberts and went threw their fielding drills while the scrimmage took place.

After the scrimmage, the position players went over to Ashburn for their fielding drills and BP.

Pitchers who were not throwing separated into their groups for PFPs.  Those throwing bullpens went with the catchers to the Seven Mounds.  They staggered their warm-up drills while waiting for their turn to pitch.  Others performed drills in the right field on Schmidt.  After their bullpens, pitchers went to the mound on Schmidt for pick off drills.

There’s always something happening and the smaller work groups coupled with the high number of coaches and support staff allow more reps and less down time.

New term I picked up today.  Dry work.  When pitchers go thru work on the mound without a ball it is called dry work.  As we all know, wet work is when we eliminate somebody.

I’ve left the minor league roster below.  I’ve seen those in bold, red text, all but 31 of these players.  I’m told that another 30 or so players are showing up tomorrow.  Don’t know where they’re going to put them, they’re already doubling up in the club house.  Plus, the Phillies sent the first six players back to the Complex when they optioned JoJo Romero to Lehigh Valley and Adonis Medina and Cristopher Sanchez to Reading and reassigned Kyle Dohy, Damon Jones and Zach Warren to minor league camp.  (What’s the difference?  Those optioned are on the 40-man roster and those reassigned were non-roster invites.)

  • Pitchers – 114
  • Adams, Tyler*
  • Aldeghari, Samuel*
  • Anderson, Aiden
  • Antonac, Yoan
  • Aponte, Leonel
  • Armas, Gustavo
  • Auerbach, Brian
  • Avendano, Eudiver
  • Barber, Albertus
  • Beauchamp, Cameron*
  • Bell, Brendan
  • Betancourt, Carlos
  • Bettencourt, Trevor
  • Brown, Aaron*
  • Brown, Andrew
  • Brown, Ben
  • Burch, Tyler
  • Bustamante, Carlos
  • Carr, Tyler
  • Castenada, Dylan
  • Castillo, Starlyn
  • Conopoima, Jose
  • Cotto, Gabriel*
  • Crowson, Austin*
  • De La Cruz, Jonas
  • Dyar. Hilton “Dallas”
  • Eastman, Colton
  • Eichler, Jaylen
  • Estevez, Engel
  • Evanko, Ethan*
  • Falter, Bailey*
  • Fanti, Nick*
  • Francisco, Carlos A.
  • Francisco, Carlos M.
  • Garcia, Julian
  • Garrido, Maikel*
  • Geraldo, Juan
  • Gessner, Josh
  • Glogoski, Kyle
  • Gomez, Michael
  • Gowdy, Kevin
  • Hallead, Tyler*
  • Hendrickson, Josh*
  • Hennigan, Jonathan*
  • Hernandez, Christian
  • Hernandez, Jake*
  • Herrera, Lizardo
  • Hinchliffe, Connor
  • Hsu, Chin-Ling
  • Jefferson, D.J.
  • Jimenez, Jose*
  • Killgore, Keylan*
  • Kinney, Jake
  • Kudlinski, Brenden*
  • Kuznetzov, Anton*
  • Lackney, Nick*
  • Leftwich Luke
  • Lehman, Taylor*
  • Leibrandt, Brandon*
  • Leverett, Adam
  • Lin, Hsin-Chieh
  • Lindow, Ethan*
  • Lozano, Fernando
  • Made, Alejandro
  • Marcano, Rafael*
  • Marcelino, Oscar
  • Marconi, Brian
  • Martinez, Jordi*
  • Martinez, Robinson
  • Mayer, Gunner
  • McArthur, James
  • McGarry, Seth
  • McKay, Tyler
  • Mezquita, Jhordany*
  • Micheles, Chris*
  • Milam, Hunter*
  • Miller, Erik*
  • Miranda, Juan*
  • Morales, Francisco
  • Pacheco, Luis
  • Parkinson, David*
  • Perez, Dalvin*
  • Perkins, Jack
  • Pina, Nicoly
  • Pipkin, Dominic
  • Potter, Mark
  • Ramey, Brandon
  • Requena, Alejandro
  • Reyes, Andy
  • Richardson, Waylon
  • Rosario, Dalvin
  • Rosario, Sandro
  • Ross, Austin
  • Sanchez, Yeison
  • Santos, Victor
  • Sara, Jamie
  • Schultz, Andrew
  • Schulze, Brett
  • Seabold, Connor
  • Segovia, Eduar
  • Silva, Manuel*
  • Singer, Jeff*
  • Smith, Jaylen*
  • Sutera, Tom
  • Tejada, Junior
  • Tols, Josh*
  • Troya, Gilmael
  • Ulloa, Jose
  • Van Scoyoc, Spencer*
  • Vargas, Victor
  • Vilchez, Daniel
  • Wilson, Riley*
  • Yanez, Gabriel*
  • Young, Kyle*


  • Catchers – 21
  • Aparicio, Juan
  • Burke, Chris*
  • Cabral, Edgar
  • Conley, Jack
  • Duran, Rodolfo
  • Edwards, Mitchell#
  • Escalante, Kevin
  • Fitch, Colby*
  • Francisco, Freddy
  • Friscia, Vito
  • Gonzalez, Oscar
  • Gutierrez, Abrahan
  • Herbert, Iser*
  • Marchan, Rafael#
  • Matera, Nick
  • Nava, Andrick#
  • O’Hoppe, Logan
  • Rodriguez, Cesar#
  • Wang, Bruce
  • Wilkening, Jesse
  • Yonamine, Micah


  • Infielders – 35
  • Antequera, Jose
  • Baylor, Jamari
  • Brito, Daniel*
  • Castillo, Ali
  • Cornelius, Chris
  • Cumana, Grenny
  • Dipre, Guarner
  • Fassnacht, Nate
  • Flores, Wilfredo*
  • Garcia, Luis#
  • Jose Gomez
  • Gozzo, Sal#
  • Guthrie, Dalton
  • Guzman, Jonathan
  • Holmes, Jake
  • Kroon, Matt
  • Made, Edgar#
  • Mercado, Jose
  • Miller, Luke
  • Rivas, Raul#
  • Rivera, Jose
  • Rivera, T.J.
  • Rojas, Luis
  • Rott, Rudy*
  • Simmons, Kendall
  • Stewart, D.J.
  • Stobbe, Cole
  • Stokes, Madison
  • Stott, Bryson*
  • Stovall, Hunter
  • Tatum, McCarthy
  • Torres, Nicolas
  • Tortolero, Jose
  • Valerio, Christian
  • Wingrove, Rixon*


  1. Outfielders – 23
  2. Aklinski, Ben
  3. Cedeno, Jose*
  4. De La Cruz, Carlos
  5. Greenwalt, Keaton
  6. Hearn, Hunter
  7. Hernandez, Jevi
  8. Herrera, Odubel*
  9. Lee Sang, Marcus*
  10. Markwardt, Hunter*
  11. Matos, Luis#
  12. Matos, Malvin
  13. Maxwell, Tucker*
  14. Muzziotti, Simon*
  15. Ortiz, Jhailyn
  16. Pelletier, Ben
  17. Pujols, Jose
  18. Randolph, Cornelius*
  19. Rojas, Johan
  20. Sanchez, Jadiel#
  21. Stephen, Josh*
  22. Trejo, Yerwin
  23. Vierling, Matt
  24. Williams, Corbin

I’ve heard some are ill as flu has infiltrated the major and minor league camps.  I’ve also heard some others are under quarantine (precaution against the “corona”, I assume, if true).


7 thoughts on “Spring Training, Minor League, Mar 7, 2020

  1. I’m really trying not to be negative but can someone make a case for keeping Stobbe around? I know he’s a former 3rd round choice so like Luke Williams, he’s getting a lot more opportunities to prove himself. I know 2018 was a lost year because of injury. He put a little hammer in his bat last year with 15 HRs in LKW last year but most of them (11) were on the road. They are trying him at practically every position but left out. He played 1B, 2B, 3B, LF and RF last year. Assuming he’s still here at the end of ST, where do you start him? He played in LKW all last year. If you think this is a make it or break it year then CLW is a must. I just don’t know much about him. Luke Williams was in this same boat a year ago and he played well enough to earn another year. I like how he’s hitting in ST and maybe this little taste of better competition has kicked in his competitive juices.

    1. You really think “a little taste of better competition” is what it takes to “kick in competitive juices” for these players? Every player’s development is not linear and some take longer than other to find what works best for them. Players are working on things to develop as they face higher level pitching every step of the way to the major leagues. Competitive juices don’t just kick in one day for these players and they then all of a sudden become better ball players.

    2. Right now Stobbe’s just a body; he can go wherever they need a roster spot filled between Clearwater and Lakewood. Assuming there’s no big turnaround from him this year he could get pushed out to make room for other players that move up.

  2. Vierling is another guy like Stobbe.. Not as high a draft pick but honestly tell me he’s a future major leaguer?

  3. Jim,
    I’ll be at the minor league complex tomorrow. I’ll look for the straw hat! :). Enjoyed chatting last I visited about 3 years ago. Appreciate you!

    Hope to see any other phuture phillie readers there as well.

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