Spring Training, 2/26/2020; Minor League ST Game Schedule

With the Phillies on the road in Fort Myers, the minor league players in town for their mini camp were able to begin practice at 10:00 AM on multiple Complex fields.  Of more importance, the minor league spring training game schedule was finally made available.

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Players took part in some base running drills.  Players were stacked in groups of three or four, one group on each base.  Screens were placed at fielders’ positions.  A coach hit a ball and the players were expected to react to the ball.  If the ball hit a screen on a fly, the runner had to return rather than continue running.  Other standard running drills were run, too.  By stack I mean that all 3-4 players in the group led off the base at the same time at different depths – Joe is a couple steps behind, Tom who’s a couple steps behind Bob, who’s a couple steps behind John.

Half the position players took BP outside, the other half used the inside cages.

Pitchers are still doing most of their work in LF on Schmidt, making it difficult to identify who’s out there.

A handful of pitchers threw bullpens off the seven mounds.  Francisco Morales, Jhordany Mezquita, and Andrew Brown threw live BP on Schmidt against Jack Conley, T.J. Rivera, Herbert Iser, Abrahan Gutierrez, Andrick Nava, Nick Mater, Micah Yonamine, and Ben Aklinski.

Pitchers and catchers take their physicals early next week, position players two days later.  No additional players will come to the Complex (barring trades) until extended spring training starts in April.

There have been several new faces over the past week-and-a-half – Ben Aklinski, Jesse Wilkening, Madison Stokes, Logan O’Hoppe, Cole Stobbe, Ben Pelletier, Kevin Gowdy, Andrew Brown, Abrahan Gutierrez, Juan Aparicio, Andrick Nava, Rafael Marchan (who has been getting playing time with the big team), Ethan Evanko, James MacArthur, David Parkinson, Josh Gessner, Colton Eastman, and probably a few more.

Lots of guys are getting call ups to the Grapefruit League games.  Tuesday, 27 kids were pulled from the mini camp for the split squad games.  That left so few kids for the PM practice that I went to the game.  It has been great seeing the young guys play well when given the chance.

If you saw the play where Adam Haseley was injured, when the sun drops down to just above the pavilion, it can have a blinding effect on the outfielders.  That is likely what happened to Haseley.  You would have seen Muzziotti struggle on a similar ball after he replaced Haseley.  Muzziotti made a great sliding catch on that play.

Players who are apparently still rehabbing include – pitchers Kyle Young, Tyler Hallead, Ben Brown, Sandro Rosario, Trevor Bettencourt, Brian Auerbach, Carlos Francisco (WPT), Josh Tols, Robinson Martinez, Nick Fanti; catchers Edgar Cabral, Rodolfo Duran; INF Grenny Cumana; OF Jose Pujols.


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  1. Thanks for the schedule. Games seem to be starting later and ending later this year. Don’t remember them running into April before.

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