Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #9 Prospect

Ethan Lindow was selected as the organization’s #8 prospect.  He received 407 of the 596 votes cast (68%).  Adonis Median placed second with 117 votes (20%).  Luis Garcia finished third with 13 votes.  Simon Muzziotti, Damon Jones, and “Other” received 10 votes each.

JoJo Romero and Raphael Marchan received 5 votes each.  Kevin Gowdy, Nick Maton, and Logan O’Hoppe received 4 votes each.  Enyel De Los Santos received 3 votes. Jhailyn Ortiz and Mauricio Llovera received 2 votes each.

The ten “Other” votes were poorly cast – 3 for a player listed in the poll, 4 for players who have already been selected although some of the spelling was just awful, and single votes for Rojas, Eastman, Parkinson, and Russ.

Results, so far –

  1. Alec Bohm
  2. Spencer Howard
  3. Bryson Stott
  4. Erik Miller
  5. Mickey Moniak
  6. Francisco Morales
  7. Connor Seabold
  8. Ethan Lindow

No new additions to the poll.  The total prospects on the ballot is thirteen.

I received very little feed back so I will continue as I intended.

31 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #9 Prospect

  1. Colton Eastman- He has solid numbers at every level. Solid ERA, WHIP, K’s vs. BB. He deserves to be added to the list.

  2. Is Lindow a surprise at #8? He didn’t receive a single vote in the previous poll. Medina looked like a sure fire #8. How did Lindow receive 68% of the votes after receiving none in the previous poll? Not that he shouldn’t be listed in this area.

    1. Was does come as such as a surprise….it is the annual ballot stuffing campaign which is in full force again.

      1. Though Ethan Lindow could be deserving of a high rating, if not this year, probably next year for sure,….does appear to be a family and friends plan again.

    2. There were around 350-400 more voters in the latest poll than all of the other polls with the exception of the first poll. I like Lindow, but not ahead of some of the other guys on the list. Medina may have lost a little prospect shine last year but I think he is still a top 3 prospect and am looking for him to rebound this year. Phans hate to see any kind of a struggle by a player as the natural tendency is to think the worse. The organization would rather see the struggle in the minors and the player overcome it. Medina is #3 in my list.

    3. Lindow wasn’t listed the day before. Yesterday was the first day that you could vote for him.

        1. @ heart. He may have been, but on my screen, he wasn’t listed for #7.

          I hope Medina and JJ bounce back in 2020, but both of those pitchers were bad for most of last year. It would have been different if they would’ve gotten better for the last two months, but that was not the case.
          “Stuff” only gets you so far.

    4. Yes, Bellman, you are totally right but as worthwhile as this is, it isn’t a matter of national or world security. Extrapolating from previous polls it might be expected that the total votes would be around 200 which is around 400 less than were made in the last vote for Lindow, who received 407 votes. But perhaps he is worthy of more discussion than he has gotten (none?) and stimulating prospect discussion is a point of this forum.

  3. Lindow is a great pitcher. Has a great work ethic and is a competitor. He’s young and will continue to get more refined. A Paul Owens winner with great Promise. I thing the Phillies are right on watching him grow into a great pitcher.

    1. Lindow seems like a great kid, and he had a helluva season in 2019 … but … (I’m sorry) he is not the 8th best prospect in the Phillies system. Count the total votes from that poll. It happens every year. A group (or a person) somehow stuffs the ballot box to upset the PP top 30. I don’t even believe it’s the players’ family and friends. IMO, it’s someone (or group) with the IT knowledge/skill to be able to make it happen, and does it for kicks. Congratulations to you (whoever you are). I believe this is (at least) the third year in a row you’ve pulled it off.

      1. Hinkie…Jim will probably adjust it, and make the correction…he has had to do that the past few years when these things seem to pop up..

      2. @hinkie – I’m not sure if someone here is really capable of doing that hack but I agree with you than Lindow is not the 8th best prospect in the farm. During the #8 voting, I started to sound like a hater by containing everybody’s excitement about a low ceiling prospect with a very good 2019 season.

        Based on the comment section of the #8 poll, there’s really a significant number of poster that jumped into the Lindow bandwagon — so the “heist” is probably due to “what have you done lately” mindset rather than an IT hack to upset the poll.

        Nonetheless, I support Lindow’s quest to become a legit prospect. But I have to admit that I’m not getting excited with any pitching prospect with no impact abilties and stuff.

        1. KuKo … the proof is in the vote total. There were 596 total votes in that poll (#8 Prospect). That is twice as many votes that were accumulated for just about every other poll this winter. In addition, Lindow’s total (407 votes) was more than the grand total (support for every prospect on the ballot) of votes for any other poll. For instance … the previous poll (for the #7 Prospect) had a grand total of 209 votes, and the winner (Connor Seabold) garnered 95 votes. There probably aren’t enough PP members to account for that jump. Again … IMO … this smells like the shenanigans of someone with some IT expertise.

          1. Let’s see what JimP say about the turn out. It’s just a shame that an up and coming prospect who rightfully deserve a big jump in the prospect ranking will be grouped with Harold Arauz and Jordan Kurokawa as prospect with asterisk.

  4. I am so sorry that I didn’t check this poll earlier. I have fixed it. I’ll have to leave it open for a couple days longer than I intended to overcome this mishap. This happened earlier, I thought I had corrected it. And, I checked it last night before I published. Stuff happens.

    As for the latest outcome. This was the first poll where the player was able to receive votes. I already checked and discovered which anomaly occurred. I will continue to investigate further to substantiate my findings. This is a Readers’ Poll and I expect to adjust the outcome to reflect a more accurate ranking that is in line with the feelings of the Phuture Phillies’ readers’ community at a later date.

  5. Lindow is a very solid prospect and a definite future major league pitcher. I expect him to have, at the very least, a pretty solid major league career. You can nitpick about him being #8 but he deserves to be high up. He has done nothing but throw strikes and get people out since being drafted. Frankly, he should have been in Clearwater not later than last July 1.

  6. This poll is progressing more like what I expected for the Prospect #8 poll. Medina in a landslide. The going gets a whole lot tougher from here.

    1. I don’t know a whole lot but how does low A ball soft tossing lhp, displace a hard throwing lhp in 3A?/

      1. Assume you mean Lindow vs Romero or maybe Damon Jones?
        I suppose one factor would be BB/9:
        Case in point….Reymin Guduan…probably the highest velo lefty in the minors for the last 4 years,
        Sometime hard to hit him with plenty swing and miss,, then again he cannot keep them off the bases,
        because of his lack of control..25 innings pitched in the MLB….16 walks..
        But he gets it up there, near 100 mph.

        1. Gotcha, it was more Jones than Romero but either will do for argument sake. I’m having trouble with Lindow topside. Is he Better than Parkinson’s or ranger, or Irvin?

          1. I like to believe…based on his age and also his poise for a young player as he is….he probably is more advanced at his age than the three mentioned were at a similar age. There is that chance he could finish his age21 season in Reading, which is very good progression.

  7. Is anyone else dismayed by the lack of potential in this list? I’d be surprised if more than a couple of the people on this list made a significant contribution in the major leagues.

    1. And, this is your only warning. We only allow one name on this site. I don’t know why you stopped using Mark. But, that is the only name you can use. If you use Spider, Papa Spider, John Wockenfuss, Bryce Paup, Randy Lerch, or Phillyguy, you will be banned from commenting on Phuture Phillies.

  8. I am not sure what types of other posts “Phillyguy” has made and if he is hiding his true identity. However, putting the source of this comment aside, the comment he made above is a valid one. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a strong list. And there are far more question marks than you would like to see for a team that has yet to break .500 in the last decade.

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