Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #8 Prospect

Connor Seabold was selected as the organization’s #7 prospect.  He received 95 of the 209 votes cast (46%).  Adonis Median placed second with 82 votes (39%).  No one else received double digit votes and percentage.

Luis Garcia finished third with 8 votes.  Kevin Gowdy received 6 votes.  JoJo Romero received 5 votes. “Other” received 4 votes.  Enyel De Los Santos, Jhailyn Ortiz, Simon Muzziotti, and Raphael Marchan received 2 votes each.  Nick Maton received one vote.

The four “Other” votes were distributed to – Deivy Grullon, Logan O’Hoppe, and Addison Russ, and Josh Stephen.

Results, so far –

  1. Alec Bohm
  2. Spencer Howard
  3. Bryson Stott
  4. Erik Miller
  5. Mickey Moniak
  6. Francisco Morales
  7. Connor Seabold

Seabold is replaced by Damon Jones, Ethan Lindow, Logan O’Hoppe, and Juan Aparicio.  The total prospects on the ballot is fourteen.

If you want to suggest a player you think I am going to overlook, you can make the request in the Comments section, and if I see it, I will consider it or you can use the Other option (a write-in vote).

FWIW, the order I’m considering for the next nine additions is Schultz, Parkinson, Glogoski, Schulze, Brito, Rojas, Pipkin, Santos, and Silva.

After them, –

  • maybe guys like Simmons, Vierling, Pelletier, Randolph
  • maybe injured guys like Falter, Baylor, Young, Duran
  • maybe Lehigh guys like Irvin, Leftwich, Grullon, Listi, Dohy
  • maybe Reading guys like Gamboa, Hall, Stephen, Russ

Give me some feedback because I could complete a top 30 that didn’t include most of them.  What I don’t want to do is have a ballot of 30 names for the last 5-10 spots in the poll.  This isn’t about getting all 30 of your guys onto the poll so that a bunch of them can get one or two votes.  It’s about identifying legitimate prospects.

Put suggestions in the comments section so you don’t have to waste a write -in vote.

None of the above is etched in stone.

50 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #8 Prospect

  1. We’re getting towards the high end of where OF Johan Rojas should be getting votes.

  2. I was tempted to go for Medina here, but I decided on Maton because I believe he is ready for a breakout year and looks like the best candidate that is not a pitcher.

  3. Marchan. If he had any power, he would be a top 3 prospect. Excellent contact skills. Switch hits. Plays a premium position. Still young for growth.

  4. Looking at 10 and beyond…..IMO, a quandary of choices do exist…and not from a favorable aspect.
    The farm will need a big boost from a half-dozen or so prospects this year to get the system up in the rankings again. Hoping that comes from many of the young guys currently in A ball.

  5. Ethan Lindow time…
    I was going to vote Medina here, but unless he makes major adjustments with the big league ball in Reading early this year I expect that he will soon be in the bullpen,and then it remains to be seen if he can adjust to that.
    Ethan’s ability to consistently throw strikes and miss bats, as well as his overall competitiveness, allowed him to succeed as one of the youngest pitchers at both Lakewood and Clearwater.

    With Clearwater, Lindow was three years younger than the league average in the Florida
    State League

    1. Lindow has grown on me in a big way. He’s made his way into my top 10. Medina would be a top 10 prospect by attrition only. I can’t see his ranking that high after the several years he’s been in the system and hasn’t yet broken out. His struggles in ’19 alone drop him to 11-15. Sorry, Kuko😉

      1. @8mark – you like Matt Boyd, so you will like Ethan Lindow who I comp to Matt Boyd. I have Lindow at #20. Despite of the good numbers, I still want to withhold my excitement until Lindow pitched in AA REA. Bailey Falter, another LHP I like stagnate in AA REA so it will be interesting to see how Lindow pitch at that level considering his stuff is average-ish across the board. For velo people here – Lindow FB tops at 92 mph.

        On the brightside, Ethan Lindow worked with Tom Glavine in the past so there might be some mojo factor that can make Lindow successful despite of the lack of impact stuff (all his pitches are rated average).

        1. I’ve cooled on Boyd, Kuko. What I like about Lindow is what many here seem to dismiss or ignore….maturity and a brain. I know it’s all about velo, off the charts stuff and waiting for “numb nuts” (fill in the _______) to finally get it. Patience may be a virtue, but ours shouldn’t be exhausted by every live arm with little to no clue that comes down the pike.

          1. I like Aaron Nola even before he enters the scene as a legit ace — so I’m not really in the Velo group. To me, there should be a good mix of “pitch quality” or “pitching repertoire” and velocity (and movement). Ethan Lindow seems to lack both. Lindow’s current pitching arsenal is average-ish and his velo and movement are not that impressive either.

            I’m not saying Lindow will not make it (I mostly romanticize our prospects), but his margin of error to succeed is really thin. It is good that he is a lefty since MLB is starved with LHP that can pitch, but Lindow needs to develop at least one very good pitch particularly the off speed pitch.

            1. KuKo….I suppose you are basing your critique on Lindow on scouting reports?
              From my perspective his ‘current pitching arsenal is a better than ‘average-ish’.
              For one ….new thing that they currently call “tunneling”, working certain pitches off of the same tunnel or drill bore if you may…., so they present in the same way….he has an exceptional ability to accomplish that. And further he seems to know what to do with his pitches working thru-out the zone…up/down and side-to-side.
              Former Temple guy Matt Hockenberry was with him this year and rated his change-up as plus…..definitely swing and miss…with a breaking ball that he can locate at any time anywhere.

              I think he has already developed that one or two very good pitches…and they are breaking balls.

            2. @romus – I only saw Ethan Lindow once in LWD last June, Lindow is well composed as expected and he has a calm demeanor even if he’s pitching behind. Lindow is smooth but nothing that he throws that are eye-catching but Lindow induced a lot of GBs and limits hard contacts. To be honest, I cannot even distinguished his pitches from one another since Lindow throws them at the same phase, motion, effort and speed.

              Though limited, I did saw him and my eye test matched the scouting reports I read.

  6. I’m not a huge Medina fan, but the overall talent is more than enough to justify selecting him here. After that, I’m not sure who I would select next. Maybe Romero or Lindow.

  7. Thank you for including the current voting results 1-8 to this post.

    Seeing Damon Jones added to the poll, I would be interested in hearing fan’s impression of him. He started getting a good deal of breakout prospect hype nationally due to last season’s performance; particularly, high strikeout numbers. He then scuffled a bit in 8 appearances in AAA. It is largely a fool’s errand to put too much into minor league stats especially in lower levels or after first-time level advancements, so I’m curious from those who have seen Jones and have somewhat of a scout’s eye or who have researched scouting reports: what might we expect from Jones going forward and is it too soon to hype him as one of the organization’s top prospects?

    1. The little I have seen of Damon Jones…he definitely has the stuff to be MLB starter.
      But even before finally getting to use the MLB ball last season at LHV, and trying to adjust…he had control issues with the original balls.
      Also an older guy also…turns 26 at the end of next season, so maturity wise he was always physically ahead of most of his minor league peers.
      I see him around the mid-teen to late-teen range as a prospect in this system

    2. Two things I like about Damon Jones – he can miss bats and very good GB rate …. the one that I don’t like which could determine his career —- poor command!!

      Damon Jones can be an elite LHP pen arm and he is ready to contribute in that role. However, it will do better for the Phillies is they continue to develop Damon Jones as SP.

  8. Seabold’s AFL performance has me as a believer. I know the Phillies minors are not ranked high but I’m really liking Seabold, Lindow, Morales, & Medina. This is of course after Howard’s hype. You still have Miller as well. I’m reserved in my excitement but I think we have a diamond or two in that group. By that I mean an ace and a 2 or 3. I wouldn’t of Medina in the trash heap yet, and their is still my favorite wildcard prospect in Gowdy. Big year for him. There is intrigue and excitement across the board for me in the minors, despite the poo poo rankings. Glavine is all time fav pitcher of mine, and I hope he can teach half as well as he can pitch, if so Lindow is going to come on the scene this year.

    Top 10 seems tough this year, pitching heavy for me

    You can make arguments for a lot of
    These guys, to be bumped up or down a few spots but that’s where I’m at right now.

    1. Another diamond in the rough to keep one eye out on is the tall lefty in Australia now…Josh Hendrickson.
      He came out pretty hot last season and has continued it in the ABL.
      A really low round pick….38th round …he was sent to Lakewood after the GCL.
      In his 5 games there….allowed one run in 19 innings four hits and K-ing 10
      I will be interested in seeing what he does at Clearwater this season.

      1. Thanks Romus, I’ll take a look. Iike I said, I get the feeling the Phils farm system
        Is not being respected right now, but I believe that will change after this season. The team has some potential diamonds coming up, they just need more pressure to develop/uncover. Will see, I’m more bullish on the prospects than I am the big club. Either way, time for all to produce! That includes Klentak.

        Side rant: He gets a bad wrap but he has had some very successful low key trade deadline additions…. that’s all I’ll defend him, his record will now need to speak for itself. I’m still annoyed Dickerson wasn’t matched for 8 mil a season to the marlins. I hope McCutchen isn’t aged by his recent injury

  9. Marchan would be a top choice as well as Ethan Lindow. Both have shown maturity and determination to over come challenges, one with the bat and the other with off speed pitches. Miller has a lot to offer as well. But seeing how well Lindow throws strikes and how often he over comes top hitters in each league he has played in has gotten my vote. Lots of talent here and these kids have worked hard to get where they are. Good luck boys in the 2020 season, we are all rooting for you to succeed.

  10. Ethan Lindow’s command of the mound shows maturity beyond his years. His competitiveness on and off the field will surely be an asset for Clearwater next season and beyond. His positivity, teamwork, and energy are the qualities you want on the mound and in the club house.

    1. Lindow worked with Tom Glavine so that’s probably wheres he developed his maturity. Lindow’s command needs to be elite if he really want to thrive in the upper minors especially that Lindow doesn’t have the stuff to be an impact lefty pen arm as a fallback.

    2. It is very obvious in the way he carries a conversation
      I was surprised and impressed on how he can be so thoughtful and polished.
      Not a college grad and only 20 and he has a very good command of the English language….plus succinct and genuinely relates to the interviewer.

    1. Money quote: “He throws a fastball, changeup, cutter and curveball. His fastball has touched 94 mph and there might be more in there as he gets what they call his “man strength.”” That made me chuckle

  11. Finally put together my top 40. I kind of did this in a hurry so It’s possible I may have missed someone. I also didn’t include DLS since he’s spent parts of two seasons in MLB.

    1 Alec Bohm
    2 Spencer Howard
    3 Adonis Medina
    4 Bryson Stott
    5 Francisco Morales
    6 Luis Garcia
    7 Johan Rojas
    8 Nick Maton
    9 Erik Miller
    10 JoJo Romero
    11 Mickey Moniak
    12 Simon Muzziotti
    13 Connor Seabold
    14 Mauricio Llovera
    15 Rafael Machan
    16 Damon Jones
    17 Starlyn Castillo
    18 Colton Eastman
    19 Kendall Simmons
    20 Logan O’Hoppe
    21 Gunner Mayer
    22 Brett Schulze
    23 Josh Gessner
    24 Jhailyn Ortiz
    25 Jamari Baylor
    26 Ben Brown
    27 Deivy Grullon
    28 Kyle Young
    29 Dominic Pipkin
    30 Kevin Gowdy
    31 Austin Listi
    32 Kyle Dohy
    33 Juan Aparicio
    34 Ethan Lindow
    35 Christopher Sanchez
    36 Carlos De La Cruz
    37 Victor Santos
    38 Jonathan Guzman
    39 Andrew Schultz
    40 Alexeis Azuaje

    Next five in line:
    David Parkinson
    Kyle Glogoski
    Manuel Silva
    Nicolas Torres
    Fernando Ortega

    1. @Hinkie – i haven’t reached that far yet, but here’s my Top 30. Medina is starting to lose following from this site. I think Medina can be like the Eagles — maybe Medina should start wearing a Dog Mask when pitching.

      I’m surprised to see Ethan Lindow that low in your rankings, I thought Lindow is a lock Top 30 – but not as high as most here see him.

      1 Spencer Howard
      2 Alec Bohm
      3 Bryson Stott
      4 Erik Miller
      5 Francisco Morales
      6 Adonis Medina
      7 Mickey Moniak
      8 Jojo Romero
      9 Luis Garcia
      10 Connor Seabold
      11 Damon Jones
      12 Johan Rojas
      13 Simon Muzziotti
      14 Rafael Marchan
      15 Enyel delos Santos
      16 Nick Maton
      17 Mo Llovera
      18 Starlyn Castillo
      19 Logan O’Hoppe
      20 Ethan Lindow
      21 Jhailyn Ortiz
      22 Jabari Baylor
      23 Dom Pipkin
      24 Kyle Dohy
      25 Deivy Grullon
      26 Juan Aparicio
      27 Brett Schulze
      28 Ben Brown
      29 Manuel Silva
      30 Vic Santos

    1. @matt13 – Lindow’s average-ish stuff is what limits him. I thought that my ranking as #20 is already a stretch, but it looks like Lindow will be voted as the #8 ranked prospect.

      Based on the rankings, the Phillies have 2 projected backend SPs (Seabold and Lindow) in the Top 10 — a good measure how bad the farm really is.

  12. Lindow….Fastball up to 94…if he is able to add a few more ticks to it while maintaining his current control/ command that would be exciting.

    I think he may be under the radar of the baseball writers,etc.

    1. @DMAR – Lindow highest level is A+/CLW. So compare Lindow as a pitcher vs Jojo after both of them pitched in A+/CLW, Also, Jojo has the wider range of pitching repertoire and his current stuff can already contribute with the Phillies as a a reliable lefty pen arm.

      On the other hand, Lindow doesn’t have a fallback as a lefty pen arm due to average stuff. Just like the other LHP that don’t have a RP fallback (Falter, Young, Fanti), Lindow’s command needs to be elite to stay in the rotation.

      Do I believe Lindow can carry his command in the high minors and be successful? – I say yes since I’m optimistic about our prospects. But I rather see Lindow first pitch in AA/REA before saying that. Maybe in the mid-year rankings I will jumped Lindow in my Top 10 (if he carries his numbers), but as of now, he is still not there yet. Prospects who can contribute already to the Phillies like DLS, Jojo, Jones, Llovera should be ahead of lower ceiling prospects like Lindow.

        1. I tried to stay away at looking at minor league stats as it can skewer my thought process in valuing prospects. Although I love to see a pitching prospect’s GB rate and K/9. I love pitchers that can miss bats and keep the ball on the ground.

          Other than GB% and K/9, pitch mix, quality/grade of pitches and command are the ones I’m looking for a pitching prospect.

        2. No, I don’t think you are too tough on him. After all he turned 23 in September.

          I’ve soured on him a bit too, same as with Medina. You can’t really sugar coat it…both Medina and JJ were very disappointing in 2019. Hopefully they can get back on track in 2020.

        3. Prospect ranking is really a delicate balance of potential/ceiling/upside vs value (trade/team) vs scouting reports vs stats.

          Medina and Jojo also disappoints me, but I will punish them by devaluing and demoting them in my rankings. We here are partly guilty of setting our expectations too high (#2/#3 ceiling for both Medina and Jojo) after dominating in the low minors. Both Medina and Jojo did actually got some national attention as MLB Top 100 (some outlets ranked Jojo in Top 100 after a strong A+ in 2017) so the pedigree is there.

  13. I still remember how some got excited about Kyle Dohy and Damon Jones after dominating the low minors same thing that Lindow did this year. Both Dohy and Jones have legit plus pitch and an out pitch and both can get batters out at a high rate. I guess everybody is jumping to the Lindow bandwagon now due to a very sexy minor league stat in A+.

    1. No I’m still big on Dohy 🙂 as a tough lefty out of the pen. They asked a lot out of him last year and in hind sight maybe they rushed him at 22 to AAA but he was dominating at Reading with a .636 WHIP and 18K/9

      even the season before at 21 Dohy dominated LKW and CLW and struggled again when he hit AA.

      I’d probably have the 3 of them in the same pocket 12-18

    2. Lets keep things in perspective….Dohy and Jones were college guys with a little age and experience on them …Lindow was all of 20 at the same level.
      Three year younger than peers at CLW.
      Dohy was close to Lindow’s age at CLW- a year oldr….but not a starter
      Age does play a key component when it comes to competing at specific levels.

      1. Age does matter but also the stuff. Dohy and Jones have legit 2 plus pitches in their arsenal Lindow has none. I’m not ready to buy into the Hockenberry’s assessment of a plus CU. Ranger Suarez is supposed to have one of the best CU in the LHP prospects in the farm and Suarez also dominates the low minors the same age as Lindow. Suarez and his CU still looks over matched in the majors.

        At some point, pitchers need to have a legit pure stuff to success not just sexy minor league stats in the low minors.

        1. KuKo…I like Dohy’s stuff…..and he has a Josh Hader reliever future ‘look’ about him….but I was so frustrated watching him throw one slider after another slider to lefties way out of the zone….or for that matter the plate.

          My goodness…he faced 103 lefties last season and walked 22 of them…the rest OPSed .857 off him.

          Until Jones and Dohy get some sort of command…or even just control….their chances are poor.
          Lindow has the command already.

          1. @romus – when Dohy and Jones are the hot new toys, I sounded the alarm to exactly what you are saying —- command!! Although I really like Jones because he got 2 of the important things I’m looking for a pitcher – very good GB rate and K/9…. unfortunately, I still see Jones as a LHP pen arm but I will be happy to see him succeed as a SP — which he has a potential to become a solid #3. Same thing with Dohy, I did not jump in the bandwagon right away because of command but Dohy can take any batters out with both of his pitches when he’s locked in.

            I’m not sounding any alarm on Lindow, but I’m just trying to contain any excitement. Regardless how good Lindow’s command is and how sexy his minor league stats are — the fact is still his stuff is average and Lindow doesn’t have any impact tools and ability to dominate.

            I’m done getting excited with prospects performing in the low minors. I want to see prospects perform in the high minors because I jump to their bandwagon.

            1. KuKo……I do wholeheartedly agree on your last statement……time for our prospects, when they get the call, to deliver at the upper levels.

  14. Phillies still have some international money to burn…perhaps they should look into Colas.
    Apparently the money targeted for Jhoswar Garcia may still be available.

    MLBTR…..”Cuban two-way prospect Oscar Colas has defected in hopes of landing a major league contract, Jeff Passan of ESPN tweets. Francys Romero of Las Mayores first reported on Colas’ defection.
    The 21-year-old Colas is an outfielder/pitcher who most recently played with the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks in Japan, where he slashed .300/.353/.511 with 12 home runs in 295 plate appearances in 2019. As a left-handed pitcher, Colas is capable of hitting 95 mph, according to Passan.”

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