Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #7 Prospect

Francisco Morales was selected as the organization’s #6 prospect.  He received 73 of the 235 votes cast (31%).  Connor Seabold (62 votes, 26%) edged Adonis Median by a single vote for second place.  The top three vote recipients were the only prospects to receive double digit votes and percentage.

Enyel De Los Santos (8 votes, 3%) finished fourth.  Luis Garcia and “Other” finished tied with 7 votes.  JoJo Romero received 6 votes.  Kevin Gowdy received 4 votes.  Jhailyn Ortiz received 3 votes.  Simon Muzziotti received 2 votes.  Raphael Marchan and Mauricio Llovera received one vote each.

The seven “Other” votes were distributed to – Ethan Lindow (3 votes), and Deivy Grullon, Damon Jones, Logan O’Hoppe, and Addison Russ one vote each.

No replacement for Morales.  The total prospects on the ballot is eleven.

If you want to suggest a player you think I am going to overlook, you can make the request in the Comments section, and if I see it, I will consider it or you can use the Other option (a write-in vote).

FWIW, the order I’m considering for the next dozen or so additions is Jones, Aparicio, Lindow, Parkinson, O’Hoppe, Pipkin, Baylor, Brito, Santos, Glogoski, Young, Duran, Dohy, Schultz, Schulze, Rojas, Simmons.  Neither these names nor their order is etched in stone.  This is just a heads up on how I’m leaning today.

22 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #7 Prospect

  1. Jim, Thanks for all the efforts! Do you think it worthwhile to include the prospect poll to date, for example here selections 1 through 6, in the poll for the next prospect?

  2. Might I suggest we add Ethan Lindow to this list? I have him ahead of several of these prospects, including Oritz, Llovera and Gowdy and I have him roughly equal with Romero.

  3. Not that he’s cracking our top 10, but I am looking forward to following Carlos de la Cruz in Lakewood in 2020. He’s a physically imposing specimen with raw power. How nice to have a beast with the bat emerge from among the farm mice.

  4. I went Medina, solely on the review of him in 2018, while hoping that 2019 was an aberration.

  5. Went with Seabold here, Jones was probably our second best pitcher results wise last year. CSN Philly(Jim Salisbury) chose their Phillies team for the decade, pretty depressing at some positions.

  6. Adonis Medina is my next highest ranking prospect. Medina’s stuff and upside is still better than Connor Seabold despite what the numbers say. Seabold’s current stuff is backend-ish – the CU has plus potential CU but the FB and CB are average-ish. The only advantage of Seabold over Medina right now is the command of the pitches.

    1. Funny…the interpretation of how a prospect should be ranked/rated is SOOOO subjective. Weighing floor vs ceiling, proximity vs projection, command vs stuff….it’s like terms are defined differently with different weights of importance. Be great if there was a standard scale to compare and contrast players developing at varying rates and different levels.

      1. @8mark – yes, that’s the sad reality of prospect rankings. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Any prospect rankings can be poked by anybody so it is really important to know what’s the basis or considerations before fully understanding the whole ranking.

        To me prospect ranking is all about potential and upside.

        1. I agree, Kuko. And with high upside, often it’s accompanied by high risk….another wrinkle to complicate the matter. But hey, it’s fun no matter to dream on certain players and types.

          1. Currently i have the following as my Top 10/11:

            1) Howard
            2) Bohm
            3) Stott
            4) Miller
            5) Morales
            6) Medina
            7) Moniak
            8) Romero
            9) Garcia
            10) Seabold
            11) Jones

            1st tier (crown jewels) is Howard-Bohm – I ranked Howard (TOR ceiling) over Bohm because of Bohm’s defensive questions.

            2nd tier (high upside) – I’m a believer of Stott’s bat so his ceiling (or future value) is similar to Miller and Morales but I ranked Stott’s higher for having the lowest risk and Morales last for having the highest risk. Luis Garcia should be part of this group but his terrible 2019 (risk) really slides him further down the ranking.

            3rd tier (mid upside) – I re-adjusted Medina’s ceiling as #3/#4 (from #2/#30). If Medina harnessed his command, thus, going back to #2/#3 ceiling – he will leapfrog Stott-Miller-Morales in my rankings.

            4th tier (low upside/high floor) – Romero, Seabold and Jones. These trio can be MLB contributor ASAP, but their risks are higher that their ceiling. I see Romero and Jones as bullpen arms (lowering their ceiling) and Seabold as a back end SP due to his average-ish (as of now) stuff.

          2. Oooppss….I forgot my #7 MickeyMo in the 4th tier – MickeyMo’s defense is MLB ready but his profile right now is a 4th OF, thus, lowering his ceiling.

    2. KuKo….here is a very favorable scouting report on Medina from 8 months ago..April 2019.
      Most of it is too like……trouble is, it was his first outing and things went south for him there after.
      Now 23 years old and having six years of development under his belt, he will need to recapture the magic he had from 22018 and earlier, then things will be a lot rosier for him and the Phillies..

      1. @romus – I think Medina has lost a feel of his command, giving up a lot of long balls and big innings. But I still like his stuff – FB, SL and CU. I still think that Medina is a SP long term since he can throw 3 potential above average pitches. At the least, Medina is ready to throw from the pen and contribute. If Seabold has a new and improved CU, Medina’s CU is better than Seabold’s due to movement.

        1. I am very suspect on Medina’s CU….not on Seabold’s who actually modified it when he was out last spring.
          For RHPs…one of the metrics used in measuring .the effectiveness of a change-up can be viewed at their splits vs LHBs.
          In 2019…Medina’s opponent slash for LHBs was .302/.385/.473…260 batters
          Seabold on the other hand…..182/.241/.232 for 160 batters.

          Now that is only a look at one of their pitches .

          Here is also a 2080 report from May for Adonis …which seems to be more realistic.

          1. @romus – to me, it is just Medina’s losing his feel for command resulting to a bad splits. I don’t take numbers/stats at face value so I will need to see more of Seabold’s new and improved CU to determine if it is better than Medina’s.

        2. Does anyone know if during the initial developmental orientation, is there testing for IQ or aptitude? I don’t think we generally account for what’s going on between a player’s ears. I’m not suggesting that any one player in particular is lacking there, but to what extent is that factored in when scouts with more inside info on prospects are making their assessment. We don’t see it in published scouting reports.

          1. You mean something like they do at the NFL combine in Indianapolis every year prior to the draft when they sit and talk with their allotted candidates?

  7. Medina will have to adjust to the major league ball in Double-A this year. Fingers crossed on him, very disappointing in Reading this past year.
    That’s why I went with Morales here then Medina next.

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