Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #6 Prospect

Mickey Moniak was selected as the organization’s #5 prospect.  He received 85 of the 257 votes cast (33%).

Francisco Morales and Adonis Median finished tied for second with 53 votes each (21%). Connor Seabold finished fourth with 46 (18%), once again rounding out the prospects who accumulated double digit votes and percentage.

Luis Garcia and “Other” finished tied with 4 votes.  JoJo Romero and Simon Muzziotti received 3 votes each.  Raphael Marchan and Jhailyn Ortiz received 2 votes each.  Mauricio Llovera and Kevin Gowdy received one vote each.

Four people received one vote each in “Other” – Deivy Grullon, Ethan Lindow, Johan Rojas, and some silly SOB wasted his vote on me.

Replacing Mickey Moniak with Enyel De Los Santos and Nick Maton in this poll.  The total prospects on the ballot is twelve.

If you want to suggest a player you think I am going to overlook, you can make the request in the Comments section, and if I see it, I will consider it or you can use the Other option (a write-in vote).

FWIW, the order I’m considering for the next dozen or so additions is Jones, Aparicio, Lindow, Parkinson, O’Hoppe, Pipkin, Baylor, Brito, Santos, Glogoski, Young, Duran, Dohy, Schultz, Schulze, Rojas, Simmons.  Neither these names nor their order is etched in stone.  This is just a heads up on how I’m leaning today.

FWIW #2, I’m glad Moniak was ranked early so that we don’t have to have the constant bickering in the comments section over his selection and performance.  You likely have plenty of opportunity when he is among the youngest players in the International League this season.

27 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #6 Prospect

  1. Jim, you’d be #1 in any poll taken on this site. That’s a foregone conclusion so I didn’t think we had to vote you onto any list. I’m sticking with Morales but Moniak and Medina were right after him on my list.

    1. @bellman, I agree. I still vote for Morales as the next highest ranked prospect. Moniak-Morales-Medina are interchangeable in the rankings.

    1. He’s a player I like, and he had a really good season in 2019, IMO. But, I think there are questions about his defense and speed. As a probable LF, his HR spike was good to see, but some would likely attribute that to the “Reading effect”.

  2. Mickey Moniak could be a “clone” of Jacoby Ellsbury or Brett Gardner. Both have played in 10+ years and both have WS rings. Or could be better than both.

    1. Have you ever looked at the minor league numbers for either Ellsbury or Gardner? If so, can you explain how you see them as comps based on statistical performance?

      1. Touche’. I just looked at their stats and you are correct. Just looking thru Phillies’ colored glasses.

        1. This is my problem (besides the not great scouting reports). I can’t find a good mlb hitter who had a .302 ob% through all minors up to AA ball (1,700 PAs). The poor walk rate combined with over 20% K rate and 30 grade power makes it very hard to find a comp that is anything more than a 4th OF type. His defense and running and draft pedigree will get him to the show. But to be a starting CF with any impact he has to have an OB% greater than .350 or somehow get to 30+ HR power.

  3. FWIW, I’m also glad Moniak was ranked early so that we don’t have to have the constant bickering. I wish him great luck in AAA and when he gets called up to the majors. I want nothing but success for him. I honestly do. Objectively, I am not a believer based on performance over 1,700 PAs and scouting reports. But I am a fan. And I want him to do well. I would be happy to admit openly that I was wrong and he turned out to be a stud. He is a very good defensive player and a fast runner. Those are definitely mlb quality tools. So he has got a chance. Happy to hear that he is working hard. Best of luck.

    1. Went with Morales here, love the upside. I’ve soured on Medina a bit,the results need to be better.

      Let’s quit bickering about Moniak on here…Please!

  4. I’m glad MM is off the board here too – but let’s be clear we ALL want him to succeed.

    In any event, I think he’d be much better off going back to AA to start the season to see if he can finally find a level where he can dominate, which hasn’t happened yet. I think this will be good for his psyche and his career. If he kills it for a month and half (150 ABs), then they can promote him and he can hit AAA running. If he doesn’t then he never should have been promoted to AAA to begin with. At least that’s how I’d approach if I were making the decision of where he should be placed to start the year.

    1. I agree. Start Mickey in Reading. Get him started strong in 2020. Let him progress without undue anticipation. This is his age 22 season coming up. At age 23, in 2021 we hopefully see him in some capacity contributing as a major league player in red pinstripes.

      We can surmise that the primary reason he was chosen 1-1 was slot dollar considerations for latter rounds. He was still universally regarded as a 1st round talent out of high school. Stuff happens. But he’s been tested and still remains on our radar. Plus he’s a kid who is easy to root for.

  5. FYI, I just voted for the Morales and the vote currently has him first of the remaining candidates (6th), Seabold second (7th) and Medina third (8th) and that’s just how I would rank them. That would be the end of the second tier, grade B, prospects (the first tier being Howard and Bohm, who are A or A- prospects) and then we would get to third tier, or grade C, prospects.

  6. I think Muzziotti is being underrated, at least based on comments and vote totals. He was an above average hitter at CLW at age 20 and is supposed to play good defense. In some ways, one could argue he was better at CLW than MM was at the same level. He has a pretty good prospect pedigree. No power, but he is young and does look like he could play in the majors. I wouldn’t vote for him yet, but I think he is a top 10 prospect.

    Is Manuel Silva worth adding to the list? His numbers look ok and he ended the year well. However, I have not seen him pitch. Is he more low-90s velo or mid-90s velo?

    1. Ender Inciarte is often mentioned as a Muzziotti comp. If so, that makes Simon a legit big league prospect. But not a top prospect. Maybe top 10 in the Phillies system. To me he has 4th OF written all over him, on a good team, that is. He may turn out to be a 2nd division starter if he’s traded.

    2. IMO, Muzzioti is the embodiment of an Enders Inciarte….though a Sox scout did have him pegged as a Jacoby Ellsbury type player 4 years ago when they signed him originally.

    3. Silva is a low-90s guy who peaks at 94-96. He’s a little further down but worthy of consideration when he makes the ballot. His appearances/starts are skewed because of the piggy-backing they do with starters at the lower levels. We may see piggy-backing in Clearwater this season.

      For those unfamiliar with the term/tactic, piggy-backing is when one starter pitches the first four/five innings and a second starter pitches the second four/five with an accompanying pitch count. That plus a six-man rotation puts less stress on a pitcher’s arm and delays an organization’s decision between starter and bullpen.

  7. I’m stunned by the lack of respect for Adonis Medina. It was just a year ago he was getting mentioned in the same breath as Casey Mize.

    I’m still a big believer in an athletic pitcher who throws up to 95 and can really make the ball move. Be patient and allow him the time to lean to command his pitches.

    1. Hinkie……maybe Medina needs to get stronger.
      Something was amiss with him this past season.
      Then again, he just may have brought his starting days to a conclusive end…I hope not.
      But does happen…..Seranthony saw the hand writing on the wall in 2017 in Clearwater with the shoulder issue.

  8. Big year for Moniak and the FO in turn. Can even add Gowdy to this equation as the FO seemed to pick an unpopular #1 pick to increase their #2. To me Moniak and Gowdy are a package deal
    For evaluating the Phillies scouting team that year. The head of the dept has moved on, but this draft grade is about to come due. We all want them to do well, but this should be a pretty telling year for Moniak. i think he thrives, but not at first, he seems to be a slower starter and then has his bigger offensive stats in the second half. Crawford was like this. Will seem. They could use him, on the 26 man roster or as trade bait.

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