Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #4 Prospect

Bryson Stott  was selected as the organization’s #3 prospect.  He received 126 of the 218 votes cast (58%). Mickey Moniak finished second with 25 votes (11%), Erik Miller finished third with 22 (10%), Adonis Medina finished fourth with 17 (8%), and Francisco Morales finished fifth with 10 (5%).

“Other” received the next highest count, eight, with Connor Seabold receiving 6 of those votes.  Ethan Lindow and Cornelius Randolph received the other two.

The voting for the remaining players was Marchan 4, Romero 3, Garcia 1, Ortiz 1, and Llovera 1.

Five of the six players who received a vote in the Other option in the earlier poll did not receive a vote this time.

Replacing Stott in the poll are Connor Seabold and Kevin Gowdy, raising the ballot to eleven players.

If you want to suggest a player you think I am going to overlook, you can make the request in the Comments section, and if I see it, I will consider it or you can use the Other option (a write-in vote).

21 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #4 Prospect

  1. I voted for Morales but I’m finding it hard to move on from Medina. Also wouldn’t it be great if you could blend Marchan and Ortiz’s hitting abilities. Marchan can hit it often but not very far and Ortiz can hit the crap out of the ball but not very often. Although it might be like the old joke about Einstein marrying Marilyn Monroe. Could you imagine the offspring? The brain of Einstein and the looks of Monroe. Yeah, but what if the child had the brains of Monroe and the looks of Einstein? What if Marchan/Ortix mix actually yielded the hitting ability of Ortiz in combo with the long ball capabilities of Marchan?

    1. That may be the most amusing post I’ve ever read before 5am. Some brains function more astutely in the wee hours, huh Bellman?

    2. I figured i would copy this reply to 8mark and post it to most recent board!

      Hey 8mark (and all!).. Mickey has been working out 5 days a week for strength training and speed training like he has in the past. Actually started earlier this year than normal even after the fall league which he was spent at that point! He has also been hitting quite a bit at his old high school and started doing that earlier than previous years as well. He is up to a solid 210 lb and running as well as ever from what I can see. I think he is ready to have a big year..

        1. Your welcome and looking forward to seeing you as well Jim. And anyone else that may be there! Happy New Year to everybody

  2. Not aimed at any specific previous comment, and not sure what the appropriate place in the prospect list is, but down to a certain level it would be nice if they all had a decent floor and not just lofty ceiling.

    1. I suppose it could happen, been done before with college drafted pitchers……but he will need to first have a better economy of his pitches, and also throw more strikes.

    2. In a word, No. As much as I would have liked to see this happen, Miller finished the season with 13 innings in Lakewood. As a comparison, Aaron Nola started his first season with 31 innings in Clearwater and finished with 24 innings in Reading.

      Miller is probably going to start his second season in Clearwater. Nola started his second season in Reading and by the time he was promoted frrom Lehigh Valley had thrown 109 minor league innings that season. He went on to throw 70+ innings in 13 starts with the Phillies.

      While it is possible that Miller moves quicker than expected, he has a little more to work on than Nola had. I think the most reasonable ETA for Miller is mid 2021.

      1. Your assessment and timing are right on. Something to be said for minor league seasoning and improving your game. Doing it at the MLB Level can be brutal and actually slow down a players development..

    3. I agree with JimP, I don’t expect Erik Miller to be added in the 40-man at any point in 2020. Summer 2021 will be his fastest track and I still don’t expect him to be added earlier than that.

      Assuming the Phillies will need a LHP in the rotation – Irvin, Jojo Romer, Damon Jones will get the 1st crack and on top of that, there’s Medina, Howard, Seabold that will be on queue.

    1. @hinkie – I’m still a believer of Medina although I have to lower his overall upside to #2/#3 to #3/#4 and struggle to rank him above higher upside of Erik Miller and Francisco Morales. I think Adonis Medina still have the stuff and ability to prove everybody wrong. Adonis Medina will be a very good pen arm if the Phillies need him to contribute. But he is still a SP long term so I hope the Phillies will not sell him low.

      Behind Bohm and Stott, MickeyMo is the next highest ranked position player for me. I see a similarity in value in Moniak and Medina:

      1) both can contribute to the Phillies as supplementary piece in 2020 if needed
      2) both still have the tools and skill set to reach their upside prove everybody wrong
      3) both are good trade targets by other teams/GMs so the Phillies better not to sell both Medina and Moniak low

  3. Erik Miller…Left Handed potential starter, with lots of upside, especially if his control/ command improves this year.

  4. Hinkie, I went with Miller. Medina’s season last year scares me. Not that he can’t get better, but what do you see that makes him this high now?

  5. Miller here, just look at those names and tell me someone has more potential than Miller.

    I considered Seabold and Morales here.

  6. Went with Mickey Mo here.

    If he matures physically and improves his hitting skills he might still turn out to be a play to justify his draft position. Matt M’s report certainly encourages one to lean that way.

    If not, there isn’t much in this farm system, at least not near the Major League level, to rate this high, anyway.

    1. I don’t think any player has to “justify his draft position”. It’s not like these players campaign for their draft slots. I can see expecting a player needing to justify the contract his agent negotiated or politicians needing to justify why they asked for our votes or any employee needing to justify his holding any position he gets paid for. But, not a high school or college kid who has no control over where he is picked or who selects him. In Mickey’s case, his only responsibilities are to himself and the Phillies to be the best player he can be. Now, this is an important year for Mickey, as it is for every high school player drafted in 2016 and any college player drafted in 2017. Most are eligible for the next Rule 5 draft. Sorry (steps off soap box)

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