Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #3 Prospect

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.

Alec Bohm was selected as the organization’s top prospect.  He received 222 of the 404 votes cast (55%).  Spencer was a competitive second with 159 votes (39%).  Fourteen  recipients received the remaining 23 votes.

“Other” received the third most, but those 6 votes were equally split among 6 players.  Rafael Marchan and Bryson Stott each received 3 votes.  Mickey Moniak, Erik Miller, Jhailyn Ortiz, Adonis Medina, and JoJo Romero received 2 votes each.  And, Luis Garcia received one vote.

Damon Jones, Kyle Dohy, Austin Listi, Luke Miller, Addison Russ, and Connor Seabold each received one vote from the Other option.  Francisco Morales and Enyel De Los Santos received no votes.

I’m going to declare Spencer Howard the #2 prospect in the organization and go right to the poll for the #3 prospect.

If you want to suggest a player you think I am going to overlook, you can make the request in the Comments section, and if I see it, I will consider it or you can use the Other option (a write-in vote).

This ballot has 10 players.  I removed De Los Santos for now and replaced him with Mauricio Llovera.

46 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #3 Prospect

    1. Im not sure im not going to lie to anyone on here so im just going to say i would have like to of heard that Mickey Moniak was in the top three prospects i like is stats n the way he played also. Anyone know if he is doing atleast better than decent. He was a number 1 pick i believe not 100 percent sure.

      1. Yes, he was a 1/1 pick. However, he is now just a borderline major league prospect. He currently does not project as a major league regular. We all hope that changes, but that’s where he is right now.

    1. I think Muzziotti and Miller could both have legit claims for the 6th hole…with one being at 7.

  1. Bohm and Howard were no brainers at 1 and 2 (although you can quibble about who is 1 and who is 2 – either way, they were fairly close). I’ve got Stott at #3. After that I’ll probably have Morales and Miller, although I’m not sure of the order. Our system is not very deep in top prospects at this point.

  2. Stott for me, but I still can’t get into the Poll, and I think I am leaning Miller over Morales, but still deciding.

  3. Stott is my #3 – combination or risk, ceiling and floor. My current Top 10 is as follows:

    1) RHP Howard
    2) 3B Bohm
    3) SS Stott
    4) LHP Miller
    5) RHP Morales
    6) RHP Medina
    7) CF Moniak
    8) LHP Romero
    9) SS Garcia
    10) RHP Seabold

    Doing my annual year end prospect rankings, i just realized that the farm is weaker than I thought….

  4. I don’t know why the poll closed after one vote. I re-opened it and will monitor it closely for a few hours to make sure it is behaving correctly.

  5. I like Connor Seabold but I don’t know if it’s a joke but it seems his stuff got a boost in AFL.

  6. I thought about Stott as #3 but it still concerns me he offensively struggled at Low-A until the two weeks of the season. That shouldn’t happen for a 1st Rd. guy.

      1. Actually Bohm had a worst time at Williamsport in 2018 than Haseley in 2017…though it was SSS due to his leg injury.
        And Stott ended up with a better slash in Williamsport than both Bohm and Haseley.

  7. Top 10 for moi……

    1 Howard – I subscribe to the question, “who would I be less willing to trade?” as my determination.
    2 Bohm
    3 Stott – the kid may be raw yet, but the ceiling?
    4 Miller
    5 Seabold – this is where things drop off.
    6 Marchan
    7 Morales
    8 Moniak – even as a prospective major league 4th outfielder, MM is a top 10 talent in this organization.
    9 Romero
    10 Muzziotti – probably not a big league starter but like Moniak, has some skills.

      1. 12. Lindow is 11. Don’t think I can manage a top 30, Kuko. Way too much dart throwing for that.

      2. Kuko, I don’t question Medina’s talent. But for a guy who’s been in the organization this long, he needs to show something. Yes, development for pitchers isn’t linear, but I’m getting that Franklyn Kilome vibe with him.

        1. Big year for Medina & the Phillies prospect capital. A return to towards an upward trajectory would do the FO a favor as it looks to trade for final
          Pieces. Personally I don’t see him beating out Howard or Seabold, so He is in my trade bait basket.

  8. I like Seabold above any of the rest. He will be elevated to the rotation as the year goes on. He has good control and command and sufficient velocity to be a major league pitcher. I think he will continue to progress beyond what he showed in the AFL. Miller and Morales share the same problem even though both have major league stuff — walks. I can’t put either above Seabold. So he will be my number 4 tomorrow.

      1. He said that he messed around with the grip, and altered it when he was rehabbing this past spring into the summer….and it looks like it paid off for him.
        Sort of a silver lining for him missing the first 3 months of the season.

  9. My list:

    1 Howard (more uncertain than Bohm, but the upside is a perennial all-star and near ace)
    2 Bohm (I love this guy, if Howard is 1, he is 1a)
    3 Stott (I like the tools and projection – more valuable if he can ultimately become the SS)
    4 Miller (a real arm to dream on – he’s very close to Morales in my rankings – just further advanced)
    5. Morales (will probably either go near the top of the list or drop next year – TBD)
    6. Seabold (could turn into a 3 – that’s a lot of value)
    7. Medina (not worth the hype, but still has a lot of ability)
    8. Lindow (he’s being overlooked a bit, I like him)
    9. Romero (I think he’s better than he showed last year – don’t underestimate the ability of a lefty to find himself and surge forward)
    10. Johan Rojas – Could move up dramatically next year
    11. Luis Garcia – Bad year last year, but great the year before.
    12. De Los Santos – he’ll probably be a major leaguer for a while, which is more than you can say about a lot of our prospects
    13. Marchan – based on scouting reports.
    14. Moniak (meh)
    15. Kendall Simmons (ceiling is crazy high – a great potential upside for a 6th round pick).
    16. Muzziotti – has a lot of great tools. Needs to start driving the ball consistently.

    1. I really like your list Catch but I probably would put MM at 9 and move everyone else down a spot. While none of his O stats have been eye popping his assignments were always pretty aggressive.

      My hope is that he spends the whole year as a 22 y/o in AA and finally comes into his own.

      That draft for hitters isn’t looking to good as a whole and in retrospect the one that appears to have got away is Alex Kirilloff who ended up going at 15. Missing his entire age 19 season due to TJ surgery he bounced back very well at age 20.

      All he’s done since turning pro was hit 317/365/863 OPS. He completed AA at 21 as well and appears poised to be in AAA at 22.

      1. @DMAR – i agree. I have MickeyMo ranked #7 and ahead of young prospects with higher upside like Garcia, Rojas and Lindow (I ranked #9, #11 and #20, respectively) due to lower risk. Moniak’s defense at a premium position if close to MLB ready and that gives him higher floor.

        I’ve followed a lot of Francisco Morales now that I believe about his true ceiling – a #2, thus, ranked him very high despite of the high risk. Luis Garcia can get back on track again as uber prospect with a GCL like year while Johan Rojas can continue his breakout but he has lower upside than Luis Garcia.

        I also liked Ethan Lindow (who I compared to Matt Boyd) and I agree with catch and posted before that Lindow is being overlooked. However, Lindow just like Seabold is more of a high floor than a high ceiling prospect. Seabold ranked higher for me due to lower risk and proximity to the MLB.

        1. Kuko I trust what you guys are telling me about our pitchers outside of Howard. I have a difficult time getting excited about them for some reason.

          Nola/Howard are what they look like and a long time before that it was Hamels. I just don’t see that kind of dominance from the rest of our stable.

  10. Just shouting out to Matt Moniak – happy holidays to you and the family. Wanted to ask what in particular is Mickey working on in the off season….thanks.

    1. Hey 8mark (and all!).. Mickey has been working out 5 days a week for strength training and speed training like he has in the past. Actually started earlier this year than normal even after the fall league which he was spent at that point! He has also been hitting quite a bit at his old high school and started doing that earlier than previous years as well. He is up to a solid 210 lb and running as well as ever from what I can see. I think he is ready to have a big year..

  11. For several years the top of our lists looked similar but this year is completely different with Sixto traded and guys losing eligibility.

  12. Probably not a name worth discussing now but in another year I believe Juan Aparicio is going to be a name we discuss in terms of Top 20 talent. Someone on this site who has seen him play said he is the best hitting prospect he has ever seen in the organization. Yes, he struggled when he got to Lakewood but for a 19 year old to even GET to a full season team after such limited time in the game is impressive.

    While I agree that the system doesn’t look particularly deep right now, Rojas and Aparicio can change that perception this year if they are as good as some of us believe they are. To me, they are the guys to dream on, especially Rojas. He is that rarest of Phillie finds…a potential 5 tool player. I think right now he belongs in the Top 10.

    1. That would be BEAUTIFUL! To have one stud 5 tool player arise from these apparent ashes would be huge. Rojas will be a player I’ll be tracking as much as any other come the spring. Aparicio sounds intriguing as well. Thanks for your 2 cents, CalDream.

    2. Cal,

      Agree. There are several players like Rojas, Aparicio, O’Hoppe, Luis Garcia, Seabold, Morales, Marchan would can have break-out years and make me more optimistic that there are some future all-stars in the system.

    3. I don’t want to shatter your thoughts on Aparicio. And, I certainly liked what I saw from him last season. But, don’t read anything into his promotion to Lakewood. The organization sustained a lot of injuries to catchers last season – Matt McBride (multiple trips) and Deivi Grullon (concussion) for Lehigh Valley; Edgar Cabral (season ending elbow/TJ), Colby Fitch (season ending knee), Rodolfo Duran (season ending knee), and Jack Conley for Clearwater; a couple of non-drafted free agents, Gabriel Ojeda and Willie Estrada, were signed and placed on the IL by Clearwater and were never activated; Rafael Marchan, Abrahan Gutierrez (twice, once for a concussion), and Jesse Wilkening (for the whole season) by Lakewood. An injury that didn’t require a trip to the IL did necessitate activating Nerluiis Martinez (who was working as a coach in the bullpen) until reinforcements could be promoted from Clearwater. So, Aparicio’s promotion to Lakewood was based more on need than merit.

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