Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #1 and #2 Prospects

Welcome to the 2020 Reader Top 30!

Here we go.  This should take us through early February.  By February 21st all players are required to be in camp.  I expect a lot of early reports.  The Phillies’ Grapefruit League season begins on the 22nd at the Tigers.  Their first home game is on the 23rd against the Pirates.

I hope to publish 4-5 polls each week on a schedule that will allow me to conclude this process before spring training starts.

If you want to suggest a player you think I am going to overlook, you can make the request in the Comments section, and if I see it, I will consider it or you can use the Other option (a write-in vote).

This ballot has 12 players.  I added Romero and Del Los Santos, both of whom I was going to add later since they are likely headed to the bullpen.  You may want to keep that in mind when voting.

29 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #1 and #2 Prospects

  1. Jim, I’m the guy who raises his hand during a test and says “I thought there wouldn’t be any math.” So excuse this obvious question; the player with the most votes that week comes off the poll and will achieve what ever corresponding team rank vis a vie how ever long the poll been going on? Just want to be sure before I vote.. Thank you..

  2. Thanks jim, As always your hard work is much appreciated. For me, Bohm and Howard are #1 and #2, by a pretty substantial margin.

  3. This top 30 group could be the equivalent of a school class that has 2 A’s, some B’s, mostly C’s and then the rest. So it’s a normal distribution and hopefully we can get scored on “a curve”, lol.

  4. For me is a question of which player would I least like to see traded. That would be Spencer Howard, which makes him my #1.

  5. Howard has a higher upside so he’s my #1. Howard has a stuff and upside of a legit ace while Bohm’s defensive ?s lower his overall ceiling.

    1. Agreed. Both a really good prospects, and if I was sure that Bohm would be a 3rd basemen then I might lean him at 1, but his defensive question marks make me go with Howard at 1. His minor league stats have been elite. Absolutely elite. Very excited about his future impact.

      1. Agreed- but they are very close. There’s a pretty nice space between those two and Stott, and then another fairly decent gap between Stott and players like Morales, Miller, Medina and Romero.

  6. If anyone is willing to share a little more regarding Erik Miller’s player profile, where he came from and why he dropped a bit in the draft, I would appreciate some insight. The system needs to be fueled by some more of the draft “home runs” from the mid to late rounds. That would make all the difference in the world.

      1. When they made picks like this this past draft (I really loved the 2019 draft – lots of high upside picks), I knew Almaraz was likely as good as gone. Very few of these picks looked like someone Johnny would typically draft – which, by the way, is not a bad thing.

          1. Yeah. We got Kingery in that draft because we dialed it back on the #1 pick that year. It is easy to overlook that success. By the way, I am voting, but I admit my vote is based mainly on impressions of what I read and a vague idea of what a top prospect is anyway.

            1. Went with Spencer on potential.

              I like Bohm, but wander if he projects as a first division regular while Spencer may be an all-star.

            2. Frank…hard to believe, but ranks Spencer as 25th among all RHP prospects.
              Sixto is ranked 5th.

  7. MLB pipliners have talked about Howard have elite stuff best in AFL. Bohm very good bat but no one really knows where he will play in majors. Why I believe Howard 1.

  8. So I picked Bohm #1, but am a little surprised that Lindow hasn’t gotten any votes while guys like Ortiz have. Am I missing something? He’s top 5 for me.

    1. The problem with Ortiz is, while his ceiling is arguably high, no one knows if he even has a floor as a major league prospect. This coming season may be the one in which he swims or sinks in the eyes of the organization. I believe he becomes rule 5 eligible after 2020?

      1. 8mark….Ortiz, along with the following four other Clearwater roster assignments, Fanti, Marchan, Duran and Hallead…were all Rule 5 this year…2019….they all passed thru the draft unscathed.
        I am sure Bonifay and the crew are willing Ortiz come out raking in CLW and force his way to Reading by mid-year.
        Believe it or not…..Ortiz led the league in outfield assists with 14…coming collectively from all three OF positions So he is an above average OFer.

        1. I’ve always been impressed with his athleticism, Romus….but his slash line needs some serious helium.

  9. Merry Christmas to All who partake and Happy your Holiday to everyone else. The results of the poll, so far, has an interesting #3. It’s “Other”. So 6 people voted for someone other than those on the poll. I guess that happens when there are 2 guys vying for the top slot and the next guy is a very distant third.

    1. Over 94 percent for Bohm and Howard says something about them, and perhaps something about the rest of the system.

      Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and happy holidays!

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