Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #5 Prospect

Erik Miller was selected as the organization’s #4 prospect.  He received 63 of the 194 votes cast (32%), the first vote decided by a plurality rather than a majority or acclamation.  The proximity of the votes for the next four prospects suggests some spirited votes over the next several polls.

Mickey Moniak finished second with 40 votes (21%), Adonis Medina finished third with 30 (15%), Francisco Morales finished fourth with 26 (13%), and Connor Seabold who rounded out the prospects who accumulated double digit votes and percentage finished fifth with 20 votes (10%).

JoJo Romero and “Other” finished tied with 4 votes.  Mauricio Llovera, Luis Garcia, and Raphael Marchan had 2 votes each.  Jhailyn Ortiz had one vote.

Four players received one vote each in “Other” – Deivy Grullon, Connor Seabold, Addison Russ, and Damon Jones.  Pay attention to who is listed in the poll before voting “Other”.  Seabold was available on the poll.  I’m not plucking votes out of “Other” and recalculating the outcome.  The person who voted for Seabold wasted his vote.

Replacing Erik Miller with Simon Muzziotti in this poll.  The total prospects on the ballot remains at to eleven.

If you want to suggest a player you think I am going to overlook, you can make the request in the Comments section, and if I see it, I will consider it or you can use the Other option (a write-in vote).

FWIW, the order I’m considering for the next dozen or so additions is Maton, Jones, De Los Santos, Aparicio, Lindow, Parkinson, O’Hoppe, Pipkin, Baylor, Brito, Santos, Glogoski, Young, Duran, Dohy.  Neither these names nor their order is etched in stone.  This is just a heads up on how I’m leaning today.

18 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #5 Prospect

  1. Francisco Morales is my #5 – a prospect with pure TOR upside shouldn’t be taken lightly despite of the risk. To be honest, any of Morales-Moniak-Medina as #5-#7 is acceptable.

  2. Jim….perhaps you can also add some other Williamsport guys like Johan Rojas, Kendall Simmons and maybe Brett Schulze to the list your are considering that you reference in your comments above in paragraph 7.
    Simmons with an ISO of .286, 12 HRs (second in the league), .520 SLG (first in the league) in less than 200 PAs is pretty impressive.

    1. All three are likely to make the ballot at some point. Brett Schuze probably first but after Andrew Schultz who is likely to start in Clearwater and might even be fast-tracked with his high-90s fastball.

      I would really like to avoid having everyone raise their expectations on a couple of teenagers on small sample sizes, just to turn on them when/if they don’t meet those expectations next season. Remember Luiis Garcia?

      Rojas had a sharp drop off offensively after his promotion to Williamsport.

      GCL: 84 PA, 5 3B, 9 BB, 12 K,.311/.393/.527/.920, 3/5 SB, .371 BAbip
      WIP: 172 PA, 6 3B, 5 BB, 29K, .244/.273/.384/.657, 11/15 SB, .284 BAbip

      And, if you look more closely at Simmons, you will see that his season was influenced entirely by an 18-game stretch from July 27th thru August 18th. That’s a fairly small sample size to base a kid’s projection.

      Here’s his season breakdown.

      6/14-7/25: 81 PA, 2 HR, 9 RBI, 4 BB, 27 K, .169/.235/.324/.559 .222 BAbip
      7/27-8/18: 76 PA, 9 HR, 21 RBI, 10 BB, 15 K, ,383/.480/.967/1.447, .368 BAbip
      8/22-9/2: 48 PA, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 6 BB, 12 K, .125/.271/.200/.471 .148 BAbip

      They’ll make the ballot, but they are queued up behind several, more deserving prospects.

      1. Ok…can understand that.
        Low A guys are so far out also, along with SSS as you mention, it Is difficult to judge their potential.

  3. I voted for Morales again but what about Rocco’s guy, Josh Stephen? I have him as my 31st prospect right now but could move up as I review my quick and dirty early top 30.

    1. He’s not in my top 50, I don’t see him as a major leaguer, certainly not as a starter. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. I went for Morales at 4, so am certainly going for him at 5. I won’t say anything negative about MM because: (a) his father comes on here, which is appreciated; (b) he does seem to be improving quite a bit and getting stronger, which is important to his future; and (c) he seems like a nice and hard-working guy. That said, if he’s going to have a serious future as a big leaguer, he will need to show significant improvement this year – it’s a huge year for him.

    1. FWIW:
      Comparing the three HS Southern Cal guys from that 2016 draft so far:
      Josh Stephen: 1200 PAs approx…….254/.313/.400
      Mickey Moniak: 1700 PAs……………..256/.302/.390
      Blake Rutherford: 1550 PAs……………280/.337/.400
      As for their ages:
      Rutherford is the oldest turning 23 in May…Moniak is the youngest turning 22 in May and Stephen is between them both….turning 23 in Sept.

      1. Okay, this annoys me. I said I won’t say anything bad about Mickey and I won’t. However, look at his statistics over time. Pretend he was a 9th round pick. Based on those stats and the scouting reports, why would he be in the top 10? Just saying.

        1. I have been saying that for years. If you just went on post draft scouting reports and his stats no one would ever talk about him. He would be seen as a marginal prospect. The probability that he all the sudden turns into a great hitter after 1700 PAs in minors of mediocre performance is very small. Not zero. But very low. The bar is so high at mlb level. He doesn’t draw walks. He K’s too much for such little power. His contact rate is nothing special. He is a good defensive CF with decent speed. But the bat is just not good. I can’t believe people are voting him this high. Makes no sense to me.

        2. Why being annoyed?
          ….the facts, and in this case the metrics for each to date, are what they are.
          Rutherford, now a White Sox prospect is ranked 8th in their system and their farm was considered in the top 5 last year.

          So wherever people want to slot Mickey is their business.
          I personally still will have him around the 10 slotted area.
          However, obviously, all three kids from that draft need to pick up their game this season.

          1. I’m annoyed because the narrative is that it should somehow be obvious that he is a top 10 player in the system – and there’s no objective evidence for that proposition at this point.

            1. What narrative?
              In any of the other top systems….he probably is in the 12-15 slotted area code.
              In the Phillies is higher than that since their system is somewhere in the bottom half of baseball.

            2. What narrative? Just read the reader comments. Again, it’s a lot of optimism without any real objective basis for those beliefs. He hasn’t, to date, performed like a top 10 prospect. I’m not quarreling with you per se, I just don’t see a basis for this ranking.

            3. Sure can understand your position.
              And I cannot speak for the other readers, but I suppose sometime in the next week to ten days, when his slot probably comes up, there will be plenty discussion on his ranking.

  5. I voted for Medina, but strongly considered both Seabold and Morales as those three are roughly equivalent to me (with Morales and Medina both having a strong possibility of becoming bullpen arms in the near future). As for Moniak, I really want him to succeed and hope that the additional weight he has put on can help him sustain his performance over the course of the season. Based on his track record in the minors, I find it difficult to count on him. Rooting for the kid to succeed, though

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