Phuture Phillies: 2019 James’ Hitting and Pitching Awards Recipients

The winner of the third annual Phuture Phillies, James’ Hitting Award is Alec Bohm.

The winner of the third annual Phuture Phillies, James’ Pitching Award is Spencer Howard.

Both awards are named after Phuture Phillies’ founder and benefactor, James.

The Phillies announced their 2019 Paul Owens’ Award winners for best hitter and best pitcher in the minor leagues – Alec Bohm and Ethan Lindow.

Previous winners of the James’ Awards were –

  • 2018: Adam Haseley and co-winners Cole Irvin and David Parkinson
  • 2017: Rhys Hoskins, and co-winners Tom Eshelman and Sixto Sanchez.

This is the first year we didn’t have co-winners for the pitcher’s award.

In this year’s Phuture Phillies fan vote, Bohm and Howard were runaway winners.  Bohm garnered over 90% of the 84 votes cast.  Three players received the other 5 votes.

Howard collected over 75% of the 89 votes cast.  Damon Jones was second with over 10% of the votes cast.  Seven other pitchers received votes.

Here are our ballot tallies.

Hitters Poll (84 total votes)

  • Alec Bohm – 79 votes, 94.0%
  • Deivy Grullon – 2 votes, 2.4%
  • Josh Stephen – 2 votes, 2.4%
  • Arquimedes Gamboa – 1 vote, 1.2%

Pitchers Poll (89 total votes)

  • Spencer Howard – 67 votes, 75.3%
  • Damon Jones – 10 votes, 11.2%
  • Connor Seabold – 3 votes, 3.4%
  • Connor Brogdon – 2 votes, 2.2%
  • Kyle Glogoski – 2 votes, 2.2%
  • David Parkinson – 2 votes, 2.2%
  • Jakob Hernandez – 1 vote, 1.1%
  • Cole Irvin – 1 vote, 1.1%
  • Ethan Lindow – 1 vote, 1.1%


Once again, polling is a skill that some people just don’t have, or take seriously.  Even with an explanation and fake names, at least 16 “people” still couldn’t figure out how to cast the requested write-in vote correctly.  I deleted all responses when I made the poll functional.  So, all non-write-n votes were intentional.

The rest of the voting process went well.  The only questionable vote was that for an “Arquemides gamboa” at 6:26 AM on Wednesday, October 9th.

It was nice to see Grullon and Stephen get some recognition for their outstanding seasons.

Once again, participation this year was lower than last year.



7 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies: 2019 James’ Hitting and Pitching Awards Recipients

  1. Jim;

    Thank you for doing this poll. It was fun.. As for the turnout; possibly the disappointing season held down the responses?

  2. Howard and Bohm are who I voted for. Lindow and Seabold got a lot of consideration but in the end Howard stood a bit higher. I didn’t really take anyone else into consideration on the hitters poll but Grullon and Stephen did have very nice seasons and I’m glad they got a few votes to recognize that.

    My surprise of the year, on the hitters poll, had to be Stephen. Totally unexpected that he’d jump 2 levels, stay there all season and perform as well as he did. If I was looking at this one season, all by iteself, Moniak and Stephen were very hard to separate. Their age, and stats are very similar. Bohm is full head and shoulders above them both but I think the two teammates are battling each other for the hearts and minds of PP Phans.

  3. Have to agree that the slide in participation has to do with the general dissatisfaction with the farm. Plus the fact that Bohm and Howard were pretty clear cut winners didn’t lend to much of a competition or discussion.

  4. I guess this years draft prospects were ineligible due to only full season players were considered..

    1. No, all players were eligible. The vote was open to any and all write-in votes. Voters chose to overlook or not consider players from this year’s draft.

  5. Does anyone know what happened to James? He was one of my favorite follows on twitter, and he did a lot of work on here, and I can’t seem to find evidence of him anywhere anymore. Any information would be appreciated.

  6. BTW … this may surprise some … but … that was not me who voted for Jakob Hernandez. I voted for Damon Jones. No doubt, Spencer Howard is the Phillies best pitching prospect, but because he missed a good chunk of time in 2019, I went with Jones. None of that diminishes my love for jaKe the caKe, though.

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