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2019 Prospect Discussion, 1 of … ; Rixon Wingrove

Here’s an open discussion about some of the Phillies’ minor league prospects I saw this season.  Phillies’ talk and other non-prospect discussion should remain in the Open Discussion.

This is an open format for any minor league prospect you want to discuss.  However, I am going to start with Rixon Wingrove.  I will continue this on an irregular schedule for as long as I stay interested.  This will be mostly about low-level prospects, but could include anyone I saw last season.  If you have someone in particular you want to hear about, put the name in the comments section.  If I’ve seen enough to warrant a post, I’ll strongly consider it.

Rixon Wingrove was signed by the Phillies as an international free agent on April 20, 2018 out of Australia. Continue reading 2019 Prospect Discussion, 1 of … ; Rixon Wingrove