Open Discussion: Week of June 17, 2019

The Phillies (39-32, .549) sunk to a 2-4 week.  They dropped series to two teams that have winning records.  They dropped an embarrassing series to the team they will have to beat out for the division title.  And, they dropped a series to one of the teams they will likely compete with for a wild card berth.  All in all, not a good week.

So many things are wrong with this team.  One starting pitcher isn’t going to cure the woes on this team.  He’s only going to push the #5 out of the rotation.  The other four aren’t pitching well enough that one addition would help.  Count me among those who thought signing Keuchel wasn’t the answer.

Our bullpen is also a mess.  Once again, one addition probably isn’t the answer.  The Phillies have a bunch of relievers on the IL, and guys like Neshek, Hunter, Robertson may make a difference.  Again, count me among those who didn’t want to sign Kimbrell.  Especially to a 3-year contract.

And, I think the everyday line up and bench are a shambles.  Who knew that the loss of Andrew McCutchen would so devastate the line up.  Yes, injuries play a part in every team’s season.  So, it’s not fair to blame that on the current state of their offense.  But, their offense is too inconsistent.  They have enough weapons to compete.  But, they need to get the AAAA guys back to Lehigh.

Sorry.  For me, the terrible loss Sunday didn’t come close to the devastation I felt Friday.  But both were terr-ble.

The Phillies have 23 more division games on their upcoming schedule.  They visit Washington before returning home to face Miami.  At least there will be no chop this week.

The Phillies are in second place 2.5 games behind streaking Atlanta.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.  Still don’t want to hear about any mythical Trout trades.

Key Dates:

  • June 24, 2019 – GCL Phillies East begins its 2019 season
  • June 24, 2019 – GCL Phillies West begins its 2019 season
  • July 31, 2019 – Non-waiver trade deadline
  • September 1, 2019 – Roster expansion to 40 players (for the last time)
  • September 17, 2019 – beginning of the Arizona Fall League
  • October 12, 2019 – Arizona Fall Stars Game
  • October 27, 2019 – Arizona Fall League Championship Game

The rosters and lists are up to date. 

6/16/2019 – Phillies activated RHP Pat Neshek from the 10-day IL
6/16/2019 – Phillies optioned RHP Edgar Garcia to Lehigh Valley
6/16/2019 – Phillies optioned LHP Ranger Suarez to Lehigh Valley
6/16/2019 – Phillies recalled LHP Cole Irvin from Lehigh Valley
6/16/2019 – RHP Jose Taveras assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
6/16/2019 – Nick Matera assigned to Lehigh Valley from Williamsport
6/16/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated LF Shane Robinson from the 7-day IL
6/16/2019 – LHP Damon Jones assigned to Reading from Clearwater
6/16/2019 – LHP Manuel Silva assigned to XST from Lakewood
6/16/2019 – RHP Tyler McKay assigned to Lakewood from XST
6/16/2019 – Phillies sent SS Phil Gosselin outright to Lehigh Valley
6/15/2019 – RHP Jose Taveras assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
6/15/2019 – RHP Seth McGarry assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
6/15/2019 – Assigned Jose Brazon to DSL Red from GCL East
6/14/2019 – James McArthur assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
6/14/2019 – Austin Crowson assigned to GCL East from Williamsport
6/14/2019 – Kervin Pichardo assigned to GCL East
6/14/2019 – Francisco Morales assigned to GCL West from Lakewood
6/14/2019 – RHP Eric White assigned to GCL East from Williamsport
6/14/2019 – CF Julio Francisco assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
6/14/2019 – 2B Nicolas Torres assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
6/14/2019 – SS Logan Simmons assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
6/14/2019 – 2B Edgar Made assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
6/14/2019 – C Juan Aparicio assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
6/14/2019 – RHP Alejandro Made assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
6/14/2019 – LHP Taylor Lehman assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
6/14/2019 – LHP Anton Kuznetsov assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
6/14/2019 – RHP Carlos Francisco assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
6/14/2019 – RHP Jose Conopoima assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – 3B D.J. Stewart assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – RHP Leonel Aponte assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – CF Corbin Williams assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – 2B Christian Valerio assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – 3B Connor Litton assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – C Logan O’Hoppe assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – C Nick Matera assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – LHP Junior Tejada assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – RHP Tom Sutera assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – RHP Michael Gomez assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – RHP Adam Cox assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/14/2019 – 2B Brayan Gonzalez assigned to Williamsport from DSL White
6/14/2019 – RHP Omar Maldonado assigned to Williamsport
6/14/2019 – LF Juan Carlos Smith assigned to Williamsport
6/14/2019 – Phillies designated SS Phil Gosselin for assignment
6/14/2019 – Phillies selected the contract of 2B Brad Miller from Lehigh Valley
6/14/2019 – Phillies sent OF Roman Quinn on a rehab assignment to Reading
6/13/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated Austin Davis
6/13/2019 – 2B Brad Miller assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs
6/13/2019 – Victor Santos assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
6/13/2019 – Adam Cox assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/13/2019 – Anton Kuznetsov assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
6/13/2019 – Jhordany Mezquita assigned to GCL West from Lakewood
6/13/2019 – James Smith assigned to GCL West from Williamsport
6/13/2019 – Phillies signed international FA Jhorjan Guevara, assigned to DSL Red
6/13/2019 – Phillies signed international FA Uziel Viloria, assigned to DSL Red
6/13/2019 – GCL East release Bradley Haslam
6/13/2019 – GCL East release Johnny Weeks
6/13/2019 – Phillies traded cash to NYY for INF Brad Miller
6/13/2019 – Phillies signed FA LHP Olvis Genao
6/13/2019 – Phillies activated RHP Edubray Ramos from the 10-day IL
6/13/2019 – Phillies signed FA RHP Fernando Salas to an MiLB contract, assigned to Lehigh Valley
6/13/2019 – Phillies signed FA RHP John Curtiss to an MiLB contract, assigned to Lehigh Valley
6/13/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed LHP Tom Windle on the 7-day IL, left turf toe
6/13/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed RHP Josh Martin on the 7-day IL, blister
6/13/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed C Matt McBride on the 7-day IL, left thigh contusion
6/13/2019 – RHP Ramon Rosso assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
6/13/2019 – Reading activated SS Raul Rivas from the 7-day IL
6/13/2019 – C Nerluis Martinez assigned to Reading from Williamsport
6/13/2019 – Clearwater placed RHP Julian Garcia on the 7-day IL
6/13/2019 – Clearwater placed C Colby Fitch on the 7-day IL
6/13/2019 – C Jack Conley assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
6/13/2019 – LHP Ethan Evanko LHP assigned to Clearwater from XST
6/12/2019 – Phillies optioned LHP Austin Davis to Lehigh Valley
6/12/2019 – Phillies activated RHP Edubray Ramos from the 10-day IL
6/12/2019 – RHP Joshua Gessner assigned to GCL Phillies West
6/12/2019 – Phillies signed FA RHP Joshua Gessner to an MiLB contract
6/12/2019 – Phillies signed FA RHP John Curtiss to an MiLB contract, assigned to Lehigh Valley
6/12/2019 – Dominic Pipkin assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
6/12/2019 – Austin Crowson assigned to Williamsport
6/12/2019 – Leonel Aponte assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/12/2019 – Jose Conopoima assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/12/2019 – Brayan Gonzalez assigned to Williamsport from DSL White
6/12/2019 – Connor Litton assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
6/12/2019 – Tyler McKay assigned to GCL East from Lakewood BlueClaws
6/12/2019 – Dalvin Rosario assigned to GCL East from Williamsport
6/12/2019 – Gabriel Yanez assigned to GCL East from Williamsport
6/12/2019 – Jamari Baylor assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Brendan Bell assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Tyler Burch assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Vito Friscia assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Connor Hinchliffe assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Brenden Kudlinski assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Nick Lackney assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Brian Marconi assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Gunner Mayer assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Hunter Milam assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Jamie Sara assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Brett Schulze assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Micah Yonamine assigned to GCL East
6/12/2019 – Robinson Martinez assigned to GCL West from Williamsport
6/12/2019 – Jack Perkins assigned to GCL West from Williamsport
6/12/2019 – Tyler Adams assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Albertus Barber assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Hilton Dyar assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Carlos Francisco assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Sal Gozzo assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Hunter Hearn assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Josh Hendrickson assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Herbert Iser assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Adam Leverett assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Andrew Schultz assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Jose Ulloa assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Riley Wilson assigned to GCL West
6/12/2019 – Camilo Hinestroza activated by DSL White
6/12/2019 – Austin Filiere released by Williamsport
6/11/2019 – Phillies signed free agent SS Sal Gozzo to a minor league contract
6/11/2019 – Phillies signed Nate Fassnacht assigned him to GCL East
6/11/2019 – Phillies signed Hunter Markwardt assigned him to GCL East
6/11/2019 – Phillies signed Rudy Rott assigned him to GCL East
6/11/2019 – Phillies signed Chris Cornelius assigned him to GCL West
6/11/2019 – Phillies signed Keaton Greenwalt assigned him to GCL West
6/11/2019 – Phillies signed Tucker Maxwell assigned him to GCL West
6/11/2019 – Phillies signed McCarthy Tatum assigned him to GCL West
6/11/2019 – Phillies signed Int’l FA Samuel Aldegheri assigned him to GCL West (RST)
6/11/2019 – Camilo Hinestroza assigned to DSL White (PND) from DSL  White (RST)
6/10/2019 – Phillies sent RHP Edubray Ramos on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
6/10/2019 – Phillies sent OF Roman Quinn on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
6/9/2019 – Phillies traded RHP Tom Eshelman to Baltimore for international bonus money

406 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of June 17, 2019

  1. I guess the upside is in a season where almost nothing has gone right. We’re still in a WC spot and 2.5 back after atlanta’s Super hot stretch.

    Things that have gone better than expected
    Eflin as SP
    Kingerys offense
    Neris as closer
    Mccutchin’s overall game
    Morgan out of pen
    Bruce’s debut

    Things that have gone ok but nothing special compared to baseline (no overachieving)
    JTRs offense
    Hoskins offense
    Seguria’ overall play
    Hernandez at 2b

    Things that have gone either less than expected to total disaster

    Harpers offense. OPS only in mid 800
    Franco. Total disaster
    Herrera total disaster
    Bullpen injury’s many and all at same time
    Neither pivetta ( until last few starts) VV,or anyone from LHV stepping up as 4th or 5 th starters
    mccutchen who is never hurt with seasoning ending injury
    Robertson who is never hurt with season long injury
    Nick Williams completely losing ability to hit
    Quinn, not even healthy for 2 weeks, again

    Given all that, you would hope a few of those things will turn around . Given all that adversity, a WC doesn’t sound too bad

    There are a lot of really good pieces here but the overall roster due to injuriies , regression of skill set and front office oversights is flawed

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to say Pivetta hasn’t stepped up. After his initial struggles he’s been one of their two best starters along with Eflin.

      I said it before and I’ll say it again – I hate the game that Realmuto calls for Nola. I think it’s screwed up his whole season. He’s pitching backwards all the time and running into hitters’ counts constantly and now he’s losing confidence. His stuff and command are so good, he doesn’t and shouldn’t do that. He can generally get ahead of the count mixing up 2 and 4 seam FBs (obviously, they need to mix it up a little) and put guys away with a killer CB out of the zone. That’s how he dominated last year. Why on earth are they going away from that? I don’t get it and guys like Larry Anderson don’t either (he has been very vocal about the poor/questionable pitch selection for Nola).

      1. It’s Nola’s command, not Realmuto, that is causing Nola to get behind in the count. He simply does not have his typical pinpoint command. Hasn’t all season. I suspect there is a slight injury that he is pitching through.

        1. Yes, but the pitch selection has been putting much more pressure on his command. It’s a lot harder to throw strikes with breaking balls than with fastballs. So when you pitch backwards, guys generally lay off breaking stuff early in the count and if you don’t throw strikes, you end up working from behind the count and then everything is more likely to blow up. His curve is a put away pitch and it should be used like that – you do that by generally not pitching backwards.

          1. I could see that being an issue, but to my eye Nola can’t locate his fastball. If you can’t put your fastball where you want it, you’re gonna have a rough season (as he is).

        1. I don’t know – I wish they would change this up a little. Maybe Knapp should catch Nola.

      2. I think pivetta”s performance for the year has been a disappointment but certainly much better recently
        if he had been solid the entire season, its on the list of reasons why would we would be ahead of atlanta

        1. sr….though Nick was not effective in April…there was only one game he pitched where the team lost…Apr 10th to the Nats….15-1…the Phillies won 3 of the 4 games in April in which he started.

  2. I would like to see an article or info on Scott Kingery, what is he doing different this year,with his hitting mechanics,approach etc.
    He has been hot most of this year so far,compared to last year,he looks like a COMPLETELY different player.
    And Gabe…as long as he stays hot keep him up in the lineup so he has some protection behind him.

    1. It’s been talked about a few times in previous open discussions, but some bullet points;

      Chasing balls out of the zone less often
      Swinging at balls in the zone more often
      More ground balls, less fly balls
      Substantially fewer infield flies
      Pulling the ball way more
      .420 BABIP (sure to fall, but how much remains to be seen)

      And most impressively, a look at last year’s vs. this year’s contact percentages (not an exact science, but it gives a rough estimate):

      Last year – 23.0% Soft, 50.5% Med, 26.6% Hard
      This year – 11.2% Soft, 39.3% Med, 49.4% Hard

      So basically, some luck, but otherwise he appears to just be seeing the ball better and driving it.

      1. This year, he looks exactly like the hitter I saw at Reading in 2017 and thought would be a game changer for the franchise – which he just might be. When he’s on his game, he’s just electric – as much fun to watch as any position player on this team since Chase Utley and man does he have a great franchise-friendly contract that can lock him up for another 8 years (it has optionality too). Great move by Klentak.

  3. Oh
    I forgot probably the biggest issue, the regression of aaron nola
    he has to turn it around for this team to make the playoffs

  4. The entire coaching staff needs to be examined. Kingery, Eflin and Morgan are the only players that have improved. What is a Paco? Chris Young – what has he accomplished? Mailie has been fired by two organizations. He needs his launch angle checked

  5. Are the balls juiced or strung too tight?
    New MLB record for runs in a four game series….Padres and Rockies at a hitter friendly Coors Field no less.:
    Sunday: Padres 14, Rockies 13
    Saturday: Rockies 14, Padres 8
    Friday: Padres 16, Rockies 12 (12 innings)
    Thursday: Rockies 9, Padres 6
    …..Total: Rockies 48, Padres 44
    The previous record for most runs scored in a four-game series was 88, set by the Dodgers and Phillies in 1929.

  6. It’s my guess that barring a big acquisition from Klentak by this Friday night, we will get to watch the major league debut of one Adonis Medina.

    1. You think they will let him MLB debut straight out of double A ball?
      Last time I recall was Kendrick in ’07, which was due to injuries to the staff at the time..Freddy Garcia, Lieber and Lohse, I think, and Charlie had Myers closing that year..

      1. Also, nobody at AAA deserved the promotion. That’s why Kendrick got the call.

        1. They eventually brought up Happ for his debut, I saw his first game, and Segovia just did not have it….but Happ was not ready either.

        2. Nobody in AAA deserves a promotion. DLS is a potential long relief option down the road. Right now he’s adequate AAA filler, maybe a tad above being merely AAAA, but not worthy of a promotion any more than Irving turned out to be.

          Again, the question Klentak must be weighing is whether 2019 is the year to go for it. The bat acquisitions in the off season was definitely him saying ‘yes’ to that question. Now, obviously injuries have partly impacted the team’s progress, especially the arms, but the question still stands. Does he punt and regroup from within for the balance of 2019. Or does he (can he?) package enough from the farm to stabilize this roster?

          1. 8mark – Klentak is wearing two hats this year. Signing Harper and McCutchen, and trading for Segura and Realmuto made us instant contenders this year. The other hat that he wears is to keep us contenders for the next decade. In a lot of his early trades, Klentak stockpiled pitchers. Whatever the reason for his troubles, Nola is still our Ace. Despite a poor performance so far, he’s 6-1. The Phillies got the answers they wanted on Eflin and Pivetta. Jake is Jake, and that’s not to be taken lightly. He is a fierce competitor, and leads the team in innings pitched. We need a 5th starter and the possibilities are Velasquez, Eickhoff, De Los Santos, Irvin, and Suarez. Of these 5 pitchers,I only have confidence in Eickhoff, but if he doesn’t show that he’s at least a #5 option in the next two weeks, Klentak will have to trade for one. I’d give Eickhoff another chance to lock up the #5 job next Friday, based on experience.

            1. You have confidence in Eickhoff? Look, I love the person and the approach, but he’s been a human batting practice machine. What would give you confidence in him going forward? After a quick start he’s been a disaster.

          2. I’d bring up de los Santos and stick him in the back of the rotation. To me he’s a notch above Irvin. If de los Santos can’t cut it after 3-4 starts, then we’re close enough to the trade deadline to make going full bore in that direction the way to go. No way would I start the Medina clock at the MLB level without much more from him where he is or at Lehigh Valley.

    2. I think, for now, you’re more likely to see De Los Santos than you are Medina. But come middle/end of July, if Medina continues to surge and other struggle, it’s more than possible and it’s a hell of a lot better than trading him for a mere rental.

    3. 8mark – I don’t think so, but you may be close. De Los Santos should get the start, but if he blows up, it may be Medina the next time out. Velasquez will return to the pen, and with Neshek and Ramos back, the bullpen is deeper, and has more options. I was surprised to see Garcia go back to Lehigh, while Irvin and Eickhoff remained on the active roster.
      It wouldn’t have helped yesterday, but the offense needs more out of Segura, Harper, Hoskins, Realmuto, and Hernandez. They’re playing average ball, but are all capable of doing better.
      Let me finish with a question for you. Do you think that Sean Rodriguez at 3B gives the Phillies a better chance to win than Franco?

      1. @8mark – id say there is an outside chance, but my money would be on DLS. I saw Matt Bree’s thinks it could be Medina, but I gotta say is be shocked. Makes you wonder what is going on in the trade winds to be thinking this.

        @wawa – Franco ought to be playing over old man Rodriguez. Franco isn’t what we thought/hoped, but he usually has 2 hot streaks a year. While that may stink, it’s better than Rodriguez

        1. They should split time, but Rodriguez has been significantly better. What they really need is enough outfielders to get healthy so they can put Kingery at third – that’s the big upgrade we need and I know Kapler is itching to do it, but he can’t now with all the outfield injuries.

      2. Wawa, if DLS gets the call for Friday (and it’s certainly reasonable to think so), it’ll be essentially nothing more than another bullpen game unless he manages to go 5 innings. Granted, the Marlins aren’t the ’27 Yankees (or the ’19 Braves) but it just seems that we’re running through the menu of possibilities for the sake of it. Klentak and Kapler may simply be treading water until the trade market solidifies. But for us fans, it’s becoming physically painful to watch.

        Jerad Eickhoff is well respected and deservedly so, but his repertoire no longer warrants a major league roster spot. Maybe it’s the lingering effect of his hand injury. I would rather the Phillies begin to purge the 40man roster of players no longer viable as future pieces and start promoting the higher upside/higher risk players. Jones at 24 yrs of age is a sensible choice.

        Whatever has happened to Nick Williams, it’s time to fish or cut bait. He can’t play 2 or 3 games a week and be expected to improve. And I agree that the entire coaching staff needs to be addressed. Who’s getting in Gabe’s ear? I wish we could blame our biggest problems on injuries but I’m afraid it goes deeper than that. Before the injuries became epidemic, there were still too many square pegs in round holes, players being misused and/or unused. I continue to perceive the biggest problems with the entire organization are developmental, from the major league team all the way down. I hope and pray I’m proven wrong.

    4. The Phillies would be willing to jump Medina from AA to the majors were it not for his command issues and his walk rate. Of course, if those were better, he would already be in AAA and the jump wouldn’t be an issue.

      1. Even during his recent 5-game winning streak, Medina has walked 11 in 29 innings (3.4 BB/9) and thrown 254 strikes in 411 pitches (61.8%).

  7. Nola may need to have an extended shut down in a few weeks around the all-star game….for more than just the four days at the break.
    He needs to figure some things out…August and September he cannot pith like he has been doing.
    2019—3rd time thru the lineup…Nola’s opp.’s slash …358/.429/.605
    2018—3rd time thru the lineup…Nola’s opp.’s slash …194/.244/.296

    1. I think an extended shut down of Nola or any player the team relies on is about the worst idea ever. Nola has to look his teammates in the locker room in the eye. How do you do that as the ace by being a healthy scratch? I’d get Nola to an eye doctor before suggesting a mental health break.

      1. He will not overcome what is ailing him….physicall, mechanically or mentally…by going out there every 5th day and getting bombed in the 5th/6th inning.
        IMO, he needs to take the time off….at least one start before the all-star break….and watch video and throw bullpens.

    2. My buddy and I watched Nola Friday night and I don’t put any stock in that its somehow JT’s fault or his pitch calling. To say that is to ignore all the game planning and discussion that goes on between pitching coach catcher and pitcher before each game.

      Nola’s FB while still good was extremely flat Friday night and none of the off speed repertoire had any bite or depth to it.

      To say injuries are not a part of it is also to ignore reality. If you want to kill them for not having the depth to overcome such injuries OK but not many teams can lose what we lost and still keep pace.

      Square pegs round holes yup that’s true to some extent.

      I think it’s really time for a shake up. Middleton should be taking a long hard look at what McPhail and Klentak and Almarez have put together to make this rebuild happen.

      In my opinion these guys didn’t have a strong enough pedigree to rebuild a franchise and haven’t been up to the task at all.

      1. I cannot kill these guys. I wanted them to get Donaldson and Morton, but Donaldson was always going to sign with his hometown team anyway. They blew it on Morton – twice, but oh well. But look, they did a great job getting Segura and McCutchen (he got injured but he was a good signing) and Realmuto and Harper, who, for all the inconsistency, has been perfectly good and could get red hot at any time. The key with the Braves has been, for the last 4 years or so, when the Phillies got a B level prospect, the Braves got an A level prospect and then they got the International Signings right while we signed guys like Jahliyn Ortiz (he could end up being okay, but he’s not Albies or Acuna). The Phillies also have a ton of injured players. Overall, the Phillies have done fine and they should rebound, but they sure as heck shouldn’t start selling the farm because then they will NEVER catch up to the Braves and Dodgers. I’m serious – if they start doing a bunch of Amaro-type short-term trades, we will won’t catch these guys for a bunch of years. Or we’ll catch them for one year and never catch them again. Don’t take the bait!!!

        1. No one wants to accept that injuries are a major factor in how the Phillies are doing vs. how the Braves are performing. The Phillies have 25% of their 40-man roster currently on the IL or restricted list (10 players) and the Braves have 3 players on the IL. At full strength these teams are evenly matched. Atlanta’s biggest advantage right now is that they have been very healthy and the Phillies have not.

          And I absolutely agree that the Phillies will be foolish if they start trading the farm in an attempt to win 2019.

          It’s funny because most everyone seemed to be in agreement last year that 2019 would be the year the team took a step forward but the rebuild wasn’t going to completely happen in 1 year. Now we are in June, the team is top-4 in the NL in record and that’s considered a failure and the entire FO needs to be fired.

          1. Yes, the injuries are a huge part of the problem – I mean, it’s crazy. Like the Eagles secondary last year. You can’t plan for that at some level.

        2. We won’t close the gap either with future Matt Klentak’s deals like Jason Bour, Astubel Cabera and others last year. You always pick on Ruben Amaro but how many prospects turned out to be good players with other teams? Maybe Carlos Carrasco and Travis D,Naurd but that’s it and they took some time to develop.

      2. McPhail has tons of pedigree and he’s the guy who is ultimately in charge. You could find a lot worse people to a lead an organization and he is forward-looking, unlike Pat Gillick, who I like, but who really hates the analytics at some level.

        Klentak is the day-to-day guy running the whole organization. The overall plan is good but the talent evaluation has been mixed at best. And the team has been terrible at finding the type of diamonds in the rough that great teams seemingly find year after year. Klentak, however, is good at ferreting out value where he can – the Jay Bruce trade, for example, was very well executed.

        Almaraz to me, may be on the way out if his picks don’t start tearing it up. He has a stated draft philosophy regarding pitchers (he values control most – UGH!!!) that the team clearly abandoned in the 2019 draft. He’s hit on a few big second round picks (Howard and Kingery) but has some really bad misses, like the Randolph pick, which was an objectively horrible pick the moment it was made (for reasons I can explain), and his control pitcher philosophy is, in a word, dreadful and I think has now been rejected by the team. Alamaraz wasn’t a McPhail/Klentak hire so if the farm doesn’t graduate a lot of capable guys to the majors he’ll be the first of the top guys in the FO to go in my opinion.

        1. How has Klentak done with pitching this year? Overall he has not done well at all during his tenure.

          1. The next three months are critical to both Kapler and Klentak employment futures.
            If the Phillies make the play-offs or even come close and miss out at the end…they may not be lame-duck next year and they will probably have extensions offers extended to them..

            But, otoh, if the Phillies nose-dive like last year…..they will not get extension offers, since next year is their last year on their contracts….they become lame-duck
            Adios amigos.

  8. As bad as the 2 losses from Brave came, the Phillies are 4-2 against ATL and they are only 2.5 games behind and with ATL having the tougher 2nd half schedule.

    The issues that plaguing the Phillies right now are known since the beginning of the season since Klentak did not address it properly – rotation and closer and to some extent the lack of improvement in 3B – and there’s available solution in FA where Middleton said they will spend some stupid $$. Morton and Keuchel for SP, Kimbrel for RP and Donaldson for 3B. And with hindsight, it was ATL who snatched those solutions away from the Phillies.

    As I mentioned in last year’s thread, the fix in the starting rotation should start with Aaron Nola. Nola needs to be the pitcher who the Phillies can rely in must win situations (i.e. wild card) and give the offense the chance to win in 2 or 3 games (out of 7) in the playoffs.

    I’ve been obvious that my long term solution is Gerrit Cole. So I hope that the pressure should not force Klentak to be impulsive and give up his top pitching prospects (Medina, Howard) because all the possible solutions I see in the rotations market are short term in nature.

    1. Before faulting the Phils this off-season for not improving at 3B, I’d recall the Phils were in on Machado until he signed late in S.D. With that, I don’t see how Donaldson was a realistic option — particularly with the Phils being all-in on Harper.
      Now Bohm is on the horizon. If Franco is irredeemable, then Kingery as a short term solution is the best they have.

      Bruce, Williams, Odubel, Haseley, Quinn and Harper is like the island of broken toys — but with loads of potential. MLB owes the Phils a decision on Herrera before the trade deadline.

      Bolstering the bullpen should be in the forefront of club thinking, even with Neshek and Ramos’ return.

      1. “MLB owes the Phils a decision on Herrera before the trade deadline”….yes they do but only so the Phillies can move on from him, be it trade, DFA, whatever….

      2. it is obvious that Harper is the Phillies main target and Machado is just a fallback option or call it a GM’s due diligence move. I like the Phillies to sign both Harper and Machado but it is almost obvious that Middleton’s target is Harper-Trout not Harper-Machado. With Bohm on board, Machado is not appealing to Middleton.

        If there’s an unknown factor during FA is that nobody thinks LAA will lock up Trout long term that easy. If Middleton knew that, he will easily settle for a short term improvement at 3B while targeting his main objective in Harper.

      3. MLB doesn’t owe the Phillies anything when it comes to Odubel. He got himself into this mess.

        And what are the options anyways? He gets suspended or he gets cleared. And after that? He gets traded (unlikely), he gets added to the roster (unlikely), DFAd (a possibility) or he gets optioned (most likely). Either way, it’s doubftul he’s helping out the Phillies for the rest of the season. So why are we constantly dwelling on his situation?

        1. I don’t agree with you at all. Baseball isn’t tennis. As a teams sport, a team is penalized by MLB’s inability to conduct timely fact-finding. Herrera is a first time offender so he may be many things but he wasn’t a ticking time bomb for whom the Phils accepted risk..

          He’s under a long term contract. He won’t be DFA’ed. Whatever little trade value he has shrinks to nothingness on July 31. You allow a team to swing in the breeze past July 31 and you’ve put your entire hand on the competitive scale. And I say that neither as a Herrera fan nor an apologist for his off-field actions, which are abhorrent.

  9. It’s sad/hard to believe this rotation is in the mess it is currently in. They are working with a four man staff:

    1. Eflin has been excellent/very consistent.
    2. Pivetta has rebounded. looks promising, but still has to prove consistency.
    3. Nola is a shell of 2018 Nola. The Phillies will sink or swim depending on his ability to regain his form.
    4. Arrieta, overall, is meh. Every once in a while, he’ll throw in a good outing, but for the most part, he’s going to go 5 (maybe 6) IP and give up 4 runs. Maybe the best thing you can say about Jake is he’s reliably healthy.
    5. ?????? Eventually, Klentak will trade for a guy (Mike Minor may be their top target), but what do they do for now? Options: VV, Eickoff, Irvin, DLS, BP game, or bring up a new, young arm, and throw him into fire. For me, the first three aren’t going to work. DLS hasn’t been given the chance to start this season. The BP game could be more effective when Morgan and Hunter get back. I’ve believed all along (since the offseason) Adonis Medina would be pitching for the Phillies in some capacity this season. Too bad, Spencer Howard has been hurt. He’d be under consideration. The dark horse for me is Damon Jones. He’s up to #10 on my Phillies prospects list. Jones could either help the club by either being promoted to CBP this summer or by being included in a deal for outside help.

    I’d give DLS the first shot. Maybe think about promoting Medina and/or Jones to AAA.

    BTW here’s my post-draft top 40 list:

    1 Alec Bohm
    2 Adonis Medina
    3 Spencer Howard
    4 Bryson Stott
    5 Luis Garcia
    6 Francisco Morales
    7 Adam Haseley
    8 Mickey Moniak
    9 JoJo Romero
    10 Damon Jones
    11 Rafael Marchan
    12 Starlyn Castillo
    13 Nick Maton
    14 Dominic Pipkin
    15 Simon Muzziotti
    16 Jhailyn Ortiz
    17 Kyle Young
    18 Logan Simmons
    19 Kyle Dohy
    20 Mauricio Llovera
    21 Colton Eastman
    22 Devi Grullon
    23 Carlos De La Cruz
    24 Victor Santos
    25 Nicolas Torres
    26 Logan O’Hoppe
    27 Erik Miller
    28 Kevin Gowdy
    29 Daniel Brito
    30 Connor Seabold
    31 Mark Vierling
    32 Jonathan Guzman
    33 Bailey Falter
    34 Gunner Mayer
    35 Rodolpho Duran
    36 Fernando Ortega
    37 Jabari Baylor
    38 Juan Aparicio
    39 Austin Listi
    40 Manuel Silva

    1. DLS should get a shot but he’s prone to the HR also. Adonis Medina is on the 40 man which helps a lot. I think Medina has a legitimate shot to jump from AA to the majors for a start. His numbers are not eye-popping, but he’s been decent. His low strike out rate is a concern though.

    2. I have to think a lot about a top 40, but here’s my top 15 –

      1 Spencer Howard
      2 Alec Bohm
      3 Adonis Medina
      4 Bryson Stott
      5 Francisco Morales
      6 Adam Haseley
      7 Luis Garcia (he won’t stay here – he’ll either go up or down very soon)
      8 Simon Muzzioti
      9 Mickey Moniak (grudgingly – still don’t know enough)
      10 JoJo Romero (same as Garcia – he’s moving soon one way or another)
      11 Damon Jones
      12 Rafael Marchan
      13 Enyel De Los Santos
      14 Erik Miller
      15 Nick Maton

    3. I can see DLS starting against the Fish. I’m not ready to jump on the Damon Jones to Phillies bandwagon yet. Jones still have a career 4+ BB/9 and while 2019 in an improvement in his command, it’s still 3+ BB/9. But I agree that Jones is a hot prospect now and he hold good trade value.

      On your prospect, I like where Victor Santos and Nic Torres ranked since this is similar to where I have them. We have 37 similar names and the difference are: Ben Brown, David Parkinson and Abraham Gutierrez over your Fernando Ortega, Juan Aparicio and Rodolfo Duran.

    4. @Hinkie – here’s my version (I assume that both Stott and Erik Miller will sign).

      1. Alec Bohm
      2. Adonis Medina
      3. Spencer Howard
      4. Bryson Stott (2019 R4 1.14)
      5. Adam Haseley
      6. Luis Garcia
      7. Francisco Morales
      8. Mickey Moniak
      9. Jojo Romero
      10. Rafael Marchan
      11. Jhailyn Ortiz
      12. Starlyn Castillo
      13. Dominic Pipkin
      14. Simon Muzziotti
      15. Nick Maton
      16. Damon Jones
      17. Mo Llovera
      18. Deivi Grullon
      19. Jon Guzman
      20. Colton Eastman
      21. Erik Miller (2019 R4 4.120)
      22. Nic Torres
      23. Vic Santos
      24. Logan Simmons
      25. Logan O’Hoppe
      26. Ben Brown
      27. Manuel Silva
      28. Kyle Young
      29. Bailey Falter
      30. Gunner Mayer (2019 R4 5.150)
      31. Connor Seabold
      32. Jabari Baylor (2019 R4 3.14)
      33. Daniel Brito
      34. Abrahan Gutierrez
      35. Kyle Dohy
      36. Kevin Gowdy
      37. Carlos de la Cruz
      38. Matt Vierling
      39. David Parkinson
      40. Austin Listi
      41. Andrew Schultz (2019 R4 6.180)
      42. Kyle Glogoski
      43. Ethan Lindow
      44. Keylan Killgore
      45. Zach Warren
      46. Jake Holmes
      47. Brayan Gonzalez
      48. Herbert Iser
      49. Micah Yonamine
      50. Jhordany Mezquita

      If the Phillies drafterd Jack Kochanowicz instead of Jabari Baylor, Koch will break my Top 20 possibly Top 15.

      1. KuKo…..Angels decided to go really over-slot for him according to his father…to break that Virginia commit.
        Maybe the Philllies were not ready to soar as high as the Angels…..but I along with you agree….he would have been a nice selection.

    5. Damon Jones is trending in the right direction. He has done a 180 on his earlier command issues. Between CLW and REA, he walked 17 in his first 5 games (23.1 innings, 6.6 BB/9), he has walked just 8 in his last 7 games (35 innings, 2.1 BB/9).

  10. I tend to think that as awful as yesterday’s pitching was, Realmuto’s absence from behind the plate was also apparent. If there’s one thing lacking among the young arms, it’s trust – both in their catcher and in their stuff. Eickhoff would be the exception. But Velasquez, in his 4th year with the club, STILL lacks trust. He may flash brilliance one inning after totally melting down the one before, like yesterday’s first 2 innings. And so, who among us or the Phillies organization really trusts him? Time to move on. He’s simply not mentally tough or mature enough. He’s the equivalent of Odubel Herrera sans the off the field issues.

  11. I think VV belongs in the BP learning what pitches he can control the best and learn what to throw in what situation. Hitting the leadoff hitter with an 0-2 count just started an awful game off on a bad foot. He should not have been stuck back in a Starting spot when he was doing well out of the BP. Cole Irvin belongs in LHV learning to master some out pitch. Eickhoff needs to go down and pitch for a few weeks and get his stuff back. How many HRs has he given up in his past 20 Innings?Why didn’t Arrieta start yesterday? We could have had until Friday to figure out #5, and pitched whoever it is vs. the Fish, not the Braves. I know it is only 1 game, but we need to do a better job.

  12. From this point forward, here is my list of the players who will have the biggest impact on whether the Phillies win the division. (I doubt any NL EAST club earns a wild card berth, which is merely a 50/50 lottery ticket in a 1-game playoff unless said team is playing well heading into the post season)….

    1 JT Realmuto – OPS needs to reach .850; otherwise he’s keeping a makeshift pitching staff glued together

    2 Aaron Nola – needs to be >=80% of ’18 version

    3 the #2 starting pitcher the Phillies acquire

    4 a healthy bullpen, unless a true closer can be acquired

    5 Eflin/Pivetta continue to hold their respective courses

    6 Bryce Harper – a more productive 91 (remaining) games

    7 Scott Kingery maintains all star production, even with some reasonable regression

    8 Rhys Hoskins can’t stay in month long dunks

    9 a pleasant surprise emerges from the farm

    10 no extended IL time any of the above

    As for the rest of the on field personnel, including Kapler and staff – they are what they are.

    1. Man, it seems like I’m constantly defending Rhys Hoskins around here so let me do it again. Rhys Hoskins could always be more consistent, but he’s a really, really freaking good hitter with a .917 OPS and a 139 WRC+. If he’s a problem at the plate, then I want a team full of problems because that dude is a super productive hitter.

        1. It should be closer to 4 – and being a first baseman takes some runs/value away. He’s more valuable than the WAR indicates in my view.

          1. Hoskins defense is really setting him behind Freeman/Rizzo. I think Hoskins is where he’s supposed to be.

            Anyways, we come to the same conclusion, he’s not the problem and it’ll be hard to replace him.

      1. I don’t have a problem with Rhys either, there is a heck of a lot more to fix on this team than Rhys. SP, BP, 3B, LF, BB would be a good place to start.

    2. @8mark – your long list can be addressed one way —- Klentak to send all his scouts to Mexico and find Steve Nebraska.

      With the team full of young arms – I’m not sure if poor coaching (looking at Chris Young) is really the weakness that needs to be addressed.

      1. Kurdt, you bring up a valid point about Chris Young. I do not remember as many pitchers being injured or regressing as this year. Rick Kranitz is doing a great job with Atlanta.

        1. Pbf, thinking over the year that Kranitz was pitching coach on the Phillies, did you think he did a great job? Obviously Nola had an outstanding year with him here, but besides him I can’t think of any specifics one way or another at the moment.

          1. I, the relievers and starters did well until August to September due to overuse from Kapler.

  13. Rhys is about 5 HRs short of where I would like him to be,and so is Bryce. In fact, next to SP, my biggest concern is not the BP, but the lack of HRs that we have hit total. I love Rhys, but there are periods of time that he lets pitches go for a called strike that he should be clobbering, and they are often the best pitch of the AB. When he is in a slump, I would like him to more aggressively attack the Strike Zone. If that is too critical, I apologize, but at times it is very noticeable.He is hardly the problem on this team, and I am a big fan. I still don’t understand why we have a “grow the arms and buy the bats approach”, but our 1st Rd picks are hitters. Either we grow a 1st Rd draft pick into a TOR SP or we trade prospects to go get one. If we won’t pay FA prices in # of years, there are no other options.

    1. matt13…I think fans ought to temper their critique with what MacPhail said two years ago….he may have evolved his stance some.
      Harper and Cutch were bat buys…..but after the first picks in the last five drafts…quite a few arms in the other 9 rounds in the top ten ..

    2. matt13….in MacPhail/Klentak’s four drafts….2016 thru 2019…they have had 33 slots between round 2 and 10….the top pool money area….they selected 18 pitchers….and 8 pitchers selected were selected before pick 150.
      So he would seem to be proving his point about grwoing the arms….and then tp it off with the last three international big money signings…..Morales, Castillo, Ortega, Santos, vargas, Betancourt, Puello and Angulo….it seems they are concentrating on top Latin pitching in the Latin market as well

    3. @romus – while a the Rule 4 draft is a crap shoot and good players can still be find the late rounds, what Johnny A. is doing or did is still not consistent to what McPhail said of growing arms. Most of the projected TOR type of arm are not gone past pick # 50. Johnny A. has Top 10 picks in 2015-2018 and a Top 15 in 2019 (that 5 picks to draft a legit TOR). I can count to at least 30 prospects with TOR potential that Johnny A. passed so he is not looking to grow TOR arm, He betting to find some in the late rounds but not necessary growing them.

      Gowdy is the only projected TOR that Johnny A. drafted and he paid Top 10 pick $ to sign him. Granted that Howard is developing into a TOR arm, this is not what Johnny A. initially thought of. When rumors of the Cubs expressing interest and potentially draft Howard at 2.67 it set Johnny A. to draft Howard before the Cubbies get their arms over him. As fan, I’m glad that we have Howard and he is developing into a really good prospect.

      I don’t believe Johnny A. is intentionally growing arms. He’s buying a lottery tickets and hope somebody will develop into one.

      1. KuKo…the numbers indicated they are taking their share of pitchers and hoping for that prize to develop.
        Now I can see why not take a top arm with the first pick…..but who knows why they go in another direction. Three straight OFers is a head scratcher….but they will say BPA.

        1. The teams best chance to get MLB talent is in Day 1 of the Rule 4 draft. Johnny A.’s last 5 Rd 1 picks is a clear indication of his preference — BATS!! Even Johnny A. said before that he will not draft a pitcher in Rd 1 unless it’s an Ace – sounds good, but that problem is, Johnny A. likes pitchers from Cal State Fullerton type – so obviously he doesn’t know what a TOR pitching prospect looks and that’s a problem.

          Even in the draft thread, most are surprised in the change of philosophy in drafting Gunner Mayer, Erik, Miller and Andrew Schultz — these are not typical Johnny A.’s Cal State Fullerton type.

          1. Yes…I like the change of philosophy…..and with the advent of more importance placed on the bullpen before the 7th inning….it was wise for them to go with those type of arms. The more the merrier….and relievers seem to be more unpredictable from year to year.

            1. I mind the control philosophy a lot less with lefties – although, more and more, the lefties are throwing harder too.

          2. On drafting of some late round HS prospect lottery picks from Long Island – Nick Fanti, Kyle Young and Ben Brown – I give Sal A. than Johnny A. for these prospects. At least for Sal A., his pitching philosophy of: 1) good size; 2) good arm action; and 3) good arm strength – everybody can see a high ceiling projection.

            Unlike Johnny A.’s philosophy of soft tossing command artist with Cal State Fullerton experience a plus – everybody knows how this will going to project.

            1. Oddly disappointing…..all three (Fanti, Young and Brown) down with injuries now,

            2. True, but at picks in Rd 31, Rd 22 and Rd 33 costing less than half a million in total for the 3 picks, it’s worth the gamble even for a prospect like Ben Brown alone.

          3. Johnny A didnt draft but he did sign Johnny Cueto. This yrs college sp was weak . So I think they drafted what was there RP. I didn’t think many of this yrs class will be sp. We will see I hope they all do well.

  14. Fair point Romus, But going forward from this point, I think we can agree that our 2 best SP prospects are Medina and Howard, not necessarily in that order, and Howard has missed 2 months. I don’t think we can count on them in the short term. So, at this year’s trade deadline and/or next off season, we need to trade for a SP that can be slotted behind Nola, which will require top prospects, or pay whatever it takes to get one in FA. Cole tops the list. Since I want to be in the Playoffs this year, that leaves a trade by July 31. How good will the SP be that we get? And, what will it cost to get him? We will, most likely, be competing with the Yankees for the same SP. Their offer starts with Frazier, ours with Nick Williams. Tough sledding ahead!

    1. Yes. I see your point.
      But hope they do not sell the farm for a one year burst….it should be a long term sustainment and replenishment….not a 2012-2017 all over again

        1. Do not go all out, just for this year…trust what you have coming back from injuries in the bullpen, and also before trading players like Medina or Howard for a starting rental… a MadBum.
          I do think Klentak realizes that anyway.

  15. I agree with you Romus. I don’t want to lose any top guys. That makes the chore more difficult, however. I take a shot where, if we eat all the $, we give up less value, prospect wise. Maybe that means a gamble on someone like Greinke, I am not sure. His name just comes to mind. I don’t know who else that describes. Or, take another piece as a salary dump to get a SP without gutting the farm. I don’t know how many other teams will be salary dump grounds like we can. The Cubs and Braves won’t. Neither will the Red Sox. So, advantage to us in that scenario. We just need the right Pitcher or the right Pitcher and the right bad contract.

    1. If Klentak will trade for a salary dump, he’s basically saying that he’d F’d up on Charlie Morton who only costs $30/2 years. ATL paid $13M adjusted salary on Keuchel. if Klentak is ok with Greinke is $35M a year with $18M remaining in 2019 and $70M in the next 2 years. This almost $90M committed to Greinke can already fetch 2 years of Morton ($30M), a year of Keuchel ($13M) and 3 years of Kimbrel ($50M).

    2. matt13…one team that would like to move a bad contract would be KC…maybe take on both Danny Duffy ( signed thru 2021 @ apporx $13M AAV) and FA in 2020 Jake Diekman

  16. Wonder after all star break, If we become sellers if we can move Arrieta and franco

    1. Starts tonight thru July 18th (27 games)… 20 games before the all-star break…7 after…..BUT…most all against Nats/Mets/Braves and four vs the Dodgers ending July 18…a few Marlins sprinkled in there also.
      And if they go under .500 or there abouts worse in the next 27 games…I think they may sell.

      1. Romus cant believe this, I am going to stop one night in Boston, then head to Saragota for the races, I just looked, and the Phillies are there ,the night I am S taying, .Now the hard part talking my wife into seeing a game.

        1. rocco…..maybe they are having a ladies give-away of some sort, check it out on their schedule, maybe that will work in convincing her.

    2. Buyers or sellers, what about the Phillies packaging Arrieta (eating much of his salary) and Franco for a quality starter, available on a salary dump. If your #2 starter is a .500 win/lose guy, you are not going to the playoffs.

      1. Seriously, who’s going to want this? Franco has no value and if we’re trading Arrieta, no tanking team will take him. So if we’re trading Arrieta to a contender, then that means the Phillies season is over.

        1. Well come July 18th it very well might be….next 24 of 27 games vs Nats/Braves/Mets and Dodgers.. If they can get by those four teams with a.600% or better winning%, then they are sitting pretty good in the standings

          1. Assuming he doesn’t opt out, Jake Arrieta will still be owed close to $30M. That’s a lot of money that the Phillies will have to eat, and I don’t think they’ll do that.

  17. Kingery/Hoskins/Harper



    You do you take?

    1. Tac3, I still take our guys. I would have also added Morton and Moustakas in the off season. I thought, for sure, that MacPhail’s comments meant that Franco was going to be traded, and I thought he would bring back something good. I was wrong there.

    2. Well wait a second. If the Phillies had not been decimated with outfield injuries, Kingery would be the starting third baseman right now and kicking some tail. If Bruce can get healthy again and some combination of Haseley and Quinn can play center, Kingery can go to third and our lineup is very dangerous and we are set. Our problems are not the position players – it’s the bullpen and back end of the rotation.

      1. They need some time to recover, and get rolling. The main guns (Segura,Harper,Hoskins,Realmuto) need to get rolling with Kingery. You cant have support players trying to carory the team for this long. Kingery is turning from a support player to a core player, just needs to keep this up

  18. KuKo, I just brought up Greinke because he came to mind first. I am not big on him, either as a clubhouse guy or a Pitcher in a big city. I have not heard great things about him. I think it is already established that we missed the boat on Morton. That was just a mistake. So was not getting Cole back last year. But, Pat Gillick used to say that a good executive acknowledges that mistakes are made, and does not let that stop them from making deals in the future. How good would Morton look right now! Romus, I would make the Duffy/Diekman swap today if I could. You be the KC GM, I take every $ back, what do I have to give up?

    1. matt13……KC maybe would take one of either Adonis or JoJo, maybe even Enyel would suffice for them, also along with a position prospect in the 10-15 range, Ortiz, Muzziotti, Marchan, or Brito…..I would try to sell Gamboa, but not sure they would buy.

    2. Didn’t we actually sign Morton as a free agent, and it didn’t work out very well?

      1. No trade with Pirates in Dec 2015…RHP David Whitehead went to the Pirates….he had one year left on his contract ($8M) and a $1 million buyout of his 2017 club option…which the Phillies declined…uggh!.

  19. The bottom half of the Phillies lineup today. It looks like a triple a team .they should have left Nick Williams up .

    1. Tim….Nick Williams needs to have his agent ask Matt to try to move him if he can…..being a yo-yo is not really desirable.

      1. I cant believe that Nick Williams is not better than Sean Rodríguez , Gabes friend. what a joke.

      2. True but Nick Williams is our best option in left field right now . No body is going to put anykind faith in Quinn staying healthy or to produce at a MLB lv over a long period. S Rodriguez is a bench bat playing to much.

        1. Well, if he gets hurt, he gets hurt, but he’s a far more talented player than Nick Williams who is really a AAAA talent.

          1. Nick Williams last yr put up solid numbers . Quinn ties his shoes and hes out for 6 wks. Haseley might be the real answer.

            1. On the surface, yet, but scratch the surface and, at best, he’s a replacement level player and has negative WAR for his career. Nick Williams has been a placeholder at most and, like Maikel Franco has actually regressed. That doesn’t mean he won’t improve going forward, but there’s nothing to suggest that he will.

            2. Lets not forget Quinn facing rhp hitting rh for the first time in what 5 yrs . You cant keep him in rehab too long for development for fear of him getting injured . If you play Quinn once a wk and have him pinch hit or run you might have him for the yr. Playing him every day is real bad idea.

      1. Yes understand that….but what they are doing to him is unreasonable..
        Let him just stay at LHV if they have no faith in him at the MLB level.
        I am sure his teammates feel the same way about he being yo-yoed up and down 76 and the NE Extension.
        I also today saw where Clint Frazier, who is hitting heads and shoulder better than Williams, voiced his displeasure again for being sent down to SWB.

        1. Nick Williams might be unhappy with his role but he’s done nothing to justify a change in that role.

          He’s not good enough to be an everyday player and he’s a terrible pinch hitter.

          That leaves him as the swing man/injury replacement

  20. But in Frazier’s case, he is exactly the type of prospect that the Yankees can package to get a Matthew Boyd. We don’t have that guy who could play in the Tiger’s OF today unless we want to trade a healthy Haseley, and I think the Tigers may prefer Frazier. Nick Williams hasn’t earned playing time at the Major League level, and hasn’t improved his trade value either. Maybe if he has has an extended run at AAA and excelled, the story would be different. I always liked him, but he just hasn’t gotten it done.

    1. LOL Cashman by far is the GM I most admire. To use a worn out analogy he plays chess while most other GM’s play checkers…

      Find a bad move or signing that he has made in the last 4-5 years let’s call it post George era…

  21. Our best option in Left Field is Dom Brown who is hitting 300 in Mexico with 19 Homers! Bring back Dom!

    1. That’s interesting. I wonder if Dom ever went back to the early swing that he had that the team “fixed” and thereby robbed him of his exceptional power. The idea for the swing change wasn’t bad (he had a hitch with his bat, but that little timing device allowed him to generate tremendous bat speed – in making the change they were trying to eliminate a hole in his swing), but when it was clear it didn’t work for him, he never went back to what got him there and I always thought that was a shame.

  22. Gabe said VV may get the start on Friday but that he’s no longer in the rotation but that he could be if they needed to….HUH!?!? What a bunch of double talk. Is Norm Crosby still alive? Or how about Dr. Erwin Cory? Get either of them to interpret for Kapler. Sounds to me like he’s stalling while Klentak is scrambling to find somebody.

    1. He was trying to say VV is nothing more than an emergency starter anymore without hurting anyone’s feelings.

      Sometimes it’s tough to be nice about the reality of a situation.

    2. I really hope he does start him on Friday, I Need to pay for my hotel room in boston and Saratoga.

  23. Looks like MadBum may be headed to the Twin Cities.
    The Twins are ready to make that deal from reports.
    And they could top off the deal with offering one of either shortstops Royce Lewis or Wander Javier…I assume it will be Javier…along with their hot prospect OFer Larnach.

    1. They have Polanco tearing it up at SS and only 25. They could absorb Lewis for Madbum straight up and not really feel it.

      They have a really good system right now so I’m sure there are a number of ways they could go to satisfy the Giants.

      That said the Twins have a solid 1-3 Odirizzi, Berrios and Gibson and then you get Voorhees NJ’s own Devin Smeltzer who’s throw a couple of gems in his 1st 2 starts.

      1. Yeah but you don’t give away value no matter how deep you are at a position. MadBum should not command a top prospect. Maybe a top 10 and a high upside lottery ticket.

        1. 8mark….Giants would eventually take a Javier and probably a prospect pitcher….in the Twins 10-20 range.

      2. Depending on how desperate they are, and especially for a rental, at least a 50-100 guy. But definitely not top 10.

      1. Sure why not I’m sure we’re all just interested 3rd party but when it comes to us I don’t think we should make a move for him. He also has us listed us a NT club for a reason likely to get leverage for an extension. He’s been grossly underpaid for years and now with his best years likely behind him in a tough spot to get any kind of substantial contract in the future.

        Like any of our trade speculation banter it can only go so far as we never know truly what is being discussed. We see the aftermath of a deal and say oh wow that was too much or man we could have given them better than that.

        1. Agree.
          Everything is speculation at this point.
          Giants will lose him for a comp pick I would think if they QO him….but then again he could be a Keuchel and they end up with zillch if he signs in June 2020… that is leverage for any gaining team trying to trade for him as a rental….plus once traded his QO status goes away with that gaining team. It is regained once he signs with a team in 2020.

  24. Let’s get and stay reasonably healthy….and this could be close to a formidable roster….with an addition or three…

    C JTR and Knapp

    IF Hoskins, Hernandez, Segura, Kingery (3b) and Miller

    OF Bruce, Haseley, Quinn, Harper and *another righty bat with pop acquired in a trade

    SP Nola, *Boyd or Minor, Eflin, Arrieta and Pivetta

    BP *acquired back end arm, Neris, Edubray, Neshek, Hunter, Robertson, Alvarez and Morgan

    The lineup has to average between 4.5 to 5 runs.

  25. I am happy with that 8mark. What is the cost for Minor or Boyd? How about our old friend Howie Kendrick for the RH Bat off the Bench?

    1. matt13 – spot on — Howie Kendrick is flat out killing the ball. Imagine him at 3b ! This is his walk year too.

    2. I would be fine with a veteran like Howie if not for his penchant for unavailability due to injury.

      As for Boyd, the density of the pitching market will determine how much in young talent he would cost, and that’s IF Detroit is willing to trade him.

      Minor? That would depend on his market and how rival execs perceive him as a sustainable commodity.

      Hard for me to gauge on either count….

      1. Looks like Cashman is scouring for another starter…..but he just may avoid Boyd…..he already has three LHPs in their rotation….unless he wants to go four, with RHPs Tanaka or Severino if he comes back.
        But a team like Boston with their RHBs…would feast on those lefties come August/Sept.

      2. Minor:
        …Chris Woodward has the Rangers playing great ball…at least at home anyways… Minor may not be out there for awhile, or as long as they are in the WC race.

        1. Romus, with Houston being the class of the AL West and little hope for Texas to earn a wild card with NYY, TB and BOS (and maybe the more experienced Tribe) all stocked for a strong pennant chase, it would be high stakes gambling for Jon Daniels not to cash in on his valuable trade chips.

          1. 8mark…yes Jon Daniels will need to make a decision…better not hesitate…Mets and DBacks have pitchers that could also be available.

          2. Romus – re: Minor – my concern all along is for some strange reason Texas remains a viable wild card team – implausible as that is…plus, teams with starting pitcher needs are lined up for Minor. Question becomes – can Phillies match other’s offers ? or does Texas continue to hold on for so long it “appears to increase” the cost of Minor – so in desperation – some other team offers two prospects, a 3-10 and a 15 ?

            Simultaneously, Mets seem to be suffering more injuries ( Thor and now Nimmo), and along with their lack luster play they could become sellers sooner than thought, i.e., Wheeler becomes available along with bullpen pieces, Wilson Ramos ? and Frazier (for 3B) ?

            My thoughts are that Melky Cabrera would also be a worthwhile addition, switch hitting PH, LF ?

            1. I would seriously consider Wheeler but would the Mets trade him within the division?

            2. usually pitching is the hottest commodity at trade deadline time….if both theMets and DBack fall out of it in the next 2/3 weeks….then yuo can arms like WHeeler, Thor, Ray and Greinke flooding the market…and fewer teams bidding for their services.
              Klentak may just wait it out…then again, the Phillies could also nose-dive and then they may be sellers to some degree….maybe VV is an attractive piece….maybe even Neshek again …which would be hilarious…maybe get another JD Hammer from someone…then there could be Hector the Protector Neris

  26. Phillies haven’t yet released tonight’s lineup. Usually up by now for 7pm games. Either they are biding their time to see if Bruce and/or JTR are good….or something is going down? Please?

  27. Aren’t the Phillies paying a hefty portion for H.Kendrick’s salary this year?

    I don’t think that MadBum would sign with the Yanks. He’d have to shave.

    1. Now THAT is classic reality TV. The man has lost everything from his money to his mind. Both hilarious and sad.

  28. The Phillies will now need starting pitchers both Friday AND Saturday. According to Matt Breen, Kapler said Medina is not being considered. Well, 2 bullpen games in a row?

    1. one game should go to santos
      he’s the only one of the group that hasn’t sucked as a starter yet this yr
      of the group of Irvin, VV, eickoff ( hurt)

      I know they see him not as a starter but he’s got to be better than that group

    2. @8mark – the sense I’m getting the most is to go with DLS and do a Vinny/Irvin/Ranger combo. It is against the Fish so the Phillies may be able to pull it thru

  29. Jon Morosi says the Twins, Yankees, Brewers and Phillies are all in on Bumgarner. Only the Twins are not included among the 8 teams on his no-trade list. Which makes it so much more than what a team is willing to give up for him. It’s more about what he’ll agree to in waiving his clause. Clearly Minnesota has the advantage on the surface of things. Can and will they offer enough to SF to bypass the other rival suitors while he would merely be a rental to the Twins. Not sure how I value him at the moment. Gonna be interesting though….

  30. Well it looks mother Nature is playing her game. This might be good the players on ir might come off soon . Phillies might have a CF , LF , half a bp and there starting catcher back soon . Please keep raining lol. The 2 games Tommorrow dont look good either.

  31. the more I view the team at this point and the season, the more I’m in favor of moving smaller pieces from the system and picking up rentals or smaller pieces for the rotaton the mike leake who you can get for nothing just like bruce and keep our top young players

    the team has made strides but is not really ready to compete for the NL championship
    goal for this yr should be atleast a wild card

    don’t trade howard, bohn, medina

    2020 team
    bohn ? or one yr rental

    mccutchin, bruce, hasley, Quinn

    rf harper

    c JTR ( resigned)

    TOR in free agency ( gerret cole?)
    LH starter via trade

    closer in free agency
    JD hammer
    Austin davis
    santos ( if not traded)
    ? seranthony, arrano

    trade , nontender or don’t resign

    this should leave plenty of money to go after maybe Gerrat Cole and a closer in freeagent


    a high quality bench free agent who can play 3rd base

    1. As much as I would love to agree with you that the Phillies purge the team with players we don’t like, FO’s cannot simply gut the team like somebody managing a baseball team. And trades are 2-way tango and that if a player is a garbage player, you don’t simply expect that a GM from another team will devote a roster spot for them and pay their salary.

      Arrieta has a player option and he most likely exercise given he pitching like an average SP. And for the controllable players, GMs normally keep them unless better options are available.

      So realistically, there will be 5 roster spots that will open up by end of the season – Nicasio, Neshek, Hunter, Miller, Rodriguez – and Arano and Robertson will probably get the 2 roster spots back and leave the roster spot to 3 —- a SP (Gerrit Cole), another bat (Rendon or a bridge to Bohm), a veteran pen arm and a bench player.

      The rest of the roster will be purged depending on who and how many prospects the Phillies will protect from Rule 5.

      1. agreed
        that’s pretty similar to what I was saying
        obviously they wont be able to have the amount of turnover I mentioned
        that was more of a blueprint on what I would aim for as the GM

        keys are
        TOR starter
        a LH starter ( they may be the same but that’s hard)
        a back of bullpen arm
        a 3rd basemen to bridge to Bohn
        improved bats off the bench

        1. That’s a lot of targets for the off season. Unfortunately, those targets are also targets of other teams. That’s a difficult list to fill.

      2. Franco will not return in 2020 if he’s even here come August. I also doubt seriously that Cesar returns, given the circumstances. And what are the chances Quinn is healthy? So yes, there will be significant turnover between now and next March.

        1. @8mark – Cesar still have 1 year of control so he is still wearing red pin stripes next year unless traded. With the uncertainty surrounding Doobie, the Phillies might elect to have Scotty Jetpax man CF (and a back up INF) and keep Cesar in 2B (the only position he can play) unless Haseley can change things up.

          Franco doesn’t have a lot of value in trades but garbage teams in AL that needs DH might shell out PTBNL or cash for Franco considering Franco’s remaining options and team control.

          I expect to see 7 (of 8) starters and 4 (of 5) of the staff will be coming back in 2020 so a 2 new face constitute a significant turnover?

          Bench and bullpen is always been a revolving door year after year and so any change in these areas are possibly marginal improvements. As I replied to Sr, I only expect no more than 4 moves affecting the day to day 25-man roster.

          Move #1 – SP (via FA or trade and I advocating Gerrit Cole possibly for at least a Corbin like contract)

          Move #2 – High leverage bullpen – Bettances and Doolittle will be targets that can be potential closer, but Klentak might settle with Will Smith or Viscaino or Boxberger type/

          Mover #3 – 3B – I expect this area as a short term fix. Rendon is the hot name and Donaldson is re-entering FA. Regardless of what Klentak will do, it may not be a significant improvement from Franco.

          Move #4 – Bench players – this will be done, but possible after Spring Training.

          So expecting 4 changes in the projected 2020 25-man is not necessary a significant turnover.

          1. I expect Cesar will stay for next year, and Kingery will play third next year. Once Bohm gets promoted (I’m thinking like May or June of next year if he stays on course), Kingery will play most of his time at second unless someone else goes down in the OF.

  32. If the weather breaks in Washington today, the Phils and Nats will play two. Speaking of breaks, the Phillies may have caught a “break” when Max Sherzer ended up “breaking” his nose during a bunting drill yesterday. He may or may not be able to make his start today.

    1. my prescription is i think he should rest a few days and pitch against braves this weekend

      1. He’s a tough dude but even if he pitches, the bandage I suppose would be a distraction, and potentially an advantage for the Phillies? Theoretically? Right.

        1. Anything that will made Mad Max less than 100% is advantage to the Phillies so I agree.

  33. Should they move Kingery to leadoff, as Segura seems to be in a slump since moving to leadoff and CH did the same.

      1. Nice work, Romus. Will do. Thanks. But right now I’m busy screaming at our manager….

      2. Herrera straightup for Boyd was rejected by the Phillies lol… yeah right!

        Take it in a heartbeat

        I was thinking

        Apparently that’s not enough without this simulator

        1. 8mark…does take some maneuvering.
          My first trade was rejected…trying to give up scrubs for a pitcher….hah.
          I did register o the site….but did not submit any trades for any reviews.

          1. First I packaged 6 prospects including Morales and Ortiz for Minor and Choo (salary dump) and said I had to add more from the Rangers. I then removed Choo and it told me that Minor was way too much….??? Made no sense.

    1. If I heard Kapler correctly he had a green light! 2 things, I don’t hear too well and 2 if he did I don’t understand it. Sean isn’t the epitome of someone in that situation who is going to assure success.

  34. Kapler has officially lost me. There is no way in hell you bring Cole Irvin in late in a close game with the bullpen rested for TWO freakin’ days!

    1. 8 mark stop. Another week of the phillies losing and I will have my 2018 Cadillac suv. I am loving these 90 mph pitchers. we have. I Only need another 5800 to put down a great downpayment on the car.

    1. …and don’t forget Doobie…..Phillies 8-10 since Doobie’s suspension! (tic)

  35. Franco not starting in either game today, AND Gabe uses Knapp instead to pinch hit (on one weak swing) vs Corbin. Why not DFA him? Offer him for international money or a PTBNL. Something. He’s currently a wasted roster spot, as if we have a few to spare. C’mon Matt!

    1. We not deep in 3rd baseman. Walding would be the next in line. Hes not an inprovenent of Franco.

  36. #GabeMustGo

    His in game decisions are atrocious. SRod green light?

    His bullpen management is even worse.

    Almost every player on this roster the last two years has stalled or regressed.

    Somebody please call 1-800-GIRARDI

  37. All kidding aside, after last years collapse, what is everyone’s threshold for a change in leadership or does Kapler survive the year no matter what?

    1. Kapler has a bit of a learning curve, but unfortunately I think part of his style is also the FO wishes. I’ll give him more of a leash. At this point the main issue is injuries. Once they get Realmuto and Bruce back. That’s it, they should be judged on how the teams offense goes and the 1-4 SP. the 5th is outta whack and hurts the pen too. I’d give some slack on that area, the rest should be humming

    2. If the Phillies don’t make the playoffs, I think Kapler is out. If he’s not out, he would be on an extremely short leash.

    3. As fans we can’t answer the question about the most important job the manager has. Has he lost the clubhouse? I’m not a Kapler fan regarding his game decisions but those are small in comparison to how the players react to him on a day-to-day basis.

      The stories that surfaced about unnamed guys playing video games in the clubhouse that prompted Arrietta’s smashing of the TV is a bigger reflection on Kapler in my opinion. To me, that’s shows a lack of discipline/respect.

      The question is, have the players also become frustrated with his apparent lack of reasoning for his decisions?

      1. Was it Arrieta or Santana who busted up the TV? But I have to wonder what they really think of him. Even beside his ingame decisions, let’s face it – he’s an odd dude.

  38. This is last August and sept all over again. They have no chance to win each night it feels

  39. Phillies manager Gabe Kapler, if he were the captain of the Titanic as it was sinking: “I was very happy with how we avoided most of the other icebergs. The one that we did hit caused a lot of damage, but we will still learn to improve as we are drowning and freezing to death.”

    1. I have no personal grind with Kapler. I have wanted him to succeed and still do. But the head scratching ingame decisions, both in use of personnel and strategy, have become alarming. I have to wonder what Klentak and Middleton are thinking. While injuries have been a huge problem, and I don’t necessarily hold Gabe responsible for all the recent losses since he can only play the hand he’s dealt, there still have been plenty of moments when our baseball eyes can’t believe what they’re seeing in terms of his acumen. And his postgame remarks are little more than empty platitudes and canned explanations. His only excuse right now is a decimated roster. But would a healthy roster really hide his shortcomings? And then there’s that issue with players regressing under his charge. Who’s gotten better since he took the job?

      1. 8mark….now 24 (one Nats make up in Sept) games before July 18th…they are 2 in the hole.
        If it does happen again as it did the last 51 games last year…..I think John Middleton will not show patience.

  40. I just hope if they do decide to fire Kap,that they will fire him sooner rather than later after the season looks lost. I wonder if he actually has the players respect.

    1. In the postgame last night the 83 season was brought up and how Paul Owens fired Pat Corales and took over the team for the rest of that season. That team was a game above 500 and in first place. Could you imagine a GM in today’s game taking over a team.

      The tell tale for me is a few things. The fact that the team faded down the stretch last season and this year that you have guys like Segura dogging it out of the box, Kingery not taking 2nd when BH goes to 3rd and so on. Kingery is supposed to be a heady player and I’ve seen make at least 2 base running blunders this season.

      It’s almost like these guys are lost without Cutch and looking for a leader. Gabe is trying to be the proverbial players manager and it’s not really working.

      I never got the hiring and I never liked the guy but I wasn’t rooting for him to fail. He’s not at fault. The MLB is not a place where you can monkey around and let a guy learn how to manage on the fly. Isn’t it a slap in the face to guys who have put their time in managing in the minors or bench coaching IDK. I think it is.

      That said I don’t think it matters who you bring in now. This team is decimated with injuries and its a ship at sea that needs to be towed back to shore before you can start fixing it. I do like Buck Showalter better than I like Girardi.

      I can think of 3-4 guys that I’d like to hire as my president of baseball operations to replace McPhail/Klentak I’d start there if I were Middleton relieve Kapler and make Thompson the interim.

      1. DMAR…..Thomson would a be a nice interim….he was Girardi’s bench coach with the Yankees from ’08 to ’17, so there is a bond there if Middleton goes with Girardi..

        1. There’s generally a reason some guys only make it to bench coach I believe and bench coaches don’t necessarily make good managers.

          Managers need to have a certain charisma about them. I don’t know if Thompson has that or not.

          1. Kapler is articulate to the point of being a BS artist. Some front offices like that. Takes the pressure off them to be the face/voice of the club. But that wears thin by the 2nd year – like now – and isn’t sustainable. The next 3 months will determine Kapler’s tenure. Instability – or the perception of instability – is what the brass wants to avoid.

            Girardi is old school and won’t necessarily jive with Klentak. Thomson is probably ideal as a background guy, low on personality. I think Dusty Wathan may be considered if things continue to go south.

            1. 8mark….off course here a bit , but some things in the past that MacPhail says , do not seem to come to fruition:
              1. Grow the arms buy the bats
              2. Maikel may find someplace else where he will unlock his potential
              3. Kapler need not be so optimistic to the point of being a poseur trumpeter
              and one final one.
              4. GMs only get so many managers in their hirings.

              Either no one is listening to him, ie Kapler and Klentak, two subordinates, or he is putting up smoke screens.

          2. Now, the thing is, Klentak and Kapler are joined at the hip. Middleton loves Klentak. But I’m not sure MacPhail is a Kapler devotee. So that dynamic may also determine how much patience the upper triumvirate will collectively have with Gabe.

            1. 8mark – MacPhail did in fact say – to the press – Kapler is “too positive” and never calls things for what they are – he even stated that he thought that gave the players a sense that Kapler was not genuine. For MacPhail to come out and say that for public consumption clearly tells me that he is not “sold” on Kaper – my instinct says he thinks he is “full of crap.” That said, Bergeraj above absolutely nailed Kapler’s take on being Captain of this sinking ship….

              Give me Showalter – but I don’t think all the metrics users etc. would work well with him as he appears to be very “old school.”

  41. I cannot understand going to Cole Irvin in the first game. He would be my very last choice in that situation. Not hyperbole, the very last Pitcher out of the BP that I would have used. I can’t understand a utility guy like Rodriguez getting a green light in that situation. I also want Kapler to succeed, but his decisions, especially BP usage, are awful. Segura not running is simply inexcusable. He should have been almost to 2d base whether the guy made the catch or not. That would have taken a highlight reel catch, and he doesn’t hustle? Inexcusable, and no discipline when the team is going awful, is the Manager’s responsibility. I understand giving him a mulligan the first time, but this is too much. I would sit him tonight, regardless of who has to play SS.

    1. matt13….team seems lifeless…..all that hoopla and emotional outburst in April and May seem to be ancient history now. They must have shot their wad, as the saying goes.
      Somehow they need to rekindle the fire.

    2. As Ricky Bo and Barkan pointed out last night its not the first time Segura has done that. Cutch’s injury happened on a pop up of Segura’s that he didn’t run out. if you don’t remember the play go back and watch it.

      Leopards rarely change their spots so maybe we are seeing the reasons behind Segura being traded so many times and the supposed fight with another player in Seattle.

      1. The other aspect with Segura….he somewhat fades in the 2nd half of seasons……267/.312.381..probably tires , but his first half are usually pretty decent………298/.337/.423

        1. DMAR and Romus, I questioned why Jean Segura was traded to us for a great deal on paper in December 2018. He has been traded several other times despite his good stats so there must be something that turns teams off to the point of trading him. If we had a 3B we could have put Scott Kingery at SS instead of trading for Jean Segura.

          1. Yes…correct.
            And I assume some of which was Dipoto did want to rid his contract…though really not a terrible bad on the face of it, and I guess also gamble on JPC turning into a real find.

            1. Oh forgot…and Dee Gordon was also coming back….he wanted the locker room not to turn into a hockey game.

  42. A couple of things we know:
    The Phillies have a difficult time with the Nats.
    Scherzer always pitches well against the Phillies.
    Corbin has dominated them his last two starts.
    The Nats usually pound the ball versus Pivetta.

    The starters pitched well in both games yesterday.
    Hopefully, Pivetta continues his surge tonight.
    Close to a must win for the Phillies this evening.
    Marlins against two unknowns are no pushover.

  43. Segura is hitting 50 points lower than I thought he would. But, it is not all is fault. There are a lot of issues. One thing that annoys me about Kapler is the managing for the next game or managing for September. I understand that you don’t want to overuse your BP, and we have had injuries, but we just had 2 days off for rain. There was zero reason to hold the rest of the BP for game 2, none at all. I would like him to win this game, the one he is currently playing, because it may not matter in September if we don’t win more games now.

  44. The 2019 Phillies are eerily beginning to resemble the 2018 version. I’m certain the FO will do anything (within reason) to get this runaway train back on the tracks. First step will probably be a firing. Can’t see Kapler getting the axe (at least not yet). If the bats don’t wake up soon, John Mallee likely is shown the door. Could even release a player (Odubel?). Something of shock value in an attempt to wake up this group. Klentak will then, obviously, have to bring in a couple of arms (starter & reliever) and at least one bat (CF or 3B or bench piece) in July.

    1. Mallee has done nothing close to what Matt Stairs accomplished (ie Nick Williams and Aaron Altherr) beforehand. Kingery may have figured some things out but who on this roster is better today than they were before. Let’s start there. The pitching staff needs to get healthy with an acquisition or two. The bats are my main concern.

    2. I’ll use a phrase Kapler likes to use paraphrasing of course “you can’t always judge a decision by the result”

      Well Gabe there are some instances where you have to do just that as unfortunate as it may be. It’s not the losses that have me doubting you it’s the disinterested play I witness on the field.

      Maybe I’m wrong but you’ve seemed to have lost the club house.

      Not sure releasing Odubel will have any impact he hasn’t been with the club for many weeks now. And dropping the ax on Mallee the hit doctor only puts the spotlight back on Klentak.

      How is Kranitz’s staff making out in hot-lanta?

      Let’s face facts nothing has really gone right since these 2 took over the helm.

  45. As per comments above – this is all looking like deja vu all over again, ala last August and September. These games are tough to watch – the team sleep walks through the game with no spirit, no life. So many silly errors / misplays, sloppy, disinterested at bats, poor base running, and a lack of teamwork. Somebody is responsible for this – and will be excised shortly – whether rightly or wrongly. I am now struck with – if this continues, is there another reboot coming ? Middleton was clearly unhappy with last September, I would think he ain’t too happy now, either.

  46. It’s been all about the bats….
    In 2019, records of teams scoring 4+ runs a game:
    LAD 41-5 (.891)
    HOU 40-5 (.889)
    PHI 35-7 (.833)
    TB 35-7 (.833)

  47. The shortage of HRs, when all around the league, teams are hitting them in record #s, is a big red flag. Rhys and Bryce are 10 HRs, between them, off of what I expected by this point, Franco has been, except for 2 weeks, awful, and now never plays. It would be even worse except for that week of jay Bruce hitting them. The importance of Cutch was huge to the success, there is nothing coming from the top now. I am afraid to move Kingery there because I don’t want him reverting to last year’s “fall behind 0-2” ABs. He is so much better this year, in part, because he stopped that looking at pitches approach and became aggressive. And, I know I will get criticsm from some of you, but Rhys needs to do more of that. And, Bryce is having a hard time catching up to Fastballs. I am hoping for that stretch where he carries a team, but how about starting that stretch now?

    1. Great point. I think it starts from the top. It seems like whoever we have, regardless of pedigree, is suffocated under Kapler and Malee. Then when they leave they do well–e.g. Jorge Alfaro.

  48. This is kinda’ nuts:

    1. Apparently, the Rays think this is going to help them get two new stadiums.
      Yeah … good luck with that.

      More than likely, this would only help lose them what little support they already have in Tampa.

        1. Unbelievable!
          But Tampa’s deal with MLB may be coming to an end and they may move to Montreal for good eventually.
          The Giants were suppose to move to Tampa almost 30 years ago……if SF could not come up with a replacement for Candlestick…..Giants at the time signed onto move to Tampa….then they reneged at the last moment….so Tampa was promised the next expansion franchise and for a specific amount of time to stay there.
          Did not turn out as well as expected.

  49. This link shows the active career WAR leaders for position players. If I’m not mistaken, the top 103 players listed here do not contain a single player drafted or international player first signed by the Phillies. What does that tell us?

    For pitchers, the Phillies have 4 in the top 100 – Hamels, Happ, Carrasco, and Nola.

    So out of 203 players, the Phillies have 4 they signed/drafted and developed. With 32 major league teams, the average works out to be over 6 per team. The total WAR on the two lists combined is 5,025.2, so the average team should represent 157 WAR. The Phillies 4 players make up 118.7, 24% less than the average team.

    So a team that for most of the last 8 years has been drafting in a very advantageous spot and has had international resources equal to or greater than other teams, has performed solidly below average in drafting and developing talent.

    1. I think the use of career WAR as shorthand for good players is incorrect but to your point, looking at players drafted in the last 8 years is meaningless since most of the players on the list have been in the league for more than 10 years. This makes sense since WAR in a cumulative measure.

      If you want to complain about the Phillies drafts, you need to go back 15 years or so to see why they don’t have players on the list…

      1. Now if you want to argue that they were terrible between 2005 and 2012 then I’ll agree although they weren’t drafting in advantageous spots for much of that time..

  50. Tonight a different look…

    Harper 9
    Hoskins 3
    Bruce 7
    Realmuto 2
    Segura 6
    Kingery 8
    Hernandez 4
    Franco 5
    Pivetta 1

  51. Are you kidding me? Here is Harper with a track record as a major run producer, he has won an MVP. And we have him batting leadoff and/or second? And the other night Kingery bats third? Why, because he walks? And then people complain about the lack of power! Phillies management is so bad we could have both Trout and Harper and we would find a way to screw them up!

    1. Thats the way it came out of the hat!
      Seriously….IMO, he is reaching for straws at this point to jump start the offense…probably not going to be anything permanent.

  52. In his career, Harper has hit .273 batting lead off. Since Cutch went down, that is about tripe what the lead off hitters have produced. And, I am only slightly exaggerating!

    1. Harper’s career overall BA is .279 entering 2019 which is slightly above his leadoff BA. BUT more importantly, what is his OBA in the leadoff?

  53. From 2012 to current, the Phillies have won 546 games. There are literally 2 teams in MLB over that timeframe that have won fewer games – Chicago White Sox with 539 and the Miami Marlins with 524. The San Diego Padres are tied with the Phils at 546.

    There are 11 teams that have, on average, won more than 10 games per season more than the Phillies during this timeframe – Washington, New York Yankees, LA Dodgers, LA Angels, Boston, Chicago Cubs, St Louis are 7 of those teams. The other 4 – how about the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians, Oakland Athletics, and Tampa Bay Rays.

    When factoring in salary, the Phillies were ranked 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 9th, 9th, 21st, 24th, and 13th in those years, for an average of 10th highest salary out of 30 teams, but only tied for 27th in wins during that time.

    1. I think the Amaro administration has been a disaster. You can do better blindfolded. What has come from his time as GM? Nick Williams? Cole Irvin? I think he drafted Rhys and Kingery but you can get guys like this through sheer luck.

      1. It was a disaster for sure, but half the guys you mentioned are from the current administration – Irvin and Kingery were drafted on Klentak’s watch.

        1. Kingery however was under Amaro…. 2nd round of the 2015 MLB June draft.
          Klentak was hired Oct 2015 with a five year contract.

          1. Romus, thanks for being the voice of reason on this board. Ruben Amaro left the team with some workable players and Matt Klentak has not improved the team that much. Matt Klentak should not get credit for having an owner with very deep pockets.

  54. Buddy, you just described why I wanted them to be all in to make the Playoffs this year. And, that means upgrading the Starting Rotation. They still can, but now we need a 3B and probably another arm in the BP. What is inexcusable is that we had the $, but waited too long to get the rebuild started. And, we were in the position we were in because of terrible Management decisions while we were on the roll until 2011. Not spending over slot when there was no slot, poor drafting, not using the International market, all of that not only caused the horrible seasons from 2012 until last year, but cost us probably another WS or 2. Anyway, whatever Middleton spends now, I feel is owed to the fans for those mismanaged years. We will see if Keuchel is another mistake, but Atlanta certainly looks better than us with a lot more young high end prospects.

    1. matt13….”Atlanta certainly looks better than us with a lot more young high end prospects.:…right now it appears that way…..but as to position players….I have plenty faith in Hasely/Moniak , Bohm and finally Stott @ ss…within the next 2 years, maybe 3 at the most.
      Pitching….not sure how we will stack up with the Braves…Nola has to rebound to start with.

  55. Romus, I don’t disagree with you. I am really happy with Bohm, and I think Haseley shows some real promise. Atlanta’s prospects are more highly rated, but Dom Brown was once the #1 prospect in Baseball. Remember that? So, they often flame out. But, I still count on our financial might to be the difference maker. And here we are again tonight, looking like we will get smoked once more. We can sure take BBs, but we cannot hit!

  56. After tonight’s debacle (7-3 so far), if they haven’t hit rock bottom, losing 2 of 3 to the Marlins over the weekend will be. This is getting depressing.

  57. How about Lakewood, after May 30th they were 17-35, since then they are 13-6. Hope they can keep it up, hate to see a team that bad even as the youngest team in the league (assuming they still are, haven’t checked).

  58. Can’t call it poor base “running” when the third base coach sends them home.

    1. Okay, let’s call it as it is. Dusty Wathan is a HORRENDOUS third base coach. The worst we’ve had since Steve Smith. He is costing this team runs and games. That’s totally and completely unacceptable. They need to put him somewhere else now. Third base coach is not a ceremonial position – he’s the most important coach on the field and he’s integral to the offense and if he can’t figure it out, you need to get him the hell out of there, which they do!!!!

  59. it really feels like the current coaching staff and the roster, understanding injuries have hurt, just doesn’t fit
    nothing has gone right this yr except kingery’s development
    please, do not trade values prospects for a prayer shot at a wild card
    it really looks like they may need to look to 2020 with a new coaching staff that can handle these free falls better and a roster that fits better .
    if they fall below .500, im ok if they load the pitching staff with whatever is at AAA to weed out who can help in 2020 .
    meaning Garcia, Austin davis in pen
    santos in rotation or in pen but getting regular use
    play haseley daily when he comes back
    I’m not writing off the season yet but this really looks like a flawed situation

    this roster needs
    2 new SP, one a LH
    kingery at 2nd
    no franco on the roster
    a bench that makes sense

    1. Here’s what I think they need:

      1. Aaron Nola needs to return to 2018 form, or close to it and Arietta needs to pitch more like a 3 (and so does Pivetta). And they will definitely need at least one more solid to good starter to be competitive – it just better not cost us Bohm or Howard and I’m not thrilled with the idea of giving up Medina either (but could live with it depending on the trade).

      2. The bullpen needs to get healthier. They are so undermanned it’s funny. They need a few of the regular guys back and suddenly, there will be fewer runaway games.

      3. They need to get the outfield healthy enough that Kingery can play third as Maikel Franco is now a AAA player in my view. When Kingery’s at third the lineup is super deep. Sooner or later, this team should hit – the talent is there (although not having McCutchen really does hurt a bit – what a player he is!). And, they need one of the younger guys – Haseley or Quinn or both – to produce. And, oh yeah, if Alec Bohm dominates in AA (very possible), I think, as crazy as it sounds, he may end the year in Philadelphia and that’s good by me because then you can put Kingery somewhere else he is needed.

      4. Thank God for Jay Bruce – he’s won a few games just by himself and I think if this team goes somewhere, he’ll be a big part of it. That was a really great in-season move by Klentak – absolutely essential to this team and its chances. And, man, this guy has no ego and plays hard – you have to give him credit for that too.

      5. It really would be helpful for Harper to get on one of his legendary hot streaks. I’m not worried about him in the long run, but they need him to catch fire to make a playoff bid.

      1. its a crusher that harper, Hoskins, JTR, and sergura are all cold at the same time.
        harper and Hoskins both under .150 in last 21 ABs

        1. Very true. To be frank, Realmuto has not quite been the offensive player I was expecting. He’s been great on defense for the most part, but hopefully he can be more dominant at the plate. I expected a true #5 hitter and he’s been more like a 6/7 guy. I like him and all, I just expected a little more from him at the plate.

    2. Agree. I’m not writing the season off, still a lot of divisional games left. I am weary that this could resemble a slide like last year, which Imo shouldn’t happen with this lineup. The bullpens Health hurts the most imo. Nothing is more deflation than blowing games late, especially in the 9th.

      2021 is looking like the more “serious” run in the playoffs. I just hope the fo first trade away bohm, Howard, for a playoff Hail Mary. I’m sure one of moniak r Haselely is tradebait, and a pitcher has got to go in a trade, so Medina or morales it’d likely have to be. Then top it off with our catching depth

      Moniak, Medina, Duran or
      Haseley,Morales, Duran

      Some combo like that I’ll expect to lose before 2020. Anything more and im pretty sure I’m not going to be a happy camper

      1. The biggest problem with the bullpen isn’t really blowing late leads, it’s that they can’t keep games close enough to allow the offense to come back.

        Last night was a perfect example. Pivetta is taken out of a 4-3 game with 2-men on base and the reliever manages to give up a 3-run HR on a terrible hanging curveball, It’s now its 7-3 and the game is over.

        A bad bullpen puts so much strain on both the starters to pitch deeper and the offense to keep scoring runs.

  60. Kapler’s tenure reminds me a lot of Terry Francona’s experience. If they fire Kapler like they did Francona, I’ll be he goes on to have a long and successful career as a manager or executive for someone else. Unless they have a meltdown, I expect Kapler to at least have this year and part of next year to get this right. He’s a smart guy and is learning on the job – I expect over time, he will be quite good, but he has to learn that, while he pulls for his guys, he’s really not the player’s friend and I think that’s a tough thing to learn how to do well.

  61. Updated prospect rankings:

    Adonis Medina falling (63 to 78), while Alec Bohm rising (49 to 39).

    Interestingly, listed right under Bohm in the ‘risers’ list is Nolan Jones, a 3B formerly of Holy Ghost Prep in Bensalem. I remember a number of posters here clamoring for the Phillies to take him in the 2016 draft, the year we drafted Moniak.

      1. I didn’t say they wanted the Phillies take him 1.1, just that there were multiple posts leading up to that draft saying that the Phillies would regret not taking him if they had to opportunity to. But it’s a moot point.

  62. For the first time I’m sensing that Kapler is on the hot seat. If the next 10 games don’t go well – 6 vs MIA and 4 vs NYM – things will be dicey. The most expedient way for him to recover his footing is W’s. 6 games against what is essentially a AAA team and 4 against a free falling club with an 82 year old pitching coach (their newest hire) should allow for a rebound for the Phillies. I’m just not sure this crew feels the urgency to save their skipper or their season.

    Gabe Enabler has fallen into the trap of trying to balance being one of the boys and exercising leadership. Spending 2 hours with a newly called up reliever (Hammer) on his first day of arrival is just overdoing it. Not disciplining players who dog it sets a precedent that just can’t be reversed on a dime.

    This may be Klentak’s biggest crossroads so far. Instability within an organization kills playoff dreams. Middleton’s reputation is riding on having a well run vehicle than a Mercedes Benz with its tires slashed.

    1. Harpers contract provides an interesting dynamic, not often seen. Honestly, how do players view harpers 13 year contract, no opt outs … vs Kapler? This really is Harpers team, struggling or not. Interesting to see Harpers deal plays a role in this, aka the managers gig. Kapler better be on Harpers good side, just in case. IF he has to go against the grain vs Harper… that’s not an enviable position

  63. The acquisition of Harper, JTR and Segura drove the expectation high for the Phillies. It’s fair to say that the Phillies should be an improved team (vs last year), however, the Phillies was not expected to be a top team this year.

    And I hope that Klentak play this year smartly and don’t overreact or overreach. Going deeper in the deeper is the goal, but not necessary doing it at all costs. Surrendering a handful of top prospects for rotation help is moot if Nola and one of Pivetta/Eflin will not show up consistently.

    2020 will be the better year to do it all out. One more year of development will push Haseley, Bohm, Howard, Medina and possibly Stott to be better MLB contributor and there’s also the free agency. With Trout gone those $$ can used to sign 1 or 2 of the following FAs to improve the team:

    1) SP Gerrit Cole (29)
    2) OF Castellanos (28)
    3) OF Ozuna (29)
    4) SP Wood (29)
    5) RP Veteran like Smith, Betances, Boxberger

    Nola needs to show up and Pivetta/Eflin needs to be more consistent then start thinking additions in the trade deadline. If not, just keep the top prospects and shop the recycle bin and hope that everybody shows up at the end of the season for a run.

    1. With 2-4 FA acquisition and organic growth the 2020 roster will look like this…

      SP – COLE, Nola, Eflin, HAMELS, Arrieta (player option)
      RP – Vinny, PIvetta, Seranthony, Robertson, Arano, Morgan, Neris

      Farm – Howard, Medina, Hammer, delos Santos, Ed Garcia,JoJo, Dohy, Jones

      C – JTR, Grullon
      INF – Hoskins, Cesar, Kingery, Segura, Bohm
      OF – Harper, Cutch, CASTELLANOS, Bruce, Haseley

      Also, the Phillies should just continue to draft college bats in Rd 1 and at least 2 high upside arms in Rds 2-5. The FO should be playing the long game anymore and start hiring good coaches too!

    2. Good post, Kuko. We may have to cool our heels on this season and let it play out without grand expectations. Suddenly there’s enough young talent nearing the Show for 2020 to be a more realistic push.

      My bigger concern is whether this current staff is equipped for the task.

      1. @8mark – unfortunately, the current staff is probably not up for the challenge. Nola is the only young arm that has a top prospect pedigree so he is best young arm to rise up to the challenge. Pivetta and Eflin has potential but has risks since they have prospects too.

        The Phillies need to acquire or develop another arm with top prospect pedigree. Gerrit Cole has been a top prospect since drafted and he’s been a solid TOR arm in the majors so he should be a target – EASY!!! Medina has the pedigree so hopefully another year of development will bring good results. Howard is shooting up the prospect ladder and should be Top 100 in 2019 and Top 1/2 in the Phillies. Both Medina and Howard should be kept as much as possible.

        There are high risk high ceiling prospects in the low minors that the Phillies can use as trade assets —- Morales, Pipkin, Jones as examples.

        1. Kuko, sorry – I actually meant the coaching staff. But yes, the arms simply aren’t good enough.

          1. yeah, I think part of the struggles right now can be blames with bad coaches.

  64. With McCutchen and Bruce coming back next year, where exactly would Castelanos and/or Ozuna (two poor defenders) going to play?

    1. Bruce will be the lefty bat from the bench and 1B/DH. Harper will move to LF and Castellanos can go right with Cutch in the center.

      1. McCutchen is no longer a center fielder. He will stay in left field, where he should at least be average or better (assuming his recovery goes well).

      2. I like Cole (not Hamels) and Will Smith as targets. I really don’t think we need to sign/acquire any starting bats if all present are healthy. Haseley and Bohm are on the way. The bench needs an upgrade although Brad Miller may turn out to be a keeper.

    2. I just don’t get all of the interest in Castellanos both before the season and now. He’s just not that good.

      A career .780 OPS from a guy who’s bad defensively doesn’t improve the team beyond what they already have. As you note, I’d rather have Bruce..

      1. Agreed – why would you spend money on THAT guy? Right and left field will be covered (Harper and McCutchen) and we have other guys who can fill in if needed (I think Jay Bruce sticks around next year and I’m glad about that) and who can play center (which Castellanos cannot play). We don’t need or want Castellanos.

  65. I Believe the G.M should only have one untouchable on this team. That is Kingery cause he is young and cheap. Everyone else they should consider, Like now if I can get a outfielder who can hit and has power then I would move Williams and Segura in a new York minute.

    1. There is no reason to move Segura and no replacement for Segura. I get why people are frustrated with him, yet he’s a very productive player. If we want to replace him that’s for another date and time – not this year. He’s your guy for this year at least.

      1. As for Williams, he is a AAAA player and has zero value (actually, if he has any value, it’s negative value – seriously, he’s been terrible).

    2. rocco…it certainly appears you have evolved….180 as some say
      Last year at this time of June, you wanted to move Kingery in a NY minute, and keep Williams….not it is just the opposite!

      1. We were trying to tell you last year how good he could be. In your defense, he just couldn’t hit at all last year – I mean, he was terrible at the plate and it was such a huge departure from how he looked in the minors. It was concerning for sure.

      2. Actually, I heard Rocco has since had a lobotomy so his memory isn’t what it used to be.

      3. Last year Kingery stunk. He has gotten better. Now anyone who doesn’t think that no one on this team is untouchable. besides a cheap Kingery. Doesn’t want to improve the team

  66. One thing for certain is needed – a capable and experienced CF. I like Kingery, but I like him in the infield where he can be a star. Meantime, I would like to see FO somehow – acquire Ender Inciarte – who I think they have no chance of acquiring directly from the Braves – it would have to be something of a 3 way swap. He has lost his job in Atlanta and will be moved for something ? Inciarte may very well fit in with this weak offense but he can flat out go get it in the OF.

    For those who want to go all in – get Merrifield from KC – who is arguably one of the best players in the AL. It would cost an awful lot – and he is “old,” but he can hit / hit with power, and is a solid base runner. What the Phillies need is a bonafide lead off hitter who hits for a high average (OBP) and is an igniter – this guy is the best right now. i shudder to think what it would cost in organization talent.

    1. Braves also have Christian Pache coming up sometime next year for their OF…so Inciarte will definitely be gone.
      Pache will go to CFer since he is a plus-pus defender.

      How the heck do they keep coming up with these Latin stars!

      1. The Braves make me sick with one star prospect after the next – a never ending stream of useful and young talent. It must be how the Giants fans feel about the Eagles these days.

        1. Off topic, but Philly sports related….shouldn’t someone have told Elton Brand to block all calls from Danny Ainge? Talk about “fool me once….”, that’s getting duped 2 years in a row. As much as we get frustrated with all the front offices in town, the Sixers are the gang that can’t shoot straight. Geez, they are an enigma….

          1. Why they went with Brand rather than someone who has a track record (a real one and a good one) is beyond me. I am getting a sick feeling that Brand is another Billy King or a basketball version of Ruben Amaro, just trying to get that next player he wants and not thinking about 3 or 4 years from now. I hope I’m wrong but I fear I am right.

            The real big damage, however, was caused by Brian Colangelo – he could have hardly hurt them more if he was actively trying to make bad moves. What an arrogant, mean-spirited fool!

            Well, Sam Hinkie spent like 4 years carefully assembling assets and, for whatever you think of his drafting ability, he was trying to provide a base for incoming talent for years to come and he did that very well. After 3 years, his successor have now pissed all of that away – including some very foolish trades for players whose contracts were about to expire (the Jimmy Butler trade actually made sense if they signed him – but they dramatically overpaid for Harris).

            As we have seen – a fool and his draft picks are soon parted.

            Can we get Howie Roseman (clearly the best executive in the city) to moonlight for the Sixers?

            1. Let me also add this. Why on earth did the Sixers announce their draft strategy? How stupid was that? It’s like they said “Hey, we will let Danny Ainge know what we’re doing and thinking, that will help our leverage.” The less other teams know about what you want and what you are doing the better. WTH???

            2. Howie is certainly artistic in the wheeling and dealing although I’ve my doubts on identifying talent. Klentak isn’t far behind him in finding good value, however.

            3. Joe Douglas was a big loss. He told Howie who to go after. Hope I am wrong, but if I own that team I would have made Douglas the G.M and Howie president

            4. Elton brand was exposed in the Tobias trade He gave up a first round choice, Shamet and the gold pick, unprotected Miami heat pick. next year which could be the first pick in the draft. Josh Harris care for hockey. not basketball.

            5. The Tobias Harris trade was shocking in the value surrendered for a player who was good, not great, and about to become a free agent. It suggest Brand has no freaking idea whatsoever what he is doing and he is clueless about value and how to protect the long-term interests of the franchise. This is on Josh Harris, however – he chose the guy after letting the NBA push him around with the evil Colangelos.

        1. Pache is supposed to be as good as trout, from what I read. Plus they have three tor arms The best might be Muller. 95 plus with great secondary pitches

          1. rocco…Pache may be a better defender than Trout in CF…but his bat will not fet to Trout’s HoF metrics IMO according to how they grade his tool bar.
            Hit: 55 Power: 45 Run: 70 Arm: 70 Field: 70 Overall: 60

            1. Romus not saying he is trout. But he is twenty and ripping up double a. his numbers are off the chart. Braves are set for years with cheap players who are really good. If we had a player like pache this site would be going nuts,

        2. 8mark….they did get caught….and the Phillies picked up Gutierrez in the ‘fine’
          But still…Albies, Acuna, Carmago and now Pache in back- to- back- to- back years!
          And then signing Acuna and Albies to tose long term very team friendly contracts!
          And all that time landing the three…Acuna, Albies and Carmargo for a grand total of less than $500K for all three combined….come on!

  67. The Phillies should stay away from Merrified (who will cost 2-3 Top 10 prospects) unless he is a FA.

    If Cutch comes back the same he might still be lead off and will push Merrifield down in the 6-hole. If that’s the case, Haseley should be able to provide the same production offensively and defensively for a 6-hole hitter.

    The only reason I’m why I will express interest with Castellano is that he is a young FA that can hold value as a trade asset or a good insurance if the young OFs did not develop as expected.

    The rotation and bullpen should be the priority. The bats are pretty much set up except for the CF/3B where Scotty Babe Ruth, Haseley and Bohm can fill.

    1. KuKo……Nick Castellanos is not going to a team as a ‘just-in-case’ player that will get paid probably a minimum AAV of $12M …guys like Sean Rodiguez and Gosselin fill those roles getting paid a 1/3 of that amount.
      Castellanos is a 150 game a year starter…..and just a corner guy and Harper and Cutch look to have that for the next year.

  68. Velasquez will start Saturday, DLS on Sunday. According to Todd Zolecki, Kapler said that due to need, VV is auditioning for a spot in the rotation. Man, if that’s not a cry out to Klentak to make a move. We’re desperate if Velasquez has to be in the rotation. Yeesh!

  69. As ominous as things look right now, I had to sit back and remember the Braves just finished a 10 game (?) homestand while the Phillies were on the road for seven straight. Let’s see what happens now that the Phillies reurn to CBP and Atlanta hits the road.

    1. I don’t like that lineup even a little bit. But I guess it doesn’t matter. Nobody can get a timely hit.

      Could have gained ground on Atlanta who lost to the Nats. A waste of a good outing by Nola.

      1. Couldn’t see Friday’s Phils/Miami game… just espn play by play. Did Quinn really steal home?

        1. Yes but on the back end of a double steal as Harper broke for 2b. It was their only run. The bats couldn’t get a timely hit to save their lives.

          And this bench….Ricky Botallico made a great post game comment – when you have to go to another team’s organization (Miller from NYY) to supplement your roster, you know things are bad. As poorly as Franco has been (if I was Kapler) I would have let him pinch hit. Instead, Miller goes to bat, Mattingly goes to a lefty, and Gabe uses his trusty old friend Sean Rodriguez (?!?!?!?!?!?). I would have called on Franco who at least gets the bat on the ball most of the time. Then I would still have a lefty bat in Miller for later should we tie the game. Another case where Kapler misuses his roster. And it’s not second guessing. I thought this in the moment it happened.

          Yes, I know many people will say, ‘well, he’s learning on the job’. But for crying out loud, he’s got umpteen pairs of lips supposedly assisting him on his coaching staff to tell him otherwise. Or don’t they? And if not, that’s a whole other problem. Dysfunction is ruling this team.

          Kingery belongs at 2b. He’s not a CF and he’s not a 3b. I know, I know….another square peg in a round hole. Fix it, Klentak.

          1. Personally, I don’t think any of the staff tell him anything on their own initiative. I believe he only gets advice when he asks for it.

            1. The computer probably locked up at that point in the game, with all the analytics question Gabe had asked at that point…. the Hardest working player on this team is Gabe’s computer!
              I guess analytics didn’t tell him to us Franco. Smh

              I’m not for firing Kalpler just yet, but I’m leaning that way 65% there. Klentak stays imo as well. His offseason easily bought him another year. I don’t believe you could take the team where it was, and make it a serious ws contender in 1 year. Even with the Great offseason. That is a 2 year job (2 offseason and 2 trade deadline job)

              It is what it is at this point. Kapler needs a 11 out 15 game wins streak … now

    1. On the bright side – whatever position he eventually settles at, if he ever does under this manager/GM – I believe we are watching a star being born. He has the makeup to be a gold glove 2b, catalyst on the bases (he should become a top of the lineup bat) with power (20-25 HRs). .280-.300 BA/.330-.350 OB%/.875-.925 OPS. He’s really the only ‘must see’ AB on the team at the moment.

    1. Arrieta for one, I assume, would be heading out somewhere.
      Maybe a few relievers, Adam Morgan or Hector Neris, would be attractive to some teams.
      Not sure on position players…Cesar?????

      1. Romus the whole team only Kingery as I mention two weeks ago. Cause he is cheap, Any deal should be consider if you really want to be a serious contender next year, Arrieta, segura, bruce, but guys on here don’t want to trade to get better. we are sellers. We had the serious stretch of games and blew it, now we must try to fix the team. right deal Hopkins would go, Cesar, Bryce but no one would want that contract

        1. 8mark…Segura maybe….most contenders have their ss already set up and in place.
          Unless one goes down with an injury…Dodgers’ Saeger seems to have trouble staying healthy lately.

          rocco…’Hopkins would go’…Bernard ain’t going nowhere, he is Bryce’s guy.
          Though Bernard has a hard time in the field at times, he still he solid to have at the clean-up position.

          Arrieta , with the Phillies eating this last half of his salary this season, would be very attractive and may bring back a pretty decent prospect or two…Yankees with all their LHPs would be a buyer perhaps..

          1. Word is Cashman is going hard after Mad Max. He should, and certainly Scherzer is a much better option than Jake.

            1. Depends on what price Cashman is willing to spend on Bumgarner or Scherzer.
              I cannot see Bumgarner…another lefty in their rotation….Red Sox have great RHBs.

      2. You want to trade good relief pitches for prospects. We cant get the ones we have to stay healthy.

  70. How bad is it?
    15-20 in last 35.
    By July 18th, after the Dodgers win the series at CBP, Kapler will probably have been gone, and the team fighting to stay out of 5th place.

  71. Here’s one of my gripes with Kapler…last night he put the hottest hitter (kingery) down in the lineup where he didn’t have good protection.
    Do you think that we would have scored more runs last night if Gabe would’ve kept Kingery batting third? Behind Hoskins…
    I’m Done with this manager! I bet he has very little respect from his players anymore.Sure they have had injuries,but it seems like too many players have regressed under his watch.
    If they either get swept by the Marlins or only win one more game this weekend,I hope that upper management has the guts to fire him!

  72. Cesar would bring even less than when they offered him in the off season. We wasted 2 good outings, one by Arrieta and one by Nola. There is a very good chance we get swept by the Marlins with Vinny and DLS as the SPs the next 2 games. I still have a problem with their whole approach to hitting with men on base. Maybe go with the pitch once in a while, would that be too much to ask?

    1. matt13….players need a wake up call…a new manager….just let Kapler go and bring in Joe Girardi…..why wait, it is going to happen sooner or later.
      Gabe is Ryne Sandberg on analytical steroids.

      1. If/when a change occurs, the replacement will be an analytical manager. The team is heavily invested in analytics, and are going to invest further. Players, managers, coaches, scouts, instructors, etc who don’t buy into it will be among the first to go. I don’t think Girardi is the answer. Certainly not Showalter who lost a series with his best reliever still sitting in the bullpen. They’ll probably go interim with someone internal. Maybe Velandia, who I believe was high on their list during the last season. And then an off season interview process that settles on an unknown analytics devotee.

        1. Jim your feeling is that whoever is the next manager, must be a Analytics guy. When it failed so bad with Gabe. I hope they have a open mind to a guy who could do both, look at analytics and also have a feel for the game. Analytics is so cold, hard way to judge talent imo

        2. Heard good things about Velandia. Not sure what his personality is like. Were they more impressed with Gabe’s smooth talk as a front man for the organization?

          1. 8mark…I do think John Middleton will have a little input into who will be the next manager. He strikes as a boss who lets his subordinates have a lot of autonomy in their job performances, until they screw things up….the old …. ‘we did it your way and this is what is happening, now lets do it my way’

            1. Could be. Klentak’s next hire will likely be his last – except if an interim is named before the end of the season, of course.

            2. We need Middleton to fire MacPhail, Klentak and Kap. Then hire the executive who hires a new GM and so on.

            3. That won’t happen in midseason, Denny. Klentak bought himself time BUT he may be pressed from above to cut Kapler loose.

    2. Moving Cesar for the sake of putting Kingery at his natural position would be worth getting international money for him, or a PTBNL. He’ll cost too much in arbitration this winter. Sell him now. Cincinnati may be buying. Their 2b Peraza isn’t having a good season. Klentak should call the Reds GM. Maybe work a larger package but be creative.

        1. That may be the case, just IMO not sure……according to the CBA…the dead period is from June 15 thru July 2nd….for signing players….does not mention
          trading their signing bonus pool.
          Attachment 46:
          C. Signing Period For purposes of determining compliance with a Club’s Signing Bonus Pool, a signing period shall commence at 9 A.M. Eastern Time on July 2 and end at 5 P.M. Eastern Time on June 15 of the following year.
          The period starting at 5 P.M. Eastern Time on June 15 and ending at 9 A.M. Eastern Time on July 2 will be a “closed period” in which International Players subject to the Signing Bonus Pool system may not sign contracts.
          By way of example, the 2017–18 signing period shall commence on July 2, 2017 and end on June 15, 2018.
          Then it goes on:
          “A Club may only assign its Signing Bonus Pool space for a given signing period during the term of that signing period.
          For example, a Club may not assign Signing Bonus Pool space for the 2018-2019 signing period during the 2017–2018 signing period”

  73. I would first fire Kapler before you make any MAJOR trades..but do it by Monday,at the latest.
    The trade deadline is coming up and you want to see how the players respond,if they do to a different manager in the clubhouse.
    Then I would focus on improving the team for next year if any such trades are available.

    Do NOT trade your better prospects now unless the trade makes you better NEXT year.Sure the team could get hot and contend for the playoffs this year,but we aren’t close to the better teams that will probably go deep in the playoffs!
    If they make the RIGHT moves,maybe next year!

    1. Good news – Haseley begins his rehab on Monday.

      As for firing Kapler, it’s not as cut and dry as we’d like. The implications for Klentak are broader and deeper to just categorically cut Kapler loose. MacPhail said that a GM gets only a couple of hires. He already extended Mackanin then changed his mind. Pete is still getting paid to do next to nothing but watch games for the organization. Kapler was a risky choice to begin with. I’ve never had the sense that MacPhail was fully on board with Gabe. But I’m also sure he allowed Klentak enough slack to make his decision independently. And so Klentak stands, having impressed us and Johnny Cigars over the off season. But does he have enough leverage to fire Kapler considering the circumstances, injuries, etc. He may or may not fire Kapler. First, Klentak needs to be sure his ducks are lined up by doing everything he can to fortify a roster that simply isn’t equipped to contend for anything more than a wild card berth. So, we’ll wait and see….but don’t hold your breath.

  74. I guess the lineup doesn’t matter if everyone but kingery is ice cold. Hoskins did have 3 hits yesterday. This team doesn’t hit homeruns. Crazy.

  75. In 3 weeks, we went from 31/12 up to 41/2 down, an 8 game swing. Pretty tough to do. So, with so much time left, it can be reversed. But it won’t be by doing things the same way. We have 2 AAA level Staring Pitchers starting for us the next 2 games, then 4 with the Mets who always give us trouble. I thought it was a joke that we could be sellers, but I am not laughing now.

    1. As the band Whitesnake say…..And here we go again on my own …Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known
      Looks like the Phillies will chalk up another loss now….Kapler’s days could be numbered.

      1. Romus m8 I bet 20.00 across the board today, on a horse named romus, he is still running ,dam horse was slower than me

        1. rocco….John Middleton should get Joe Girardi in here….stop playing around.
          Team is 56-71…since last August under Gabe.

    1. I was out doing yard work today, checked my phone for The score and I said to myself “they better have WON!” … and well … that’s the division folks. You can’t lose this many games to the marlins and win the division. Focus on the WC, and klentak better not trade any top prospects for an improved postseason attempt/run. This team
      Is not good enough to warrant selling off prospect currency … if the players do t like hearing that … well why don’t they prove the FO & fans that they are! … 5 runs agai st the marlins in 2 freaking games … come on

  76. Cannot blame Vinny, he pitched great, and I thought he would have a problem. I don’t understand why he couldn’t go to the 6th, but that is another issue. Cesar not running is a big issue. I was ok with a mulligan for Segura, on the play where Cutch got hurt. He had been playing well, I thought he genuinely felt bad, and I thought a lot of people over reacted. Then he did it again when Soto dove and that really torqued me. Today Cesar flat out didn’t run on a ball that Granderson clearly was not getting to. Whole inning changed. On 2d, there is no DP possibility, Bryce can pull the ball to get him to 3rd, he scores on Rhys’ hit and who knows what happens. But he didn’t run. On the Manager! I never root for firing people but there are serious issues with this team. Fundamentally poor, no excuses

    1. I want to Cesar benched on Sunday. Gabe needs to set a new tone. I think today it clicked between him and the fans here. He’s a Southern cal guy–very different from Philly. Maybe he turned a corner. I like the guy a lot. He’s definitely better than that refrigerator Ryne Sandberg.

      1. Better yet, I want Cesar traded to make room for Kingery to play his natural position. Let’s purge the roster of guys who can’t think and chew Red Man at the same time. Cesar’s problem (IMO) isn’t or wasn’t (yesterday) a lack of hustle but it’s always been a lack of baseball instinct. His first impulse seems to be, “Wha?” and then he’s a day late and a dollar short. And if Klentak holds on to him, I’m sure his slash line will rise by season’s end enough to command an arbitration figure that I would not pay. Get something for him now.

        1. Let me preface this by saying I didn’t see the play, only going off of quotes and previous play.

          Hernandez said (through Hoskins) that he didn’t see it off of the bat but thought it was foul? Could that be true? Sure. I find it hard to believe that a player who is struggling wouldn’t be looking for the extra base in that situation. And a player that’s never been questioned as far as hustling goes. You can say what you want about his skill set but he’s never been questioned before for other issues.

          1. I’m not questioning his hustle. I said that. It’s his freaking IQ – a skill he’s never developed in his years as a big leaguer. Some things should be instinctual at the major league level. He hasn’t one.

      2. Kapler with better skilled and slothful players….Wins-119 Losses- 119
        Sandberg with young talent-challenged or declining vets ’13-15…W-119…L-159

  77. Last season, the Phillies were 63-48 after the first 111 games before they went into their tailspin. I know the pitching was playing well over their potential but that team seemed to have pretty good chemistry.

    When was it that Klentak started to add Cabrerra, Ramos, Bautista, the 1Bman from Miami and the RP from Toronto? I know they were trying to improve the team, but do you think the changes messed things up?

  78. Cesar Hernandez is really frustrating. Yea he had 2 hits yesterday, but watching him not be willing to bunt down the third base line when the shift has the third baseman playing on the right side of the infield was bonkers. You’re NOT HOSKINS, HARPER, REALMUTO. You’re not a power hitter… So not be willing to bunt there is ridiculous to me.

    Then today he gets thrown out at 2B when the Phillies could have had 1st & 2nd with no outs just because he didn’t slide and did some weird run, then slowdown and tapped the base with his foot standing up.

  79. Now 6-2 Marlins in the 4th inning. If this score holds, swept at home by Marlins. Swept by Washington. 7 straight losses. 1-8 vs NL East over past 11 days. Players clearly not playing hard. Players clearly not playing smart. Injuries all over the place. Lineup isn’t hitting. Base running and third base coaching is atrocious. Young players not improving in general. Young pitchers not improving in general. Veteran players who are struggling have not made successful adjustments to course correct.

    FIRE THE MANAGER!!!! Press conference, 11 am eastern, Monday June 24th at CBP. PLEASE!!!!!!

    1. Bring back Uncle Charlie. He was at the ACC baseball tournament at Durham Bulls Park couple weeks ago looking good. My son spoke with him, he is still vibrant and baseball smart.

  80. I believe the Phillies are now taking applications for anyone interested in being their #4 and #5 starters, as well as long relievers and mop up pitchers. These young arms either have no confidence or no clue, and if they have any guts at all, they lack major league stuff. Injuries or not, I’m sorry but Klentak overlooked the shortfalls of this entire staff. And I doubt a healthy Hunter or a healthy Robertson would have made up the difference. Wow, this is embarrassing. Can’t lay this one on Gabe today.

    And Cesar? Ah, nevermind…..

  81. This is straight up an embarrassment. The only consolation is this is one step closer to Kapler getting canned.

    1. If the Braves win and the Mets win the Phillies would stay 2 games in front of the Nats and only be 1.5 in front of the Mets. 4th place by the allstar base is very real possibility.

  82. We can DFA Cesar and Franco and not be any worse off. They are worth nothing in a trade. What a total fiasco! Seriously, firing Kapler won’t even help. Start with MacPhail. Swept at home by the bleeping Marlins!!

  83. And Kapler keeps running the same stupid, inside out lineup “to shake things up.” News flash, Gabe – it hasn’t worked so put the middle of the lineup back in the middle of the lineup. Get Kingery in the leadoff spot. What’s the worst that can happen. Lose?

    1. Well 8mark….better get Hinkie revved up for next June 2020 draft….Phillies look like they may be headed for a top ten draft position. Middle of the pack now….but the next 6 series’ will be difficult navigating the way they are playing.
      Who knows…they also could be sellers….maybe Arrieta will be dangled.

      1. I’m all in for selling Arrieta, Cesar, Franco and Herrera (once his legalities are final). Let’s see what Haseley has for the rest of the season. Might as well bring Medina up. No sense in trading young talent for a SP now. Let Miller hold down 3b until Bohm is ready, hopefully by August. We all knew last year’s early success was fool’s gold. This year, we got fooled. The organization is simply not ready for the next step. Coaching and development are evidently lacking. There’s some talent but it needs to be used correctly. Let’s all tape an aspirin to our wounds and move on….

          1. I’m hopeful Luis Garcia (who’s been picking up his hits of late) will come around to his projected level of player. This isn’t about ethnicity. It’s about players who get it. There’s only so much talk a coach or instructor can give. At some point, a player absorbs and applies it or they don’t. Top execs and scouts must have that barometer to measure that, and know when it’s time to move on.

  84. Guess who still leads the Phillies in runs scored? (Hint: he hasn’t played in 3 weeks.) That’s how bad things have been offensively.

  85. What a major missed opportunity … to push back WAS after they just swept you and pick a game back on the Braves …

    Well… this season is going right down the drain…. I’m back to watching only on Sundays. I can only take so much pathetic play from overpaid athletes that don’t play hard.

    Cehe and Segura … way to hustle … I know … it doesn’t matter right?

    1. Tac3….Segura is a very talented ballplayer……but, IMO, he is not a ‘core’ player…will not be or ever was….technically now 5 different teams and GMs in the last 8 years indicate to me that he was not going to be with any of those teams as a core player into their future.
      He gives you adequate stats as a starter…not superstar and not utility guy.
      So Gabe should not expect him to be able to go above what he cannot do.

      Cesar…..another enigma, who truly cares, but lacks some basic instincts.

      1. Dead on with Caesar, he is 50 brain dead plays past the benefit of the doubt marker. The no bunt today , mentioned above is yet another example. I’ll give him this … he is twice as smart as herrera. Topped off with Premadonna players not knowing what teamwork is.

        I’m surprised about Segura, from the stats I’ve seen, he was borderline mvp a few years ago, if it isn’t a core player, he should be at least a complementary player. Giving up Crawford for him is a high price imo. I expected better out of him, And JT, and Harper. Nothing that hasnt already been said.

        Best this team can hope for us the 2nd WC. I don’t want to trade squat to help them either. They do with what they got or they go home. There is enough talent on this team if they just execute their career norms.

        1. Agree with you there.
          The talent is there on this team, they need to perform to their capabilities.
          What however concerns me…Kapler and Klentak are fighting for their futures……and if the team does not come close to a playoff, they probably will be gone or lame duck/probation going into 2020….both one their last year of their contracts, and maybe not getting offered an extension.
          So Klentak could very well pull out stops and start trading prospects for a quick fix… one in the Philly fan base wants that.
          It is a repeat of 2010 and 2011 leading to the five year stagnation of atrocious teams.

          1. My interpretation on the tea leaves, is that Kapler is inching towards the hot seat. Getting swept my the marlins, and going 1-8 losing 7 straight, and resembling the free fall last year. I don’t think that Gabe is in a pretty spot. That is just looking from the outside, without any info of what’s actually going on in thr clubhouse. If they did trade Arrietta, lol I bet dollars to donuts he’d sing during the first press conference of the new team

            I don’t think klentak is in any jeopardy of losing his job, not this year. From “Signing Harper” Phillies special, Middleton gives klentak credit for getting Harper to the finish line. For a GM, per Middleton, had a historic offseason, I’d guess he has two years. If the team is doing this in 2021, he gets on the hotseat. Not until then, no matter how much we squawk.

            Kapler is first, by a long shot imho.

            Crawford is 4-5 today with a 427ft bomb … just throwing some salt into those wounds. He has more hits than games played at this point…. 30so/13BB. Looks like he might follow kingery lead. I can’t complain though, I’d still do that deal. I was impressed with Segura, lol when he’s in the game.

        2. Tac you should start your own site. WE HATE CESAR. its all his fault. amazing, the whole team is in the tank no one talks about anyone but cesar. the lously pitching. The bad manager, the non moves by the G.M. its all about Cesar. Realmuto isn’t hitting. Harper has stunk. and why is he batting first. 330 million for a leadoff hitter. Segura non hustle. Hopkins lack of clutch hitting. its all CESAR fault. he hasn’t been good but there is blame to go around the whole team. except for a couple of guys, You just have a hot nut for him and all the other things are okay. amazing

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