2019 Post Draft Discussion; June 17th

As we have in past years, Phuture Phillies will continue posting a 2019 First Year Player Draft thread so we can keep all our draft talk in one place.  This is where I will look for any information on signings you uncover and post in the Comments Section.  If you hear one of our new prospects has signed, please share the link here.

The Phillies draft signings can be found on our 2019 Draft Tracker. As signings are announced, the tracker will be updated.  I won’t post signing bonuses until they are official.  I think I have ten, so far.

The Phillies have signed seven of their nine top ten picks.  #1 Bryson Stott and #3 Erik Miller remain unsigned.

Twenty-one additional picks have also signed.  Last week, a lot of scouts and other team officials were around the Complex.  New players, too.  I learned from one guy who might know, that the Phillies expected to sign an additional five of their draft picks.  Based on the signings already reported or in camp, Stott and Miller would have to be two of the five.  They might then have enough to 1 or 2 of their HS picks and 1-2 of their juco picks.

Of the 28 picks in camp, all who had signed were taking part in practice and work outs.  Friday, Beauchamp (pronounced Bee-chum) and Van Scoyoc were still watching from the side.  Over the weekend, Beauchamp signed. I’ll know about Van Scoyoc when I watch practice Monday.

In addition to the new draft picks, the Phillies have signed a dozen young free agents.

  1. Connor Hinchliffe, RHP, LaSalle
  2. Tyler Burch, RHP Lewis-Clark State College (Connor Brogdon’s school)
  3. Albertus Barber, RHP, Oklahoma Baptist (2018)
  4. Brian Marconi, LHP, George Mason
  5. Sal Gozzo, SS, Tulane
  6. Riley Wilson, LHP, UVA (2018)
  7. Brenden Kudlinski, LHP, College of Central Florida
  8. Josh Gessner, RHP, British Columbia, Int’l FA (to GCL West)
  9. Olvis Genao, LHP, New York Nines, (Carlos De La Cruz’ club)
  10. Jhorjan Guevara, Int’l FA (to DSL Red)
  11. Uziel Vilora, Int’l FA (to DSL Red)
  12. Samuel Aldegheri, Int’l FA (to GCL West)

Some of these guys may have been signed to futures contracts.


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  1. Assuming Stott and Miller sign for slot (and I don’t know whether that will happen or not), the Phillies have just 310 thousand dollars left to sign their day three picks who either haven’t yet agreed to contracts or who have signed, but their money hasn’t been announced yet.

    Herbert Iser (23rd round) is in Clearwater, but his bonus hasn’t been reported. Iser is probably going to cost roughly 250 thousand dollars (my guess). That would deplete another 125 thousand (250,000 – 125,000) from the Phillies pool.

    Chris Micheles (14th round) may end being be a slight over slot sign. I’ll put him down for 150 thousand. That drains another 25 thousand dollars (150,000 – 125,000).

    That would leave Johnny Almaraz just 160 thousand dollars left to sign 6 HS, 1 JUCO1, and 1 college junior. They are:

    11th round Marcus Lee Sang
    12th round Jadiel Sanchez
    30th round Dylan Castaneda
    31st round Shane Murphy
    32nd round Logan Koester
    33rd round Thomas Little
    34th round Jalen Battles

    Sang will take up a lot of what’s left to spend. I’m going to guess he gets ~ 225 thousand. They would mean another 100 thousand gone from the team’s pool, and leave just 60 thousand.
    Sanchez may sign for slot (125 thousand).
    Casteneda IMO is headed to school (Michigan).
    I’m going to guess Koester gets the remaining 60 thousand, and Murphy, Little, and Battles all go to or stay in college.

    1. This is exactly why Matt K. should make a concerted effort every year to trade for either a Round A or B CBA pick ….when you start spending money on QO FAs (Santana and Arrieta last year, Harper this year)…losing that 2nd pick or 3rd in some cases really puts a team behind the eight ball in that top ten pool monies.

      1. This is also why guys like Keuchel and Kimbrel go unsigned until after the draft. The loss of the pool money has a big impact on getting guys picked on day 3.

    2. Jim has tweeted that Thomas Little is in camp, evidently signed. Logan Koester has told Newsday that he’s not going to sign, will honor his college commitment.

      1. Prospect with good size, but time is really not on his side…turns 22 in Dec…cannot afford to go back for his third collegian year at DBU…and he also only moved up one round from 2018 O’s drafting him in the 24th.

  2. I suspect that Stott’s signing will not be announced until the next homestand (but will definitely be announced during that homestand). They generally bring in their first rounder let him take BP with the team at CBP and make him engage is stupid on-air banter with McCarthy and Kruk (while at home).

    Really have not heard much about Sang and literally nothing about the HS OF from Puerto Rico in the 12th.

    My view of the world is that they had deals with Stott, Miller, Sang before they were selected (or they wouldn’t have been selected) and any delays are just about giving the guys some time off. That’s kind of how the Almaraz regime works. They don’t screw up signability.

  3. I’ve heard conflicting info on Stott. The Phillies expected him to be gone before their pick. When he dropped, they grabbed him instead of Player X. At the time they had every reason to expect a quick signing. Here’s where the conflict arises. I’ve heard that he will sign to the agreed upon draft day deal. I’ve heard that he is negotiating for more. And, I’ve heard that he wants more than we have available (even including the extra 5%).

    This is undoubtedly holding up the other signings. If Stott signs at or below slot, Miller and Sang (who I heard have verbal agreements in place) will sign. If Stott holds out for the higher amount (I heard he’s a Boras client), I expect a minimum offer, no first round pick signed, the other guys being signed, and an extra first round pick next year.

    And, yes Thomas Little has signed.

      1. I was expecting the team to only be able to afford one of picks 30 thru 34 (Castaneda, Murphy, Koester, Little, Battles). Even though I felt Little has the highest up-side, I had concluded Koester would be the guy the Phillies would end up getting signed because of Johnny A’s track record with his day three picks from Long Island.

    1. Thanks for the update. Man would it stink if he refuses to sign for slot. Not our fault he fell (unless the asking price is why he fell)…

      1. Perhaps this is where it will help to have Harper being friends with him and his family. Not saying he should sign for underslot but if he’s asking more perhaps having Harper talk to him about it might help. Granted it would likely depend on various factors, what agreement was in place, what was promised by who etc.. Just a thought.

    2. Gotta’ believe Stott will sign. Passing up ~4 million dollars to return to school for his senior season would be foolish and very risky. If, for whatever reason, he doesn’t sign (I just can’t imagine that happening), it’s not the end of the world. The Phillies would get the 15th pick (and the ~4 million bonus dollars that will come with it) next June (in addition to their 40 other selections). The 2020 draft is going to be a much better draft (loaded with high end college arms) than the 2019 edition.

      1. Boras being Boras I assume…he will sign eventually.
        Like you say, too risky…go back for his senior year or over to Japan or whatever ….tear up a knee or an UCL and he is behind the eight ball for a long while.

    3. If the Phillies had a draft-day agreement with Boras/Stott, they should keep that amount available, and go ahead and sign Miller and Sang as per their verbal agreements. This is assuming that those numbers work – that the Phils haven’t over-committed the bonus pool and are trying to talk Stott down from the draft-day number. But if there was an agreement, and Stott is now trying to renege on that, if I were Klentak, I’d sign the other guys and tell Boras/Stott, “This is what we have left. It’s what you agreed to on June 3rd. If you want to renege on that agreement, and go back to UNLV and come out as a college senior next season, that’s your prerogative.” CLICK.

  4. I am no expert at the draft or the draft money pool but i am worried we don’t sign Bryson Stott.
    Money remaining under slot + 5% is $4,825,590. If Stott and Miller sign for slot we would only have $310,490 left and that is not counting Thomas Little or Herbert Iser bonus. So if Stott is asking for #10, 11, 12, round pick money Like Jim mentioned we don’t have enough money. I am curious how they plan to fit Stott, Miller, Little, Iser with the money they have left. Without Stott this draft is a bit of a mess with a couple hard throwing relievers with no command, A couple projects in Baylor, and Mayer and a couple lottery tickets. Stott makes this whole draft class. Like Hinkie said its hard to imagine him passing up $4,036,800 to go back for his senior year I can’t imagine him improving his draft slot by going back since it is supposed to be a stronger class next year but crazier things have happened. Giving Gunner Mayer $242,900 over slot may come back to bite them. Like i said i am no expert and my math may be wrong and its 3:53 in the mourning lol I am just thinking out loud here.

    1. If Stott doesn’t sign at all, they are screwed blue and tattoo’ed. If Miller signed for slot then they would have only $108,650 for Little, Iser and Lee Sang. Let’s hope Stott realizes how much $4M is and that a bird in hand is much better than 2 in the bush.

      1. Little and Iser are already signed. We don’t know what the bonuses are, but if they’re on the field in uniform, they’ve signed contracts.

    2. Joey…relax, he will be in eventually.
      He will miss some GCL/NYPL time I assume, but Boras will get him in,
      And I am sure for this year, the deadline is July 12 at 5 p.m. ET…..so he will sign on July 12th more than likely

      And anyway…all drafts are normally a mess when only 2/3 guys get to the show,

  5. If Stott doesn’t sign its a monumentally bad decision….on his part. Go play your senior season and hope you get drafted in the top half of the first round AND a team somehow ignores the fact that you are a senior with no leverage. The Phillies have more downside protection (i.e. the 15th pick in the 2020 draft) than Stott. I’d prefer him to sign but i’m like 60/40 on it.

    1. I agree with you on the point of sign now. If he decides to take his chance next year, he can get drafted in the first Rd and still be offered a signing bonus of less than 100k. If he agreed to a deal before the draft regarding signing bonus, and is now trying to extract more money from the Phillies, then in my humble opinion it shows a lack of class on his part.

    2. It’s also bad for the following reason – he delays his entry into professional baseball and will likely have one year less of earning power, a year that would likely pay him far more than the hold out amount he might get. It’s just a dumb approach. You don’t make the big money busting slot anymore – it’s no longer the big payday it once was. It’s foolish.

  6. In reality, only HS and maybe JUCO kids fail to sign as 1st round picks. I can’t think of a single true college junior to not sign. I can’t even remember a true college junior picked on day two to skip pro ball. Stott will be in at some point.

    1. … and the minute I hit the send button I remembered Ben Holmes (5th round) and Jason Monda (6th round) from the Phillies 2013 draft class. Things didn’t go well for them heading back to school for their senior seasons. These two guy are absolute exceptions.

        1. Drew was a different time before the slotting system. Going back into the next draft isn’t going to up size of the signing bonus that much unless he jumps into the top 2-3 picks in 2020 which is unlikely…

      1. Only high profile one I can remember was Mark Appel at #8 overall by the Pirates in 2012 but that may have been under a different system/prior CBA

      2. They were the two picks that eventually cost Marti Wolever his job, because he leaked it that they had contact with agents, which every draft pick does, just not publicly. That tarnished the Phillies reputation, and I don’t think Middleton ever forgave him for that.

      3. When Monda turned down the Phillies 6-figure signing bonus, he stated that he intended to return for his senior year and attend medical school. Holmes dropped to the ninth round the following year (2014) and is still in the Miami organization. He spent 2014-17 in the various levels of A ball.

        1. It was still an ugly thing for Wolever to do, basically ratting them out for having contact with agents, which a lot of draft picks do.

    2. Remember last year the SS committed to UCLA who initially agreed to sign for 2.6 million or so but end up not signing because Boras changed the terms with the team and demanded 3 mil with AZ. The kid (Matt McLain) played outfield this year and batted .203. He will likely never see that money again as a college player coming out. Boras cares about Boras and the money he can make.

      1. You are 100% correct on McClain.. I saw him play this year and he may by his Jr. year improve to a 2nd/3rd rounder but IMO he’ll never see a $2.4M bonus again…

        1. i don’t understand why Stott is delayed in signing. The GCL starts next Monday and so are many of the other minor leagues. He is not only delaying his progress but also the other guys they haven’t signed because they need his underslot dollars. Boras is a grade A A-hole and the players who hire him are ignorant. Jason Werth had a scathing op-ed about him that spelled it out. His players can never win because he influence them to be all about the last dollar rather than whats best for their careers or the team. I hate that dude.

  7. The problem with figuring he will “sign eventually” is he is holding up the signing of other draft picks. This is not in a vaccum. I am for the Phillies making their best offer now. If he rejects $4M plus then the heck with him. The Phillies get the extra money and pick next year. It just happened with Atlanta.

    1. For all we know the Phils are offering below slot money and the player wants slot or a little over it. Just be patient, both sides want a deal.

      1. They would have agreed to the money before the pick. Maybe Boras is asking for perks or trying to get more now up to the 5%. He screwed over Matt McLain last year. The bad part is he is holding up the signing of other guys and even his guy need to practice and play this summer to develop and advance levels.

  8. If Stott doesn’t sign, where would the Phillies pick next year? Same spot? If so, what does next year’s class look like?

      1. Thank you. Not terrible to have 2 first round picks…but lets hope that doesnt happen

        1. Well the greatest run organization in baseball, the Atlanta Braves, found themselves in just this situation this past year so it can’t be all that bad 🙂

          That said, I do expect him to sign…

            1. Yeah….he will be in.
              IMO, Boras will not screw over his now newest BFF…John Middleton.

  9. Whatever is going on with the higher picks, it hasn’t slowed the Phillies down. First Little and yesterday Micheles has signed.

    Chris Micheles is a junior, LHP out of Washington. No word on his bonus. The Huskie was the Phillies 14th round pick.

  10. The Phillies have now signed 30 of their 39 picks. With 2-3 more signings expected.

    When teams select players, especially players in the earlier rounds, they have usually had a lot of contact and discussions with said players. Stott was expected by almost everyone to be gone before the Phillies selected.

    Now, on draft day, with an opportunity to select a top ten guy, the Phillies likely made contact and discussed terms seriously for the first time just minutes before they had to make their decision.

    If this was the case, I don’t think it’s a big deal that an agreement hasn’t been announced. This might just be a “getting to know you” period. If there was indeed minimal contact before the draft, I’m sure the player and his family have a ot of questions about the organization. And, the Phillies DO like to make their big splash during a home stand.

    Look at it this way. When I was young, you would go to a dance and if you saw a girl you liked,you would ask her to dance. You didn’t ask her to marry you right away. There was a courting period. I look at this as the two parties condensing their courting into these past couple weeks.

      1. Reports John Middleton’s plane to arrive in Vegas later this week and have talks with Boras and Stott! 🙂
        Just jokin’

    1. I’d guess Johnny A gets 34 picks signed: the 30 already reported … plus … Stott, Miller, Sang, and Sanchez.

  11. Miller is in da house! I saw and spoke with Erik Miller today at the Complex. Miller was the Phillies 4th round pick out of Stanford. He’s a big LHP, 6’5, 240.

  12. My preferred pick at 3.91 signed for $1.2M!! That’s why the Phillies are looking at a different direction…

    1. There you go….almost double Baylor’s bonus of $675K.
      They may have been able to pull it off,, even if they had a Round B pick…70-thru-77…$900K down to $800K approx.

  13. Don’t know if this applies to the Phillies/Klentak, but saw this in Kiley McDaniel’s chat from yesterday:

    Dominik : Why are GMs scouting draft top prospects? Just showing interest? They can’t possibly see more than the scouting director, right? Especially if they are ivy league non baseball lifers

    Kiley McDaniel: You’d be surprised how many GMs are making most of, if not every single pick in the draft

    1. I’m sitting here scratching my head wondering how/why Herbert Iser agreed to a 50 thousand dollar contract as a soph eligible college player. Can that be right?

      1. Maybe he really doesn’t like college?
        Or maybe he really wants to play pro ball?

      2. Age for one….he lost a year and next draft he will be the equivalent age of a 4 year college senior, does not bode well with scouts for projection….also only gained one round from 24 (Os) to 23, so not high on most lists….plus he is challenged making contact, even in DBU’s conference.

      3. Hinkie, i can only assume that Callis and Mayo get the best draft info. I got the bonuses from their MLB Tracker. Certainly leaves the Phillies enough to sign a couple HS picks after Stott, though. (assuming full slot for Stott)

        1. Slott is holding out for more money? can we go over slot for him? Do you think he is that good.? I get confused about the money on draft picks,

          1. No. He is coming in underslot but Boras is trying to get perks and so its delaying the signing of the 11 and 12 pick. You can tell because the 11th and 12 picks are HS guys who are haven’t yet sign because they need to get Scott under slot to use that money to sign them. It must have been agreed upon before they drafted him in the first and then they knew they had the money before they offered the drafted those 2 HS guys.

            1. Great Scott! We seem to slot Stott a lot. Overslot. Underslot. What’s he got? What’s left in the pot? He’d better be hot to trot. If not….

            2. 8mark…very good.
              “He’d better be hot to trot. If not….and yet another flop”

  14. With all the Utley hoopla tonight, my guess is that Stott’s signing announcement and introduction will take place tomorrow (Sat).

    1. that surprised me too. i’m actually concerned that Miller will command at least a $600K.

      1. Yeah … Miller saving the Phillies 50 thousand could help the team sign one of Casteneda (probably not), Murphy, Koester, or Battles. Or maybe it just goes to over paying Stott.

          1. Koester is supposed to play for George Washington U. He probably still will.
            However, last year, Jake Kinney was supposed to be going to Florida State until he wasn’t.

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