Open Discussion: Week of May 27, 2019

The Phillies went 4-3 on the road last week.  They split in Chicago (when they could have gone 3-1) and won 2 of 3 from Milwaukee.  They won both series openers.

The Phils begin another tough stretch with a 3-game series against the Cardinals at home before beginning a 7-game west coast trip that includes 4 games in Los Angeles and 3 games in San Diego.

The Phillies are 31-22 and in first place by 1.5 games over the Braves.

They had 63 hits in the first six games of the road trip.  They were held to one hit , Andrew Knapp’s solo HR, on Sunday.

Last week, I reported that the Phillies had the third best save efficiency at 80%, 12 saves in 15 opportunities.  So, of course, they blew saves in the first two games in Chicago.  They now stand about 11th with a 75% save efficiency (15/20).

The 40-man roster stands at 40, the entire organization stands at 353.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.  Still don’t want to hear about any mythical Trout trades.

Key Dates:

  • June 2, 2019 – DSL Phillies Red begins its 2019 season
  • June 2, 2019 – DSL Phillies White begins its 2019 season
  • June 3-5, 2019 – 2019 Rule 4 Draft
  • June 14, 2019 – Williamsport begins its 2019 season
  • June 24, 2019 – GCL Phillies East begins its 2019 season
  • June 24, 2019 – GCL Phillies West begins its 2019 season
  • July 31, 2019 – Non-waiver trade deadline
  • September 1, 2019 – Roster expansion to 40 players (for the last time)
  • September 17, 2019 – beginning of the Arizona Fall League
  • October 12, 2019 – Arizona Fall Stars Game
  • October 27, 2019 – Arizona Fall League Championship Game

The rosters and lists are up to date. 

5/26/2019 – 2B Grenny Cumana assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
5/26/2019 – RHP Alexis Rivero assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
5/26/2019 – Reading activated RHP Jose Taveras from the 7-day IL
5/26/2019 – Reading placed IF Raul Rivas on the 7-day IL

5/25/2019 – Phillies transferred RHP David Robertson from the 10-day IL to the 60-day IL
5/25/2019 – Phillies placed RHP Pat Neshek on the 10-day IL, right shoulder strain
5/25/2019 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP JD Hammer from Lehigh Valley
5/25/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Ranger Suarez from the 7-day IL
5/25/2019 – LHP Josh Tols assigned to Lehigh Valley
5/25/2019 – RHP Rafi Gonell assigned to Lakewood from GCL West
5/25/2019 – Lakewood activated C Rafael Marchan from the 7-day IL
5/24/2019 – Phillies activated RHP Vince Velasquez from the 10-day IL
5/24/2019 – Phillies optioned RHP Drew Anderson to Lehigh Valley
5/24/2019 – 3B Jose Antequera assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
5/24/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed RF Nick Williams on the temporarily inactive list
5/24/2019 – Lakewood placed C Abrahan Gutierrez on the 7-day IL, concussion
5/23/2019 – RHP Kyle Arjona assigned to Clearwater from Lehigh Valley
5/23/2019 – RHP Julian Garcia assigned to Clearwater from XST
5/23/2019 – OF Danny Mayer assigned to Clearwater from XST
5/23/2019 – RHP Luis Cedeno assigned XST from XST
5/23/2019 – RHP Andrew Brown assigned to XST from Clearwater
5/23/2019 – Phillies optioned LHP Cole Irvin to Lehigh Valley
5/23/2019 – Phillies recalled RHP Drew Anderson from Lehigh Valley
5/23/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated SS Andrew Romine from the TIL
5/23/2019 – 3B Jose Antequera assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
5/23/2019 – 1B Matt Kroon assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
5/23/2019 – Clearwater placed CF Simon Muzziotti on the 7-day IL
5/23/2019 – Clearwater placed C Edgar Cabral on the 7-day IL
5/23/2019 – 3B Luke Miller assigned to Lakewood from GCL East
5/22/2019 – RHP Luis Cedeno assigned to Clearwater from XST
5/21/2019 – RHP JD Hammer assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
5/21/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed SS Andrew Romine on the temporarily inactive list
5/21/2019 – LHP Jonathan Hennigan assigned to Reading from Clearwater
5/20/2019 – RHP Tyler Carr assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
5/20/2019 – RHP Luis Ramirez assigned to Clearwater from XST
5/20/2019 – RHP Austin Ross assigned to Clearwater from XST
5/20/2019 – RHP Gustavo Armas assigned to XST from Clearwater
5/20/2019 – RHP Luis Cedeno assigned to XST from Clearwater
5/20/2019 – RHP Jake Kinney assigned to XST from Clearwater
5/19/2019 – Phillies activated SS Scott Kingery from the 10-day IL
5/19/2019 – Phillies optioned RF Nick Williams to Lehigh Valley
5/19/2019 – 3B Jose Antequera assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
5/18/2019 – RHP Tom Eshelman assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
5/18/2019 – LHP JoJo Romero assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
5/18/2019 – RHP Jake Kinney assigned to Clearwater from GCL West
5/18/2019 – RHP Gustavo Armas assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport
5/18/2019 – RHP Julian Garcia assigned to XST from Clearwater
5/18/2019 – RHP Austin Ross assigned to XST from Clearwater

426 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of May 27, 2019

  1. Is it possible Grullon will get a shot this year to replace Knapp? I mean Knapp has been pretty bad. He just hit his fist HR and first RBI yesterday. Grullon is a better defender, way better arm, better hitter, better power you get my drift. I hope he gets a shot.

    1. No, the Phils pitchers apparently love throwing to Knapp. If healthy, things will stay as is.

    2. Please remember that hitting was Knapp’s strong point in the minor leagues. We all thought he would be able to hit in the majors, but his fielding would be weak.

  2. Really joey. you more concern about a backup catcher who plays once a week at best. over the terrible pitching and Bryce striking out at 40 percent clip and a center field who is hitting 220 amazing

    1. rocco……as bad as is is reported on Nick Williams fielding…I’d still shp Doobie to LHV, bring Williams back for LF and move Cutch over to CF.
      Anyway…apparently may be to late to do that, Williams could be on the market.
      Not sure what is going on right now with him at LHV.

      1. Williams will get at bats at LHV, once he returns from his fiance’s Graduation, and if he hits well I suspect he’ll be traded for a pitcher. It could be a small deal or part of a larger deal. I don’t expect him back on the big club in Philly.
        Cozens’ time with Philly is apparently up also. Out of options and injured for the rest of this year, he’s likely done here. His 40 spot will go to someone else.

      2. Romus, be careful. The Doobie-do’s will jump all over us Doobie-don’t’s if we even suggest that he’s not the future in CF. But Nick Williams in LF with Cutch in CF may be more productive than Cutch in LF and Doobie in CF. His contract has to be the primary consideration at this point because there is no other reasonable justification to keep putting him out there. He’s lost at the plate and needs a road map on the bases and in the field. The league has proven it has figured him out. He hasn’t figured it out in return. If he’s a better glove than McCutchen, it’s barely marginal. Sadly, Williams may be beyond the point of no return. But, if he hasn’t gone AWOL, let’s bring him back up and get what we can for Odubel.

        I still propose Doobie, Velasquez, Medina and Ortiz to Texas for Mike Minor and Shin Soo Choo (salary relief, solid 4th OF, good bat). As for Odubel and VV, a change of scenery may be in order. Plus Rangers GM Jon Daniels has had interest in both of them.

        1. 8mark….you nailed it.
          And lets not forget…Kingery can also play CF.
          But you are correct….VV and Doobie probably could use a fresh start somewhere else.
          If the case….I’d hope Klentak will not sell low.

        2. I don’t mind discussing an alternative to Doobie in center at this point, but Cutch in CF and Williams in LF shouldn’t be it. They’ll give away more on defense than they get on offense.

          There’s not much on the trade market for CF, though. Maybe we could get Ketel Marte or Jarrod Dyson from the D’backs if they fall out of contention. Outside of that, we’d be looking at bounce-back options, or unproven assets. Not ideal for a contending club.

          Doesn’t seem like we have any great options. Kingery might be our best one.

    2. Whoa slow down Rocco Muff. I was asking a legit question if Grullon will get a shot at the bigs this year. Wasn’t listing my top 10 concerns. I have followed Grullon since he was signed and believe he can be a solid backup for this team. If you think I am saying Grullon needs to replace Knapp then the Phillies will be world champions then you are mistaken. Chill bro.

      1. Joey – He’ll be up on Sept 1st. Maybe sooner if there’s an injury at catcher.

        1. Grullon will have to be added to the 40 man……that is still debatable.
          If he is not added he becomes a minor league free agent (MLB Rule 55) in Nov and can go where he wants.
          He has spent seven years in the Phillies system (2013 thru 2019)….so Klentak will have to make another decision and he is forcing his hand with the season he is having right now.

      2. I could see Grullon being a piece in a trade for starting pitching as a trade deadline move. It would be ‘selling high’ on him. If/once he settled in as a back-up to Realmuto, his value in Philly is capped. Before that happens, he could be an attractive 2nd or 3rd piece in a trade for help in the rotation.

        1. Exactly….unless Realmuto or Knapp go down with a season ending injury, then Klentak ought to pull the trigger on a trade in 6/7 weeks…like I mentioned earlier…5/6 teams in the AL -Central and West would surely have a need for a catcher that may have now finally come around at the plate.

  3. 8mark – I don’t think Choo plays the field any more.

    He is strictly a designated hitter these days.

  4. Rocco – Overall, the pitching has been pretty good, but you’re right on about Joey worrying about the back up catcher. As for Bryce, his K rate is alarming, but he’s contributed in other ways. I tend to look at baseball in a different way than most fans. I look at Herrera, Harper, and Franco, and I know what they’re capable of, if only in spurts. Yesterday’s game is already ancient history to me. The next game is the game that I’m interested in. One, two, or all three could flip a switch and carry the team for a couple of weeks.
    So far McCutchen, Segura, Hoskins, Realmuto, and Hernandez have carried the Phillies, and the Phillies are in first place. Despite “terrible” pitching, we’ve won 7 out of our last 10 games (the same as the Braves).
    We need to look at things from a “cup is half full” point of view.

    1. Also, they just had a winning road trip record against 2 of the top teams in the NL. There are certainly individual players that are frustrating but they’re 8-6 in this stretch of games against top competition , still in first, with plenty of time to solve issues.
      You knew on the last day of a tough trip, against a brewers team trying not to get swept at home and their top pitcher going that we weren’t going to win yesterday

      1. Cardinals gave that game away in the 9th.
        Flaherty was cruising….then their bullpen started walking guys..5 in the last two innings..

      2. The braves are a good team with flaws ( bullpen and wether or not their young pitchers are on innings limits or can hold up above their prior innings level ). The Phillies are a good team with flaws ( offensive inconsistency, lack of bullpen depth, need for another TOR starter). They have 15 games left against each other. Anyone’s race. I suspect the one not winning the division will get a wildcard spot.

        1. Sr – The fact that Robertson, Arano, and Hunter are on the IL, tells me that the Phillies have plenty of bullpen depth.

            1. Sr – As long as we’re on the subject, has anyone heard of a possible timetable for the return of the injured players?

          1. And Neshek too. All of our money relievers sidelined. Morgan and Neris have been great with others being good one day but bad the next.

            1. I’m very impressed with Atlanta. This division is going to come down to what team (Phillies or Braves) improves the most at/by the trade deadline. The bad news for the Phillies is Atlanta’s system dwarfs the Phillies farm.

            2. ….and therefore, Klentak will have to be that much more creative in somehow upgrading 4 positions – TOR (preferably LHP), reliable reliever, CF, 3B. Or at least 3 of them.

          2. It also tells me we spent a ton of money and no productivity to show for it. Add Neshek to that list as well.

        2. will be interesting to see how Braves handle Fried and Soroka, who have both been fantastic so far- Fried’s max innings so far has been 118. Soroka got to 150 in 2017 before getting hurt. but they have other young options, and would seem to have available $ to sign Keuchel/Kimbrel after the draft.

  5. FYI – McCutchen can’t played CF every day anymore. He doesn’t have the speed and it will wear him down. Kingery has terrific speed but is just learning out there, having not played there since one year in college. Odubel is our CF I’m afraid, other than spot starts, or at least until Quinn comes back (before he gets hurt again). We needed Haseley but he’s not ready. It’s funny but we have two 4A OFs at LHV both hitting over 300 and who both are solid players. They both are better than Herrera right now but neither is really good enough to be more than a 4th OF.

    1. Kingery played almost 80 collegian games in CF…..mostly all his freshmen year and some in his sophomore seasons.
      Like Glavis….you can put him anywhere between the foul lines and he will be a plus defender.

  6. I think I am going nuts. Arano. hunter. Robertson haven’t help us and that is the reason our bullpen is bad. comeon wawa mike

    1. Rocco – We both know what they’re capable of doing when healthy. I’m looking forward to having a couple of veteran relievers with fresh arms for the second half.

  7. Lets not forget what today is. I want to say thanks to romus for his service in korea ty m8

    1. Rocco – I agree completely. Today is a very solemn day for anyone who has ever served. It’s not a day to get drunk and rowdy. We’ve all lost a loved one in a war.

  8. Remember Darin Ruf? He’s now jacking HRs in Korea. There’s a compilation video of some of his HRs on the Good Phight.

    1. My son is in the Army and is currently deployed in Korea. He was at a Korean major league baseball game the other night and said it was an amazing experience with the crowd cheering actively for 9 straight innings. As for the baseball, he said it was around the quality of A ball (he is a huge fan and knows what he is seeing – if that’s what he said, I trust his assessment is fairly accurate) as pretty much none of the pitchers broke 90 on the speed gun. He also enjoyed watching Tommy Joseph who was one of the best players on the field. All in all, it sounded like a blast and was certainly a nice break for him from his artillery unit.

  9. What if Matt Klentak is a genius? Most observers are saying that the Phillies will need another starting pitcher (preferably a Lefty) by the trade deadline. Most of these same observers said that Pivetta would have a breakout year. What if it’s not too late? Looking forward, He could be that pitcher that we will need for the home stretch. It’s baseball, stranger things have happened.
    On another front, mostly every fan has wanted to see what Velasquez could do out of the bullpen. So far he’s been good twice, and had one clunker. In the next month we’ll find out if two of our major needs have been filled.
    By July 1st, we’ll also know if Herrera and Franco need to be replaced. That’s four players who may, or may not need to be replaced. Kingery could very well replace Herrera or Franco, and (GULP) Quinn is a possible OF replacement. Whether he’s a week or a month away from returning, we’ll know by the deadline
    We all marveled at the job that Klentak did this past winter. Let’s trust him to do what’s needed when the time is right.

    1. Wawa, to me it’s all about improving the starting pitching. If Pivetta can become a reliable 3rd-4th starter, this team is in as far as the division is concerned. But I’m not optimistic about that happening. To me Pivetta, Eickhoff and Velasquez are # 5 starters which means the Phils are outmatched on the hill in about half their starts (as they fall in behind Nola, Arrieta, and Eflin). That’s not the recipe for contention. Maybe Velasquez can become a dominant reliever; perhaps Pivetta can be. Mayb de los Santos. Between now and July 31, the test is whether the Phils an identify or secure the starting pitching to match the competition within the division, the league and all of MLB.

  10. Sad to hear that Billy Buckner has died at 69 from dementia. One of the real pure hitters of his time, unfortunately remembered for one infamous play.

    1. Did Bill Buckner break up a potential Steve Carlton no but bid? I recall that Harry Maddox almost caught it.

  11. Is Matt Adams a viable option for the Phillies? I don’t know a lot about him, but adding a lefty power bat to the bench wouldn’t hurt. Gosselin would be DFA’d to make room, and I don’t think that the price would be “crazy” high. Educate me, please.

    1. MLBTR reports that according to Ken Rosenthal, the Phillies are in fact looking to upgrade the bench. Which should be no great revelation. They would do more than upgrade the bench by acquiring Shin Soo Choo from Texas, offering the Rangers salary relief for a veteran bat who is still producing but well over the wrong side of 30 on a team on the rebuild. And while they’re at it, package Choo with Mike Minor and kill 2 birds with one trade. Adding Choo would actually add depth to the roster. Matt Adams doesn’t excite me unless you get him for a song.

        1. If that deal get’s you both of those players sign me up. I think there are a few other teams out there that would trump that deal for Minor alone.

          1. Well, I would like to move Franco as well. If that’s what it takes. Has Texas replaced Beltre yet? Not that he would be the equivalent but a fresh start may be what the doctor orders for the likes of Odubel, Velasquez and Franco.

            1. And now that Odubel has been arrested for a domestic violence incident at the Golden Nugget, let’s forget it.

            2. If one team offers a top 75 prospect, that would be better than what you’re proposing.

            1. If true, that’s it for me. I was willing to give his “rebirth” a chance, and now I’m just done with him. He can do as he pleases but I’m not rooting for him, I hope he is removed from the team. Bring Williams back to take his spot.

              We have seen him make bonehead plays on the field, plays that question whether he actually knows the game … plays that make McNabb look like a genius for not knowing overtime rules.

              I’ll wait till the facts/full report come out, I’ll give him the process, but it’s doubtful he is innocent, but let’s play it out. Here is what I know, and why I think it’s not promising for him:

              He is a 27 year MLB player, multi millionaire (if he hasn’t blown it) dating a … 20 year old??? The maturity gap between a 20 and 24 is pretty significant imho. Not a smart move imo for someone like herrera to be in that “crowd”, don’t care how smokin she is. Then he possibly beats her on top of it. Hope he gets drilled in 3 straight at bats upon His return.

            2. Tac – not sure how the age thing matters. I’m 33 and when I was 30 I started dating a 21 year old who was more mature than any other female my age or above my age that I’ve dated (maybe an indictment on myself there). I just don’t think you can make a blanket statement like that. Not only that but what does age have to do with him laying his hands on her?

  12. Well the other shoe dropped with Doobie. Again wish they could have gotten something before the season started. If Altherr gets going with the Mets I will really be bummed.

    1. Altherr had his shot. No looking back. Time to settle CF. Kingery probably holds it down for the time being but he fits 3b better IMO.

    2. If true, the door for Williams, just swung open.

      Athletes seem to survive these things so maybe not.

    3. You need to look forward, not backward. Altherr deserved to be DFAd. It’s all on Altherr. Whatever happens afterwards (good or bad), it’s not our problem.

      1. Guru, people lament about lesser things than this on here. Not sure if you are taking this personally but please don’t. I am just one of many who think that Doobie is a burden. I also am just stating the obvious, that if Altherr turns out to be a good MLB CF for the Mets it will be a bummer.

        1. I’m not taking it personally. I’m trying to help you out. If you’re lamenting about Altherr, then likely you’re lamenting about a lot of things. No need to think about Altherr.

          1. No worries than Guru. Please know that I look at Sports for enjoyment, its not my main passion in life. I am just making conversation on something thats fun. However in case it was not obvious, I am not a Doobie fan. And I think we will see Altherr have a better career in the long run. No need to discuss further now but I reserve the right to bring it up again if it holds true. If not, K Serah, Serah

    1. Sheesh. I know in today’s climate they have to report this but I also wish they didn’t have to report this until all facts are known.

      We try too many cases in the court of public opinion these days and it’s eroding “due process”

      1. I think we are only on the hook for him this year. I think the next two are options?

        1. He’s under contract for 2 more years, plus 2 more options/buyouts after that,

  13. Odubel should be headed to the restricted list which means he’ll likely be gone for at least 1 month. If there’s evidence of him assaulting his girlfriend, he’s done for the season and will likely be released at the end of the season.

    I’ve been a fan of his on the field but if he does things like this off the field, he should get cut. There’s no place for that here.

    1. In today’s environment, teams act quickly and sternly when such charges are brought. I wouldn’t be surprised if Williams isn’t in a Phillies uniform as early as tonight and Cutch and Kingery start sharing centerfield.

      1. I’m just talking about the formalities of a situation like this. I seriously doubt Odubel wears a Phillies uniform again this season.

  14. For me I’m happy to be in 1st place but I know I shouldn’t just be happy we are in 1st place. As constructed we are light years behind the Dodgers in the NL and probably 4 teams in the AL. The Dodgers are running an A and B squad. Their B squad likely beats us in a 7 game series.

    As constructed we win this division IMO but should the Braves decide to make a few tweaks that hangs in the balance.

    We’ve done well to climb out of the gutter but now run the risk of falling into mediocre-ville.

  15. dmar I am more critical than anyone on here but get me a tor arm and a closer I will keep our lineup and go toe to toe with dodgers, our offense can play with anyone, we lack that arm in starting rotation and bullpen

    1. Rocco I don’t disagree but how do you get there? We don’t have the prospect currency to make a move and now one possible marketable asset is off the shelf in Doobie.

      1. Romus, just me maybe, but I don’t want Kimbrel pick or no pick unless somehow we can go back in time and have him in his rookie or second years. The Phillies bullpen has been pretty good rotating parts but I just can’t see Kimbrel in any role other than THE closer… which from the Sox games I saw he was no longer shut-down – meaning that the whole bullpen will no longer have rotatable (or whatever the REAL word would be) parts and be significantly disrupted for a result that I can’t believe will be significantly better. Surely we can use the money better elsewhere!

        1. Tricky decision to say the least.
          No team will get the Kimbrel from 4/5 years ago.
          It is a gamble……if they can get him for just the last four months of this season on a one year contract, he may surprise and be dominant …he is rested for sure.
          He may accept this contract if he needs to improve his status.
          My guess however there will be a bidding war of sorts between a few teams and he will get a 2 or 3 year deal from someone.

      1. I would think that in both cases – Kimbrel and Keuchel – a deal has been agreed to and merely has to be made official on June 3. I doubt anything gets leaked for risk of jeopardizing the deal.

  16. I would think that Kingery becomes the CF. No need to bring back Nick Williams, he needs to get straightened out in LHV, and coming back to sit on the bench doesn’t help him or the team. I hate seeing young people screw themselves up by getting into this kind of trouble. I can complain about his play, but I don’t wish problems on anyone. All the facts are not out, and he deserves the benefit of the system playing out, but this doesn’t look very good.

  17. They sign that kid for 56.00 and a pen I heard I cut doobie today. I hate hitting awomen

  18. This development will likely accelerate Klentak’s already reported efforts to upgrade the bench/depth of the big club.

  19. MLB announces that it has placed Odúbel Herrera on administrative leave, pursuant to Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy. Herrera arrested in Atlantic City last night.

  20. Do we see Bour part 2 on the bench ? Maybe when Washington continues its crash we can pick up Parra ? After this Herrera news that means– more so than ever, short of left handed hitting.

    1. RU…Angels sent Bour down to Triple A two weeks ago….so he actually could be back.

  21. In the short run there is no alternative to bringing Williams back. If Cutch and Kingery share CF that will give Williams time in LF. Williams has shown hitting potential in the past. The Phillies have few alternatives. He needs another shot, beyond being just a pinch hitter.

    1. I dunno if I see much playing time for Williams even with Doobie on the shelf. Kingery should get the lion’s share of time in CF. Maybe if you let Cutch play CF once a week and Williams comes in any time another OF gets a day off. But that’s still, optimistically, 2 starts a week, 3 if you’re really trying to rotate them.

  22. Kingery get the 1st chance he has the tools to do it. I would think maybe Adams just because he can play CF, Nick Williams cant play CF Clutch has lost some speed .

    Maybe Philles go after Cargo Cleveland just released him .

    1. Tim….Adams will need to be added to the 40 before he can see CBP.
      Klentak could also be saving a 40 slot for Kimbrel after Monday next week.
      So if adding Adams, that may have to wait.

  23. If the accusations against Doobie are true, I agree with those who say cut him. His play recently doesn’t even make it hurt, but I still would if he were playing well.

    People make mistakes and they shouldn’t be defined for life by one action, but actions have consequences and people who resort to violence, especially against a person they love, don’t deserve to be making millions of dollars.

    I’ll wait to see what evidence comes out, but I’m very disappointed to hear this.

    1. I suppose, since he is not a citizen, if found guilty and convicted of an aggravated felony,he could have his work visa rescinded and deported.
      But when all is said and done……may come back to something similar to the Aroldis Chapman situation. A suspension….and Chapman even fired a gun.
      Addison Russell also got a suspension and went into a program.

  24. Being in LE I can tell you that not much (if any, at times) evidence needs to be shown to warrant an arrest. In NJ a complain of pain (doesn’t have to be verified visually) or saying you were physically assaulted gets the other individual locked up. It’s mandatory. However, from the reports I’ve read, there were visible signs of injury. I’ve never once dealt w a domestic where there was visible injuries and they weren’t from the accused.

  25. On a similar note, I can’t recall what happened w Brett Myers . . . Was it a fight in Boston w his wife, verbal or physical? And what was his punishment? Obviously, he wasn’t banished from the team.

    1. It was definitely physical. But he got no punishment from the team. It was a different time…

      1. Not condoning it, but the incident , as far as I can remember, was not on video. This incident with Herrera is supposedly on video. The he said/she said is harder to prove, not to mention a lot has changed in 10 years. If the same thing happened today, he’s gone,easily vs 3 days of heckling.

        I’ll let this play out, I don’t want to defend Herrera at all, but this is a 20 yr old girl hanging around millionaires in Atlantic City. Not an ideal stage for a 20 yr trying to spend time with BF. Mix in alcohol …Lmao …. hey babe I’m going to go into this club, I’ll meet you back at the hotel room since your fake didn’t pass the mustard like my hair”. Again, I’ll wait to see the full story.

        1. “I don’t want to defend Herrera at all, but this is a 20 yr old girl hanging around millionaires in Atlantic City.” I hope I’m wrong, but it sounds like you’re blaming the victim.

          1. Not a chance, lost in translation. I don’t blame the victim. I’m more referring to the challenges of a couple when one person is over 21, and the other isn’t. Then add the millionaire & celebrity aspect into that scenario. Potential for drama imho. I get the sense that isn’t an ideal spot to be in for the person under 21. Some couples can handle it but it seems herrera & gf are having problems with it. Who knows what the argument was over, whatever it is, no reason for it to escalate to violence.

  26. All Star voting began today but the Phillies and MLB moved to have Odubel removed from the ballot. I believe Kingery replaced him from looking at the Phillies home page.

            1. Why are some people bashing Cesar? He is hitting about .300, hitting and fielding well(most of the time). Is there a better option for the Phillies now?

      1. Every team’s projected starting 8 position players are on the ballot. Not that I even vote. It’s pretty much an exercise in futility and little more than a popularity contest.

  27. Although the circumstances are sad, Nick Williams has been handed a great opportunity. Good luck to Nick tonight, and beyond.

  28. One of the negative side effects of the rule 5 draft is when young players who haven’t fully developed both on AND off the field as they rise to success and prominence. The odds of overcoming adversity are much higher than surviving the limelight as an immature young man. Just a thought…

  29. Didnt notice Pivetta gets the Cardinals and Dodgers . I dont think he lasts 5 ings against either one .

  30. We all have varying opinions but I can’t see how Odubel possibly returns to a) wear Phillies pinstripes again or b) be an impact player at the big league level. A sad tale. Glad to have solid citizens on the roster like Cutch, JTR, Hoskins and Kingery.

    1. Addison Russell is back with the Cubs…Aroldis Chapman is sill pitching in the majors…and he fired a hand gun with the DM.
      After his girlfriend drops carges, at a price, he will then get his 50 game suspension….go to anger management classes with his translator, no less….then be back flipping his bat …..but maybe not in Philly however.

      1. Addison Russell back with the Cubs is a joke. That guy has some serious issues.

        1. It happens.
          Gals drop or withdraw charges.
          Players then only violate the company’s conduct policy and do suspensions and anger management class work and, if there is anything more imposed, they have the MLBPA and their attorneys challenging MLB’s decisions..

  31. Nicks in:
    Phillies lineup tonight vs. Cardinals:

    McCutchen 8
    Segura 6
    Harper 9
    Hoskins 3
    Realmuto 2
    Hernandez 4
    Kingery 5
    Williams 7
    Pivetta 1

  32. So much for the experiment. Here is my issue. I like Pivetta, and I had him having a breakout year. I was wrong. He was sent down for a reason. He did nothing to deserve being brought back up. He was mediocre at AAA, and this is still a merit based league. He should not have been brought back unless he earned it. De Los Santos has been up and wasting away. If there is not enough pitching depth, sign Keuchel for 18Million. It is a miserable night at the ballpark, and this does nothing to develop Pivetta. A mistake.

    1. Pivetta is what he is. The Phillies will either learn to live with him as a 5 inning guy 🤞or acquire a TOR and slide him to the pen. That will be determined no later than July 31.

    2. Pivetta hasn’t improved at all. He’s so wild with his fastball and curveball, I’m not sure even he knows where the pitch is going. He hung a curveball to Goldschmidt, then gave a bp fastball to Ozuna. Then later on, he really lost control 1 inning and almost handed the Cards a big inning. How many times did he even pitch in? If people are ragging on VV for throwing a lot of pitches, he threw 100+ in 5 innings.

      He hasn’t produced at all in the majors (1.6 career WAR in 2.5 seasons), and he didn’t deserve the call up in my opinion.

      You just don’t know what you’re going to get when he’s on the mound.

      1. He could be the best #5 in baseball with the stuff he has.
        But do you want your back-end guys with 95/96 velo that can only go 5 innings,….or the Cubs’ Kyle Hendricks type who barely touch 90 and can go 7 innings.
        He is not a top three on the staff so he will not be a starter in any play-off series unless others are hurt.

        1. It’s all about production. If you’re a #5 pitcher, it doesn’t matter if you throw 95 or 90 if you both stink. The results are still the same. Pivetta has gotten a lot of chances because of his skills, but he looks to be a change of scenery candidate. He just hasn’t gotten it together.

          And Kyle Handricks 17.7 career WAR in 5.5 seasons. He’s a #3 pitcher.

          1. Understand it is about production……and do not think he is a TOR as some suggest.
            But Pivetta is a fWAR3.8 pitcher in 64 games.
            As a 5th…….that would be an average of 1.9fWAR per season.
            I’d be willing to guess there are not a lot of end of rotations guys and also minor league call-ups that fill that slot due to injuries, that will top that.

        1. If all you’re caring about is wins and losses (which is an outdated stat these days), you know his career record is 18-25 right?

            1. Ok, so when Pivetta takes a loss, I want to hear what you’re going to say then.

        2. I can settle for either Eickhoff or Pivetta (preferably Jerad) as my 5th starter. But not both in the long term rotation. Eflin is ideally my #4. Arrieta is #3 if only by virtue of his experience. That leaves Nola as our #1. The task at hand is to acquire a #2 because there are none currently in this organization. Come playoff time, we need 3 maybe 4 reliable starters. Eickhoff and Pivetta should then deepen the bullpen.

          1. 8mark…in the play-offs games are normally scheduled every other day or that one day break after two straight days of games, rarely is there three straight days of games….so all you need are three reliable healthy arms to start.

            1. Understood, Romus. But between now and the playoffs, the Phillies have to make it to postseason play. That takes 4 reliable healthy arms.

            2. Regular season…probably 6/7 reliable and healthy arms….someone or two, almost always goes down for a spell.

            3. I agree for a team just trying to manage its workload through the course of a long season. But for a team with postseason expectations, you can’t just go with a couple Joe Bagodonuts unless the lineup is putting up some seriously crooked numbers from night to night.

    3. Honestly, I don’t think he has been that bad since the called him up. I am not sure it was a mistake to call him back up, especially considering the alternatoves

  33. All hail Cesar!!!! W Harper like power w that shot.
    What’s sad is I bet he would get more all star votes from non Phillies fans. Smh. He deserves to be an all star this year.

    1. My unbiased ballot would have me vote for:

      C – JT
      1B – Rizzo
      2B – Ketel Marte
      SS – Paul Dejong
      3B – Arenado
      OF – Bellinger
      OF – Yelich
      OF – Verdugo

      Marte is an interesting case because he plays CF about as much as he plays 2B, but there’s more deserving OF than 2B. Cesar would be a reserve, along with Kris Bryant and Acuna.

      Freeman deserves a spot, but may be left out due to the rule requiring a player from every team. Same for Rendon, since the Nats will almost definitely be sending Scherzer or Corbin. I’m guessing Conforto will be the Mets’ representative. The Marlins’ only even remotely worthy candidate is Caleb Smith.

      I’ll be interested to see where Segura ends up in the voting. And, of course, if Kingery keeps hitting he’ll force some serious consideration.

      1. Dan – I agree that Realmuto deserves to be a starter in the All Star game. I think that Hernandez and Segura should also be on the squad. Despite his high ERA, Nola should get some consideration if he continues to win. Hoskins is on the bubble, but if he goes on one of his hot streaks, he could make it.

      2. Kingery?!?!? He’s played in 22 games . . . and since his return he’s hitting .259/.286/.370 might want to pump the breaks on him being an all star.

        1. Hence the word “IF” in the sentence. It’s a small word, but a very important one.

          Also note the word “consideration”. No one is anointing him anything.

      3. josh bell in the running at first base, baez 2b/ss, Short Story,Contreras right there with JT. third OF spot up for contention but would take Acuna/Ozuna over Verdugo not really a full time player yet.

    1. Braves lost to the Nats 5-4. Phillies are 2.5 games up in 1st. Does anyone think WAS would trade Doolittle to us? (Didn’t think so…)

  34. JP Crawford is expected to be placed on the Mariners’ IL after being helped off the field last night with some type of ankle injury. Amazing how so many young players’ fragility (Quinn?) will set their development back. JPC was actually producing since he was called up a few weeks ago.

  35. What a game! There was tension until the very last out. It was the type of game that the Phillies lost last year. Once again, the starter gave us a chance to win the game, and the bullpen was huge. There were many discussions this past winter about the Phillies letting Kranitz go and replacing him with Chris young, but it looks like a smart move now. The season started out with the Phils going with a “closer by committee”, but with Robertson, Hunter, and now Neshek on the IL, Neris has emerged as the closer. There is still a lot of debate about whether or not we need to add another starter. The 5 starters at the beginning of the season have a combined total of 20 wins, and we have scratched out 4 more wins from Eickhoff and Irvin. That’s 24 wins out of 32 wins for our starters. Not too shabby. We may still need to add a pitcher at the deadline, but, for now, it’s not a panic move. For me, the 3 games in L.A. against the Dodgers is the ultimate test for the Phillies. Meanwhile, Nola, 5-0 starts tonight, and we’re all hoping for him to go deep into the game, and give the bullpen a rest.

    1. I don’t recall all the pitcher’s arm injuries last year with Rick Kranitz like with Chris Young this year. I hope it was a smart hire.

  36. Wawa Mike, You are correct. Pivetta battled to stay in for 5, and only gave up another hit. He deserves kudos for tenacity, after an awful start, and the Pen pitched great. Cesar has had a terrific 2 months. The point remains that we will need Pitching help by the deadline, and the team that wins the Division, I believe it will be us, is the team that does the best at the trade deadline.

    1. Matt – Remember all winter when everybody predicted a breakout year for Pivetta? I’m wondering if the breakout began last night. If he can pitch as well, or better than Eickhoff, we should be okay. If, (or when), we make the post season, we’ll only need 3 starters because of off days.

    2. The Braves have more from the farm to offer for a TOR which they definitely need. However, we have the money to get a TOR whose on a short term contract with the real probability of re-signing him. It will be a very intriguing trade period leading up to the deadline.

      1. That was the most impressive performance by the Phillies bullpen all year (as far as I can remember). What was more impressive:
        * Edgar Garcia’s slider
        * Ser-Any’ny’s FB
        * Hector’s splitter
        I loved them all !!!!!!!

        We’re now one-third through the season. I still think there’s a good chance Klentak will give a big one-year, pro-rated contract to Kimbrel or Keuchel. Then go out and trade for another arm (starter if they sign Kimbrel and vice versa).

        The Braves have a better farm. They will probably end up with Marcus Stroman. The Phillies will probably go hot and heavy for Mike Minor (if they sign Kimbel). They’ll have to outbid clubs like the Yankees, Astros, and Brewers for Minor.
        I also think Greinke could be an option (if he’s even willing to play here) because he would cost more in money/cap space, and cost less in prospect capital. If it is Greinke, the team will most likely pass on Kimbrel because the two would send them over the cap.

      2. It’s good you bring up money, too, because the Braves aren’t likely to take on a large contract. All the prospect capital in the world doesn’t matter if you aren’t willing to cover the salary of the player you want.

        They could pony up extra prospects to have the other team eat some money, of course, but the higher the prospect cost, the less likely they are to pull the trigger. Should be a fun deadline.

        On the topic of the deadline, the Phils want a lefty bench piece. I wonder if Alex Gordon of the Royals is willing to be traded. He’s hitting well, and he can play CF in a pinch (not that I advise it at this point in his career, but we’re clearly thin on depth there). But I know he loves KC and he has 10-and-5 rights. If he won’t sign off on it, maybe we can get a reunion with Diekman, at least.

        Tommy Lastella of the Angels is another option. Could take over 3B if he keeps hitting the way he has been.

        On the pitching side, it looks like a buyer’s market. There’s a lot of teams playing poorly that have multiple good pitchers on shorter contracts.

        1. Tommy Lastella is making peanuts so everybody is going to be in on him.

          I like Alex Gordon and besides the 10-5 rights, he needs to play everyday. If the Phillies are comfortable with Cutch in CF, I would put Alex Gordon at LF.

    3. Kapler was non-committal on the question of starting Pivetta vs LAD on Sunday. Although he did well after the first inning long balls, I think the bigger issue for management is his chronically high pitch count. The man barely got thru 5 innings. Between him, Eickhoff, DLS, Anderson, Irvin and any other possible intermediate option rounding out the rotation, the bottom line is this – the Phillies are in need of a legit, experienced major league starting pitcher. Preferably a LHP but not absolutely a must.

      1. Keuchel can be had very soon. I still believe that Pivetta will develop into a #2/#3 SP but his place right now is in the bullpen together with Vinny.

        Anderson is also a pen arm and DLS and Irvin should be packaged to acquire a controllable arm or bat.

        1. KuKo….if you believe Pivetta will develop, into a #2 or #/3……he shan’t wait too long.
          The next season, or maybe 2021, would seem to be the latest I suspect they will wait for him to make that next step.
          Some guys do start later……Kluber and Carrasco of the Indians started making their marks at 27 years old. Nick P’s 27th age season will be 2020.

          1. The problem I see in Pivetta is more mental that physical — even with Hamels and Nola, the 5-man rotation has been marginal since the time of the 4 aces and Pivetta is trying to do to much to carry the rotation.

            Bullpen will be an immediate success for Pivetta and Pivetta can carry the confidence to transition back to the rotation.

            1. First things first, Pivetta needs to throw a fastball/curveball that’s NOT a foot away from where JT wants it. It’s a ball out of his hand. He must have did that at least 10 times.

            2. Speaking of JT, I don’t think we can overestimate his impact on the progress of this staff, considering how many question marks there are. He’s gold behind the dish and Klentak had better make re-signing him priority ONE.

            3. Pitching from the bullpen, Pivetta should be able to handle throwing strikes for 1 inning. Preparing to throw 10-20 pitches (in 1 IP) is different than throwing 80-100 pitches (in 4-6 IP).

              Pivetta has the better handle of this pitches than Vinny.

        2. Neshek and Greinke have a feud going on as a result of Greinke refusing to sign a baseball card for Neshek – and from reports he didn’t ” just turn him down.” That could make for some interesting drama in the dugout and elsewhere. IMO – Greinke is a difficult person who has serious issues being a teammate. Other than that— he is arguably a very effective pitcher and a definite 4 hole hitter – this guy can flat out hit and do so with power.

          1. Wow! Neshek or Grienke as team players? That’s a pick ’em. I’ll pass on both. Neshek need not hurry back as far as I’m concerned.

  37. Looks like Stroman is not making friends with his Toronto teammates since he knows he’s on the way out. He just criticized Randall Grichuk’s effort on the inside the park HR on twitter.

  38. DMAR….looks like Haseley will be moving on up now to LHV.
    Maybe Philly in August if he can handle Triple A pitching.

    1. Saw that this morning Romus and I’m excited for the young man. I really came out of ST in defense of Odubel and he really let me down with this incident.

      We can probably get by for a few weeks with Cutch and Kingery manning CF but over a long stretch neither is a true CF.

      I’ve been really impressed with Kingery’s balance at the plate as of late. He’s still a little pull happy but I see him staying back longer and not getting out over that front foot as often as he was last year.

  39. Todd Zolecki
    The #Phillies lose another arm in the bullpen. LHP Adam Morgan placed on the 10-day IL with a strained left forearm. RHP Yacksiel Rios recalled.

      1. It’s an aggressive promotion that I think is partly based on him being a top 10 pick. Rhys Hoskins pretty much spent 4 full years (455 games) in the minors.

        If he gets promoted in May of next year, Haseley should be at around 350 games.

  40. Short term, I’m guessing that Quinn replaces Haseley at Reading. After that, my best guess is Muzziotti.

    1. Muzziotti was injured…did a Bump Bailey into the Jupiter OF wall.
      Not sure they want to rush him back.
      Vierling will probably get the call up..

    2. Muzziotti isn’t ready for a promotion and he’s only 20. One thing folks need to realize is that guys are not promoted based on whether a slot opens above them. That’s largely irrelevant – they’ll find someone to man center – it doesn’t matter. Who cares if Reading loses more games – that’s not important in the scheme of things. Guys get promoted when the team thinks they are ready for the next level. Period.

  41. Hunter and Ramos threw bullpens today and Gabe is confident they will join the team sometime in June. Possibly Robertson who is soon to begin a throwing progression. Arano had elbow surgery yesterday and has no time line. Pivetta will start Sunday at LAD but beyond that remains to be seen.

    1. With Adam Morgan now having some flexor issues going on now.
      Maybe the 10 day lay off will remedy his soreness.

      1. I’m just confused that they didn’t call up Austin Davis. He’s a lefty, and has pitched much better than Rios.

        1. Maybe they wanted a RHP for the Cardinals’ Goldey, Ozuna , Molina, Martinez and Dejong…five of their big bats who all hit right handed

        2. True but with the turnstile system they’ve employed with the young arms, they may just need Rios tonight for matchup reasons (??) before sending him back down tomorrow and bring Davis up. Who knows….???

            1. Romus, the real jinx is when Joe Giglio says that the guy pitching against the Phillies is the type of pitcher they should hit. And then they don’t 😠 Tonight, I believe the Cards are throwing some young lefty unknown. So….

            2. Yeah….is rather bothersome when some guys make those predictions and statements ..and they rarely come about.

    2. 8mark – Last time out, you might say that Pivetta was only so-so. I would. If he pitches the same way on Sunday and the Phills win, is that good enough to give him another look? Nola is back, but the rest of the staff seems to be evolving. Can Arrieta string 5 good games together? I doubt it. Is Eflin having a break out year? We’ll find out Saturday. Can Pivetta and Eickhoff continue to keep us close enough to win half of their starts? I say yes, but only because the Phillies offense will keep us in every game.

      1. Wawa, I have no problem with keeping Pivetta in the rotation until the trade deadline comes. I don’t see much that concerns me as a #5 other than his chronic high pitch.

      2. Ya there staff are all good pitchers but none of them are consistently good. Could say it’s due to youth but all six (including Velo) have been pitching fir more than a couple years in the bigs so it looks like they are what they are. The good news is we have the hammers like we did back in 2008 so you can overcome a mediocre starting staff with a great hitting lineup. They just need one or two starters to get hot at the end of the year like Cole did in 2008 and the rest to be decent like Moyer. Myers, and Blanton.

  42. Irvin started today and threw 3 scoreless with just over 30 pitches. Then, they took him out. Is it because he hadn’t pitched in about a week? Did he come up lame? Was it an audition for a trade? Anybody hear/read anything about it?

    Leftwich came in and gave up 4 runs (2 walks and 2 hits) in one inning. He is really struggling at AAA!

    1. I posted a possibility on the minor league thread that perhaps they are priming Irvin to be long relief (especially with Morgan out) for Sunday’s game against LAD, which is a heavy lefty lineup. Just a thought…but it’s also possible a trade is in the works. I know trade smoke doesn’t appear until closer to the deadline but I’d like to see Klentak be preemptively moving and shaking to solidify the pitching staff and bench.

      1. You’re not going to see trades now because the other team can get multiple offers closer to the trade deadline. Let’s put it this way, if you’re the selling team, you would wait closer to the deadline unless somebody blows you away with a crazy offer.

        If Irvin is not hurt, then there’s a decent chance he comes up in relief, especially with Morgan out. Although Irvin vs Bellinger might be dicey. Bellinger vs anybody might be dicey.

        1. Yeah…for the most part, the only transactions you will see for the next 4/5 weeks are DFA waiver claims or minor league signings or call-ups.

  43. Quinny struggling to get back.

    Matt Gelb
    Victor Arano had surgery on his right elbow yesterday. An arthroscopic procedure, Gabe Kapler said. No details on severity or timeline. Also, Roman Quinn was sore and will be tapered back.
    4:09 PM – May 29, 2019

  44. So we have Hunter on the IL, and Neshek, and Ramos, and Morgan, and Arano, and Robertson. How long will it take this organization’s leadership to understand this isn’t fantasy baseball? You can’t pitch and/or warmup almost every night and not get injured. This is on the manager.

    1. It’s also on the manager when he pitches the other guys to give his better options a night off. And apparently when his players don’t hit or pitch well. Or when they act poorly. Or when the team loses.

      Managers are apparently the most important people in baseball. The only thing they aren’t responsible for is wins.

    2. I’m not a fan of kapler’s bullpen management but can’t put the injuries on him.

      Hunter didn’t get out of ST, and neither Robertson or Neshek were overused.

      A look around the league shows that injuries to pitching is not unique to the Phillies

  45. I think we can move forward without expecting any contribution from Roman Quinn. I was always a big supporter, but I am over it. We need to go get a bench player who can PH. We are the worst in the league in Pinch Hitting. There will hopefully be some good choices. Doesn’t Greinke have an aversion to pitching in a big City? Am I mistaken, hasn’t that been an issue? Or is he just a surly individual? I don’t see him coming here. And, haven’t the last 2 games been 2 of the best games we have played. First the BP pitched great, then we got some great hitting last night, and an excellent performance from Nola despite the rain delay.

    1. You remember correctly. He suffers from anxiety and doesn’t like to play in big cities. That plus his feud with Neshek makes him a questionable fit at best.

      Fortunately, the pitching market will be rife with options. It’s just about identifying the best fit for us.

      And yes, it’s amazing how a struggling opposing club can help us feel better about our own. I couldn’t stop laughing last night when they were talking about Kingery’s swing on his homerun and they didn’t even get to finish their sentence because Franco crushed his.

      1. As much as the Phillies have issues with certain players, people don’t realize that other teams have pretty much the same issues or worse.

  46. Lovin harper’s hustle play last night. It is exactly what I want to see from a 330 mil franchise player. Doing all the little things right, even if he is “slumping”. In hindsight, MM would not survive in this town, no doubt, but Harper has a chance to thrive. After a 3rd of the season in the books, I can’t complain about Harper. He is doing what winning players do. He makes his teammates better while keeping his head in the game. Johnny hustle would never make that play last night. If he did, he’ll would freeze over. Fans can grip on his SO totals, and missed fb, but he is producing with men on base, in addition to gettin walks. I’d expect the SO to trend down, for various reasons. No buyers remorse for me (not that it was my money). Harper is playing above expectations for me. He needs to go one of his cyclical hot streaks for it to stay that way, but all in all fans should be very happy with him imo, SO & BA included

    1. Cool thing about Harper, as he’s just getting warm, he’s already on pace for nearly 120 RBIs.

      1. What I love about him is he has that Utley grit and determination. People like that are catalysts. I remember what Pete Rose did for the Phillies and the beauty with Harper is he has 6-7 more years of prime if he stays healthy.

      2. 8mark – The Phillies always seem to have a couple of men on base. They could end up with 4 players with 100 RBI’s. That hustle play last night tells me a lot about his desire to help the team.

        1. @8mark – I believe we will see another gear or two from Harper in his prime years, and of this is near his low for the next so many years, I’ll take it.

          @Rem – not being a homer, but BH has the grit/it factor in spades. Fair to say he is this gens Rose/Utley. He has been must watch for me, even on the SO.

          @wawa – nice to see desire shine through, hard to do for 162 games, but it is pretty evident with a few guys on this team. This offense is near the top 5 in baseball, an all star like year from herrrera would’ve really boosted them, but Cehe and Kingery are nice surprises

    2. liked the hustle, but thought the motivation might have been the 200th career double? and i do cringe when he does that, thinking back to Trout and others missing significant time with thumb injuries from head first slides. I’m content in last nights situation with him holding up at first and having a 6-1 lead and a healthy Harper.

      1. Spot on RAEF he looks right up after he gets time and asks for the ball. Maybe I’m in the minority but I kind of don’t like that. Who goes up to the plate knowing their next double is their 200th sheesh these youngsters.

        Williams not in the LU again and he shouldn’t be. He should be in AAA playing everyday and one of the 4 AAA guys should be called up for the bench role.

        1. DMAR…just wait….6 more HRs for 200…if at the park….Liberty Bell will toll 200 clangs! 🙂

        2. Are you kidding? They all go to the plate knowing what their numbers are, what’s the next milestone they can reach, etc. And it’s not a new thing. You don’t think a guy like Pete Rose was ultra-focused on his stats?

          Part of what makes these guys tick is the desire to reach the next plateau, move ahead of someone on a list, etc. If that gets Harper to stretch singles into doubles, I have no problem. It’s only a problem if the pursuit of numbers becomes more important than winning games and I don’t see evidence of that…

  47. Any chance the Cardinals can stay in town for another week? Would love to accumulate another six or seven wins.

      1. They are a mess right now. I think blowing that ninth inning, three run lead to the Braves on Sunday night may have sent them in to some sort of baseball depression.

        1. Let’s hope the Phillies haven’t “packed their bags” for LA so to speak and let up on the gas pedal today. The elite teams put the opposition away when their foot is on their neck.

  48. Ryan Madson is the pick-up I’d like to see for the BP. He got attention this off-season but didn’t find the right offer. He’d be fine in a set-up role which is how I would use him. I’d like Kimbrel but the Phils don’t seem all in and Madson would be a decent fall back. Madson’s FB actually ticked up a bit in ’18. Give Ryan a welcome return to Philly and a chance with a contender.

    1. I liked Madson when he was a Phillie but he’ll be 39 in August. He had a poor year last season and you have to wonder how much he has left in the tank, especially at that age.

      1. His ERA was bad but a lot of other metrics were fine. His FB till had pace and conditioning was never his issue. Somebody will pick him up and it will be considered a head’s-up move. Wish it were the Phils but I’m not counting on it. When’s the last time they scooped up a veteran who then exceeded expectations?

      2. That Washington scene last year was a disaster for him and many of their other relievers….not sure why their bullpen struggled so much last year.
        But he has reasonably maintained his velocity sitting 94-96.
        If he has anything in the tank maybe sign him to a minor league contract and see what he has at LHV.

  49. Digging into Haseley a little more. April was abysmal, but overall he really put up good numbers in AA across 2018 and 2019:

    PA: 336
    Batting Average: .290
    K rate: 14.6%
    BB rate: 11.0%
    BABIP: .315

    He hit about 45% better than the league average during his time in AA. He deserved the promotion to Lehigh Valley.

  50. Hammer is pretty impressive I like that kid and he’s got a great look…

    BH is El Fuego which means Rhys and JT better get ready to feast!

  51. Can’t win them all. Also can’t give up 4 HRs, but a couple of more clutch hits and we still could have won. Still awful in the pinch hitting area.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, this was a winnable game. It’s not like the STL pitching was lights out. Plenty of opportunities from the top of the lineup while the bottom came up small. Lots of runners LOB. A sweep would have been sweet. Disappointment despite winning 2 of 3. The Cardinals are free falling and we gave them a boost. Gotta go for the kill. Harper showed up today. Few others did.

      1. Cesar and Kingery have LOB of 7 and 4, respectively, hitting behind Rhys. Hudson IBB’d Rhys twice and prefer to face Cesar instead. This is where JTR could really help hitting behind Rhys.

          1. Agreed , hard to complain about Cesar.s recent performance at the plate.
            Cant always get the big hit

          2. I’m really surprised no one brought up the Kingery base running blunder the one you learn in Little League…

            tongue in cheek stirring the pot commence excuses!

            1. @DMAR – nobody is complaining about anything considering how the Phillies played during this tough stretch. However, it is just fare to point out some missed opportunities —- long balls and LOB doomed the Phillies yesterday.

              With the game still within reach, I initially got worried when Kapler put Rios to pitch in the 9 IP.

        1. True but day game after a night is perfect time to give him a rest
          It’s a long season
          Need to keep him fresh
          Cesar’s been terrific lately just not today

          1. Sr,,,Cesar and Jean Segura, though he did have that IL stint a few weeks back.

            Segura’s career splits indicate between the 4th week of July thru end of August he is at his lowest offensive production….then rebounds in Sept.
            Hopefully Kapler studies the analytics to be prepared for that happening.

        2. The Cesar supporters are probably the most sensitive people on earth. They just assume that whenever Cesar has an off day, people will trash him!

          I didn’t see anybody that say Cesar stinks last night other the person who is supposed to be his biggest supporter.

          I agreed to 8mark’s comment that there are missed opportunities yesterday particularly the number of LOBs — this is more on the Phillies missing JTR rather than Cesar/Kingery being bad.

    1. KuKo:
      A TJ Rehab Chart Milestone by days:

      TJ Surgery Rehabilitation Milestones
      Milestone…. Average Days
      Throwing… 153
      Mound… 303
      Bullpen… 326
      Live Hitters… 394
      Game…. 431
      Game, Same Level.. 568

    1. It doesn’t matter to me how many different drafts there are. Lump them all together for all I care. But the idea of trading draft picks is long overdue to be tabled by the league.

    2. Anyone that knows me as a poster here knows I’ve been clamoring for an Int’l draft for many years…

      Guess its one of those things that if it makes too much sense people will be afraid of it.

      1. DMAR…Latin MLB players threatened to strike if it were implemented 3/4 years ago. And of course some Buscones in the DR were also against it.
        The one country primarily against it ….players and reps from the DR….which has the largest contingency of foreign players….and which had most of all the PED and age discrepancy issues.
        Maybe pure coincidence, the subject of the draft is not brought up again in the middle of the FBI and Grand Jury investigation of MLB teams in their foreign player talent acquisition, the Dodgers as the prime example….I think this has prompt Rob Manfred and other team execs to push for this draft and I am sure the Latin players will not object this time around….especially when the FBI may be making overtures for this to happen to prevent nefarious dealings in acquiring Latin talent..

        1. I would laugh when I heard they would strike. It was a bluff let’s be real. How would the domestic players support them? Ah they wouldn’t

          Because the domestic players are held to a different set of rules so either every amateur is a FA or every amateur is subject to a draft.

          F the buscones that’s like saying let’s not legalize prostitution because it will PO all the pimps.

          1. DMAR….political correctness in today’s world has people doing things that would seem to be illogical.
            1. Domestic players would side with their Latin teammates under public pressure…not wanting to be callously bigoted. Then you have the ‘domestics’ of the Machados and Almoras and Lindors…all Rule 4 draftees but of Latin descent….they were on board also.
            2. The Buscones….not sure why they even have a voice in the matter other than the fact they will steer kids away from certain teams to teams with big pocket books.

            But if the feds are actually involved now… will be surprised how many come around to the idea now of an inter. draft..

            1. Perhaps Romus. I’m not a PC guy. PC is the equivalent to Round-Up we invent something to kill something in nature we find inconvenient or bad and then it turns around and leaches into our ground water and starts giving us cancer.

              Bigotry is bad. You won’t ever solve it by trying to police it or by weaponizing it.

              anyone with a modicum of critical thinking skills should come to that conclusion!

    3. There should only be ONE draft. The Rule 4 draft should include both domestic and international prospects. MLB can combine the Rule 4 and J2 money pool so the prospects drafted can get more $$. Any undrafted prospects has the option to sign with any team or wait for next year’s draft.

  52. Could be a tough weekend in the standings
    We’re at LA while braves are home against the tigers

  53. Couldn’t find the draft discussion thread so I’ll post this here. MLB’s latest mock posted this morning has the Phillies taking Baylor catcher Shea Langeliers with 3b Kody Hoese and SS Gunnar Henderson as backup possibilities. First time I’ve heard Langelier connected to the Phillies.

    1. I’m sure by now they have their board set and they probably have 6 players they project will be there at 14. If you listen to how others do it they will argue it out over the weekend the order of those 6.

      They are probably also on the horn with that many agents scoping out the financials so it makes sense that new names will start to leak out.

      Of course there is always the provision that someone they rank in the 1-13 range slips.

    2. Although I’m not ready to say that Johnny A. drafted poorly in Rd 1. I hope he changed his approach in Rd 1 this time — instead of drafting for hit tool, try to draft a Nola-like profile — college arm that is considered a safe pick that is projected to be close to be MLB ready — one of Manoah, Thompson and Kirby can be available at 1.14.

      On the other note, Aaron Nola appears to be the most valued pick of 2014.

      1. Yup – in what seemed, at the time, to be desperate last-gasp effort by Amaro and company to quickly turn the team’s fortunes around and quickly (like really quickly) rebuild the farm, in 2014 the Phillies all but abandoned high school talent (to the point where it was kind of crazy) and just took college players. But, ah, two of those players were Nola and Hoskins – thus making it a great draft. Marti Wolever’s next-to-last stand.

        1. It can be better if Austin Davis developed into a solid reliever.

          It’s still mind boggling to me when McPhail said to grow arms and buy bats and yet, Johnny A. keeps investing low ceiling bats with 4 Top 10 picks!!

          1. Agreed on Randolph and maybe Moniak. But Haseley looks to be a very solid pick and Bohm has a pretty high ceiling as far as I can tell. I have not been a big Johnny A. fan, but I want to be fair in my assessment. He also drafted Kingery and Howard – so he gets points for that.

            I am more disappointed by their drafting one control pitcher after another. The Phillies don’t need to groom 10 different 4 and 5 starters. Waste of time and assets. You need to draft some risky guys with projection.

            1. It is just my observation, Johnny A. appears to draft “safe” in the 1st 3 rds (where most top prospects with no signing issues are drafted) and take his chances on late Day 2 and Day 3 picks. Pipkin I think is the only true high risk/high reward prospect that Johnny A. drafted outside Rd 3.

            2. rocco…..stop the soft-tossers!
              The hi-velo 90 guys are not low hanging fruit you know.
              Its not like on pick 100 or after there is that HS/college arm that sits at 97 just waiting for the Phillies to pluck him from the tree.
              Don’t you think every GM and their Scouting Directors are thinking the same way when it comes to pitchers.

          2. STL has been drafting Nola-profile players with their 2013-2016 late Rd 1 picks – Gonzalez (traded for Tyler O’Neill), Weaver (traded for Goldy), Flaherty and Hudson – all providing good results.

            Agree with Bohm, Haseley, Kingery and Howard although I have to say these prospects are there to be taken regardless of who is drafting — or simply saying that most GMs will get a pretty solid prospect with picks 1.3, 1.8, 2.48 and 2.45.

            1. I really, really, really love to see the Kevin Gowdy pick to work out. I’ve been a believer up to date, but the 10.7 BB/9 has been very concerning.

              I’m upbeat with Kingery and Howard — they might turn out to be Almaraz shining moment.

            2. KK – I go way back with the Cardinals, and have reluctantly admired them for their drafting, and hiring great managers.

            3. @romus – I’m not trying to assess STL’s overall draft but only point out that STL has been drafting Nola-type arms with some of their late Rd 1 picks and these Nola-type pitchers turned out to be valuable.

              I’m sure that most teams have ups and downs with their drafts (HOU busted on Appel and Aiken as 1.1 picks, etc), but there are some philosophy within the drafting strategy that’s worth pointing out.

        2. Can’t you leave me alone as I did draft many key players who are on the current roster?

  54. Knappy boy is turning 28 this year and has been bad. If the Phillies want to keep Knapp because he’s a good clubhouse guy, his best role is a pinch hitter, a back up 1B (or DH) and an emergency C. Grullon who has been good defensive and improving offensively should be developed as the back up C. JTR should play most games and can taken out when the game is already decided.

    1. Due to no lack of effort (I think Knapp is a super hardworking player), Andy Knapp just hasn’t developed into a decent hitter notwithstanding his being a switch hitter swing that is to die for (really, it’s just about perfect). The guy just can’t make contact with MLB pitching enough to be a starter or perhaps even the back-up catcher. He’ll be around this year, but Grullon will be aching to take his place by next spring or perhaps even this September. Grullon has become a very relevant player in the Phillies’ farm system again.

    2. My guess is that Knapp, Franco, Williams and needless to say, Doobie will not be returning in 2020 (that’s if they’re still here later this summer). It would be great if somehow they could be included in a package for something of value, but Williams and Knapp have virtually no value, Franco may appeal to a rebuilding club, while Doobie will be a hot potato for any team looking for a reclamation project.

      1. The 40-man is still going to be tight after 2019 so Klentak will be forced to purge non-performing assets. I can see a bunch will be traded for Cash or PTBNL.

        Grullon, Mo Llovera, JoJo might be protected and decisions will be made on Faltey, Randolph and other players in AAA/AA.

      2. 8mark – I’m not trying to confuse you but my full name came up on a couple of responses. Mostly, I agree with all but Franco. The performances of Franco and Kingery for the rest of the season will decide Franco’s fate. The biggest advantage that Kingery has is his ability as a Swiss army knife player.
        If the Phillies release Herrera, and he signs with another team, are the Phillies responsible for 100% of his pay?

        1. Odubel’s contract is guaranteed. If he is released, and signed by another team, I think the new team would only be on the hook for the MLB minimum salary (~550 thousand dollars) if they wait for him to pass through waivers before signing him. The Phillies would pay the rest of his money. This is me typing this off the top of my head. If someone finds different info, feel free to correct me.

    3. KK – I like Knapp’s intangibles, but think that he’ll be challenged for the back up job next spring. Agree with you on JTR, but Cesar should never bat 5th again. Believe it or not, I would have rather seen Knapp in the 5 hole yesterday.

      1. If JTR is not playing, I rather see Cesar leading off and move Cutch down in the 5-hole. Cesar is a good hitter but he is not made to bat in the heart of the order.

        I like Knapp intangibles too, but those intangibles may not contribute to winning the WS. They can keep Knapp as one of the coaching stuff if the want but the Phillies need to have better players in the field.

        1. I should say…”but if they want to win, the Phillies need to have better players in the field….”

      2. Thank you. Cesar is having an outstanding season. And that is mainly due to the fact that he’s been placed where he is most productive – down in the lineup. Agree that even when other starters are getting a blow here and there, leave him between the 6-7 slots. He’s definitely not a 5-hole hitter.

        1. Cesar’s success is mainly from the lead off spot or down in the order – Kapler should keep it that way.

  55. There’s a report out that the Phillies scouted Alex Colome of the White Sox. The odd part is that the Mets, Nats, and DBacks were also scouting him.

  56. Once the draft is over, I expect to see a lot of trade activity earlier than usual for 2 reasons:
    1 – the new hard trade deadline
    2 – it should be a buyers market so “selling” teams will be more inclined to accept good offers sooner rather than drag out the process and risk the lost opportunity of getting an adequate return for their trade chips.

    1. I agree that the hard trade deadline is will drive trades earlier but I think it actually works to the benefit of the selling teams vs. the buyers because there will be more teams that are still potentially in play for a WC spot in July.

      Those teams on the fringe who once waited into August and then shopped the contract dumping aisle will now be forced to decide which way they want to go earlier. They will be under pressure to stay in contention which adds more buyers into the market. Also, teams that do fade will no longer be able to add additional players into the market in August so that supply goes away. As a result, waiting until the last minute becomes a much bigger gamble and there should be more teams still shopping or at least not selling.

      The real advantage it to those teams that already know they are out of contention.

        1. If Toronto doesn’t come away with at least 3 top 100 prospects, their GM should get canned at the end of the season. It has already been leaked out that they want young prospects to grow with Vlad Jr.

        2. I can see ATL to be in play for Stroman. ATL has the young arms to entice TOR. It will be nice if Klentak can re-acquire Giles for Vinny-Eshelman and the rights to Mark Appel – but TOR will just slam the door on him. Aaron Sanchez can be a good target, but it will cost at least Medina-Haseley and another Top 10 prospect.

            1. Stroman is still ARB eligible in 2020 and ATL is projected to have <$70M in committed contracts in 2020 and going forward. ATL will not be a big time spender like the big markets but they are not cheap like the small market teams.

              ATL current roster is built thru the farm so they will have payroll flexibility to keep an expensive player besides Freeman.

    2. Klentak has been a busier GM in the off-season than the regular season
      However, now that the Phillies are in first with a loaded lineup ready to press forward to try to get into post season play….July may be the first time he will have the opportunity to make multiple impact moves.

  57. He added all those bats last year. I expect him to add a SP, BP help, and a legit bat off the bench. I not only think we have to, I think Klentak will.

  58. I predict Keuchel will sign with the Yankees. It’s SO them to get a guy like him. Kimbrel will sign with the Astros.

    1. With Keuchel, the Yanks could run out a rotation with 4 straight lefties in anyone series.

      1. is that a disadvantage against a RH heavy lineup like the Phillies? BOS and HOU top hitters are RH too.

        1. Yes…that was a missed opportunity
          But who would have ever thought a mediocre journeyman former Pirate pitcher who in 8 years in Pittsburgh accumulated a total of a -.9bWAR .would amount to what he has in the last three years in his mid-30s!
          I mean when the Phillies did trade for him in Dec 2015 (David Whitehead) there wasn’t any hype over the trade at the time.

          1. the only hype about Morton is that he is imitating the late great Doc Halladay (RIP). But after his injury playing for the Phillies – Morton became a much better pitcher and the velocity jump despite of the age.

            1. Oh man, Charlie Morton, please don’t get me started on him. This is all about scouting your own players. I started posting here about his improved stuff the spring he started with the Phillies. It was lights out. Why was nobody watching? Why did they let him go when they could have kept him? Why did they think Clay Buchholz of all people would be better? Scout your own players!!!!

        2. check it out rocco:

          roccom December 12, 2015 at 12:43 PM
          Well 9 million for this guy, God I wish I could pitch. His numbers stink, but in todays game not much of a gamble. Only one year and maybe flip him for something down the line.

          1. Romus on a philly site it says Morton has a penile implant. and it help his velocity. I cant figure out why

  59. I’m not sure if everybody know that old friend Jesse Biddle was DFAd by ATL 2 weeks ago, then eventually traded to SEA. I’m actually hoping that Klentak took a chance on Biddle – although the command is still spotty, Biddle’s stuff as a lefty pen arm looks good.

    ATL has a lot of good arms in the farm that they need to DFA Biddle to create roster space.

    1. Eflin is now on the IL, so lefty Irvin is there to limit Seager/Bellinger/Verdugo/Pederson damage

    2. Yorba Linda is right outside of L.A. He’s going to need a couple hundred tickets.

      1. Spencer Howard’s father will also be at that game tomorrow night….I wonder if he will be wearing a Threshers’ 31 jersey!

      2. I would guess the Phillies won’t use Velasquez tonight. They may need him to go a couple of innings tomorrow.

        1. Can we please dispense with the “well, we’ll be fine with what we have” talk? The Phillies need a LHP. Probably two, but let’s get one. The Dodger batters are salivating….

          1. We don’t stand a chance against the Dodgers in a playoff series throwing righties at them. 4 HRs last night. The LA hitters look a little too comfortable at the plate if you ask me. Righty or lefty on the hill, that needs to stop.

  60. Hopefully Edgar Garcia and the Hammer can come in a give this bullpen a shot in the arm……now that Arano’s done for the season and who knows whenever Roberstson, Hunter, Morgan, Neshek and Ramos can get back out there, the two rookies would be a blessing for the pen if they can produce.

    1. Agreed. We need to develop more difference making players from our farm. The Dodgers are a great example of a team who has done that than put pieces around them. We added a lot of pieces on the hitting side and I guess they were hoping that Robertson would have been one in the pitching but…. I guess the good news is this is the first year we really have started going for it with adding players to make a champion. The Dodgers have been trying for how long? I remember Kershaw back in the 2008 and 2009 series. Looks like this year might finally be his year. At least his team is in that zone. The Phils might get there this year if some more folks come up from the farm and we also get one or two impact folks from outside but at least we are trending in right direction.

      1. I was hoping that Arrieta would have cranked up another good game last night. I’m sure that the dodgers are good enough to do that to any pitcher. I’m not sure If Jake is anything more than a #4, .500 pitcher at this point in his career. The Phillies lost their second game in a row last night, but the Braves lost their third In a row. Today, Cole Irvin faces Clayton Kershaw 5-0. Irvin grew up in Yorba Linda and will have a large contingent of family and friends at the game. Realistically, I’m hoping the kid doesn’t embarrass himself. He’s won 2 games against the Rockies and Royals, but got thumped the last time out by the Cubs. Cross your fingers today.

        1. I would consider Jake to be a 3/4 pitcher which is fine. He’s on track to be around 3-4 WAR, which is obviously not elite, but hard to replace.

          That Dodger team is probably more scary than the Cubs lineup. All those guys are looking to hit HRs. They have 5 guys with OPS+ over 100. But their rotation is underrated. Ryu has broke out and the other pitchers are keeping the games close.

        2. Wawa, there’s still speculation that Gabe may go with an ‘opener’ tonight. Not sure whether it’s more strategic to open with Irvin or a RHP. LAD will probably still lineup lefty heavy no matter what so Alvarez in the 1st, then VV for 3 innings, then Irvin? Let’s get a W in LA and go for 2 in SD. 3-3 road trip will make me happy.

  61. It is apparent that the Dodgers brass has chosen a bevy of left handed hitters to face the league’s majority of right handed pitchers. I thought the Cubs lineup was tough – Arrieta could only hope to get to the 7-9 hitters as the rest were killers ! Dodgers only weakness is the bullpen. Only saving grace was Garcia looked sharp. Hoping to win only 1 game in LA.

  62. I agree with 8mark. It is great that we are giving a bevy of young guys a chance to start in the Majors, but the next order of business has to be a left handed SP> The Dodgers are better than we are as things stand, hitting throughout the lineup and SP wise. It would be nice to not get swept however.

    1. Matt – Matt – Not getting swept would be nice. The upside to all of the pitching injuries (starters & bullpen) is that the Phillies are getting a good look at what the system has to offer. The biggest upside is that the Phillies are evaluating these young pitchers while holding on to first place. Klentak is very aware that he’s got better pitchers returning from the IL very soon. He has the entire month of June to decide whether or not he needs to make a change or two. In hindsight, Corbin is 5-3, ERA 3.46 for the Nat’s. It’s okay, but not worthy of the money or years that he was asking.

  63. Arrieta is going on the IL.

    He’s got whiplash on the

    left side of his neck.

  64. Nick Williams. I have absolutely no clue as to why he is on the major league roster. Starting once a week does him no good whatsoever. I don’t get it. I would try to see if we could get international money for him.

    1. Agreed. I wish him well, but he’s not a bona fide major league player and I don’t see the projection or what he brings to the team. I think he’s there because he’s the best they’ve got right now. I can’t possibly see him being on the roster on, say, July 15.

      FYI – the Phillies aren’t close to the Dodgers right now. The only way I see them beating the Dodgers is by having Aaron Nola dominate and they acquire a top tier starter at the trade deadline and all the hitters go nuts – but I don’t know if the extreme expense (in prospects) for a top tier starter would be worth it for a very outside chance to beat LA. Right now, I think the Phillies are a good team, and probably a playoff team, but I’m not seeing a WS team, let alone WS winner in my midst. Also, I don’t think the Philles are as good as their record. I predicted 91-95 wins – that’s still pretty close, but I’d guess on the low side of that and perhaps even below that.

      1. I mean, he’s a former bat-first top prospect who was an above average hitter through his first 800ish PAs and is only 25. It’s far from crazy to think he’s got more upside, as bad as his 70 PAs spread across 42 games have been this year.

        He may not have a place on this team but he should have value for some. The question is how do the Phillies maximize that value.

        1. That’s the problem. They aren’t maximizing anything. For some reason, it’s not in their DNA to maximize the value of marginal players if only to help in the trade market.

          1. Understand Tigers and Blue Jays are looking for young OFers with upside.
            Williams fits that bill if Klentak were inclined to look into it.
            But as you mention, .he is not proactive in that regards in maximizing any return for marginal young players that have the potential to develop in the right setting.
            He seems to be just a bit myopic when it comes to the complete and total vision for long term acquisition of amateur talent.

            1. Romus – Maybe Klentak needs to study History. The Von Hayes 5 for 1 trade for example.

            2. He misses many smaller minute opportunities that could turn into something special.
              Every increment of international money …be it the lowest scale of $250K or up to $1M ….is important.
              Trading for CBA picks is another opportunity that he does not wish to explore.
              I just do not get it from a supposedly adept analytical GM guy.

    2. 8mark – I was hoping that Nick would flip the switch after his latest call up.

      1. I’m all in on the move. They’re also using Cole Irvin (another LHP).

    1. Will Nick Williams be joining his old pal JPC? I think it’s reasonable to think so since Bruce would be taking his role.

    2. I guess it all depends on how much ch salary they are willing to eat. If we eat it all maybe a not critical mlb piece ( NW) and average MILB piece. If they eat some I imagine at least one good piece.

    3. Should not be much. Bruce is expensive and Seattle will be happy to shed the contract

    1. I’m ok with Jay Bruce, but he’s stll owed total $20M+ for this year and next. He won’t be playing much, so all this money for a part time player?

      1. I think he would play against most RHPs. Cutch in CF. Yes I know a lot of people panic over the idea of him out there. He may have lost a step but he’s better than Odubel in my opinion. And watch as Kingery begins to assume the bulk of the time at 3b when he’s not in CF vs lefties. And when Bruce isn’t starting, he would be our top bat off the bench. I like it. The question is how much, if any, of his salary the M’s pick up or do we take all of it with a lesser return to Seattle?

  65. Better yet, how about Bruce for Herrera?

    It’s going to have to be something good

    to take on the remainder of Bruce’s contract.

    1. I doubt very seriously that such a transaction would be permitted while Doobie’s situation is unresolved. And no team is going to take on that circus so soon anyway.

  66. Agree with 8mark – I believe Doobie is on ice until his situation is resolved – and then he runs risk of being out for 50+ games, I believe. No team would want him under these conditions, or right now – any conditions.

    8 games left at AL team sites to use the designated hitter. Detroit 2 ; Boston 2 ; and Cleve 3 – in that order. So if Bruce is acquired, he is the dh for those games – that still leaves alot of open dates, and/or left field play ???? Also, because he is owed so much $$ he has little or no trade value – I would imagine DiPoto is going to want a lottery ticket in exchange — UNLESS — FO also asks for a pitcher, either starter/reliever as well – then the “ask” price can escalate. In the crazier things could happen column – Kyle Seager has been dreadful for 1 year and 2 mos., is owed a ton of cash, but remains a youngish “former all star” and Gold glover. Include Mikey in the deal too and absorb all that financial cost ??? Just say’in – Phils went all in over the winter – they ain’t about to stop now……hang on – the deals are coming.

  67. Have to assume Williams will be going West and Bruce taking some games in LF in Philly when he gets here..
    But also in exchange for that contract…hoping Matty garners the 76th pick ($800K slot money) Round B from them or at least at a minimum $750K international money.

  68. Again – in the DiPoto trade market – maybe, in the category, “you can’t go home again,” Matt K asks for Jesse Biddle as a throw in to sweeten a Bruce pot ? Better yet, in the unlikely to happen category, acquire Mallex Smith to play CF – he is a 25 year old Roman Quinn knock-off but succeeded with Tampa Bay – and is a highly capable .7 WAR fielder and rocket on the bases – but unlike his “knock-off” he isn’t always injured – better yet, swap Quinn for Smith. If Gerry wants to get rid of that Bruce contract and get some younger talent – he is going to have to sweeten the pot. That’s why the deal was “announced” but is not completed…Matt K is playing it tough.

  69. More I think about it – Mallex Smith could be a Lonnie “Skates” Smith knock-off !! Now there was a whale of a player ! Same skill-set, without the balance issue.

    1. Mallex Smith……has yet to reach the Mendoza line with a 28% K rate but he does scare people when he gets on the bases.

  70. We sit here, day after day, discussing trades that we’ve made up in our minds, and Klentak throws us a curveball. For me, Bruce would be an immediate upgrade over Williams. Getting a chance to play on a contender could rejuvenate Bruce’s career, and a fresh start for Nick could be all that he needs.

    1. Now your man Matt Klentak needs to get us starting pitching soon as the relievers coming back will solve the bullpen. I feel that Matt Klentak is not a great GM and benefitted immensely from a wealthy owners pocketbook. The Jean Segura trade was great but in retrospect the Ken Giles deal was a bust. Most other trades are meh or average material.

  71. Austin Riley with another HR…man the Braves just seem to bring up one prospect after another.

    1. We have to spend money on guys, cause we cant draft. the braves if they had money would win ever year. They are a excellent team when it comes to draft

    2. Yes – it pisses me off that the Braves, Dodgers, Nationals, Yankees, Red Sox and Astros ( and now the Padres too) churn one guy like this after another through their system year after year and we just kind of limp along. I hope this pissing Middleton off too – Fix this already.

  72. Stop with the future….it is now. You don’t commit the resources this team has and not go the final step. You can’t buy players now – you have to trade for them – and eat contracts etc. because our team has the $$. They will commit and go forward – whether it is successful is another issue – who can foresee the future. Mallex Smith is an elite defender, and capable of stealing 30 bases, and hitting .260 with a .310 OBP or higher from this point on… Doobie going to do that ? No longer…..Smith’s stats support a future…more so than Quinn or Doobie at this time…

  73. According to Ken Rosenthal, the Bruce deal is nearing completion, medicals, final details. Sounds like Seattle will send some cash but Phillies will pay most of his salary and send a minor leaguer to the Mariners. Klentak with a shrewd move if you ask me.

    Now let’s go get that TOR.

    1. 8mark…you wanted Minor….maybe get him now at a lower cost…..his last six starts in May have been half and half…..three starts under 50 Game Score and 3 starts over 60 GSc. So the price tag could get lower if he starts to trend down.

      1. The Phillies used 6 relievers in last night’s game. I’m assuming that Irwin will be sent back to Lehigh, and De Los Santo will be promoted for today’s game. Has anybody heard if this is the Phillies plan?
        P.S. – I hated the bullpen game yesterday. The game was tied at 3 in the ninth inning. What would Gabe had done if the game went 14 innings or longer?

        1. Wawa, I sincerely believe Gabe manages for the outcome in 9. I was going to mention that earlier this year. IMO by the 10th inning most of his resources have already been allocated.

          1. …….of course starters who only go 4 or 5 innings contribute to the situation, but his propensity to over manage is the main cause.

        2. It likely would have been PIvetta.

          And yes, I’m not a fan of the “opener” starter.

    2. Which Jay Bruce are you getting? The one who had a horrible 2018 or the good 2019 version? If he continues like this year than it is a good deal.

    3. I have mixed feelings on Jay Bruce. If the other team is eating a big chunk of the salary (like close to half – next year’s salary is a pure drain) and the prospect cost is minimal, it’s fine if he’s used in doses and pinch hits. He does offer an attractive DH option.

  74. Whit Merrifield is reportedly on the trade block. Now THAT is an attractive contract to take on.

  75. The only issue I see with Whit is then the Phils would be locked in with 6 RH hitting regulars for 2+ years – Hoskins, JTR, Segura, Kingery, Whit, and Cutch. I’d prefer to see them add a LH hitter that could play 3B or CF.

    Klentak had a great off season but imagine if he had the foresight to give up on Odubel and Franco, packaging them for a starting pitcher, plus signing Moustakas and Brantley. How good would this lineup look:

    1 McCutchen CF
    2 Brantley LF
    3 Segura SS
    4 Harper RF
    5 Hoskins 1B
    6 Moustakas 3B
    7 Realmuto C
    8 Cesar 2B

    1. BuddyB…spot on.
      I wanted Moose from the start and he is relatively cheap for two years…then Bohm would be starting to make his MLB mark.
      Brantley….just was not sure what he would bring…..did have some injury issues in 16 and 17.

    2. I would agree that Merrifield and Kingery on the roster would be a bit redundant.

    3. Buddy – Baseball executives don’t have the benefit of hindsight like you and I. They roll the dice and hope. After the first month of the season, Franco was the best 8-hole hitter in baseball. After the second month, not so much. During the winter, could Klentak have possibly seen that Herrera would play so badly? Not to mention the other baggage. At least half the fanbase felt that Kingery should be at AAA to start the season. Who thought that Harper would struggle ,but still be able to help the team? For that matter, who saw that Nola struggle, and still be the best pitcher on the team?
      Baseball is an unforgiving game. When a GM makes a move, or doesn’t, somebody will always second guess it.

      1. And that’s why I don’t talk about hindsight. You’re never know what’s going to happen. So arguing about trading/waiving Franco and Herrera in the past is a waste of time. We’re at where we’re at, so we have to deal with what we’re going to do now.

  76. How do the Phils get their hands on Chapman from Oakland? Does Medina, Bohm, Williams, Franco, and a lower level prospect get it done?

      1. He’s a great player. But the Phillies will be fine. They will figure out the outfield and Kingery can play third and then in about a year and half Bohm will probably be playing third. And, by the way, their problem isn’t hitting, it’s pitching. Hard pass on shipping away more farm hands who we will need later, especially at an area that is covered.

    1. Subtract Williams and Franco for maybe DLS or Haseley and that’ll be close enough to get the conversation started,

      But that’s a steep price and you gut whatever we have left of our system.

      This is a Ruben Amaro type move.

  77. Looks like the Jay Bruce deal is complete. The Phillies were the only team willing to absorb the bulk of Bruce’s contract. So expect a lower level lottery ticket beng sent to the Mariners. This pretty much guarantees that Williams is headed back to Lehigh. And with Bruce under contract for next year, it’s going to be a crowded OF situation, even if Kingery takes over 3B.

    1. I think this will result in Kingery becoming the primary third baseman (and, for this reason, I get the move). I expect him to get a good 60% plus of the third base ABs once Bruce settles in and especially once Quinn makes it back to the big leagues (for all his injuries and limitations, he’s a much more useful player with much more upside than Williams).

      As for Oduble, if and when he get back, every day will be like a test for him – he better get used to major league life, part 2. It’s not going to resemble the cushy part 1 he saw – at least not at first.

      1. Odubel, or should I now say, David Herrera, will be under a microscope… is a small list of the latest so far of MLB players involved in domestic abuse:

        Aroldis Chapman … 30 games
        José Reyes …51 games
        Héctor Olivera …. 82 games
        Jeurys Familia ….15 games
        Derek Norris Remainder of the season 2017 (Sept)
        Steven Wright ……15 games
        José Torres ……… 100 games
        Roberto Osuna …. 75 games
        Addison Russell ……. 40 games
        …guys like Puig, Sano and Urias were charged but due to other circumstances did not receive a suspension….but I am sure they are on the watch list now.

        Doobie is charged with a simple assualt…if she drops the charges which is a possibility, I do think he still gets suspended

        1. Romus, I think all of his pre-baggage will ensure he never wears red pinstripes again. The fan base won’t buy it. Middleton won’t okay it. Over.

          1. But if she drops the charges, and he cannot be traded to a ‘wanting’ team right now, then according to the CBA/MLBPA he gets reinstated after serving the suspension and treatment protocol is completed.
            Phillies can still try to trade him but look what Theo went thru with Addison Russell.

            1. If Odubel has any options, he’s getting sent down once he gets reinstated. I doubt we see him until September, if that.

    2. Pitching has been a major issue for Seattle in 2019. The club’s 5.21 ERA is second-last in MLB and Mariners hurlers have accrued a combined 1.9 WAR according to FanGraphs, good for 27th
      They may want a pitcher in return…..Tom Eshelman or Drew Anderson are my guess…their scouts know DLS sine he was in their system, but I cannot see Klentak giving him up..

      1. If I’m the GM of the Mariners and I’m in full tank mode, I would rather take a lotto ticket than those 2 guys you just mentioned.

  78. Williams belongs back at LHV. He needs a chance to play every day. Maybe he can regain his stroke, but right now he has no trade value unless some team sees a glitch that we are not picking up, and he has no value on the 25 man roster.

  79. Press of AC says Phillies will pay just $2.75 million for Bruce this year and next as Mets are paying part of this year’s salary from their trade last year and Mariner’s are picking up a bunch.

    Doesn’t say what Phillies are giving up in return.

    1. Frank…cash and a minor leaguer is all that has been released so far as returning to the Mariners..
      Also saw that about what the Phillies will pay….I think that is in error.
      The Phillies will take the bulk of Bruce’s remaining $21.5 million in his contract with the Mariners, USA Today reported……also adding there wasn’t another team willing to assume as much money as Philadelphia during talks involving Bruce.

        1. Frank..yes I saw that , then I read Bob Nightengale’s USA Today report.
          I think the math in one of their reports may be off.

          1. Might be.

            Heck, I know my math is usually off.

            Math isn’t one of the core journalistic skills.

    2. Jake Scheiner for Bruce and around 18M, so it looks like the phils will be on the hook for about 2.75M or so.

      1. Solid move for very cheap. He has always hit well here from what I remember. Kind of a Geoff Jenkins type pickup in 2008

      2. That’s about as low risk as moves come. Good luck to Jake, but he seemed pretty redundant for us.

      3. Well, there you go. It was Jake Scheiner and not Williams/Franco/. That just goes to show what little value those guys have. The Mariners would rather have a 23 year old (24 in August) player who has a .687 OPS at Clearwater.

        1. I’m not sure it’s a reflection of how little value they have, rather than how little leverage the Mariners had. Supposedly the Phils were willing to absorb the most money, and that amounted to less than $3M. So what was every other team willing to eat? Nothing?

          If the roles were reversed, I’d pay the entire salary to get either Williams or Franco rather than Scheiner and 3M. I don’t think that was on the table.

          1. You have a point, but the Mariners are in full tank mode. Why trade for Williams or Franco when you know what they are i.e NOT part of the solution. If they’re not part of the solution for the Phillies, why are they are part of the solution for the Mariners? Not only that, they’ll be playing every day and maybe win some games for you when you’re trying to secure a top 5 pick.

            And personally, I think Franco and Williams were on the table. The Mariners probably passed on them.

            1. In the worst case, they could do the same thing they did with us last time; acquire an asset with the express purpose of trading THAT asset too.

              Williams and Franco don’t have much value (Williams has more than Franco, I imagine). But I don’t believe they have less value than Scheiner. Jake is less than two years younger than Nick and in A+. At least Nick has had some success in the majors and AAA recently.

              But regardless of all that, I really don’t mind this trade at all. It didn’t hurt us and it could potentially help significantly.

  80. BTW, watching Reading game on TV while on an airplane. New WiFi system by American Airlines. The old GoGo system didn’t provide live video.

    1. The GoGo system sucks. Bought it for the length of the flight and only gave an hour. And the connection is not great.

        1. Really you must be a real wachoo, if a joke makes you react like that,you have to be a democrat omg cant even joke on here, amazing

  81. Once Bruce arrives, Maikel is going to lose 3B to Kingery. And next year, you wonder if Maikel might get cut since he doesn’t have position flexibility and making at least $5M.

    1. Bruce has a .294 average hitting in CBP – no other breakdowns available. He hits better in CBP than any other field according to sources.

  82. Hererra can be sent to LHV if I am not mistaken, correct?

    I assume that he has a few years left to go up and down.

    Hey, the Red Sox are still paying Rusney while he’s in AAA.

    1. ciada…I think you are correct Doobie is not out of options, I believe he still has at least one left, maybe two, just not sure if two. The rule states , when a player is added to the 40, a team has 3 option years on that player….and a player is considered to have used one of those three when he spends at least 20 days in the minors in any of those 3 seasons.

  83. We look like we are just not good enough. The Dodgers are the class of the NL and seem to be a level better. Pivetta pitched great VV didn’t. He is too deliberate, does not have command and it is torture watching him pitch. Of course you never win when you score zero, and Hill seemed to out smart our hitters, not beat us with great stuff but great placement.

    1. matt13…..we now have Jay Bruce coming. Things could change.
      I just hope he has more production in his bat than the former Mets the Phillies picked up last year.

    2. I don’t know what’s going on with Rich Hill, but I don’t remember him like that. He was throwing 90-92, and the Phillies were just not seeing it at all. He was getting swings and misses and caught looking, it was a flat out embarrasing performance by Phillies hitters.

  84. Do players on the 40 man roster who are not in the majors make more money than the other minor leaguers who are not on the 40?

    1. Yes……..basics from the CBA :
      “:Only major league players are unionized, and their collective bargaining agreement sets minimum salaries for players on 40-man rosters: $545,000 for those in the major leagues this season, $88,900 for 40-man roster players in the minors signing at least their second big league contract and $44,500 for 40-man roster “…Mar 23, 2018

      …so a raise to $89K

    2. This was what it was in 2015 before the latest CBS…..all salaries did increase a few % points.
      40 Man Benefits include but are not limited to:

      …$41,400 minimum minor league salary for all Players signing a first Major League contract without having at least one day of Major League service
      …$82,700 (now $88.9K) minimum for a player signing a second major league contract without having at least one day of Major League service
      ….Enrolled in the MLB Health and Wellfare Plan
      There is no charge for coverage for active MLBPA members an their eligible dependents
      ….$450,000 Life Insurance coverage
      ….Players are entitled to first-class airfare for any travel that is required or directed by the Club

  85. Good point Romus! And we have relirf Pitchers who are not Major League players! This 8th inning is an embarrassment, and Jay Bruce may be a nice pick up, but we need more help. And, on a day when Nick Pivetta pitched great, what a debacle. I knew the Dodgers are betterr,I didn’t want to get swept.

    1. That was the best I’ve seen Pivetta throw in 2 years. He had command of BOTH his fastball and curveball. He was around the plate. He needs to keep it up for the rest of the season.

        1. not blaming Gabe, but as soon as Cesar hit that two out double, you knew the walk to Franco was coming to force his hand to pull Pivetta, and with Gosselin hardly worth it. Dodgers have such an advantage with their bench right now- we got to Gosseln, they go to Freeze. glad to see now not many $ for Bruce so room to further strength the bench and of course the pitching staff.

      1. Maybe he is coming around.
        Last 11 innings…6 hits, 3 runs, 2 BBs and 15 Ks.

    2. Matt – This is what generally happens after a bullpen game. These past four games have been reminiscent of last August when Gabe panicked.

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