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Threshers Recap – 5/17/2019

Recently, there was a discussion regarding fastball velocity in the Comments Section.  I have long avoided posturing on one side or the other.  I have often been concerned for the young men I meet at the Complex who either don’t have or don’t develop fastball velocity above 90 mph.  I’ve listened to both sides.  How low velocity is a tough thing to overcome.  And how pitchers like Maddox, Glavine, Moyer, and a few others past and present were/are able to get by with low-velo fastballs.

Well, tonight I saw an example of why velocity is very important.  Our pitcher threw strikes. A lot of strikes.  And he got pounded.  He’s reputed to have decent command, but a sub 90s fastball. Continue reading Threshers Recap – 5/17/2019