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Threshers Recap – 4/30/2019

I visited the Complex today.  There were 3 games being played, two against teams from the Detroit organization and one against a travelling team.  I could only stay less than a couple hours before a recent injury started to bother me.  I hadn’t been to the Complex in over a month and I spent a lot of time talking to old friends.  Here’s what little I saw.

First, an Extended Spring Training Roster was available (2019 Extended Spring Training Roster).

I recorded who was playing with which coaching staff (Williamsport v. the GCL staffs) but I’m not ready to guess if these will become permanent assignments.  Luke Miller hit a HR while I was talking to one security guard.  I watched Jake Kinney pitch an inning.  His FB was 88-91.  He threw a slider and showed a CB on the last pitch I saw.  I cut short a conversation with one of Clearwater’s finest when Jaylen Smith took the mound on Roberts.  He pitched well. His FB range was 86-89.  Curtis Mead came to bat while I was there and with a shift on purposely poked a ball through the 3-4 hole into RF.  I got into a discussion with a scout from Baseball Prospectus.  He told me that Kyle Glogoski was shipped to Lakewood.  I haven’t seen the transaction, but I think he was charting during the Lakewood game.  That’s all, intrasquads tomorrow, but it’s my 20th anniversary.

Clearwater (11-14) beat Fort Myers, 3-0 in Alec Bohm’s Advanced A debut. Continue reading Threshers Recap – 4/30/2019