Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #27- Will Stewart

Will Stewart has been selected the #27 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Stewart received 29 of the 164 votes cast (17.68%).  Cornelius Randolph received 28 votes (17.07%).  Matt Vierling received 23 votes (14.02%).  Dominic Pipkin received 16 votes (9.76%).  And, Tom Eshelman received 10 votes (6.10%).  Sixteen guys shared the other 58 votes.  

The Phillies selected Will Stewart in the 20th round of the 2015 Amateur Draft out of Hazel Green High School (AL).  He signed on June 16th.

Stewart made his professional debut with the 2015 GCL Phillies.  As a 17-year-old, he made 12 appearances and tossed 20.2 innings.  He posted a 1-0 record and a 4.79 ERA.  He was almost 3.5 years younger than his competition and walked 15 batters (6.5 BB9) while striking out 20 (8.7 K).  He had a 1.597 WHIP.

The Phillies had Stewart repeat the GCL in 2016 and was only 2.5 years younger than his peers.  He posted a 2-3 record and 4.06 ERA in 44.1 innings (11 appearances, 7 starts).  He walked 19 (3.9 BB9) and struck out 35 (7.1 K9).  He had a 1.195 WHIP.

Stewart pitched for Williamsport in 2017 and was still 2.5 years younger than the average.  He posted a 4-2 record and a 4.18 ERA.  Now, exclusively a starter, he made 13 starts and threw 60.1 innings.  He walked 25 (3.7 BB9) and struck out 58 (8.7 K9) with a 1.475 WHIP.

2018 found Stewart with Lakewood.  He was part of a starting rotation that posted the lowest ERA in the minors.  His contribution was a 2.06 ERA and an 8-1 record in 20 starts and 113.2 innings.  He walked 21 (1.7 BB9) and struck out 90 (7.1 K9) with a 0.977 WHIP.

I spoke with some of his team mates at the Complex (the Phillies made judicious use of the transaction wire before and after XST).  They referred to Stewart as a ground ball machine.  His GO/AO (ground outs/air outs) was an incredible 2.42 with Lakewood.  It was 3.07 in Williamsport.

As could be expected, Stewart picked up a few awards.  He was Pitcher of the Week in the SAL for the week of 6/3/2018 when he threw a complete game, 10-strike out, 3-hit shutout on May 30th.  He was also a 2018 Mid-Season and Post-Season All-Star in the SAL.

Stewart has a low 90s fastball that he gets up to 93-94 mph.  He supplements it with a change up and slider, as well as an infrequent curve ball.

The poll for the next prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

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The next poll will be posted in a couple days.

I would like you to reign in your derogatory comments toward the selections of others.  The point of these polls is for people to select the players they deem to be prospects.  People are allowed to have opinions different from yours.

This is the only site that canvasses readers for their opinions on prospect ranking.  If you don’t want to accept the opinions of others, we can look for a different way to come up with a top thirty.

I’ll go into this when the poll is over.

9 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #27- Will Stewart

  1. This is a good selection.
    For LHP starter has good to plus velo on his FB……and also one of the best GB% in the minors these last two years.
    Good fit for a park like CBP someday.

  2. has a chance to stick at major league level if he can maximize his secondary pitchs. the change up and slider/cutter are almost always the key for this type of lefty

  3. we have a number of starting pitching prospects that have a chance to contribute. its the strength of our system

  4. It’ll be nice to at least see Vierling and Pipkin in the top 30, based on this voting trend.

    1. For some reason, I seem to keep getting Rodo and Rafa mixed up.
      But hitting those bombs in Lakewood is special.
      He may be even be be better at the plate in Clearwater this season..

  5. Jimbo – Great job yesterday calling people out on whining.

    You do a fabulous job on this site so people can rant and rave.

    Many of us respect your input and appreciate the time you apply.

    Sending in a top 30 by everyone sounds like a great idea.

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