Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #26- Luke Leftwich

Luke Leftwich has been selected the #26 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Leftwich received 36 of the 181 votes cast (19.89%).  Cornelius Randolph received 23 votes (12.71%).  Will Stewart received 22 votes (12.15%).  Matt Vierling received 21 votes (11.60%).  And, Dominic Pipkin received 16 votes (8.84%).  Eighteen guys shared the other 63 votes.  

The Phillies selected Luke Leftwich in the 7th round of the 2015 Amateur Draft out of Wofford College.  He signed a full slot deal (around $209K)on June 16th.

Leftwich began his professional career in Williamsport.  He made 9 starts among his 11 appearances.  He posted a 2-2 record with a 2.76 ERA.  In 45.2 innings, he walked 13 (2.6 BB9) and struck out 34 (6.7 K9).

Leftwich began the 2016 season in Lakewood and posted a 7-3 record in 12 starts with a 2.00 ERA.  In 67.2 innings pitched, he walked 18 (2.4 BB9) and struck out 88 (11.7 K9).  He was promoted to Clearwater toward the end of June and slipped to a 3-4 record with a 5.07 ERA in 11 starts.  He walked 17 (2.8 BB9) and struck out 49 (8.0 K9).

Leftwich returned to Clearwater in 2017 and was switched to the bullpen.  He posted a 1-6 record and 8 saves with a 2.70 ERA in 42 appearances.  In 80.0 innings, he walked 21 (2.4 BB9) and struck out 98 (11.0 K9).  He walked 25 (3.6 BB9) and 72 strike outs (10.3 K9).

In 2018, Leftwich made 44 appearances (including one starts) for Reading.  He posted a 3-4 record and 3 saves with a 3.73 in 62.2 innings.

Following the 2018 season, Leftwich was selected to participate in the Arizona Fall League.  Facing some of the top prospects in the minors, he posted a 0-0 record and 0.00 ERA in 10.1 innings.  He walked 3 (2.6 BB9) and struck out 12 (10.5 K9).

Leftwich has a low-to-mid 90s fastball and sat 92-96 mph the past two seasons while touching 96-97 mph.  He’ll probably get a shot at making the Lehigh Valley rotation.

The poll for the next prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for this poll.

26 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #26- Luke Leftwich

  1. There are a lot of really good players left to pick with only 4 slots open. The guys not picked from my top 30 (so far) are Stewart, Randolph, Rosso, Brito, Torres, Pujols, Scheiner, Vierling,
    Aparicio, Falter and Pelletier.

  2. Players from my top 30 not yet selected:

    Bailey Falter
    Daniel Brito
    Connor Seabold
    Cornelius Randolph
    Abrahan Gutierez
    Nick Fanti
    Matt Vierling
    Ramon Rosso
    Jake Holmes

    1. I think Rodolfo Duran is ahead of all of these guys. He has consistently hit well and rated best defensive catcher on Phillies farm for last season.

  3. Any vote for Randolph is deference to his former status as a first round pick and is not based on an assessment of his current abilities or potential as a major league player. I can understand Pelletier and Pipkin, as it’s an educated guess on long term potential.

  4. This is the fun part of the poll where projection is the biggest consideration. Randolph is an uninteresting left fielder with no speed and no power

  5. Luke certainly has plenty of friends and family following in Arizona.
    Would be nice if this year he breaks out….maybe the DBacks will notice and make an offer for him ,and with a trade, he can be home playing again in the desert.

  6. This is why I hate these group lists, I feel like Im part responsible because I keep voting, nothing against LL but seriously why???

    1. TR, I like Pujols and will be voting for him after Vierling if I get the chance, which I probably won’t. He’s athletic, has power and a rifle arm. He improved significantly last year. He’s got potential. This late in the poll, he’s worth shot. We’ll see if he continues to improve this year.

      i like Pelletier, too. Even though I haven’t seen him play, he strikes me as a young guy with a lot of potential as a hitter. I look forward to seeing him in person to get a better idea.

  7. Its apparent that the Newbies are fonder for these polls. Statistics are of no concern and New flavors are topic of discussion instead of players who perform

  8. I think the list is pretty much as it should be. Maybe you can shake up the order a little bit and when we get to the end there will be a few guys outside the 30 that you could make a case for.

    Reality is you can probably bundle the guys that don’t get in and call them 31ABCDE and so on.

      1. Obviously it is a huge amount of work for you to do this, but though this won’t make it significantly more gratifying for you Jim, your summaries of the voted-in prospects…. even the ones I was not enamored with, have been eye-opening. Thank you again!

    1. RamRo, age23 season coming up, does lack in that hi end velo….and sits around 91-93, but enough to keep batters off-stride when his breaking stuff is on. The FB does cut in on RHBs…and with LHBs it fades off to the side. His secondary stuff…slider/change up, will be the key to his long term success.
      Assume he starts in CLW and maybe will see Reading before the year is out.
      Projects as end of rotation, long relief

      1. I saw him in Lakewood and thought he looked good but wasn’t sure why he wasn’t more highly thought of. Hope he has a good year at Clearwater.

        1. There are some RHP arms now in the system, who have been rated extremely higher, I think he gets caught up in the numbers.
          It is little like Enyel DLS also….good pitchers but without that loud stuff to distinguish them from the high ranking pack of Sixto, Medina and Spencer Howard…who are rated to be TOR or at worst future 3s in a rotation.

  9. Why can’t you guys just accept that some people are going to have a different opinion from yours. And that doesn’t make them wrong, because you aren’t necessarily right.

    I’m sick of the whining when your guy isn’t getting the support you want him to get.

    36 votes isn’t a lot of votes. I would not consider it ballot stuffing. it’s less than 20% of those cast. I monitor the day-to-day votes carefully. Other than the larger than normal vote for Fanti a few polls ago, there is NOTHING to suggest that Arizona came out in force for Leftwich. Nor does it appear that a large contingent from South Carolina (that’s where Wofford is located) took part.

    If you really want to establish a Phuture Phillies Top Thirty, let’s all submit a top 30 to me via e-mail ( I’ll roll the responses out daily from 30 to one. But, I need a lot of responses. The 10-12 I have right now aren’t enough to mitigate the outlier responses I receive from some people. How’s that for a suggestion.

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