Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #23 – Logan O’Hoppe

Logan O’Hoppe has been selected the #22 prospect in the Phillies’ organization in an extremely close vote..

O’Hoppe received 30 of the 178 votes cast (16.85%).  Darick Hall received 29 votes (6.29%).  Luke Leftwich and Cornelius Randolph received 14 votes each (7.87%).  Deivi Grullon received 13 votes (7.3.0%).  And, Will Stewart received 10 votes (5.62%).  Nineteen guys shared the other 68 votes.  

The Phillies selected Logan O’Hoppe in the 23rd round of the 2018 Amateur Draft out of St. John the Baptist High School (NY).  He decided to forego college and signed with the Phillies on June 18th.

O’Hoppe reported to his GCL team with the reputation of being a good defensive catcher with unknown (or unappreciated) offensive skills.  Happily, he exceeded even the most callous expectations.  O’Hoppe collected 124 plate appearances in 34 games and posted a .367/.411/.532/.943 slash.  Not bad for a kid who wasn’t expected to hit.  (Scouts, hah!)  Among his 40 hits, he had 13 XBH – 10 doubles, a triple, and 2 HR.  He scored 19 runs and had 21 RBI.  He drew 10 walks (8.1%) and struck out 28 times (22.5%).

Defensively, O’Hoppe committed just 2 passed balls in 148.0 innings.  He had a .987 Fld% in 151 chances.  And, he threw out 9 of 27 base stealers (33.3%).

It’s hard to determine O’Hoppe’s assignment in 2019.  At 18-years-old, he was almost 2 years younger than the other position players in the GCL.  With the number and quality of catchers in the organization, Lakewood seems a stretch although I believe he is capable.  He certainly deserves a move up from the GCL.  But, the Phillies have brought their young catchers along slowly in the past.  Looks like Williamsport.

The poll for the next prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for this poll.

18 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #23 – Logan O’Hoppe

  1. Leftwich has for years been a darling prospect of mine (I’m sure he would be thrilled). However, I do not have him in my top 30. Still, it is interesting to see others coming around on him – or someone ballot stuffing.

  2. Logan O’Hoppe, Abrahan Gutierrez, Juan Aparicio and even the two from the other side of the world Mitchell Edwards and Bruce ‘Wayne’ Wang give the Phillies a really encouraging and solid foundation of catchers at the beginning of the pipeline.

    1. I like Gutierrez amongst the crop of Phillies catching prospects. I had him as my #24 (O’Hoppe not in my top 30). His plate discipline is particularly intriguing.

      1. He is big and strong, with all the raw tools for sure…..except running….maybe 5 seconds to first. Nevertheless, the Braves scouts were very high on him when they signed him.

    2. Romus, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Grullon or Duran. Duran hit 18 homers at Lakewood and apparently is a solid catcher. He was 20 last year, so that is pretty young for the league. I like Duran here in the early 20s. He seems to have more certainty than some of these younger guys to me.

  3. My only qualm is that there is no in between for these guys that had successful GCL campaigns. Or at least it seems sitting around until June to go to WPT must be pretty boring

    That said this is a good spot for Logan but I learned a long time ago to temper my enthusiasm with gaudy short season slashes. Yeah it beats the alternative but until they are doing it at LKW it doesn’t mean a whole lot in my book.

    1. There are intra-squad games on the back fields during EST along with all the drills they will be doing..
      That almost two and half month stretch is not too boring, though I am sure they get antsy wanting to play in real games.

  4. I am going down in flames with Pipkin and Vierling. It doesn’t look like both, and maybe not even one, will make the Top 30. I think they both look like prospects who can hit. I will keep voting for them next.

    1. I have Vierling as my #28, so it is possible that you will receive some help voting for him at some point in this process.

      Pipkin doesn’t look like a prospect who can hit, and even if he can his prospect value should come from what he does on the mound. Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

    2. Matt,

      Looks like Pipkin and Vierling are tied at 30, so one of them might get it. I’ll be voting for Vierling next so you’ll get some help from me.

  5. I have been voting Seabold for a while. I think he can be a back of rotation starter, so I’ll continue with him.

  6. I’m a projection guy and Logan O’Hoppe is pure projection prospect, thus, I talked highly of him from the time he was drafted. If O’Hoppe can carry the hit tool as he goes up, he should shoot up the prospect list – good balance, strong arm, natural game manager and solid defense.

  7. One of the interesting revelations so far has been the fall from grace amongst the fans for Daniel Brito. He is still regarded as top 10-ish in the system by some evaluators outside the fanbase, and statistically at least is in the same boat as Gamboa, who recently appeared on this readers’ top 30.

  8. I like Duran more than O’Hoppe just due to level. Duran was good at higher level though both are really far away.

    Any of the guys mentioned in comments seem like reasonable choices.
    Brito should have better hitting numbers. Gamboa makes it due to projection as a plus SS so his batting value can be much lower. Gamboa can profile as a utility INF in majors, while Brito is on the Cesar track 2nd base or bust.

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