Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #22 – Arquimedes Gamboa

Arquimedes Gamboa has been awarded the spot as your selection for the #22 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Gamboa received 39 of the 165 valid votes cast (10.86%).  Darick Hall received 20 votes (5.57%).  Logan O’Hoppe received 12 votes (3.34%).  Matt Vierling received 11 votes (3.06%).  Cornelius Randolph received 10 votes (2.79%).  Twenty guys shared the other 73 votes.  

The Phillies signed Arquimedes Gamboa to a future services contract as an international free agent out of Venezuela on July 17, 2014.  He did not play until he was assigned to the GCL Phillies on June 22, 2015.

Gamboa played in the 2015 GCL as a 17-year-old.  In 50 games and 206 plate appearances, he slashed .189/.252/.258/.510 with 15 walks (7.3%) and 50 strike outs (24.3%).  He played some second base (.953 Fld%) and shortstop (.963 Fld%).

In 2016, Gamboa played in Williamsport.  In 35 games and 147 plate appearances, he slashed .200/.254/.292/.546 with 9 walks (6.1%) and 28 strike outs (19.1%).  He played exclusively at shortstop (.904 Fld%).  He missed the last month of the season, not playing after August 1st.

Gamboa played better at Lakewood in 2017.  In 79 games and 350 plate appearances, he slashed .261/.328/.378/.705 with 33 walks (9.4%) and 52 strike outs (14.9%).  Again, he played exclusively at shortstop (.953 Fld%).

Gamboa played at Clearwater in 2018.  In 114 games and 497 plate appearances, he slashed .214/.304/.279/.582 with 53 walks (10.7%) and 111 strike outs (22.3%).

Gamboa was a participant in the Arizona Fall League where, in a small sample size,  he didn’t hit well (.186/.319/.220/.540) and split time between third base (.875 Fld%) and shortstop (.972 Fld%).

This poll was the first instance where I felt the need to intervene and set aside an outcome.  When I checked the poll Saturday, 165 votes had been cast.  Gamboa led at the time with 36 votes.  Darick Hall was second and the other close recipients were who would be expected based on previous polls.

Today when I checked, a player had surpassed Gamboa and went from virtually no votes to 194 votes.  The same player received a similar bump a couple years ago to find a place in our top 30.  In that case, we had an inordinately large number of access through Facebook,  We had the same yesterday.  So, I’me setting aside the outcome and declaring Gamboa the winner.  I also removed the player from the poll.  I like him.  He’s one of my favorites.  But, he had an injury plagued 2018 season, and based on what I’ve seen on this site, he would not likely make the top 30 if he were to remain on it.  I don’t want to allow his friends and family to adversely affect the sentiment of the Phuture Phillies community.

The poll for the next prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for this poll.

Arquimedes Gamboa 39 10.86%
Darick Hall 20 5.57%
Logan O’Hoppe 12 3.34%
Matt Vierling 11 3.06%
Cornelius Randolph 10 2.79%
Deivi Grullon 9 2.51%
Luke Leftwich 8 2.23%
Kyle Dohy 7 1.95%
Will Stewart 6 1.67%
Dominic Pipkin 5 1.39%
Rodolfo Duran 4 1.11%
Bailey Falter 4 1.11%
J.D. Hammer 4 1.11%
Nick Maton 4 1.11%
Drew Anderson 3 0.84%
Ben Pelletier 3 0.84%
Jose Pujols 3 0.84%
Connor Seabold 3 0.84%
Daniel Brito 2 0.56%
Jake Holmes 2 0.56%
Cole Stobbe 2 0.56%
Colton Eastman 1 0.28%
Edgar Garcia 1 0.28%
Jhordany Mezquita 1 0.28%
Ramon Rosso 1 0.28%

23 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #22 – Arquimedes Gamboa

    1. I predict that, pissed off at PhuturePhillies, Nick Fanti will throw two more no-hitters this season and embarrass us into a top ten spot on next years list. His Facebook friends will swamp the list with votes for Mitch Walding.

  1. With a career minor league slash of 221/.296/.305 in 1200 PAs so far….and also with Krate @ 25% and BB rate of 7%….and an ISO of ,085……we just voted the next Mini Mart as the 23rd prospect in the organization…sheeeesh.
    But maybe I am wrong….Mini Mart slashed .269/.322/.375 in 3700 minor league PAs.

    Jose Gomez may have a better MLB career going forward…..and with a good attitude.

    1. I think you miscalculated his K%. It hasn’t been as high as 25% in any single year.

      Gamboa was threatening to be in the top 10 going into last year and he disappointed. Being 22nd is a fairly significant drop. He seems to still have the tools and has showed flashes. Looking at the remaining list, I don’t see anybody who stands out easily over him.

      1. The only way to vote for Gamboa here is to throw out all of 2018 as a one-off. We’ll see. He’s 30 on my list.

    1. Jose Gomez…..523 OPS at Clearwater.
      See my point?
      When he can get it above .650/.675, and keep it there for a few seasons more, then he is doing something special.

  2. I like Rodolfo Duran here. He can catch and he has some pop (or at least he did last year for the first time ever). He was also only 20 for the whole year in LKW.

    That said, I’m fine with Will Stewart or Maton here, maybe some other guys too. Darick Hall I don’t understand – he is a power-only prospect who really struggled at Reading.

      1. Yeah, a SS who has hit slightly better than average the past two years sounds good to me. I went with Duran bc he is a year younger.

    1. I like Stewart here too. I also like Duran but I’m not sure if this is a little too soon for him. He was so streaky last year that it’s hard to get a read on him but the organization seems to like him.

      1. We are in the 20s now, not too soon for a young catcher with some pop, ha ha! But Stewart does seem like he has a higher probability of getting to the show.

        1. He has to be better defensively than a combination of both Alf and Knapp.
          I mean when their team DRS is minus 146, with catching being a huge part of that, and dead last in the majors, the only way next is up.

  3. I’m not a believer in Ortiz at all. I’m skeptical of Muzziotti at his best is he Enciarte? And I am a solid no on Gamboa ever becoming anything of value at the MLB level.

    The rest of the list is pretty darn good so far.

    1. I think it is a little early to throw in the towel on Ortiz. He had a bad year, but he was only 19.

  4. Gamboa has played 4 years, 3 of no significant hitting ave so I cannot vote for him with Brito and others that have put up better numbers similar to Gowdywho gets a pass because of Draft positioning and money, just anothe RH Pitcher

  5. I wax not impressed with Gamboa at all in Az Fall League. He is still young and the hope is the flashes of quality become consistent.
    At this point a catcher or SS with good defense and some projection to hit may be as good a prospect as a power projection with some holes like Hall or Pujols.

    So many pitchers, with either limited stuff or significant projection that I’d have little argument over most of them.

    All that said I think I like Duran next. Maybe Stewart or Seabold or Pipkin.

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