Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #20 – Mauricio Llovera

Maurio Llovera was your selection as the #20 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Llovera received 42 of the 175 votes cast (24.00%).  Arquimedes Gamboa received 24 votes (13.71%).  Kyle Young received 21 votes (12.00%), and Darick Hall received 19 votes (10.86%).  Twenty-four guys shared the other 69 votes.

The Phillies signed Llovera as an international free agent out of Venezuela on February 12, 2015.

Llovera began his career in the VSL.  He posted a 2-4 record with a 3.23 ERA.  Used primarily as a starter (10 of 11 appearances), he pitched 47.1 innings.  He struck out 43 (8.2 BB9) and walked 17 (3.2 BB9).  He had a 1.120 WHIP.

Llovera moved stateside to the GCL for his age 20 season (note that this was still below league average).  He was one of three pitchers to dominate the 2016 GCL along with Sixto Sanchez and Nick Fanti.  Llovera went 7-1 with a 1.87 ERA and 0.962 WHIP.  Again used primarily as a starter (10 of 11 appearances), he pitched 53.0 innings.  He struck out  56 (9.5 K9) and walked 12 (2.0 BB9).

In 2017 at Lakewood, Llovera was moved to the bullpen.  He made 20 appearances and posted a 1-0 record with a 2.13 ERA.  In 38 innings, he struck out 40 and walked 18.  He was pressed into a starters role for his final 10 appearances and posted a 1-4 record with a 4.31 ERA.  In 48 innings, he struck out 54 and walked 15.

In Clearwater in 2018, Llovera was expected to return to the bullpen.  But, Sixto Sanchez was struck by the flu in spring training, so the Phillies called on Llovera to start for the Threshers the first week of the season.  He threw 5.0 shutout innings in his first start.  His next appearance was in a game he was to piggy-back with Sixto Sanchez, who was making his first start.  Sanchez went four and Llovera went one in a rain-shortened victory (Llovera got the decision).  After that, Llovera performed well enough to stay in the Threshers’ rotation the rest of the season.

Llovera posted an 8-7 record with a 2.72 ERA in 22 starts.  I 121.0 innings, he struck out 137 (10.2 K9) and walked 34 (2.5 BB9).  He had a 1.1077 WHIP.

Llovera has a three-pitch mix.  His fastball sits 93-95 mph and has touched 97 mph.  His arsenal includes a slider and change up.

Llovera will probably move up to Reading.  The Phillies will likely want to move him back to the bullpen again.  If given a chance to start, he’ll probably be effective again and make future decisions difficult for the Phillies.  Nice problem to have.

The poll for the next prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for this poll.

16 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #20 – Mauricio Llovera

  1. I voted for Llovera at #20 because I see him as a starter going forward. He has the tools and the resume. If he becomes a reliever I think he’ll be highly successful but I voted for him here because I think he’s a starter.

    My choice for #21 is Will Stewart. A 20 yo, 2 years younger than the competition, was exceptional in LKW last year. 8-1, 2.06 ERA, .977 Whip. His K/9 might be light at 7 but his BB/9 was 1.67. He’s not going to beat himself with BBs. I look forward to him moving along steadily.

  2. Next for me was between Pipkin and Vierling. I went Pipkin at 21 with Vierling following at 22.

    1. 8Mark, have you seen Pipkin either in person or on TV/Video? His 1st year stats are nothing to write home about. If you have 1st hand knowledge then that’s all I need to know. At 6’4″ 160 lbs, it looks like he’s projectable. He’ll add some weight and he’s already got the height. I’d have to see more to put him in our top 30.

      1. Only you tube videos and scouting reports. His projectability and athleticism stand out, along with how much he has to grow into his 6’4″ frame.

      2. He looks like he could be pretty good. I ranked him 16 in the top 30 I supplied to the Reading Eagle’s post season top 30. In 8 of his 10 appearances he made in the GCL, he allowed 0 or 1 run (3 total). In the 2 games he faced the other Phillies GCL team, he got lit for 9 runs in 4.2 innings. I put more weight on the 8 games.

  3. these are the types of players that need to contribute in the bullpen or back end of rotation to keep those costs down if the goal is ultimately to have a team with Harper and trout

    1. sr….Llovera with his mid to high 90s FB, will complement Seranthony very well in the bullpen. Prior to last season 2080 had him as a reliever….I have not seen yet their report on him this year …I would think it may have been upgraded somewhat with his perfromance in 2018.
      “…..He’s in the “extreme risk” category, and far from a sure thing, but his ceiling could be that of a middle-relief piece with strikeout ability.”

      1. If Llovera is a bullpen piece, do you rate Dohy higher than Llovera? How about Leftwich? If Llovera is a bullpen guy and not a closer type, he’s not better than Dohy, in my book. I’d certainly rate him higher than Leftwich but Luke could make the show earlier than Mauricio. Leftwich won’t be there very long but Llovera could be there a while. I still think Llovera stays a starter or at least ends up a starter.

        1. Seranthony was a starter…until the Phillies decided he was not.
          IMO, they will do the same with Llovera…primarily since his secondary stuff may not be up to what they expect.
          But I still want to see how he does in Reading this season working as a starter.
          Plus I also want to see what 2080 ananlysts say about him after this season.
          As for Luke Leftwich…agree he will get there someday….and probably be there long enough to make his mark and be eligible for a good pension.

          And what you fail to differentiate is the fact …LHPs , especially relievers, are not viewed the same as RHPs who are relievers….both fruits, but apples and oranges
          Dohy, Warren, Gilbert all have certain advantages over their counterpart RHPs who are relievers. The LOOGY still is appreciated and more so in the play-offs anymore.
          And these pitchers can be more than the LOOGY type.

  4. Llovera has progressed and shown growth thru his tenure and deserves this rankings. Has been moved from BP to SP and put up stat to back selection.

    My vote goes for Bailey Falter. Just 21 years old, increasing velocity 2-3 MPH each year, Pitcher of the Week and FSL Allstar in a predominate High Prospect A+ League.

  5. FWIW, Matt Winkelman has Gamboa at #12 on his list. He had a terrible year last year, but I guess the hope is that he bounces back. Apparently, he is a great defensive player already. Stewart also seems like a good option here.

    1. He had a promising start to the year but it went way off the rails. The one thing he’s done offensively, at times, is show some control of the strikezone. For awhile he was taking walks and not striking out much. I think he’s still a prospect but his stock definitely took a hit from last year, to me.

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