Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #19 – Dylan Cozens

Dylan Cozens was your selection as the #19 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Cozens received 44 of the 178 votes cast (24.72%).  Mauricio Llovera received 28 votes (15.73%).   Arquimedes Gamboa received 15 votes (8.43%).  Kyle Young received 14 votes (7.87%), and Darick Hall received (13 votes (7.30%).  Twenty-one guys shared the other 64 votes.

Cozens was the Phillies 2nd round selection in the 2012 Amateur Draft out of Chaparral HS in Arizona.  He signed on June 7, 2012.

Cozens moved steadily through the system, playing at one level each of his first 3 seasons.

  • 2012 – GCL: .255/.341/.441/.782, 183 PA, 5 HR, 24 RBI, 21 BB (11.5%), 44 K (24.0%)
  • 2013 – WPT: .265/.343/.469/.812, 277 PA, 9 HR, 35 RBI, 28 BB (10.1%), 64 K (23.1%)
  • 2014 – LAK: .248/.303/.415/.717, 556 PA, 16 HR, 62 RBI, 40 BB (7.2%), 147 K (26.4%)

After the 2014 season, the 20-year-old Cozens took part in the Australian Baseball League.  He posted a slash of .255/.326/.478/.804 with 8 HR in 179 PA.

Cozens would have spent the whole 2015 season at Clearwater but for an injury at Reading.  He played in the final 11 games at Reading.  Cozens was also injured mid-season.  He missed the first half surge by his team mates to win the first half.  During the 2015 season, Cozens was told to concentrate on contact rather than power.  His numbers reflect a noticeable dip in his SLG which returned when he reported to Reading.

  • 2015 – CLR: .282/.335/.411/.746, 397 PA, 5 HR, 46 RBI, 26 BB (6.5%), 79 K (19.9%)
  • 2015 – REA: .350/.386/.625/1.011, 44 PA, 3 HR, 9 RBI, 3 BB (6.8%), 7 K (15.9%)

Cozens’ small sample size at the end of the season gave a glimpse of what would be a remarkable 2016 season in Reading.

  • 2016 – REA: .276/.350/.591/.941, 586 PA, 40 HR, 125 RBI, 61 BB (10.4%), 186 K (31.7%)

After his award winning season in Reading, Cozens played two seasons with Lehigh Valley.  He spent part of the 2018 season with the Phillies.  But, his free swinging led to horrific strike out rates.

  • 2017 – LHV: .210/.301/.418/.719, 542 PA, 27 HR, 75 RBI, 58 BB (10.7%), 194 K (35.8%)
  • 2018 – LHV: .246/.345/.529/.873, 348 PA, 21 HR, 58 RBI, 46 BB (13.2%), 124 K (35.6%)
  • 2018 – PHI: .158/.273/.289/.562, 44 PA, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 6 BB (13.6%), 24 K (54.5%)

Cozens has a lot of awards during his professional career –

  • 2013 MiLB Organizational All-Star
  • 2014 MiLB Organizational All-Star
  • SAL Player of the Week, 5/5/2014
  • 2015 FSL Post-Season All-Star
  • 2016 MiLB Organizational All-Star
  • EAS Player of the Week, 7/3/2016
  • EAS Player of the Week, 8/7/2016
  • 2016 Mid-Season All-Star (EAS)
  • 2016 MiLB.Com Best Offensive Player
  • 2016 EAS MVP
  • 2016 MiLB Joe Bauman HR Award
  • 2016 MiLB Joe Bauman Double-A HR Award
  • 2016 Baseball America Double-A All -Star
  • 2016 Basaball America Minor League All-Star
  • 2016 EAS Post-Season All-Star
  • 2016 Futures Game Selection
  • MiLB EAS Player of the Month 5/2016
  • 2017 Mid-Season All-Star (INT)
  • INT Player of the Week, 5/14/2017
  • INT Player of the Week, 7/29/2018
  • 2018 MiLB Organizational All-Star

Cozens is on the 40-man roster and will most likely start the season in Triple-A again.  He is bringing a first baseman’s mitt to spring training.  This flexibility may get him a longer look this spring.  especially if the Phillies go with a 5-man bench.

Regardless, this may be his last shot at making and staying on the major league roster.

The poll for the next prospect will be posted in a separate thread.

Here are the complete results for this poll.

40 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #19 – Dylan Cozens

  1. Finding it difficult to call Cozens a prospect at this point. With a good spring maybe sticks with big club but unlikely.

    1. I would take Llovera over Cozens, easy. Llovera could be a flame-throwing lefty out of an MLB bullpen right now. Cozens has not shown the ability to be a positive MLB contributor, nor does he project to.

      That said, kudos to Cozens for actually making the majors, the dream of millions of kids across the world. I hope he gets back again this year and has some better results.

      1. ‘Llovera could be a flame-throwing lefty out of an MLB bullpen right now’…..really….he would be the second ambidextrous pitcher in the majors.
        Him and Pat Vinditte

  2. Obviously his K% is a huge problem. But he does have huge power with other average or better tools which he has shown through the upper minors.

    I have no objection to those who feel his K rate is a fatal flaw to his prospect status.
    I also can see where a small improvement could make him an excellent player.

    Many other prospects in system do not have similar upside and are much further away which increases their risk so I can understand nearly any ranking for Cozens from 10th to 50th.

  3. II understand that there has been some dilution of the system because of promotions (Kingery, Alfaro, Williams) and trades (JP), but this list is scary bad for a team that has been picking at the top of the draft for the past 5-6 seasons. There is a disconnect somewhere her–whether it’s evaluation, development, or even worse, both..

    1. I’ve been more concerned with development than with talent identification and evaluation. The high draft picks haven’t been out of the blue, why-would-they-take-that-guy? types. The players are generally recognized as highly projectable. It’s when they get into the system that suddenly the questions and concerns are raised. Hopefully with the recent changes to staff, that changes and quickly.

  4. Since I have been a fan, the Phillies have done an excellent job of fostering organizational loyalty. Very rarely has a homegrown star left -or even wanted to leave (Hamels, Utley, Howard, Rollins are good recent examples). But the lack of capitalizing on high draft positions is causing what you are seeing at the major league level this off season, namely the seemingly futile pursuit of Harper and Machado.

    1. Randolph (HS-2015), Moniak(HS), Haseley(coll) and Bohm(coll)….the only one who have been above the age curve to reach the majors by 2019 would have been Randolph.
      IMO, he may be the only draft, to date, to not materialize as planned when looking at the progression time-line as the 10th pick in the ’15 draft..
      I would think he would be entering his rookie year in the majors this season if he were able to live up to his advance hitting abilities in June 2015,.

      1. I agree with you partly. We agree that Randolph looks like he’s lagging. We disagree aboiut Moniak and Haseley. It’s hard to project either one of them as a major league regular at this point, By comparison, the Nats have developed Robles and Soto in roughly the same time period.

        1. I am surprised you do not see Haseley as a MLB regular…..if you listen to the ‘experts’ too long you will begin believing what they say.
          I can give you a list of about dozen or so all-star MLB players who never ever reached a top 50 list from BA/BP/MLB.

        2. both Robles and Soto are Dominican players and were drafted so draft position didn’t matter. As for the draft picks, I think your expectations are a bit too high.

          Nola was a top 10 pick in 2014 and has turned out to be probably the best player taken in the 1st round that year (so far)

          Randolph at #10 in 2015 has been sub-par but only 1 player taken after him in that 1st round has posted a WAR above 1 in the majors yet

          Moniak was the pick in 2016 at #1 overall and so far, only 2 players from that 1st round have see any major league action as of yet and they were both college players. As a young HS pick, he was always going to be a longer term project.

          No one take after Haseley in 2017 first round has played in the majors yet and Haseley has played well so far. Not sure your opinion of his future as a major league player is shared by many.

          Obviously Bohm in 2018 is way too early to tell.

          As far as player development, I agree that the Phillies have be erratic in player development but it is misleading to point to a couple examples from other teams as evidence that they are doing things better.

          All teams have hits and misses. We just don’t tend to see the misses from everyone else because we are not closely following their systems..

          1. I think it’s a lot less about speed to the majors than it is about how, after this amount of time, these players are currently projected. A bunch of players taken after Moniak are MUCH more highly regarded at this point. It could change, but the odds are against that.

  5. How could anyone be more excited about Dylan Cozens’ future than 7 foot lefty Kyle Young?

    1. This is it for Dylan…..a make or break season….if he doesn’t do it this season with the Phillies, he will be moving on to another team.
      They will not protect an age26 season AAAA player in 2020, this November.
      Its up or out……he will catch on with another team for sure, since his power is legit and athleticism also is superb but then there are those red-flags with the high Ks, low BBs..

    2. Brock – I voted for Cozens because of his proximity to the major leagues. Young and Llovera are up next up on my list.

  6. What is the point of proximity to major leagues if you have no chance to be a decent contributor in the major leagues?

    1. Brock – You’re saying that Cozens has reached his ceiling, and I say he hasn’t. He’s fallen on the lists from last year, but shouldn’t be dismissed as a bust … yet.

      1. Cozens, like many players, reached his ceiling against AA pitchers in Reading’s ballpark.

  7. I know the system has fallen off but the depth is rotten if Listi and Cozens are top 20 prospects.

    1. I was going to let this “rotten” comment pass, but I can’t. Where prospects land in a Readers Poll is more an indictment of the fans voting in the poll, not the organizational depth.

      1. Totally agree. I’m just a little flummoxed by the amount of support those guys got on this poll; I would contend that they don’t have a place here. I dunno if it’s unique to Phillies fans because of Ryan Howard but we seem to love over-aged sluggers with poor scouting reports. Looks like Darick Hall is coming up soon.

        1. Tell me something…if Hall ever reaches the majors and starts to power the ball….will you be still negative on him?
          Just curious.

          1. I would root for him like I would any other Phillie. I hope he beats the odds. But how many other players could afford to have poor scouting reports and a poor season and still make it on the following top 30?

        2. Cozens is really a borderline “prospect”. He has 70-plus days of MLB service, but since 30 came in September and he spent some earlier time on the DL, he still has rookie status which is one of the qualifiers for the poll. Personally, I don’t think I had him in my top 50 when I submitted my top 30 to the Reading Eagle’s post-season top 30. My top 12 wouldn’t contain any surprises except that it didn’t include Luis Garcia. 13-30 were probably more interesting –

          13 Luis Garcia
          14 Connor Seabold
          15 Bailey Falter
          16 Dominic Pipkin
          17 Colton Eastman
          18 Deivi Grullon
          19 Mauricio Llovera
          20 Cornelius Randolph
          21 Logan O’Hoppe
          22 Ben Brown
          23 Carlos De La Cruz
          24 Rafael Marchan
          25 Jake Holmes
          26 Keylan Killgore
          27 Zach Warren
          28 Bemn Pelletier
          29 Abrahan Gutierrez
          30 Kyle Glogoski

          1. I think you give some extra love to the guys you watch the most in Florida but I can understand why. There’s a lot of breakout potential in that group of players.

  8. Someone said this in yesterday’s comments, but please add Starlyn Castillo to the poll. Big July 2 signing.

    1. Nope.

      In a December 26th article, I outlined the process I was going to follow for creating the polls, included a poll that included every player GCL and above who still had rookie status, and asked for the names of players who needed consideration who weren’t included. No one asked that Castillo be added then, so I’m not going to add him now.

      This is the poll that we will have through the end of the polling process.

  9. Problem with Cozens is that many folks have the theoretical version of a player built to operate like a cyborg but he’s been on the mechanic’s repair shop before he was ever deployed. Still waiting. Hope he gets fixed soon but we’ve other more promising prospects to focus on. Wish him the best but it may not happen with this organization.

  10. it really is hard to imagine Cozens being a productive player unless something dramatic happens with his contact rate. we can hope ! the system really is lacking at this point in position players. there are still a number of arms that will be effective big leaguers barring injury
    the philosophy was grow the arms and buy the bats. clearly that is a necessity at this point

    1. sr…..” grow the arms and buy the bats.”….that is a philosophy that is difficult.
      Most teams end up growing the arms, plural, for other teams.
      Sure the first round pick pitcher may stay in the same org that drafted him….but other pitchers could be an issue.
      Giants grew three in their dynasty run…all number one picks for them..Cain, Lincecum and Bumgarner.
      Sometimes you have to be lucky….Mets are another team with the luck (deGrom) and also the misfortune (Harvey).
      So it really is easier said that done.

        1. agreed
          looking at the major league roster and the minor league system, I do think we really need our young pitching to succeed so we can spend money and trade for hitters.
          just doesn’t look like the system will produce much help for the big league squad in term of hitters for a while except Hasley

    2. Yes and platoon splits. The 2017 and 2018 Cozens was eaten alive by AAA lefties – good luck against major league lefties. In the era of increased bullpen specialization, a guy like Cozens has no chance at a major league career unless he can learn to have some success off lefties.

  11. Proximity is not a big factor for me although I do consider it. Cozens barely made my top 30 list after the last two seasons. He doesn’t look like a prospect at this point. Llovera and Gamboa are clearly better prospects to me but I get the love for Cozens, we all do. It’s just the likelihood of him becoming a major league regular is not high. He has another year to improve.

    1. Just goes to show how special that time was, and how good and lucky the Phillies drafts were in the late 90’s, and early 2000’s with Myers, utley, Howard, madsen, Burrell, Gavin Floyd Hamels, Rollins, Kendrick . My goodness!!!

    2. Murray,

      Not sure about Gamboa. Weak hitter. Maybe very weak hitter at higher levels. Good glove, but that’s hardly a unique skill for a shortstop.

      I went with Cozens here for the reasons I’ve mentioned before. I think he is highly motivated to improve his contact skills.

      My next pick is another project — Jose Pujols. He improved significantly last year though he still struck out too much. Here’s hoping that improvement continues and his power at the plate is enough of a positive to move him higher.

      I’m not specially confident that Cozens or Pujols will make the necessary improvements, but they have athleticism and, as has been mentioned, the picks beyond the Top 10 are muddled.

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