Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #3 Prospect

This is the 2019 Reader Top 30 poll for the number two prospect in the Phillies organization.

Adonis Medina was selected the #2 prospect in the organization.  The write up for this pick is covered in a separate post (link).

The poll includes MLB’s top 30 prospects, the 2018 Phuture Phillies Post Season Top 30, and players on the 40-Man Roster who still have rookie eligibility.

The poll to identify additional players to add to the poll will close in a day or two.  If you haven’t voted, here’s the link.

The players in the poll are listed alphabetically.


22 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #3 Prospect

  1. I am going Luis Garcia. Here is a write up from a scout who rates him the best prospect in our system. It is rare to see some of the words that this scout uses to describe a prospect.

    Luis Garcia, SS

    Age: 18 (10/1/00)

    Level: Rookie

    .369/.433/.488, .119 ISO, 162 wRC+, 1 HR, 8.0% BB, 11.2% K, 12 SB

    As a 17-year-old in his first taste of stateside pro-ball, to say that Garcia excelled is an understatement. Signed for $2.5 million, Garcia already features a plus glove that will stick at SS, excellent range, and a strong arm. His defensive actions are smooth with a mature internal game clock. And that is what sticks out with Garcia: Maturity. At the plate, he showed a good eye with mature takes on spin and flashed elite barrel control. A switch-hitter, Garcia stays balanced with a compact, quick swing. He features four tools grading a future 60 or higher. Game power is the one tool that hasn’t manifested. However, his bat-to-ball skills and advanced approach for his age lead me to believe that power will develop. He should start 2019 in the Sally at Lakewood going into his age 18 season. His ability to recognize spin and use the whole field should translate into immediate success in his first taste of full-season ball. This time next year the industry will recognize what I am telling you right now. Superstar in the making. ETA: 2022

    1. I know this board values proximity. But no one uses the words “superstar in the making” or “features four tools grading a future 60 or higher” for any of our position prospects.

      Another scout DM’d me on Twitter and told me that he has “some of the loudest tools that I have seen come through the GCL in the past 10 years.”

      1. All your points are true and are causing me to rank him high, although not quite this high. I have him at 6 after Bohm, Haseley and Howard. Honestly we should know more about all these guys a year from now, none are certainties yet.

  2. v1again, The quote from the scout about “the loudest tools coming through the gulf coast league in the last ten years”..has me very excited about Luis Garcia! Coming from a scout that has seen many players go through that league carries a lot of “weight” for me.
    That and now about the “maturity” at the plate..hoping he can avoid injury and be a fast riser in our system the next few years.

      1. No doubt. He has a “proximity issue” (he just started), but if you were forced to pick the one Phillies position player in the minors that would become a superstar, you’d likely pick him.

  3. v1, I agree that the excitement about Garcia is based on all of the superlatives used to describe him. I went Haseley here and Garcia 4th only because of his age. Not much of a reason, I know, but I think ranking him #4 is really high also. But, I am genuinely excited about his future.

    1. Matt13…agree with you….also went with Haseley. And also Garcia probably comes next for me.
      I see him more than just a 4th in the OF…..I think he could be up by August and/or September. Makes good contact with a delta of a low 7 between K (14%) and BB (7%) and hitting inside/out actually may help him in the long run with good gap drive.

        1. v1….good question.
          Had to think on this…based solely on his minor league metrics and physical profile , Jim Edmonds.
          His slash in the minors was 297/.375/.441 and only 30 HRs over 444 games.
          His MLB metrics were off the charts…..but not sure how things influenced that during the era of inflated numbers..

    1. I’m also a big Spencer Howard guy. I had him as my breakout prospect a year ago. As a matter of fact, I think Howard might “start” the season in Reading. Klentak and some of his staff were at Howard’s two playoff starts and were blown away.
      That said, Alec Bohm is #3 for me.

      1. I’m going Spencer with Bohm and Garcia close behind.

        I say this knowing there’s a good chance that, by the end of the year, Garcia could be in our top 3.

    1. Haseley is same size as Pollock, but no where close to as fast nor as good defensively. But Pollock just put up .257/.316/.484 with 21 homers, a 6.7% walk rate and a 21.7% k rate. is that doable for Haseley in a peak year? Yeah, that might be doable. Not sure he will get to 21 homers. So maybe bring that down to 15 or so, which drops the OPS below .800. But that might be where he gets to.

      Markakis has a better eye at the plate. takes a lot more walks. i don’t see him as a comp.

      1. Have to agree….Anderson would probably be the more recent modern-day and closest comp out there for Haseley.

  4. Good research v1, Anderson posted a 3.4 WAR last year, so I would be happy with that. If he can get 15 HRs, over Anderson’s 11, that boosts him a bit, but a very good comp. A productive, every day, corner OF, with a very good arm. I would say a very nice Top 5 prospect.

  5. I went with Garcia (I had him at #1), largely based on the scouting report that V1 highlighted above. Is this wishful thinking? Perhaps.. but, aligning with what V1 highlighted, how often does someone who really follows this write up a report like this about an 18 year old..

    I did see more conservative reviews of Garcia, which maybe will be more accurate. But, I am going to gamble with the potential upside, and go with Garcia..

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