2019 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 Poll

Time to get ready for the 2019 Reader Top 30 Prospect Poll.  I will start polling shortly, and plan on posting a poll each weekday.  We will continue to follow baseball’s standards for prospect lists which states –

“To be eligible for a list, a player must have rookie eligibility. To qualify for rookie status, a player must not have exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues, or accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club or clubs during the 25-player limit period, excluding time on the disabled list or in military service.”

“The rankings follow the guidelines laid out by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in terms of who falls under the international pool money rules: Players who are at least 23 years old and played in leagues deemed to be professional (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Cuba) are not eligible.”

Several players exceeded their Rookie status during the 2018 season – Jorge Alfaro, Scott Kingery, Seranthony Dominguez, Austin Davis, Yacksel Rios, and Roman Quinn.

A lot more are no longer with the organization –

  • Released – Derek Campbell, Carlos Duran, Ryan Etsell, Luis Encarnacion, Casey Brown, Shane Watson, Jake Kelzer, David Martinelli, Gunnar Buhner, Jhon Nunez, Parker Frazier, Felix Negueis, Ronald Torrealba, Dixon Guttierez, Derwuin Marchan, Erick Heredia, Jorbin Romero, Melvin Nunez, Ramiro Soto, Joe DeNato, Yahir Gurrola, Anderson Parra, Pedro Ramirez, Adrian Marin, Jhonny Palma, Diego Tamariz, Gustavo Ferrer, Luis Suarez, Alexito Feliz, Brandon Bednar, Jesus Luna, Ronaldo Gonzalez, Denny Martinez, Orestes Melendez, Greg Pickett, Joey Meneses
  • Retired – Kipp Moore, Mark Laird, Anderson Nunez, Alexander Kline, Sutter McLoughlin, Tim Berry, Andrew Pullin, Cord Sandberg, Zack Coppola
  • Traded – Eliezer Alvarez (TEX), Wilson Garcia (BAL), Tommy Bergjans (CIN), Elniery Garcia (STL), Franklyn Kilome (NYM), Jacob Waguespack (TOR), McKenzie Mills (MIA), Felix Paulino (CWS), Jack Zoellner (BAL), J.P. Crawford (SEA)
  • Elected Free Agency – Jiandido Tromp, Heiker Meneses, Harold Arauz, Mario Sanchez, Alberto Tirado, Gabriel Lino, Kevin Martir, Logan Moore,  Nick Rickles, Dean Anna, Ryan Goins, Zach Green, Jesmuel Valentin, Danny Ortiz, Ranfi Casimiro

The first ballot will be comprised of the 30 players from MLB’s Top 30 Prospect list.

The first ballot is listed below (in alphabetical order) –

  1. Drew Anderson,
  2. Alec Bohm,
  3. Daniel Brito,
  4. Dylan Cozens,
  5. Enyel De Los Santos,
  6. Kyle Dohy,
  7. Colton Eastman,
  8. Tom Eshelman,
  9. Arquimedes Gamboa,
  10. Luis Garcia,
  11. Jose Gomez,
  12. Kevin Gowdy,
  13. Adam Haseley,
  14. Spencer Howard,
  15. Cole Irvin,
  16. Nick Maton,
  17. Adonis Medina,
  18. Jhordany Mezquita,
  19. Mickey Moniak,
  20. Francisco Morales,
  21. Simon Muzziotti,
  22. Jhailyn Ortiz,
  23. David Parkinson,
  24. Dominic Pipkin,
  25. Cornelius Randolph,
  26. JoJo Romero,
  27. Sixto Sanchez,
  28. Connor Seabold,
  29. Ranger Suarez, and
  30. Kyle Young.

I will add names, as necessary and as randomly as I did last season.  I will add more prospects based on any remaining from the remainder of our previous Reader Top 30 (the 2018 Post Season Poll this year), any remaining eligible prospects on the 40-Man Roster, and from the poll attached at the bottom of this article.

Remainder of Reader Post Season Top 30 

Deivi Grullon, Darick Hall, Austin Listi, Mauricio Llovera, Rafael Marchan, Jose Pujols, and Matt Vierling.

For reference, here’s last year’s Reader Top 30.

Here is the Phuture Phillies Readers’ Post Season Top 30 Prospect List.

  1. Sixto Sanchez
  2. Adonis Medina
  3. Adam Haseley
  4. Alec Bohm
  5. Luis Garcia
  6. JoJo Romero
  7. Enyel De Los Santos
  8. Mickey Moniak
  9. Spencer Howard
  10. Cole Irvin
  11. Ranger Saurez
  12. Jhailyn Ortiz
  13. Francisco Morales
  14. David Parkinson
  15. Arquimedes Gamboa
  16. Kyle Young
  17. Rafael Marchan
  18. Austin Listi
  19. Mauricio Llovera
  20. Daniel Brito
  21. Connor Seabold
  22. Kevin Gowdy
  23. Simon Muzziotti
  24. Cornelius Randolph
  25. Jose Pujols
  26. Darick Hall
  27. Dylan Cozens
  28. Dominic Pipkin
  29. Matt Vierling
  30. Deivi Grullon

Others receiving votes – Bailey Falter, Nick Maton, Zach Warren, Drew Anderson, Kyle Dohy, Ramon Rosso, Ben Pelletier, Will Stewart, Colton Eastman, Starlyn Castillo, Ethan Lindow, Nicolas Torres, Jhordany Mezquita, Logan O’Hoppe, Jake Holmes, Brayan Gonzalez, Abrahan Gutierez, Jake Scheiner, Jonathan Guzman, Jose Gomez, Rodolpho Duran, Carlos De La Cruz, Josh Stephen, Juan Aparicio, Logan Simmons, DJ Stewart, Austin Bossart, Ben Brown, Cole Stobbe, JD Hammer, Edgar Cabral, Tyler Gilbert, Edgar Garcia, Keylan Killgore, Andrew Brown, Damek Tomscha, Nick Fanti, Madison Stokes, Manuel Silva, Victor Santos, and Kyle Glogoski.

Prospects on the 40-Man Roster – Edgar Garcia, Mitch Walding

Today’s Poll

I am running the “pre-poll” that I started last year due to concerns that I was shaping the poll with my personal biases.  At the end of this article, you will find a rather lengthy poll that includes all the guys above who aren’t on MLB’s top 30, the Post Season Reader top 30, or the 40-man roster.  You will be able to select as many players as you want to be added to the poll as we proceed through the process.  However, maybe only 15-20 additional names will actually make it to the poll.

Features of this poll include –

  1. The order of names has been randomized.
  2. The Other option has been turned off.
  3. You can choose multiple prospects.
  4. There is no limit to the number of prospects you can select.
  5. Results are hidden.  I’ll publicize them later.
  6. Repeat voting is blocked.  So make all your selections the first time you take the poll.
  7. The poll will be open for seven days.

The guys who get the highest number of votes will be the first guys added to the poll at some point.

This poll will be active for about a week.  I will start the top 30 before it ends.  I don’t think any of the guys here will figure in the early voting.

The Other Top 30

I am always interested in how the drawn out polling process compares to a one time submission.  I request that each participant submit her/his own Top 30 to prospectpoll@yahoo.com using the Subject – My Prospect List.  I am curious how the day-by-day voting and discussion affects the outcome when compared to a one-time submission early in the process along the lines of an MVP ballot or a football top 25 ballot.

Corresponding With the Pollster

Since we’re only doing a top 30, a lot of the guys listed above might not make it to a ballot. If you have a favorite that you want considered for the ballot or want to ensure that one of the guys listed above makes it to a ballot, e-mail me at prospectpoll@yahoo.com using the Subject – Add Prospect.  You can also include the request in the comments section.  I am NOT going to use the Other option in the poll this year. If you want to make your silly suggestions, you can do it in the Comments section so that everyone can see how funny you think you are.  Last year I had to sift through votes for former Phillies prospects as well as some made up names.

More Players

I have seen most of the players in the organization.  Those who are drafted and assigned to Williamsport either spend a few days at the Complex before their assignment or return for Instructs.  I probably have a bias for the guys I watch in XST, the GCL and FSL.  So, if it looks like I’m missing someone you think should be considered, send me those names.

Here are the rest of the players eligible for consideration.

Pitchers – Bryan Alcala, Randy Alcantara, Yoan Antonac, Leonel Aponte, Abdallah Aris, Kyle Arjona, Gustavo Armas, Brian Auerbach, Eudiver Avendano, Blake Bennett, Trevor Bettencourt, Jeremy Bleich, Connor Brogdon, Aaron Brown, Andrew Brown, Ben Brown, Ismael Cabrera, Antonio Canizales, Tyler Carr, Luis Carrasco, Rafael Carvajal, Luis Cedeno, Garrett Cleavinger, Jose Conopoima, Gabriel Cotto, Adam Cox, Bailey Cummings, Jonas De La Cruz, Grant Dyer, Juan Escorcia, Ethan Evanko, Tyler Fallwell, Bailey Falter, Nick Fanti, Carlos Francisco, Julian Garcia, Alex Garcia, Tyler Gilbert, Kyle Glogoski, Michael Gomez, Rafi Gonell, Tyler Hallead, J.D. Hammer, Jonathan Hennigan, Jakob Hernandez, Will Hibbs, Jose Jimenez, Damon Jones, Keylan Killgore, Jake Kinney, Anton Kuznetsov, Luke Leftwich, Taylor Lehman, Brandon Leibrandt, Hsin-Chieh Lin, Ethan Lindow, Alejandro Made, Oscar Marcelino, Josh Martin, Robinson Martinez, James McArthur, Seth McGarry, Tyler McKay, Justin Miller,  Jack Perkins, Mark Potter, Blake Quinn, Brandon Ramey, Luis Ramirez, Alejandro Requena, Waylon Richardson, Alexis Rivero, Sandro Rosario, Austin Ross, Ramon Rosso, Addison Russ, Sati Santa Cruz, Victor Santos, Manuel Silva, Jeff Singer, Jaylen Smith, Victor Sobil, Will Stewart, Tom Sutera, Jose Taveras, Junior Tejada, Josh Tols, Gilmael Troya, Victor Vargas, Daniel Vilchez, Tyler Viza, Zach Warren, Eric White, Tom Windle, Gabriel Yanez

Catchers – Juan Aparacio, Austin Bossart, Edgar Cabral, Jack Conley, Rodolfo Duran, Mitchel Edwards, Colby Fitch, Abrahan Gutierrez, Henri Lartigue, Nerluis Martinez, Nick Matera, Juan Mendez, Logan O’Hoppe, Carlos Oropeza, Gregori Rivero, Lenin Rodriguez, Jesse Wilkening

Infielders – Kyle Martin, Quincy Nieporte, Austin O’Brien, Edwin Rodriguez, Luis Rojas, Rixon Taylor-Wingrove, Matt Kroon, Brian Mims, Jose Rivera, Drew Stankiewicz , Jose Antequera, Ali Castillo, Jesus Henriquez, Jan Hernandez, Connor Litton, Jake Scheiner, D.J. Stewart, Damek Tomscha, Luke Williams, Jesus Azuaje, Malquin Canelo, Grenny Cumana,  Brayan Gonzalez, Dalton Guthrie, Jonathan Guzman, Jake Holmes, Seth Lancaster, Edgar Made, Emmanuel Marrero, Curtis Mead, Jose Mercado, Raul Rivas, Logan Simmons, Cole Stobbe, Madison Stokes, Nicolas Torres, Jose Tortolero, Christian Valerio

Outfielders – Ben Aklinski, Jesus Alastre, Keudy Bocio, Trent Bowles, Carlos De La Cruz, Julio Francisco, Kevin Markham, Malvin Matos, Luis Matos, Danny Mayer, Luke Miller, Ben Pelletier, James Smith, Josh Stephen, Yerwin Trejo, Corbin Williams

And finally, the poll (it’s real long, containing over 150 names) –


21 thoughts on “2019 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 Poll

  1. Uh, Jim…unless all the top prospects have recently changed their names, there may be a slight problem with this ballot.

    1. The poll is for names to be added to the real poll.

      Basically a way for players that are deserving but not widely recognized to get a fair shot.

  2. I voted, in the pre-poll, for guys who I included in my initial list when developing my original top 30 back in the fall. I voted for 25 or 30 guys, who I originally considered. Not many of them will be on my top 30 but I’ll go through my vetting process once again with these guys included in my thought process.

    1. I tried to be a bit more selective … think I voted for 17 guys. Could have pretty easily trimmed it to around 12.

      1. Yeah I picked 10 or so; just guys I thought could realistically make a top 30. There are other interesting names but they seemed more like “top 50” considerations.

  3. I picked my top ten, and I’ll use the ratings of other voters to fill out my 30. I tend to shy away from voting for teenagers, but a couple will make my list for sure.
    Hint: I have 6 pitchers in my top ten.

  4. If we are choosing from 150 names it would be super helpful if they were placed in alphabetical order. I know it’s not your job or anything, but just a suggestion.

    1. I think they are in the order specified in the article by position – Pitchers Alcala to Yanez, Catchers Aparicio to Wilkening, and later outfielders Aklinski to Williams. The infielders are a bit of a mess but run 1B Martin to Taylor-Wingrove, 2B Kroon, to Stankiewicz, 3B Antequera to Williams, INF Azuaje to Valerio. I considered putting them in alpha order from beginning to end, but was too tired after cross-checking the poll against the list (and finding several errors). Sorry.

  5. What a great resource Jim is! I bet Jim knows more prospects than most of the Phillies development staff … and maybe been following them longer 🙂

    1. I don’t understand your problem, can you send screen shots so I can see if there is an issue. BTW, O’Hoppe is among the vote leaders right now and doesn’t seem to be effected by this.

  6. The list is somewhat bias based upon Draft position and influenced by Baseball America list which is understandable, supporting Dollar amount spent. Nice to see everyones input and comments but
    1. Some have no MILB experience and/or stats due to injury or positioning in the system.
    2. Some have stats based upon some experience with no respect to age vs age of opponent

    Be nice to see Top 30 List with statistical references not biased by project-ability. What have they done.

    1. I don’t understand this at all. My list includes every rookie eligible player in the organization above DSL who ISN’T on the MLB top 30, Phuture Phillies Reader top 30, and Phillies 40-man roster. How can an all-inclusive list be biased?

      As for your other points that’s for each individual to determine – output v. projectability, v. ceiling. v. proximity.

  7. I sometimes wonder if these rankings should be based purely on the ceiling of the players. For instance, if Haseley and Moniak project as a 4th OF, that is not a top 10 prospect. Howard and Morales have the potential to be legit rotation guys which has lots of value. Ortiz has the potential to be something although last year did not go well for him. Just a different way to consider things.

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