Box Score Recap – 5/8/2018

Lots of good pitching performances today.

Lehigh Valley’s Brandon Leibrandt pitched five shutout innings in their victory over Pawtucket.

Reading’s Harold Arauz tossed 5.1 shutout innings in their victory over Trenton.

Clearwater’s Adonis Medina had perhaps his best result in seven, one-run innings in a victory over Lakeland.

Lakewood was scheduled off.

And, Jerad Eickhoff pitched in a game at the Complex.  This may be the biggest news in our baseball day.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Lehigh Valley (16-14)  beat Pawtucket, 4-1, and moved into first place in the IL North.

Brandon Leibrandt (2-0, 0.00) pitched five shutout innings.  He allowed 3 hits and walked a batter.  Jake Thompson (9.00) followed with two shutout innngs,one hit, and two strike outs.  Tom Windle  (3.78) pitched in with a shutout inning.  Ranfi Casimiro (3.60) gave up a run in the ninth in 0.2 innings and Pedro Beato (2.63) got the final out , stranded two runners, and picked up his 9th save.

The IronPigs scored in each of the first three innings.  They scored a run in the first on Dylan Cozens’ RBI ground out; two runs in the second on Alex Amarista’s RBI double and Collin Cowgill’s RBI ground out; and one run in the third on Andrew Pullin’s RBI ground out.

Andrew Pullin and Trevor Plouffe had 2 hits each.

  • #11 Seranthony Dominguez (1-0, 0.00): promoted to Philadelphia 5/7/2018
  • #13 Enyel De Los Santos (3-0, 1.07):
  • #14 Tom Eshelman (1-3, 7.11):
  • #15 Roman Quinn (.289): DNP
  • #17 Dylan Cozens (.275): went 1-4 with a run scored, RBI, SB (7)
  • #23 Drew Anderson: 7-day DL, right forearm strain
  • #24 Cole Irvin (2-1, 3.86):

Reading (11-17)  beat Trenton, 2-0.

Harold Arauz (3.27) pitched 5.1 shutout innings, allowing 4 hits and a walk.  Seth McGarry (0.63) struck out three in 2.2 innings.  Edgar Garcia (0.48) struck out 3 batters in the ninth for his first save.  The inning was a little more exciting than it had to be as Deivi Grullon committed a passed ball on the first strike out.  The runner advanced to second. Two strike outs and a walk later, Garcia got the final out on an infield pop up.

Reading scored two runs in the third on Zach Green’s 2-run double.

Damek Tomscha, Zach Green, and Deivi Grullon had 2 hits each.

  • #7 JoJo Romero (0-3, 7.18):
  • #8 Franklyn Kilome (1-0, 4.98):
  • #10 Ranger Suarez (1-1, 4.25):
  • #12 Seranthony Dominguez (1-2, 2.08): promoted to Lehigh Valley
  • #16 Cornelius Randolph (.182): went 0-3 with a BB

Clearwater (13-19)  beat Lakeland, 2-1.

Adonis Medina pitched seven strong innings limiting the Tigers to one run on four hits. Will Hibbs earned his first save with three strike outs in two innings of relief.

The Threshers overtook the Tigers with two runs in the eighth on Raul Rivas RBI double and Jose Gomez’ RBI single.

Adam Haseley had 2 outfield assists, one at second and one at home.

These morning games usually are to the benefit of the pitchers.  I contacted a person who saw Medina pitch today, a person who’s opinion I value.  I asked if he looked as good as his line indicated.  The response was, ‘Yes, although Lakewood has one of the weaker line ups in the FSL.  But, he did throw strikes, and prevented them from generating much hard contact’.

It is important to pitch well against the teams you are supposed to pitch well against. Medina did this today.

Threshers first baseman Darick Hall was named the FSL Player of the Week for April 30-May 6 posting  .458/.458/.833, 6 G, 11-for-24, 3 2B, 2 HR, 7 RBI, 7 R, 0 BB, 2 K

Clearwater’s Jakob Hernandez was named Phillies Minor League Pitcher of the Week after striking out 9 over 4 1/2 innings in two relief appearances, earning wins in each.

  • #1 Sixto Sanchez (1-2 4.71): 
  • #3 Adonis Medina (3-2, 4.55): 7.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, WP
  • #4 Mickey Moniak: went 1-4 with a run scored
  • #5 Adam Haseley: went 0-5
  • #9 Arquimedes Gamboa: went 1-3 with 2 BB 
  • #18 Jose Gomez: went 2-4 with an RBI
  • #22 McKenzie Mills (0-1, 3.12):
  • #30 Connor Seabold (4.73):
  • Bailey Falter (3-0, 2.28):

Lakewood (16-15)  no game scheduled.

  • #6 Jhailyn Ortiz (.158): is on the 7-day DL (shoulder, in Clearwater)
  • #12 Daniel Brito (.191):
  • #21 Spencer Howard (2-2, 3.68):
  • #29 Simon Muzziotti (.293): is on the 7-day DL (hand injury, in Clearwater)

These prospects are in Philadelphia.

  • #2 Scott Kingery: 108 of 130 career AB, 40 of 45 days with Phillies (May 13th)
  • #26 Victor Arano: 22.2 of 50 innings, 40 of 45 days (on the 10-day DL)

And these guys are still in Clearwater.

  • #19 Kyle Young: XST
  • #20 Francisco Morales: XST
  • #25 Luis Garcia: XST
  • #27 J.D. Hammer: XST
  • #28 Kevin Gowdy: not expected to pitch this season


Jared Eickhoff pitched in a game at the Complex this afternoon.  He faced a team of former professional ball players from the minor leagues.  He gave up a home run on his first pitch but lasted 2.2 innings before reaching his pitch limit.  He struck out 6 batters and allowed no more hits.

There are over 90 players at the Complex.  The Phillies have provided a roster that includes 80 players in extended spring training.

2018 XST Roster

2018 XST League Schedule and link to Phillies XST schedule.

Link to Phillies GCL schedule.


5/7/18–Phillies placed LHP Adam Morgan on the 10-day DL, back strain
5/7/18–Phillies recalled RHP Seranthony Dominguez from Lehigh Valley
5/7/18–Lehigh Valley activated 2B Alexi Amarista from the 7-day DL
5/618–Phillies sent RHP Mark Leiter Jr. on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
5/618–David Parkinson assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
5/618–Lakewood placed LHP Damon Jones on the temporarily inactive list
5/518–Erick Heredia released from DSL Phililies Red
5/518–Jorbin Romero released from DSL Phililies Red
5/518–Melvin Nunez released from DSL Phillies White
5/518–Ramiro Soto released from DSL Phillies White

The rosters and lists are up to date as of 5/8.  I’ve got 323 players in the organization.

82 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/8/2018

    1. Exactly my thoughts this morning. I’ve been reluctant to highlight Green this year because I know his injury history. He’s still only 24 and was a 3rd round pick in 2012. On our top 30s, over the years, I had Cozens and Green back to back for most of them. He’s always K’ing a lot but he’s shown a much better hit tool this year and he’s hitting HRs a lot more regularly. I’m not willing to put him back in Cozens territory yet but I’m liking what I see and read about him.

      1. And Green just smoked a solo HR . Now leads team in both RBI and HR. hoping the hit tool continues to progress!

  1. There are a lot of concerning stats for both Moniak and Haseley, but a real head scratcher is that both only have 2 walks in 29 games. These are top picks whom were supposed to have advanced hit tools. I can’t understand how you lose a batters eye. I mean a sub 2% walk rate isn’t bad, it is horrific.

    1. Even worse, Moniak walked in each of the first two games of the season. Which means he hasn’t drawn a walk in 26 games since April 6. He’s reached Sebastian Valle levels of impatience (except he doesn’t have the power numbers to back up the poor BB rate).

      1. Three first round top ten picks who cant hit. Moniak.. Haseley and Randolph. if that doesn’t get some attention from the owner. I Think he is smoking weed instead of cigars. Heads should roll. scouts, johnny and Sheldon. If it continues.

        1. I’m not blaming MK yet, but JA’s draft pick failures are epic. He should be fired. Period.

        2. MM is hitting .222 and he’s the “productive” one compared to the absolute tire fire that is Randolph.

          Honestly afraid to see who this clown crew is going to take with 1.3 this year.

          1. Yes, this is how Padres or Browns fans must feel. This level of ineptitude on a team that is trying to be cutting edge and do everything right (and they are trying!) is utterly inexcusable. Do you think that the Braves, Red Sox, Yankees, or Cardinals would ever miss three top 10 picks in a row? Not on your life!

            1. We’d be better off if they just threw a friggin dart at a wall of names at this point. They clearly have no idea what they’re doing.

              Last first round pick with any pedigree? Aaron Nola who was selected by everyone’s favorite son RAJ. Oh the humanity…

            2. No, Ruben just happened to be the GM, as MK is now – he wasn’t the director of scouting. The guy who picked Nola was Wolever. He nailed it.

            3. There’s an easier solution than a dart at the wall. Target college players, like the Moneyball A’s. Higher floors, lower ceilings, much more production.

            4. The A’s last fifteen choices in the first round …..Supplemental included….have been a mix bag of different results.
              11 colleges guys and 4 HSers.
              So it is still a crap shoot.

              James Simmons RHP University of California, Riverside
              Sean Doolittle First baseman University of Virginia
              Corey Brown OFer Oklahoma State University–Stillwater
              Jemile Weeks Second baseman University of Miami
              Grant Green Shortstop University of Southern California
              Michael Choice CFer University of Texas at Arlington
              Sonny Gray RHP Vanderbilt University
              Addison Russell Shortstop Pace High School….
              Daniel Robertson Shortstop Upland High School
              Matt Olson First baseman Parkview High School
              Billy McKinney OFer….Plano West Senior High School
              Matt Chapman Third baseman California State University, Fullerton
              Richie Martin Shortstop University of Florida
              A. J. Puk LHP… University of Florida
              Daulton Jefferies RHP….. University of California, Berkeley

            5. Woelever might’ve nailed Nola but that doesn’t excuse not hitting on a single first round pick from 2003-2012.

            6. I’m not saying I want Wolever back or making excuses for him – because he had his share of failure too. I’m just saying the guy who was hired to replace him may be even worse than he was.

            7. Red Sox 1st round picks 2009 to 2014
              Reymond Fuentes (28)
              Kolbrin Vitek (20)
              Bryce Brentz (36)
              Anthony Ranaudo (39)
              Matt Barnes (19)
              Blake Swihart (26)
              Henry Owens (36)
              Jackie Bradley Jr (40)
              Devon Marrero (24)
              Brian Johnson (31)
              Pat Light (37)
              Trey Ball (7)

              There is one good player in that whole group, and one other major league contributor

            8. That’s the thing … people on here want to compare Johnny Almaraz to the perfect Scouting Director (doesn’t exist). When you look at the whole picture, ~40 picks per year, I’d bet Almaraz’s picks look a lot better than those of the majority of other directors.

            9. One of those Red Sox picks fell inside the Top 10. The Phils have 3, including 1.1, and they’re all garbage.

            10. Ohh “gotcha” – Matt Winkelman selectively using data – that’s beneath you, pal!

              Also, note something else – how many of these were top 10 picks? Only 2 – Ball and Benintendi and they nailed one. We are on our way toward being 0 for 3, including a painful miss at 1/1.

            11. Seems to me if he was trying to cherry pick stats he would have starter earlier since the sox 5 1st round picks in 06,07, & 08 were also flops

            12. Actually the Sox probably only hit on 10 of great consequence in their entire history:
              The first year of the draft with
              1965 Billy Conigliaro
              1966 Ken Brett
              1971 Jim Rice
              1983 Roger Clemens
              1989 Mo Vaughn
              1991 Aaron Sele
              1994 Nomar Garciaparra
              2005 Jacoby Ellsbury ’07, ’13
              2011 Jackie Bradley
              2015 Andrew Benintendi

            13. The Red Sox are a good team, but if you look at their top 12 players by WAR from baseball reference, only 2 were drafted by the Red Sox: Mookie Betts and Matt Barnes. The rest are FA, trades, international signings.

              And Benintendi is a starter which is great, but he’s not elite.

            14. (new comment without using the alternate word for poop in the second paragraph)

              I did cherry pick the end, and it wasn’t for Benintendi, it was Kopech, but the point is teams can go on long stretches without hitting on picks. The Astros had the #1 pick 3 times in a row and went 1 for 3 (don’t give me Bregman because they made an actual offer to try and sign Aiken). This run of Phillies first round picks in 2015-2017 don’t look great. But we also have to be honest, after Randolph at 10 how many guys are really going amazing, it isn’t more than 3 or 4, and Scott Kingery probably goes top 10 in a redraft. The Moniak pick sucks, but I would like every who wanted Corey Ray, Riley Pint, Jason Groome, or Kyle Lewis to sit down. They probably should have taken Hiura over Haseley last year, but the talent drops off quickly in drafts.

              All this is really hard, maybe Almaraz is really bad, maybe their hitting development is really bad, maybe the direction of the draft to save money was bad. Maybe for first round picks there are too many voices in the room with Almaraz, Klentak, Manuel, Gillick, and formerly Wade. As usual most of this is not simple.

              Also Jason Groome is now having Tommy John

            15. 100% agree with you, Matt.
              I do remember the Phillies were considering Walker Buehler in the first round in 2015, but backed off when he was shut down at Vanderbilt with a tired arm (or whatever they called it). He eventually had TJ after being pickeded by the LAD. If Almaraz had selected Buehler, I’d bet most people would have been screaming, “How could they draft an injured pitcher !” That turned out to be another excellent Dodger pick.

    2. I check the box scores everyday and hope to see at least a 1-3 with a walk thrown in for both players. Never (rarely) happens. I also wouldn’t mind seeing an xbh every now and then. Even a hr would light up my eyes. Doesn’t happen. What about that extra muscle weight Moniak was supposed to amass? I’m sure he has the weight of the world on his shoulders being the no 1 overall pick, but he needs to get it in gear. This is year 3.

      1. Mickey’s issues were never due to his lack of strength. He has a contact issue. Had same contact issue last year. I don’t know how you fix that. I think it is who he is.

        1. Every coach at Clearwater should be handed a pink slip as soon as the season closes. Won’t happen during the season. I have stated on here before that Shawn Williams, Mizerock and Aaron Fultz leave a lot to be desired.

          As for Joe Jordan, JA and the like, well, send them packing too. Obviously it is easy to say sitting behind a computer screen….but come on people!! I surely hope that they are having these guys sit with mental skills coaches.

          As for drafting these HS bats, remember that Harper left HS EARLY to go play in one of the best JuCo conferences in the country. Seeing advanced arms. HS arms are HS arms, whether it is Cali or Florida. Safest bets are always college players.

  2. Hey guys I have been out of the loop for a while.

    How is former #1 pick Mickey Moniak doing this year?

    1. The overall production from that first half of the 2016 draft looks pretty mediocre right now. A few like Manning and Senzel have had their spotlights.

    2. LOL. TommyGun, you are relentless.
      BTW … How’s AJ Puk making out this season ??? LOL !!!

    1. Yeah only two if last five games. Hope to hear something this morning.

    2. announcer steve degler was being interviewed on KWY yesterday; believe he said he had talked to manager, that Quinn could have played if needed so it was something thought to be minor; don’t believe they said what the issue was.

      1. That’s like how half of Quinn’s long term injuries started. It’s something minor and then, oops, it’s late August.

        1. Quinn… is a soft tissue ligament injury on his right (throwing) hand.
          Understand he could play but they want to be safe than sorry.

  3. Honestly, all the $$$ that is spent on scouting, how can you say that 1.1 has great plate skills, yet when he gets into your system its the opposite? It wasnt like he played in the NE in high school, he was a Cali kid. How does this happen?

    1. Maybe coincidence, but all three of the top HS bats from SoCal in that draft all have struggled….Moniak, Rutherford and Stephen.
      Moniak will come around…just not at the time line expected from a 1.1.

  4. i don’t know what to think of Leibrandt and Harold Arauz. Their numbers look good but it is not representative of their actual stuff. I’m a sucker to a LHP with a good CU — so I might want to see Leibrandt get into the big show although I can see him as another Milner. For Harold Arauz, can Klentak trade him back to HOu and get the other Arauz back?

    Both will be minor league FA soon, maybe Klentak can trade them for some international $$.

  5. Moniak will come around???
    I’m sorry but I’m very frustrated with these three picks,and any positive comment makes me madder!
    I know,I need to get a life and foscus on work.
    Thank-you everyone for the efforts that get put into this site,including the people that take the time to research and comment on here.

  6. In 2014, the farm is one of the weakest, thus, the strategy to go college heavy in the draft. Nola and Imhof do not project to be the high ceiling prospect that most people want, but they are projected to be the prospects that will meet their ceiling.

    Most of the buddies like Hoffman, Freeland or Toussaint at 1.7 in 2014 and got the similar reaction that I get here when i show preference to a player like Nola. The Imhof pick is the one that I’m neutral since i prefer SRF at that time.

  7. I can understand the FO’s rationale in drafting Moniak and Haseley, but the Randolph is still a head scratcher to me then and even up to now. I know that the draft is a c**pshoot, but over reaching for a prospect who is a one-trick phony is mind boggling. I get the over reaching in the middle of the draft when the top prospects are gone, but at 1.10 where a team has at least 100 prospects in their bucket list to choose from?

    Shades of a Eagle’s Marcus Smith pick but Randolph is worst since the pick is in the top 10.

    1. It was a massive screw up both in terms of draft philosophy and execution and I believe it was entirely a JA pick. I think he’s holding this organization back in a big way and I hope he’s fired soon.

      1. I don’t remember that draft that well. Who would you rather have picked there?

        1. I don’t mean to be coy, but NOT HIM. And I’m not saying that because it hasn’t turned out well. You don’t draft a HS, hit tool only, left fielder with 10th pick in the draft unless you are literally convinced he’s a generational hitter – which nobody said at the time. It was a terrible pick at its inception.

          1. Eh, I’m not sure I totally agree with that. The system was bereft of hitters at the time. They needed hitters and Randolph did have one of the best hit tools pre-draft. I know the pick hasn’t turned out and it’s disappointing. But I can understand the philosophy behind the pick, but they whiffed hard on the player they drafted.

            1. Sorry, I completely disagree. First of all, a team in a total rebuild doesn’t draft for need and, in fact, it’s almost always a bad idea in baseball to draft for need. Second, if you’re taking a kid who is in HS and has no power and is not athletic, you’re taking a very risky AND low ceiling player. This makes no sense at 1/10 where all kind of higher ceiling and lower risk players are on the board. It’s like taking a punter in the third round of the NFL draft – that’s not when you take a player like that.

  8. I think it’s fair to question Almaraz at this point in time. Yes, the first rounders have much to be desired, however the Phillies farm system is still a top 10 system, but that takes into account all prospects, not just those who were drafted. Let’s look at the highlights and lowlights of Almaraz’s drafts:

    2015 – Randolph in the first round – 1.10. Struggles well documented. He’s still young and hopefully can turn a corner in Reading.
    Kingery was the 2nd round pick. The only other two that could make an impact are Luke Williams and Bailey Falter. If Kingery turns out to be the startthe Phillies think he is, this draft will be a success, even with Randolph not panning out.

    2016 – Moniak. Overall, this was a weak draft to get the #1. You would expect more from the first overall.
    Gowdy has been beset by injury but was one of the top prep pitchers in CA at the time of the draft. Hopefully he can bounce back. Stobbe, Irvin and Romero were the next 3 picks and each of them has a decent shot of making an impact. This could turn into a productive draft but unless Moniak pans out, it will be viewed as a disaster.

    2017 – In my mind, it’s way too early to evaluate these draftees as they are starting their first full seasons in the organization. Haseley has disappointed because his pre-draft profile showed something more than what we’ve seen so far. Seabold and Howard have potential but it’s too early. Let’s check back in on this draft next year.

    Overall, it’s a mixed bag. There hasn’t been any slam dunks from Almaraz. Change was needed from Wolever as he crapped the bed throughout the 00s. Fans will focus on the struggles and failures of the first round picks and rightly so. 2016 looks to be the best of the lot, but as I stated above, a lot rides on Moniak.

    1. I think it’s a little early to evaluate a lot of these classes.

      2015 – Randolph – obviously struggling but is still young for the league. After that, there are still guys who are a little young. Low shot but lets at least see a little more of Greg Pickett before completely writing him off. Bailey Falter could have somewhere, same with Leftwich and Gilbert. Maybe. Maybe Coppola gets a utility job. Edgar Cabral is doing great in Clearwater. Will Stewart is still just 21 yrs old and off to a good start. Ben Pelletier is still very young so is Nick Fanti.

      2016 – Obviously Moniak is struggling. Gowdy hurt. Still to early to judge Stobbe, Romero, Dyer. Irvin close to majors. Darick Hall maybe something to dream on. Still to early on Justin Miller, Andrew Brown, Josh Stephen, Kyle Young. A few potential relievers in the mix.

      2017. Haseley – struggling. Howard shows potential, same with Seabold. Too early on most other guys but not a lot of high level guys it doesn’t appear.

      Point is, give it time before trying to evaluate a class. For instance, we’re not completely done evaluating the 2012 class. I mean, we’re mostly done, just a matter of if Cozens or Pullin do anything.

      As it appears at the moment, the Phillies have done a better job finding diamonds in the rough than with their top picks. But again, it’s early.

      1. Completely fair take and one I share. I think 3-4 years is a good enough stretch that you can begin to evaluate a position like Almaraz’s. It is strange that his picks after the first round tend to be better. I don’t know what that says, but it says something.

        The farm is in very good shape so I’m not sure where the calls to fire Joe Jordan come from though.

        1. and it helps to keep in mind that some guys just fail. Most teams had Moniak scouted as a great bat. Same with Halsey.

        2. In general, if you can get 1 starter out of a draft, the draft is a success. Of course, nobody wants to miss on 1st round picks, let alone top 10 picks. But if Kingery is a starter, and Randolph flames out, it’ll take that. It’s still a successful 2015.

      2. Saying that Randolph is “struggling” is a bit silly, no? He struggled throughout his first 2 seasons and now is nothing short of awful. Let’s call a spade a spade, please.

        You could write the same thing for MM as I did above, aside from the fact that he’s been even worse.

  9. Wow, don’t you guys get tired of riding the same dead horse everyday?

    A. Moniak, Haseley, and Randolph are busts
    B. Everyone should be fired

    Rinse, repeat…

    1. “as needed” – and it’s needed here.

      Sorry – you threw me a softball.

  10. Enyel de Los Santos is shutting out the Pawsox thru 4 innings. 1 hit, 5 Ks, 2 BBs. 0.92 season ERA.

    1. Kapler named him as the player to watch. Sounded like sooner than later for his arrival to the Show.

      1. Enyel needs to be added in the 40-man this season so he will get a call up soon, probably after the trade deadline purge.

        1. KuKo:
          Beside De los Santos needed to be added this fall to the 40…there are also attractive players like:
          Esheleman, Ramom Rosso, Gamboa, Brito, Llovera, Mills and Medina.
          I do not think it would be wise to add De Los Santos right now …unless the plan is for him to go straight into the rotation.
          Then you have Eickhoff and Leiter are on their way back , along with Neshek.
          And Lively will be healthy soon.

      2. Maybe that’s Kapler’s game plan to avoid chewing up the bullpen. He can have a group of 4-5 bullpen arms that they can swap between AAA and the big club he can turn the 8-man pen into a 12-man pen

    2. We have to give them some credit for that trade – it looks really great so far.

    3. Scouting report on de los Santos from a scout who writes for USA Today. Brent knows his stuff

      1. His mid-90s FB must have good movement…maybe similar to what Seranthony’s showed the other night. And with the Padres he was graded as a 55 CU and a 60 FB.
        And for him to be getting Triple A hitters out that is another plus for him…though his control seems to be an issue this season for some reason.
        He has to be trying to perfect one of his secondary pitches.

  11. Who is Nick Rickles? I know that he’s batting .300 for Lehigh in 50 AB’s, and I know that he’s 28 years old. Do you know if he’s an upgrade defensively over Knapp? Is he the next man up in case of an injury, or is it Logan Moore, maybe Devi Grullion?

    1. Early last season I got the sense they weren’t thrilled with Joel Fisher, who was backing up Chace Numata in Reading. They released Fisher and brought in Rickles who was an extra with Harrisburg in the Washington system. You can read more about Rickles back story on his blog. He’s also a good follow on Twitter. He handled himself well in the IronPigs playoff run late last summer as well as in MLB camp this spring. For pure defense reasons I think the call would go to Moore but who knows? Grullon not ready for AAA.

  12. Rutherford’s hit tool has been decent, but his power production is lacking. This year in high A he’s hitting .330/.354/.472 and for his minor league career he’s at .289/.348/.411 Really, that’s not close to Moniak, who is at .245/.290/.345 for his MiLB career

  13. Enyel De Los Santos with yet another gem today….82 on the Game Score.
    The guy is off the charts raking early on this season. Strikes….66.666%

    1. Romus I never heard of this guy De Los Santos until this year. Did we talk about him before???

      1. rocco….no we never talked about him, until after Freddy left for the West Coast.
        And he headed east.

  14. Keith Law and Eric Longenhagen were in Trenton today:

    1. Wow – that’s good to hear and consistent with what we heard last year.

    1. I don’t know why you’re still holding out for Roman Quinn. He’s going to be 25 next week, and there’s no spot for him in the Phillies outfield. At best, he’ll be a 4th OF.

  15. I guess the comments are turned off on the May 9 box score recap so I’ll put something here. Ask and you shall receive. Both Haseley and Moniak walked. They didn’t get any hits but they both BB’ed.

  16. Agree with the Quinn point, how many times do you think things will change? He will always be injured, if he ever played a year DL free that would be the outlier.

    1. I sort of feel like his best chance at a big league career is as a 4th OF. Maybe he just can’t hold up to the daily grind but he should still be able to help in a lesser role.

  17. Who is working with the hitters in Clearwater? They tend to K a lot and rarely walk. Are they being told to be aggressive early in the count? Lack of BB plus below BA for our last 2 #1 picks is depressing.

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