Box Score Recap – 5/2/2018

Everybody wins!  And everyone hits home runs, it seems as the affiliates used 10 round trippers to come away with four wins.

Lehigh Valley overcame an early 5-run deficit to win behind a 5-HR attack, 3 by Dylan Cozens with assists from Joey Meneses and Andrew Pullin.

Reading came from behind in the ninth to win.  Three HRs, 2 by Zach Green and onr by Damek Tomscha played a part in the victory.

Clearwater won a game that see-sawed back and forth until Darick Hall’s 9th HR of the season gave the Threshers the lead for good.

Lakewood won and a HR played a part in the win, Jake Scheiner’s inside-the-parker.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Lehigh Valley (12-12)  beat Syracuse, 8-6.

Cole Irvin got knocked around in the first two innings, but limited the Chiefs to a single and walk over the next five innings.  Ranfi Casimiro cherry-picked the win after allowing the Chiefs to take the lead in the eighth.  Pedro Beato got his 6th save.

The IronPigs started their come back with 2 runs in the second on solo HRs by Dylan Cozens and Joey Meneses (1).  They tied the game in the third on Mitch Walding’s RBI double and Cozens 2-run HR.  They tied the game in the eighth on Cozens’ solo HR (6) and took the lead Andrew Pullin’s 2-run HR (1).

In addition to Cozens’ 3 hit game, Meneses and Pullin had 2 hits each.

  • #12 Seranthony Dominguez (1-0, 0.00):
  • #14 Enyel De Los Santos (2-0, 1.40):
  • #15 Tom Eshelman (1-1, 6.75):
  • #16 Roman Quinn (.303): DNP
  • #18 Dylan Cozens (.278): went 3-4 with 3 runs scored, 3 HR, 4 RBI
  • #24 Drew Anderson: 7-day DL, right forearm strain
  • #25 Cole Irvin (0-1, 4.50): 7.0 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 2 BB, 3 K

Reading (9-14)  rallied to beat New Hampshire, 6-5.

Harold Arauz (3.90) went 6.2 innings and gave up 3 runs on 7 hits.  He walked one and struck out five.  Tyler Gilbert (3-0, 3.46) stranded an inherited runner but gave up an unearned run in 1.1 innings.  He got the win when the Phils rallied in the ninth.  Trevor Bettencourt (3.31) picked up his second save although he gave up a solo HR.

Reading scored a run in the second on Zach Green’s lead off HR.  They took a short-lived lead in the fifth on Zach Coppola’s RBI single.  They went ahead to stay with 4 runs in the ninth on Damek Tomscha’s lead off HR (5), Zach Green’s solo HR (5), and Brandon Bednar’s 2-run double.

Coppola, Green, and Jan Hernandez had 2-hit games.

Cord Sandberg (.300) got his first start since April 25th and went 1-4.

Deivi Grullon picked a runner off third base.

  • #8 JoJo Romero (0-3, 7.20):
  • #9 Franklyn Kilome (1-0, 3.68):
  • #11 Ranger Suarez (1-1, 3.90):
  • #12 Seranthony Dominguez (1-2, 2.08): promoted to Lehigh Valley
  • #17 Cornelius Randolph (.160): went 0-4

Clearwater (10-16)  beat Lakeland, 7-5.

Adonis Medina gave up 4 runs in six innings on 5 hits and a walk.  He struck out six.  All 4 runs were unearned, but he gave up 4 doubles, 2 off the left field wall.  A couple outs were also crushed.  Adam Haseley caught one going hard up onto the left field wall. Blake Quinn (1-2, 4.05) gave up a run in 1.0 inning but got the win.  Aaron Brown (5.28) struck out 2 in 1.0 inning.  Jeff Singer (5.11) notched his third save with 2 strike outs in the ninth.  He hit 96 mph on several pitches.

The Threshers took a lead in the first on Austin Listi’s RBI double (8), Mickey Moniak’s RBI single, and Edgar Cabral’s RBI single.  They came back to tie the game in the fourth on a fielding error.  And they had to come back again in the seventh on Darick Hall’s 3-run HR (9).

Hall (.286) went 2-4 with a run scored, HR (9), and 3 RBI (21).

Austin Listi (.363) went 1-2 with 2 runs scored, double (8), RBI, BB, HBP.

Edgar Cabral (.389) and Jose Pujols (.266) had 2 hits each.

Medina throws a FB, SL, CH.  His FB ranged 90-95 mph, and sat 91-93 mph.  He seemed to lose velocity after the third inning.  OHe threw just one pitch over 93 mph after the third inning, and and only 3 of his 12 93 mph FB came after the third.  He threw FB on 59.6% of his pitches.  All six of his strike outs came swinging, only one on a FB and that came in the first inning.  All five Ks after the third inning came on change ups.  He threw 62 strikes on 89 pitches (69.7%), and 16 of 24 first pitch strikes (66.7%).

  • #1 Sixto Sanchez (1-1, 3.71): 
  • #4 Adonis Medina (1-1, 5.66): 6.0 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 6 K, 2 WP
  • #5 Mickey Moniak: went 1-4 with an RBI
  • #6 Adam Haseley: went 1-4 with a run scored
  • #10 Arquimedes Gamboa: went 1-3 with a run scored and a BB
  • #19 Jose Gomez: went 0-3 with an RBI
  • #23 McKenzie Mills (0-1, 3.00):
  • Bailey Falter (3-0, 2.35):

Lakewood (15-11)  beat Rome, 5-2.

Will Stewart (3-1, 1.86) pitched 7.0 innings and allowed 1 run on 4 hits and 3 walks while striking out six.  He needed only 89 pitches, 60 strikes (67.4%).  Addison Rus gave up his first run of the season, but struck out 5 in 2.0 innings.

Lakewood tied the game with a run in the third inning on Daniel Brito’s ground out. They took the lead with 3 runs in the fifth on Brito’s RBI single and Jake Scheiner’s 2-run, inside-the-park HR. And, they tacked on a run in the seventh on Brito’s RBI single.

Gregori Rivero had 2 hits.  Nick Maton and Brito each stole a base.

  • #7 Jhailyn Ortiz (.158): is on the 7-day DL
  • #13 Daniel Brito (.189): went 2-4 with a run scored and 3 RBI
  • #22 Spencer Howard (2-1, 1.89):
  • #30 Simon Muzziotti (.293): is on the 7-day DL (hand injury)
  • Colby Fitch (.227): went 0-2 with 2 BB
  • Nick Maton (.278): went 1-3 with a BB
  • Josh Stephen (.224): went 1-4

These prospects are in Philadelphia.

  • #2 Scott Kingery: 92 of 130 career AB, 34 of 45 days with Phillies (May 13th)
  • #3 J.P. Crawford: >130 of 130 career AB (added to the 10-day DL)
  • #27 Victor Arano: 22.2 of 50 innings, 34 of 45 days (added ton the 10-day DL)

And these guys are still in Clearwater.

  • #20 Kyle Young: XST
  • #21 Francisco Morales: XST
  • #26 Luis Garcia: XST
  • #28 J.D. Hammer: XST
  • #29 Kevin Gowdy: not expected to pitch this season


There are over 90 players at the Complex.  The Phillies have provided a roster that includes 80 players in extended spring training.

2018 XST Roster

2018 XST League Schedule and link to Phillies XST schedule.

Link to Phillies GCL schedule.


5/2/18–LHP David Parkinson assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
5/2/18–Mani Boekhoudt signed as an international FA; assigned to DSL Phillies Red
5/1/18–Williamsport traded 1B Wilson Garcia to Frederick Keys
4/30/18–Phillies recalled LHP Zac Curtis from Lehigh Valley
4/30/18–Phillies recalled RHP Zach Eflin from Lehigh Valley
4/30/18–Phillies placed RHP Victor Arano on the 10-day DL retro to 4/29/18
4/30/18–Jake Thompson optioned to Lehigh Valley
4/30/18–Dixon Gutierrez released from DSL Phillies Red
4/30/18–Ronald Torrealba released from DSL Phillies Red
4/30/18–Derwuin Marchan released from DSL Phillies White
4/30/18–3B Heiker Meneses assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
4/30/18–Reading activated 3B Brandon Bednar from the 7-day DL
4/29/18–Phillies placed SS J.P. Crawford on the 10-day DL. Right forearm strain
4/29/18–Phillies recalled 2B Jesmuel Valentin from Lehigh
4/29/18–RHP Ismael Cabrera assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
4/29/18–Clearwater activated RHP Will Hibbs from the 7-day DL

I’ve brought the rosters and lists up to date as of 5/1.  I’ve got 325 players in the organization.  It’s probably more.

35 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/2/2018

    1. My fault as well, could have easily double checked it . . . .091 seemed off but I still ran w it.

      1. Nope – that’s on me. You checked and one would expect BB-Ref to be accurate.

        My beef is with people say stuff that is obviously false, never bother to check, and then build some convoluted argument based on the false premise.

        1. Catch I always do that false stuff. It keeps romus on his toes. He is getting older, I want m8 to keep a sharp mind. sorry if it bothers you

        2. I was surprised to see your response yesterday, figured the Cesar fan club had to stick together haha jk.

  1. Cozens now leads the IL in HRs with 6. He’s high up with the leaders in Runs scored, RBIs and BBs. His OBP is .387. But Dylan’s Ks are 2nd in the IL. Walding is 1st in Runs scored and has a .404 OBP.

    ‘C’ is really disappointing in Reading. I know he’s only 20 but a .160/.210/.227 is not helping his status. He looks like he needs to get pushed down to CLW. Could CLW have the last 3 number 1 draft picks soon? It’s possible Haseley would get promoted, if ‘C’ gets sent down or maybe Austin Listi would get the call.

    In CLW, Darick Hall leads the FSL in HRs and Runs scored. Listi is near the top of nearly every other batting category.

    I’ve been asking how long before Aaron Brown is released and I look and he’s pitching fine in his last 4 games. He’s given up 0 runs and 2 hits in his last 5 IP. He has 8 Ks and 3 BBs over that stretch. I’ll go over here in the corner and keep my negative talk about him down.

    Will Stewart with another fine pitching performance. In fact, the pitching at LKW has been very, very good.

    1. Randolph is a shockingly bad and totally unexpected surprise. Even average prospects tend to do much better in Reading than they do in Clearwater – this almost never happens. It suggests to me that he probably isn’t discerning between a breaking pitch and a fastball and is swinging indiscriminately at breaking pitches.

      But the good news. There is some hitting going on in Clearwater. Hall is turning into a legitimate first tier power prospect – that’s a big deal because it would be fabulous to team a power hitting Hall at first with Rhys in left in the middle of a line-up – that’s how you build championship teams. Listi is older but is hitting great and both Cabral and Lartigue are hitting a LOT. Our catching situation is far from set so that’s good news and Cabral is still quite young.

      Haseley needs more time in Clearwater, but at least he’s making good contact. But the lack of power and complete lack of walks are a concern – he needs to improve in one or both areas before he can be promoted and sooner or later, he’s going to have to draw walks – players who don’t walk at all basically have no shot in the big leagues.

  2. Gregori Rivero and Brito had a nice combination going yesterday. Rivero got on and Brito scored him each time.

  3. I don’t think Randolph would be Top 20 on anyone’s list anymore. I didn’t scout him, so I don’t know what they saw, or what is different now, but I remember his being touted as having an elite hit tool, with only LF as a position. Someone or multiple people made a big mistake.

    1. MM was touted as having an elite hit tool too.

      Somebody needs to explain to me how you can watch an 18 year old who has never faced advanced pitching and determine how a player that age with that lack of experience has an elite “hit” tool. Maybe an elite swing – I’ll give you that. But the ability to barrel up tough breaking pitches? Give me a break – how would you know that unless you had a rare kid like Harper who actually faced college pitching as an 18 year-old?

      What pisses me off about these picks is that the approach appears to be so fundamentally flawed. You can’t really know for sure who will pan out or not, but you’ve got to have the right approach and take the correct risks – not stupid risks. Taking an 18 year-old potential left fielder with little to no power and a bad body and limited athleticism as a hit tool only player (Randolph) strikes me as just a horrible approach to drafting.

      If I were John Middleton, I would be pretty darn mad about these picks and I’d want some answers and an explanation of what happened and why it would likely not happen again.

  4. Spencer Howard on the bump today at 10:30 for the Blue Claws. If he’s not already, he’ll be a top 10 prospect by midseason.

    1. 8mark…10:30 in the monring!
      Will they be serving biscuits and gravy breakfast to any fans that show up in Rome, Georgia?
      I understand it probably is a travel day and they have to board the buses right after the game to head to Columbia……but couldn’t wait another 90 minutes for a nooner game! 🙂

      1. Romus, I remember those old double headers between the Phillies and Pirates that started around 10 or 10:30. We’re talking late ’70s.

        1. I think the 10:30 start is mainly for school field trips so they would be done by the time school is usually out.

      2. They couldn’t romus. the bus has no headlights,. they have to leave before dark

      3. Its about being available for field trips for the kiddies. by starting at 10:30 they can be back to school in time for dismissal…

        Just had one of those yesterday in Harrisburg for the AA Senators…

    2. If he does this for another month, he’s probably in my top 5 – it’s been years since we’ve had this much prospect movement between opening day and early May. Lots of guys sinking and a few guys rising.

    3. That’s a great matchup of recent second round picks. Spencer Howard (29 K, 2 BB, 0.89 WHIP, .214 OBA) vs Kyle Muller (20 K, 7 BB, 1.01 WHIP, .205 OBA).

  5. I’m the first to admit i’m not the most knowledgeable next gen stats guy, but I wanted to take a look at Dylan Cozens

    At first blush, .278/.385/.557 is a great stat line

    Going a bit deeper you find

    36.8% K rate – way too high
    .400 BABIP – completely unsustainable
    Line Drive % – 37.8% – 15 points higher than his best year and about 20 points higher than his career avg – guess that makes this unsustainable?

    Another interesting note – He’s pulling the ball at the lowest rate of his career (adjustments made?)

    My summary would be solid results so far, maybe some progress made, but when he regresses in BABIP and LD%, we will be left with a non-prospect unless he gets the K% down.

    I appreciate the knowledge of the regular posters here and would love to hear from anyone who has hope for Cozens and why.


    1. Great post, Tom B. My only narrative for Cozens at this point is a platoon vs RHPs. Maybe. But his HRs would sure be lots of fun to watch.

      1. Thought about adding L/R splits, as we all know his history against left handers. Obviously an even smaller sample than his full stats, but so far, so good … vs LH, OPS is .859 and vs RH, .972

        Last year was such a down year for him, his .744 OPS vs RH wouldn’t even make him a platoon player

        Prior years show ups and downs, a great performance vs RH at Reading, and not so great the other years.

        I think your take as platoon player is a best case scenario at this point.

      2. Definitely a great post Tom and if you want a silver lining I’ll make an attempt to give you one although I had a hard time finding a LHB that turned it around

        Josh Donaldson is probably my favorite. He got a brief stint at age 24 and struggled quite a bit in a SSS. He didn’t get another shot until his age 26 season and again it didn’t look good.

        By age 27 he was 4 in MVP voting and by age 29 won the MVP

        1. Thanks DMAR, I didn’t look into his stats, but do you know if Donaldson had any peripherals in common, such as the high K rate?

    2. The K rate is hard to get around. But Cozens is showing improvement and so far his platoon splits have not been horrible. His power is real, he’s athletic and he has decent plate discipline. For a guy with Cozens’ raw talent even small incremental strides can result in major statistical gains. Let’s see where he is in early July – and remember that Cozens is 23 right now – he’s doing okay and he still has some time.

      1. As a lay person to hitting mechanics, it has always struck me as odd that coaches thru hitting/contact drills, seem to have no clue how to get a professional hitter to cut down his swing with 2 strikes and just put the ball in play.
        with cozens power , he’ll still drive the ball.
        especially when it is so clear that in order to have a solid major league career, cozens needs to put the ball in play more.
        do players like cozens practice contact in batting practice?

  6. Hopefully Pullin is waking up, he’s had some good AB’s the past 2 games while watching on In addition to his HR last night, he just barely missed hitting earlier that hit off the wall.

  7. Looks like Zach Green is healthy, fun to see and leading Reading in HR’s with 5. He has some serious pop.

  8. Carlos Santana should be released the same day Kaptak are both fired. Promote Hall now!!!!

  9. Cozens could be the next Judge, albeit a LH version. Mark my words

    1. I will agree with that.
      Their minor league metrics are pretty similar at the same age appropriateness level
      Still…Cozens needs to hit LHPs better.
      Judge crushes RHPs and holds his on vs LHPs…but draws a lot walks vs LHPs.

  10. I’d like to see Hall walk a little more though his K% is declining over last few weeks. I’d look for a june advancement.
    cozens I’d like to see spend the entire yr at AAA working on contact and hitting LHP with a sept call up
    no ABs available at major league level anyway. Theyre not going to sit for extended time Santana who is in first yr of a 3 yr contract and has a veteran track record
    if anyone is ready for promotion from AAA is Quinn. id like to see him and Williams flip so Williams can get daily atbats.
    he’s looking more and more like the odd man out longterm

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