Box Score Recap – 4/28/2018

Lehigh Valley and Reading saw their games postponed due to rain and wet grounds.

Clearwater beat Dunedin behind Sixto Sanchez.  Austin Listi homered in the game.

Lakewood fell behind Kannapolis early but battled back to tie the game on HRs by Josh Stephen and Rodolfo Duran and eventually won in eleven innings.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Lehigh Valley (9-10)  postponed, rain.

  • #14 Enyel De Los Santos (1-0, 1.98):
  • #15 Tom Eshelman (1-1, 5.29):
  • #16 Roman Quinn (.297):
  • #18 Dylan Cozens (.246):
  • #24 Drew Anderson: 7-day DL, right forearm strain
  • #25 Cole Irvin (0-1, 5.40):

Reading (8-12)  postponed, wet grounds.

  • #8 JoJo Romero (0-3, 7.20):
  • #9 Franklyn Kilome (1-0, 3.68):
  • #11 Ranger Suarez (1-1, 4.13):
  • #12 Seranthony Dominguez (1-2, 2.08):
  • #17 Cornelius Randolph (.159):

Clearwater (8-15)  beat Dunedin, 2-1.

Sixto Sanchez was dominate in his seven inning appearance.  He allowed one run on 4 hits and a walk and struck out two.  Jeff Singer pitched the final two innings and earned the save.

Arquimedes Gamboa led the Threshers with 2 hits, but drove in their first run in the fifth inning on a ground out.  Austin Listi provide some needed insurance with a solo HR (2) in the sixth.

I don’t have Sanchez velocity as I normally do because the stadium gun was not operating correctly.  It spewed out the occasional reading but missed most pitches.  It did show a few 98s, several 96s, and maybe a half dozen or more off speed pitches from 81-91 mph.

Josh Donaldson faced Sanchez three times.  Sanchez won.  Donaldson lifted a routine fly ball to center that Adam Haseley was easily able to drift back under for an out. Sanchez buckled Donaldson’s knees twice in his next at bat before he grounded the third pitch weakly to second.  In his third at bat, Donaldson popped out to Sanchez.

Don’t be alarmed by the low strike out count.  After the first couple innings, the Blue Jays were attacking pitches early in each at bat, as though they didn’t want to fall behind and face his devastating off speed stuff.  Which is ironic, since it appeared that Sanchez was pitching backward anyway, using his off speed stuff to set up his off speed stuff.  He used his fastball randomly and to devastating effect.  This allowed him to pitch seven full innings and throw just 83 pitches, 53 for strikes (65.1%).

Sanchez wears #45, an homage to his favorite pitcher, Pedro Martinez.  Last night, he displayed some of the moxie that Pedro was known for.  He gestured after strike outs and big outs.  He glared at batters. He chirped to the left fielder as he left for the club house after the eighth inning.  He occasionally “danced” to the walk up music.  (By dance I mean a noticeable shoulder shake or shimmy to the beat of the music.) And, he would tell the umpire when he was ready to start an inning, usually with 45-50 seconds still on the 2:15 second timer between innings.

He was thoroughly in charge last night.  He is a very quick worker, ready to throw the next pitch as soon as he receives it from the catcher.  And that’s another possible factor in his dominance.  Edgar Cabral came off the DL and caught last night.  And, finally, an example of his taking charge was evident on Donaldson’s pop up in his third at bat.  As a lot of pitchers do, Sanchez points to the sky when a ball is hit in the air.  This time he pointed up and drifted off the mound.  The catcher and fielders closed in, but Sanchez decided to take the ball himself.  I think it was the right decision as I don’t believe anyone else got there quick enough to make the play.  Here are a couple of photos of the play I got from a friend.

On a more serious note, Sanchez deflected a ground ball with his pitching hand.  They got an out on a ball that probably would have gone into center field otherwise.  He was a little animated after the out was recorded, reaching down for some dirt, then for the rosin bag.  Then, with his body shielding his hand from the view of the Dunedin bench, he he flexed his hand hands several times before returning to the mound.  He retired the next batter on his second strike out, but then walked the following batter on four successive 96 mph FB off the inside of the plate to a LHB.  But, then he retired 7 batters in a row before allowing a run in the seventh.

  • #1 Sixto Sanchez (1-1, 3.71):  7.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 K
  • #4 Adonis Medina (1-1, 5.63):
  • #5 Mickey Moniak: went 0-4
  • #6 Adam Haseley: 0-4
  • #10 Arquimedes Gamboa: went 2-4 with an RBI
  • #19 Jose Gomez: DNP
  • #23 McKenzie Mills (0-1, 3.00):
  • Darick Hall: went 1-4
  • Austin Listi: went 1-4 with a run scored, HR, RBI
  • Henri Lartigue: DNP

Lakewood (13-10)  beat Kannapolis, 5-4 in eleven innings.

Connor Brogdon (4.15) gave up 3 runs in the first inning on 5 singles, then held the Intimidators to 2 hits over the next four innings.  He struck out 5 batters including three in the first inning.  Luis Carrasco (3.95) went three scoreless innings but allowed 2 hits and walked three.  Randy Alcantara (3.97) pitched two innings and gave up an unearned run in the tenth.  He allowed 2 hits and walked two.  Addison Russ (3-0, 0.00) prevented the extra inning runner from scoring in the eleventh, struck out a batter, and got the win.

Josh Stephen started the BlueClaws comeback with a two-out, solo HR (3) in the fifth. The comeback was completed in the seventh when Danny Mayer singled and with two out, Rodolfo Duran hit a 2-run HR (1).

Trailing by one in the tenth, Duran successfully sacrificed Kevin Markham to third. With Stephen batting, Markham scored on a passed ball.  Stephen went on to single in the at bat.  In the eleventh, Kannapolis opted to walk Nick Maton with Dalton Guthrie starting the inning on second base.  Quincy Nieporte moved the runners over on a ground out.  After another intentional walk and a strike out, Guthrie scored on a wild pitch.

Maton, Mayer, and Stephen had 2 hits each.  The rest of the BlueClaws had one.

Lakewood turned 3 double plays in regulation.

  • #7 Jhailyn Ortiz (.158): is on the 7-day DL
  • #13 Daniel Brito (.164): went 0-5
  • #22 Spencer Howard (2-1, 1.89):
  • #30 Simon Muzziotti (.293): is on the 7-day DL (left index and middle fingers are splinted)
  • Colby Fitch (.238): went 0-3 with 2 BB
  • Nick Maton (.288): went 2-4 with a double, BB
  • Josh Stephen (.250): went 2-4 with a run scored, HR, RBI
  • Connor Brogdon (4.15): 5.0 IP, 7 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 5 K

These prospects are in Philadelphia.

  • #2 Scott Kingery: 81 of 130 career AB, 30 of 45 days with Phillies (May 13th)
  • #3 J.P. Crawford: >130 of 130 career AB, 30 of 45 days with Phillies (May 13th)
  • #27 Victor Arano: 22.2 of 50 innings, 30 of 45 days with Phillies (May 13th)

And these guys are still in Clearwater.

  • #20 Kyle Young: XST
  • #21 Francisco Morales: XST
  • #26 Luis Garcia: XST
  • #28 J.D. Hammer: XST
  • #29 Kevin Gowdy: not expected to pitch this season


Nick Fanti pitched again today.  He looks healthy, but it looks like he is still on a pitch count, and he appeared to tire toward the end of his appearance.  But, his velocity looks like it’s almost all there and his off speed pitches seem like they’re coming along.

There are over 90 players at the Complex.  The Phillies have provided a roster that includes 80 players in extended spring training.

2018 XST Roster

2018 XST League Schedule and link to Phillies XST schedule.

Link to Phillies GCL schedule.


4/28/18–Wilson Garcia assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater .
4/28/18–Clearwater activated C Edgar Cabral from the 7-day DL.
4/27/18–Tyler Gilbert transferred from Williamsport to Reading
4/27/18–Phillies recalled Jake Thompson from Lehigh Valley
4/27/18–Phillies placed Ben Lively on the 10-day disabled list. Lower back strain
4/27/18–Lehigh Valley placed Logan Moore on the 7-day DL retro to 4/26/18. Right shin contusion
4/27/18–Danny Mayer assigned to Lakewood from Clearwater
4/27/18–Spencer Howard assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
4/27/18–Clearwater activated 2B Jose Antequera
4/27/18–Jhostyn Marin signed as an international FA; assigned to DSL Phillies Red
4/27/18–RHP Seranthony Dominguez assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
4/26/18–Austin Davis assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
4/26/18–Tyler Gilbert transferred from Reading to Williamsport
4/26/18–Lakewood placed Jhailyn Ortiz on the 7-day Disabled List
4/26/18–RHP Luis Carrasco assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
4/25/18–Signed Nathaniel Bido as an international FA; assigned to DSL Phillies Red
4/25/18–LHP Austin Davis assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
4/25/18–3B Trevor Plouffe assigned to Lehigh Valley
4/24/18–Voided contract of Felix Neguis with DSL Phillies Red
4/24/18–RHP Luis Carrasco assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood.
4/24/18–RHP Ramon Rosso assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport.
4/23/18–Trevor Plouffe signed to a minor league contract; assigned to Lehigh Valley
4/23/18–3B Heiker Meneses assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
4/23/18–RHP Tyler Viza assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
4/23/18–Jose Antequera assigned to Williamsport from Reading
4/23/18–Jacob Waguespack added to Lehigh Valley active roster
4/23/18–Hoby Milner added to Lehigh Valley active roster

I’ve brought the rosters and lists up to date as of 4/25.  I’ve got 326 players in the organization.  It’s probably more.

35 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/28/2018

  1. Jose Antequera is back. He went 1 for 3 in Reading a few nights ago and then 1 for 4 in CLW last night. He seems to be a defensive whiz who has played all 4 IF positions. His bat hasn’t been his calling card, hitting only .184/.244/.216 last year across 3 levels. But his defense seems to keep him around and maybe the bat will catch up.

  2. Sixto improving every start and was dominant yesterday! (Jim, appreciate all the details of Sanchez’ start. Excited to hear of his “moxie”!)

    Gamboa, another 2-hit game, 5th in last 10. Personally I think he’s our phuture SS . That’s not at all a knock on JP but my excitement for Arqui. Rooting for both to reach their best.

    Nick Maton off to good start. 9 doubles already. He had one weak split last year (.160) vs LHP last year but batting .333 vs LHP in SSS so far.

    1. My sense of these starts is that they are development-focused and not performance focused. In other words, they are not trying to get him to put up the best stats in each start, they are focused on stuff that is designed to make him the best MLB pitcher he can be. Even so, if he continues to progress like this, he could spend the second half of the summer in Reading. If he were on the Braves or Marlins he’d already be in AA. But I’m fine with them taking their time with him. His performance will force the issue sooner or later anyway.

      1. given his age and lack of pro innings, I’m very happy with the slower approach.. would like to see him get a taste of reading this yr so he has the experience and a sense of what he needs to work on going into 2019.

        1. srussell … Don’t be surprised if/when Sixto gets a taste of MLB this year. There’s a very good chance he gets added to the Phillies bullpen if the Phils are in the playoff hunt late this season.

          1. The fact that he retired Josh Donaldson three times last night will do nothing to deter Klentak from considering Sixto for the Phillies bullpen this year. I believe this (possibility of a late season promotion to the Phillies bullpen) is a reason they started him out a few weeks late this season.

            1. Why not Dominguez and Sanchez ?
              They’ll add Sixto to the 40 man, see how he, Ser-Ant’ny, and the rest of the younger BP arms perform, and choose which ones to activate for a possible playoff appearance.

          2. Hinkie…..that would be a monumental plunge for Klentak and the crew. Not sure they will want to add Sixto to the 40 this early in his career.
            I had thought the Hunter and Neshek signings were done for that purpose….to get their bullpen over the hump later in the season.

            1. Romus … if they’re making a playoff push, they’ll need to go all in. I’m talking swing a deal for a guy like Manny Machado (if a reasonable swap can be made), and use/promote all your best players. Remember all the flack the Nationals/Rizzo took in 2015 (?) (I think), for shutting down Stephen Strasburg. The theory was they were thinking long term. They would have multi years to win a WS. Their window may be closing this season. They still haven’t won a WS.
              Yes. In theory, the Phillies window isn’t/wasn’t supposed to open until next year. However, if it’s late summer, and the team is in first place/within a couple of games of 1st place, then Klentak needs to be aggressive.

            2. Hinkie……I just do not think Klentak thinks that way.
              Please…..just thrust the process Hinkie. 🙂

          3. I would be SHOCKED if Sixto pitched in the majors this year. The Phillies just don’t promote prospects that way – not even young the special ones.

            1. Be prepared to be shocked, catch. If Sixto remains healthy, and the Phillies are in contention, there is a very real possibility, he’ll be pitching (out of the pen) in CBP this year.

          4. Sixto is at Clearwater, and you think he’s going to go to the bigs as a bullpen arm? First, the Phillies take their time in promotions. Like it or not, that’s they way they do it. He’s not jumping 2 levels in 1 season as a pitcher. Second, the Phillies do not use starters as bullpen guys like the Cardinals. Sixto is a starter, he’ll stay as a starter. They would rather him start at Lehigh than out of the bullpen in the bigs. Third, he’s on 4 years of service. The Phillies still have him for 1 more year before thay have to add him to the 40 man roster. The Phillies will NOT start his clock early.

            1. I would be a lot of money that Sixto does not pitch even an inning in Philly this year.

              I am also giving up on VV as a starting pitcher. He doesn’t have it. Yes he throws a great game every full moon or so but it is time to convert him to the pen. Throwing him out there every five days is getting painful to watch.

              While I am, being negative, the Phillies need a full-time catcher and SS. I don’t see the positivity with Alfaro. He has a great arm and that is that. There is nothing even in his minor league record to suggest otherwise. Crawford deserves a little more slack as he is younger but people are just hoping against hope with him. Nobody would be mentioning his name if he wasn’t a first round pick and wasn’t the beneficiary of the hype machine for years.

            2. To be clear … I am not telling you the Phillies are going to permanently move Sixto Sanchez to the bullpen. I am telling you: under two circumstances (1. Phillies are contending for the NL East, 2. Sixto is healthy), late this summer, Klentak will give serious consideration to/is likely to promote Sixto Sanchez to the MLB team as a BP arm for the playoff push.

            3. Hinkie….no need to put Sixto in the Pen…..Vinny V will already be there by then .

    2. Maton could be a guy who’s worth following. His Ks and BBs are trending in the right direction now after a solid showing in that department last year. He’s hitting for some power, playing SS and only turned 21 a couple months ago. Looks like he’s surpassed the Guthrie, another SS who was taken the round (6th) before Maton in last year’s draft.

  3. Thanks Jim for your comments about Sanchez’ K’s. I have been curious with his stuff why he isn’t striking more batters out ? I suppose your theory has been evident in other games as well ? Heretofore, I had supposed that the coaching staff had instructed him to use only certain pitches to hone them ? thus negating situations where he would just be “blowing” batters away ?

  4. I feel bad about JPC’s injury, but I hope that Valentin gets the call to the big leagues. He has a chance to really surprise some folks if he gets the ABs. I like Florimon, but there’s no reason for him to start more than 1/3 games – other guys can play short and need the playing time.

    1. Quinn is just as deserving but he needs the playing time and, oh yeah, could people stop complaining about Odubel and Cesar – they are half the reason the team scores runs this year. They are NOT average players as some suggest. Both are solid first-division regulars and they are both still improving.

      1. catch – I don’t think anybody is complaining about Odubel and Cesar (even those who want to trade them). While Herrera has elevated his game to incredible heights, Hernandez looks to me like he’ll be the same Cesar as the past two years. Don’t take that as a knock, he’s been good for the last two years. As soon as someone suggests a trade, everybody assumes that you’re looking to unload him. You have to get value for value. I’d like a #3 starter, or a lights out closer, but we have to give fair value. Right now, with Herrera hitting .340, he’s off the trading block, so that makes Cesar our number one trade chip.

        1. No Cesar has been better – his game has been marked by constant improvement and this year he has again improved his OBP.

        2. realizing this is from a fantasy column rotoworld, but odubel on a sell-high list for those purposes:
          Odubel Herrera, Outfielder (Phillies): After being held out of the Opening Day lineup way back on March 29, Herrera has seemingly cleared the Phillies’ outfield logjam by batting .348 across 89 at-bats. Unfortunately, concerns about his long-term viability remain, as his lofty batting mark has been spurred by a .394 BABIP in spite of a lowly 28.8 percent hard-contact rate. With below-average power (career .144 ISO) and plate patience (lifetime 6.9 percent walk rate), Herrera is a luck regression away from being the same player who posted an unremarkable 100 wRC+ last season

          1. really This is the pure junk that makes me think people are tying to be Shelton. all stats no scouting.

          2. He is hanging tough right now with a fWAR of .9…over an entire season that will equate to just over a 5fWAR. Then again he seems to be a streaky player
            What is also surprising…his K rate of 17% is his lowest from his three previous MLB seasons….so though the hard contact is low …the contact is higher.
            I do think once the weather gets warmer…his power will also get hot.
            Over his career so far in the months of April/May he has a .395 SLG%, while the months of June thru August it goes up to .470 SLG% before it trends down for Sept and a little of October to.430 SLG%

  5. Haseley and Mickey Mo ended their hitting streaks. Listi just keeps on hitting. Pujols second straight day without a strikeout meaning he’s due for the golden sombrero.

    We’ll know soon enough, but JP’s recent play suggests maybe a more serious injury that will land him on the DL and perhaps give Valentin his chance.

  6. I don’t think Valentin will be handed the SS duties . He will get his chances though ,Kingery can fill too along with Florimin .

  7. Bailey Falter with an absolute one-hit/one-walk/70% strike per pitch ratio gem this afternoon.
    Game score of 83. Highest game score of any pitcher in the Phillies system so far this season.

    1. Another Johnny Almaraz find that he gets no credit for. You have to give drafts at least four years to fairly judge them.

        1. Falter ,Kingery ,,Irvin , Jojo Romero, Howard, Hall, Maton .Haseley , Micky Mo are not bad picks. C a 20 yr old in Reading , Haseley is barely over 100 pro ATbats .he hitting .280 really though nither are better then Herrera in CF.

          1. Really tim. I posted a response, but didn’t come up. So all I will say is this your kidding I hope. 23 YR OLDS in a ball and not one elite prospect. NOT ONE. terrible drafts, Haseley compare him to senzel and tell me what you see. So mm was drafted so we could sign a hs pitcher who is always hurt. joke this scouting dept, stinks Why don’t they raid the braves look at that 20 yr old kid. Shelton has to go. Middeton is blind. Hire a gm who has won. someone who knows how to build a winner. not a guy who bases everything on sabermetrics.

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