2018 Extended Spring Training Roster

The Phillies provided the attached XST roster.  It included 80 players who are taking part in the games at the Complex.

2018 XST Roster

When the Phillies host an XST game, there can be as many as three games on the fields. Some of the scheduled opponents bring two squads.  And, often there will be a game against one of the traveling teams that make their way to Florida each spring. These players are older, usually released by other organizations, and paying their own way hoping to catch a scout’s eye.

The roster includes some surprises such as – Tommy Bergjans, Joey DeNato, Josh Tols, Grenny Cumana, Austin O’Brien, and Alberto Tirado.

In addition, there are a dozen or more guys at the Complex who aren’t on this roster – Gabriel Lino, Jose Antequera, Drew Stankewicz, Will Middlebrooks, Adron Chambers, Jose Taveras, Elniery Garcia, J.D. Hammer, Mario Sanchez, Grant Dyer, Nick Fanti, Will Hibbs, Kevin Gowdy, and Sutter McLoughlin.  Most of these guys are on rehab or have recently popped up on an affiliate’s disabled list.

And, FYI, not that it matters, but I was able to identify ALL of these players on my own the past couple days.  They could have saved me a lot of wasted effort if they had made the roster available earlier.

9 thoughts on “2018 Extended Spring Training Roster

  1. Malvin Matos hasn’t been on Clearwater’s roster for a week. He is not listed on the 7 day DL. His spot was taken by Yahir Gurrola. Any news on Matos?

  2. looking for the 2 Browns and Justin Miller to make a prospect jump this year. join the strong righty prospect list this year.

  3. Wow Pelletier Age 19 Last season GCL 333/361/835 and Pickett Age 21 Last Season NYPL 271/341/745 couldn’t break the LKW roster…

    1. Matos is one of those guys being shuttled between Lakewood and Williamsport for now. He’s currently on the Williamsport roster.

  4. Does anyone have an explanation for leaving Kyle Young in XST? He had a nice year at Williamsport and definitely seemed like he did enough to at least earn a promotion to Lakewood. Are they just working on some things with him or was there an injury?

    1. I answered this and similar questions a few days ago. I think this answer still holds true.
      “Okay, your basic rule of thumb should be, make that rules of thumb –
      1.) If a guy is physically in Clearwater and you think he should be some where else, he is hurt
      2.) if a guy is transferred to Williamsport, he is still with his team. The Williamsport roster is being used as a sort of taxi squad to extend rosters beyond 25 players
      3.) guys who ended the season on the DL and reported to Clearwater for periodic checkups are still in rehab: Mario Sanchez, Grant Dyer, Sutter McLoughlin, and Kevin Gowdy
      4.) guys who fall under #1 above include Sixto Sanchez (until he was activated Sunday), Nick Fanti, Kyle Young, Elniery Garcia, Will Hibbs, Elniery Garcia, J.D. Hammer, …
      5.) guys who don’t fall under any category above: Alberto Tirado, Tim Berry, Jose Taveras (although I think he’s hurt), Gabriel Lino, …
      6.) and Will Middlebrooks who is rehabbing until sometime in July.”

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