Spring Training at the Complex, Mar. 8, 2018

The Phillies buses pulled out at 9:15 AM for the short hop to Tampa and their game against the Yankees.  As I drove past the buses, I waved.  The bus drivers waved back.  I also passed Group Four as they made their way over to DiMaggio Field for the work out’s 9:30 start.  Upon arrival, I learned that in addition to the game against Villanova, there would be two scrimmages at the Complex.  Woohoo!

At the Complex, Group three was on Schmidt Field, leaving Ashburn open for the Phillies. The groups did their stretching.  Afterward, the pitchers long tossed and the position players practiced running the bases – home to first, first to third, home to second, third to home.  When they broke to toss, the catchers remained on the infields to practice throws to the bases.  A handful of pitchers went to the Seven Mounds to get their work in.

Then the groups reformed for PFPs.  Pitchers, catchers, and infielders went practiced sacrifice and pick off scenarios with runners on second or first.

  • With a runner on second – 1.) the pitcher and first baseman charge the bunt with the third baseman and first baseman covering the bases; 2.) the rotation play where the shortstop covers third; 3.) a spin and pick off at second with the SS covering
  • With a runner on first – 1.) pick off move at first; 2.) shortstop and second baseman cover the bases

All the outfielders met in center field of Roberts Field.  They formed two lines and coaches on the RF and LF foul lines hit line drives for them to charge and make a play in the air or on a hop.

The “red shirts” threw in LF on Schmidt under the watchful of Coach Burris.  I counted six. I think five of them were – Sutter McLoughlin, Ben Brown, Grant Dyer, J.D Hammer, and Jake Waguespack.  Others in red were Tyler Hallead and Nick Fanti.

Wilson Garcia is working out with the first basemen in Group Two.  Bailey Falter is wearing glasses, and is contemplating wearing them in games.

After infield drills, the three groups took BP.  Most pitchers shagged.  Screens were set up to protect the first basemen.  Coaches hit balls to infielders who made the throws to first. The BP groups were –

  • Group One –
  • Grullon, Cabral, Marrero
  • Tomscha, Meneses, Hernandez, Tromp
  • Randolph, Haseley, Sandberg, Martin
  • Cumana, Gomez, Stankiewicz
  • Group Two –
  • Garcia, Lartigue, Fitch, Rivero, Antequera
  • Hall, Rivas, Brito, Gamboa
  • Matos, Moniak, Pujols
  • Group Three –
  • Duran, Marchan, Azuaje, Martinez
  • Zoellner, Maton, Gythrie, Muzziotti
  • Nieporte, Mayer, Stobbe, Ortiz
  • Gurrola, Mims, O’Brien

The wind was strong, so balls hit to RF on Carlton and LF on Roberts were knocked down.

While BP was winding down, the Phillies who hadn’t bused to Tampa were taking BP after stretching and throwing.  Hitters included – Alfaro, Santana, Hernandez, Crawford, Franco, Herrera, and Williams. Drew Hutchinson and Aaron Nola took their swings with the final group.

The Phillies made their way back to Spectrum Field and the Complex groups went into their clubhouse for lunch.  We began the wait to see who would go to Spectrum Field for the scrimmage against Villanova and who would stay behind to play in the intrasquad games.  Based on the activity we saw back and forth, I guessed that a lot of the pitching at the Complex would be by the pitchers on the spring training roster.  I somewhat successfully scored both games, standing on the bleachers between the two fields.  Here’s what I’ve got.

Ashburn – Group One v. Group Two

Tom Eshelman started for Group Two.  He pitched 4.0 innings and gave up 1 run on five hits.  the caveat here is that he faced seven batters in the fourth and retired six of them as he got his pitches in.  He struck out 4 batters and walked none.

Brandon Leibrandt pitched the next 3.0 innings.  He gave up 1 run on 4 hits.  He struck out 2 and walked one.  He also picked off two base runners, one at first with runners on the corners.  Leibrandt has an exceptional move.  We of all teams should know that.

Ryan Etsell pitched the eighth and gave up 2 runs on 3 hits.

Will Hibbs pitched the ninth.  He gave up and infield single and struck out a batter.

This is what the Group One batters accomplished.

  1. Haseley and Cabral singled in the first
  2. Meneses singled and scored on Martin’s RBI double (out at third)
  3. down in order
  4. down in order (Martin singled among the 4 extra at bats)
  5. Cumana singled and was picked off
  6. Lartigue doubled, Tromp singled and was picked off, Stankiewicz hit an RBI double
  7. Martin was walked and wiped out in a DP
  8. Haseley singled, Lartigue hit a ground rule double, Tromp hit an RBI infield single, Hernandez hit a SF
  9. Meneses hit an infield single

Franklyn Kilome started for Group One.  He gave up one run in less than three innings as two of his innings were rolled.  He gave up 3 singles and a run while retiring one batter in the first.  He pitched a 1-2-3 second, but had the third inning rolled after a single, hit batter and fly out.  He had good velocity, but …

Six relievers followed.

  1. Hector Neris pitched a 1-2-3 inning and struck out one.
  2. Victor Arano gave up one hit and struck out a batter.
  3. Jeff Singer Gave up a lead off walk that scored on a SB and single.
  4. Parker Frazier got two outs before being rolled after a BB and HBP.
  5. Tom Windle gave up a hit, walk, and strike out in his one inning.
  6. Tom Bergjans gave up a lead off single but the inning ended on a strike-em-out, throw-em-out double play.

This is what the Group Two batters accomplished.

  1. Antequera singled, stole second, and scored on Fitch’s RBI single.  W. Garcia singled.
  2. down in order
  3. Schiener infield single, Alastre HBP
  4. down in order
  5. Listi doubled
  6. Alastre walked, stole second, and scored on Fitch’s RBI single
  7. N. Martinez walked, W. Garcia HBP
  8. Schiener walked, Alastre infield single
  9. N. Martinez singled and was caught stealing

Schmidt – Group Three v. Group Four

Cole Irvin started for Group Three.  He pitched parts of three innings, two were rolled.  He gave up 2 runs on 2 hits, 3 walks, and a hit batter.  He struck out one.

Ranger Suarez pitched 3.0 scoreless innings.  He gave up a single and 2 walks, but ended all three innings with ground ball double plays.

Three relievers started each of the last three innings.

  1. Dennis Martinez – 2 runs on 3 hits in 0.2 innings before it was rolled
  2. Jose Jimenez – retired the side in order
  3. Alex Garcia – retired 2 batters before a single, BB, and a roll

This is what the Group Four batters accomplished.

  1. Azuaje walked and stole second
  2. Mayer was HBP and scored.  Buhner singled, Marchan had an RBI single
  3. Mims and Azuaje walked
  4. O’Brien singled
  5. Buhner walked
  6. L. Rodriguez walked
  7. O’Brien reached on an infield single Zoellner and Mayer hit back-to-back RBI triples.
  8. retired in order
  9. Gurrola singled, O’Brien walked

Enyel De Los Santos started for Group Four.  He gave up one run but had two innings rolled.  He gave up 3 hits, walked two, and struck out five.

Jose Taveras gave up one run on 3 hits including a HR.  He struck out one.

Three relievers pitched the last three innings.

  1. Victor Sobil – retired the side in order with a K
  2. Luis Carrasco – faced 3 batters, single and a DP
  3. Gustavo Armas – gave up a double and struck out 2 batters

This is what the Group Three batters accomplished.

  1. L. Garcia walked, De Los Santos struck out the side
  2. De La Cruz singled
  3. E. Rodriguez singled, Aparicio singled, Holmes walked
  4. De La Cruz homered off Taveras
  5. Henriquez doubled but was thrown out at third, E. Rodriguez tripled
  6. retired in order
  7. retired in order
  8. E. Rodriguez singled
  9. Stephen doubled

Meanwhile, the squad assembled to face Villanova shut out the Wild Cats.

Once again, no group assignments available.  So, this is what we have to go by.  Still don’t know what is up with Gabriel Lino, Josh Tols, and Adron Chambers.

  1. Group 1 – (with the Reading staff)
    CatchersBossart, Grullon, Cabral
    Infielders – Cumana, Jose Gomez, Martin, Joey  Meneses, Stankiewicz , Tomscha, Canelo, Green, Emmanuel Marrero
    Outfield – Haseley, Jan Hernandez, Sandberg, Tromp, Randolph, Coppola
    Pitchers – Arauz, Bergjans, Tim Berry, Casimiro, Cleavinger, Davis, DeNato , Parker Frazier, Elniery Garcia, Gilbert, Leftwich, McGarry, Rivero, Romero, Singer, Tirado, Viza, Watson, Windle, Waguespack, Anderson, Hammer
  2. Group 2 – (with the Clearwater staff)
    Catchers – W. Garcia, Rivero, Fitch, Lartigue
    Infielders – Antequera, Brito, Gamboa, Hall, Listi, Rivas, Scheiner, Williams
    Outfielders – Alastre, Martinelli, Pujols, Matos, Moniak
    Pitchers – Alcantara, Aaron Brown, Casey Brown, Cabrera, Ryan Etsell, Falter, Fanti, Edgar Garcia, Hallead, Hibbs, Kelzer, Llovera, Medina, Mills, Paulino, Blake Quinn, Requena, Russ, Sixto Sanchez, Hennigan, Bettencourt
  3. Group 3 – (with the Lakewood staff)
    Catchers – Duran, Marchan, Nerluis Martinez
    Infielders – Azuaje, Buhner, Guthrie, Maton, Mims, Nieporte, Austin O’Brien, Pickett, Stobbe, Zoellner
    Outfielders – Gurrola, Markham, Mayer, Muzziotti, Jhailyn Ortiz,
    Pitchers – Armas, Brogdon, Andrew Brown, Carrasco, Dohy, Julian Garcia, Hernandez, Howard, Jones, Marcelino, Melendez, Nunez, Parkinson, Ramirez, Rosario, Rosso, Seabold, Sobil, Stewart, Warren, Young,
  4. Group 4 – (with the Williamsport and GCL staffs)
    Catchers – Aparicio, Gutierrez, Lenin Rodriguez
    Infielders – Encarnacion, Luis Garcia, Gonzalez, Guzman, Henriquez, Holmes, Rodriguez, Rojas, Stewart, Torres
    Outfielders – Bocio, De La Cruz, Pelletier, Stephen
    Pitchers – Leonel Aponte, Carlos Bettencourt, Ben Brown, Carvajal, Conopoima, Cummings, Cummings, Juan Escorcia, Alex Garcia, Jimenez, Kuznetsov, Lindow, Denny Martinez, Robinson Martinez, Mezquita, Miller, Morales, Alfonzo Puello, Santa Cruz, Juan Santos, Silva, Vargas

These four guys are on rehab – Mario Sanchez, Grant Dyer, Sutter McLoughlin, and Kevin Gowdy.  

I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it to the Complex on Friday.  Apologies in advance.

Let me conclude by acknowledging the Phillies’ four game winning streak.

#Phly Phillies Phly


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  1. What!! I demand you get to the complex on Friday!!!. 🙂 Actually thanks for the great reports on all of the camp happenings

  2. Seeking approval for Enyel De Los Santos nickname as I have a feeling we will talk a lot about him over the coming months.

    DLS or Yelly or just plain Enyel…

    1. STOP!!! I have a “friend” down here who is projecting him onto the Lakewood roster to start the season. I think this is awfully ambitious for a non-drafted free agent, fresh out of high school who wasn’t placed on the GCL roster, and looked terribly raw at Instructs. He has improved since being under Charlie’s tutelage during pre-spring training. Maybe he gets a week cameo at Williamsport until the 2018 draft class is assigned. But, I think he’s targeted for the GCL,

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