Spring Training at the Complex, Mar. 5, 2018

I heard the players were reporting early on Monday for photo day.  I met a couple of Topps photographers on Sunday.  I guess they were taking photos for collectible cards.  Which begs the question, “Which affiliate’s uniform do the players wear?”.  I can’t even get the groups list.  How do they determine which uniform a player should wear?  One of those questions that make me go “Hmm”.

Today was a repeat of yesterday.  Schmidt and Ashburn Fields were reserved for the major league camp.  Groups 3 and 4 hiked over to DiMaggio Field for their morning work out. Groups 1 and 2 began their day on Roberts and Carlton Fields,  

The Phillies did come out today.  After stretching and long tossing, these players who weren’t scheduled to play against the Twins performed PFPs on Schmidt and infield drills and BP on Ashburn.  If any of y’all noticed that Nick Wiliams swung awkwardly during his first at bat and left the game an inning later on Sunday, don’t worry.  He took BP and shagged flies today.  If you didn’t notice, forget I brought it up.

After the game, Drew Anderson, J.D. Hammer, and Edgar Cabral were returned to the minor league camp.

Last week, somebody asked when the Phillies could begin sending players back to minor league camp.  They can begin sending most back any time they want.  The only restriction is that first time players on the 40-man roster can’t be sent back for two weeks (I think). Those players can’t be sent down before March 9th.  Protected players include – Jose Taveras, Seranthony Dominguez, Franklyn Kilome, and Ranger Suarez.

The minor leaguers went through their normal stretching and other preparatory pre-workout exercises.  These seem to run a little longer than others so far this spring.  Then they split up into throwing pairs.  Pitchers scheduled to throw went to the Seven Mounds. (They pitched with yellow string stretched across the top and bottom of the strike zone.  A thirdstring was lower, about ankle high.)  Catchers not needed at the Mounds, practiced throws to Coach Williams at third base.  The remaining pitchers waited to shag BP.  During BP, ground balls were hit to the infielders.

BP groups begin with the catchers and an infielder (Rivero, Fitch, Lartigue, and Antequerra on Carlton).  The second group is comprised of infielders (Brito, Gamboa, Hall, and Rivas). The third group included the remaining infielders and and outfielder (Listi, Scheiner, Williams, and Martinelli (I think).  The final group was the remaining outfielders (Matos, Alastre, Pujols, Matos, and Moniak).

As on Sunday, the groups returned from DiMaggio and everybody broke into smaller groups for more drills.  I think there are more than 6 groups.  Pitchers and position players move in separate groups, one clockwise and one counter it seems.  Catchers move in their own pattern.  They didn’t have as long a wait before this portion started today.  I love the air horns.  Players run from one station to the next.  Here’s the site map again.

The outdoor batting cages are at the head of the drive way leading to the club house, along the left field line on Carlton Field. Seven Mounds is the set of mounds between the clubhouse and the indoor cages and weight room. The practice field is the field I refer to as Bowa Field (when Jimmy retires, I’ll start calling it Rollins Field. And, of course, Bright House Field is now Spectrum Field.

New Drills are in bold text.

  1. The outdoor batting cages along the drive way – BP off a pitching machine.
  2. Ashburn – bunting off a pitching machine.
  3. Carlton – a.) flyballs off a pop up machine for outfielders, b.) PFPs for pitchers which consisted of ground balls between the mound and first base.  The pitcher, first baseman, and second baseman were all in motion on each play.  c.) “The Firing Squad” (my name for it). A coach stood on the right field foul line and hit line drives at each pitcher in sequence. The pitcher had his back to the boundary fence. The balls had the sound that rubber coated balls have.  I guess these are safer than official baseballs.
  4. Roberts – a.) pickoff moves, leading/getting a jump off second base.  Only one runner in play at a time today. b.) the catchers’ “suicide drills” (my name again).  A pop up machine was set up along the left field line and the catchers had to catch pop ups in foul territory.  Sounds easy, you say?  Well, starting from a crouch, three catchers had to catch multiple pop ups in sequence without colliding (catcher one had to catch pop ups 1 and 4, catcher two had to catch pop ups 2 and 5, catcher three had t catch pop ups 3 and 6).  Then they had to catch multiple balls individually, up to six at one time.  And finally, they laid down and got up to catch balls in sequence as in the first drill.  This is another drill I like to watch.
  5. Schmidt – “The Fire Drill”.  Same as yesterday.  Four coaches hitting balls to each position on the field. Players would lob the balls back to the coach.  The drill changed to allow throws to a first baseman from one of the positions while balls were still hit to the other positions as well as a second first baseman.  They also had the middle infielders take throws at second, while continuing to his balls to all positions.  This is my favorite drill to watch.  It’s as hard for me to follow as it is for me to describe. I can’t believe that no one gets hit by a ball during this drill.
  6. Seven Mounds – pitchers soft-tossing to each other.
  7. The mound between Carlton and Roberts – a pitching machine was set up to deliver pitches to catchers.
  8. Some players (pitchers, I think) peeled off to eat lunch.
  9. Others went to the indoor cages.
  10. And pitchers who completed their work began doing their running.

They remaining players broke for lunch, and I called it a day.

One of the benefits of writing for Phuture Phillies is that I get to meet readers when they visit the Complex.  Today a reader approached me and asked if I was Jim from PP.  I was wearing my trademark straw hat and had just put my clipboard into my red back pack.  All ways by which I can be identified.  (As a reminder, I do NOT look like Larry Anderson.)

The reader introduced himself, and it turned out he was the father of one of our prospects.  We spent an hour talking about various aspects of minor league life.  I helped him locate some players he knew from his son’s progress through the organization.  And introduced him to some players and coaches he didn’t know.

He asked about you guys and wanted to meet any readers who were here.  He asked specifically about Romus and Roccom.  And he’s sure that he has seen v1again at Lakewood games.

Until group assignments are available, here they are as I have seen them.  I moved Lino out of group one, I haven’t seen him yet.  I’ll move him back when I see him.

  1. Group 1 – (with the Reading staff)
    Catchers – W. Garcia, Bossart, Grullon
    Infielders – Cumana, Jose Gomez, Martin, Joey  Meneses, Stankiewicz , Tomscha, Canelo, Green, Emmanuel Marrero
    Outfield – Haseley, Jan Hernandez, Sandberg, Tromp, Randolph, Coppola
    Pitchers – Arauz, Bergjans, Tim Berry, Casimiro, Cleavinger, Davis, DeNato , Parker Frazier, Elniery Garcia, Gilbert, Leftwich, McGarry, Rivero, Romero, Singer, Tirado, Viza, Watson, Windle, Waguespack
  2. Group 2 – (with the Clearwater staff)
    Catchers – Rivero, Fitch, Lartigue
    Infielders – Antequera, Brito, Gamboa, Hall, Listi, Rivas, Scheiner, Williams
    Outfielders – Alastre, Martinelli, Pujols, Matos, Moniak
    Pitchers – Alcantara, Aaron Brown, Casey Brown, Cabrera, Ryan Etsell, Falter, Fanti, Edgar Garcia, Hallead, Hibbs, Kelzer, Llovera, Medina, Mills, Paulino, Blake Quinn, Requena, Russ, Sixto Sanchez, Hennigan, Bettencourt
  3. Group 3 – (with the Lakewood staff)
    Catchers – Duran, Marchan, Nerluis Martinez
    Infielders – Azuaje, Buhner, Guthrie, Maton, Mims, Nieporte, Austin O’Brien, Pickett, Stobbe, Zoellner
    Outfielders – Gurrola, Markham, Mayer, Muzziotti, Jhailyn Ortiz,
    Pitchers – Armas, Brogdon, Andrew Brown, Carrasco, Dohy, Julian Garcia, Hernandez, Howard, Jones, Marcelino, Melendez, Nunez, Parkinson, Ramirez, Rosario, Rosso, Seabold, Sobil, Stewart, Warren,Young,
  4. Group 4 – (with the Williamsport and GCL staffs)
    Catchers – Aparicio, Gutierrez, Lenin Rodriguez
    Infielders – Encarnacion, Luis Garcia, Gonzalez, Guzman, Henriquez, Holmes, Rodriguez, Rojas, Stewart, Torres
    Outfielders – Bocio, De La Cruz, Pelletier, Stephen
    Pitchers – Leonel Aponte, Carlos Bettencourt, Ben Brown, Carvajal, Conopoima, Cummings, Cummings, Juan Escorcia, Alex Garcia, Jimenez, Kuznetsov, Lindow, Denny Martinez, Robinson Martinez, Mezquita, Miller, Morales, Alfonzo Puello, Santa Cruz, Juan Santos, Silva, Vargas

These four guys are on rehab – Mario Sanchez, Grant Dyer, Sutter McLoughlin, and Kevin Gowdy.  And, I haven’t spotted these guys yet – Gabriel Lino, Mark Laird, Josh Tols, and Adron Chambers.

Waguespack and Fanti are in still in red shirts/no name.  I’m assuming that they have a some sort of physical issue.


11 thoughts on “Spring Training at the Complex, Mar. 5, 2018

  1. “Which affiliate’s uniform do the players wear?”….I am wondering…maybe they photo-shop the respective minor league teams uniform onto the player, once the Topps people determine what team he will be assigned to!

    1. BTW, the prospect’s father who asked about you and Roccom was Scott Kingery’s dad. He follows Phutre Phillies and wanted to meet me. I reminded him that we met when he visited the Complex when Scott was drafted. I told him that Scott was unlikely to start his career in Lakewood. He told me they had just been told he would. #faceplant

      1. How about that. I remember back then that we all thought he would start out like Haseley did last year, in the GCL and progress, or maybe start in Williamsport…was a surprise of sorts that he ended up starting in Lakewood.
        I guess the Phillies being aggressive early on with him paid off with good dividends in the long run.

        1. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Kyle Martin went to Lakewood with Kingery and is likely stuck in AA again. Especially with all the corner guys they signed this off season. If Martin does start at AAA (and even if he doesn’t) maybe Hall gets the nod for AA which would suck for me since I am looking forward Hall with the Threshers.

  2. interesting. thought of Kyle Martin yesterday. Phils paid him the underslot 200k in round 4- Cards paid the same to Paul Dejong 17 picks later out of Illinois State. Dejong has a successful rookie season under his belt and 26 million guaranteed coming his way, while Kingery waiting for his chance to play in the bigs still. Not ripping the Phils, just an interesting contrast.

  3. Kingery will be up soon enough to save the day . Right now Santana and Herrera can carry the load . I get a feeling Franco going to start turning it around . Hoskins has to adjust to playing every day in LF. Knapp might be the biggest surprise of them all.
    Batting order June 1 St

    1. Tim, I doubt you’ll see the same lineup or anything resembling it more than a handful of games this season.

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