“NEW” Runoff for #18 in the 2018 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 Poll

Let’s try this again.  Arquimedes Gamboa and Nick Fanti finished tied for the 18th position in the Reader Top 30 Poll.  Each player received 51 of the 257 votes cast (20%).

Third place went to Darick Hall (41, 16%), fourth to Kyle Young (27, 11%), fifth to Francisco Morales (18, 7%), Daniel Brito sixth (11, 4%), and Jose Taveras seventh (10, 4%). 

Here is a poll to break the tie between Fanti and Gammboa.  Winner gets the 18th spot, the other guy remains in the poll for one of the remaining slots.

Sorry for the confusion and delay.  I tried to push the original runoff late, after returning from camp a little tired.  I spotted the error the next morning and didn’t have enough time to restart the poll correctly so I just deleted it.  I have finally found the time to make sure I restarted correctly.


2018 Readers’ Poll, so far –

  1. Sixto Sanchez
  2. Scott Kingery
  3. J.P. Crawford
  4. Jhailyn Ortiz
  5. Jorge Alfaro
  6. Adam Haseley
  7. Adonis Medina
  8. Franklyn Kilome
  9. Mickey Moniak
  10. JoJo Romero
  11. Roman Quinn
  12. Enyel De Los Santos
  13. Cornelius Randolph
  14. Tom Eshelman
  15. Dylan Cozens
  16. Ranger Suarez
  17. Seranthony Dominguez
  18. ?


19 thoughts on ““NEW” Runoff for #18 in the 2018 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 Poll

  1. Vincent LaGuardia Gambini here. This isn’t a vote for ‘My Cousin Vinny’? Sorry, Gamboa it will have to be. Although it wouldn’t take much for me to vote Fanti here too.

  2. A case of tools vs performance here, though Gamboa was coming around with the bat and ended with solid numbers. Arquimedes for me.

  3. I voted for the higher ceiling of Gamboa. From all I’ve read, Fanti’s stuff is on the marginal side.

    1. Guys, This is tough. No wonder they tied.

      In the end, went with Gamboa on ceiling and the fear that soft tossers can stop at AAA.

      1. Not a difficult decision between these two, IMO. It’s Gamboa, easily.

        For me, Fanti is around #25 or so.

  4. I’m a big Fanti fan, but I have rules about soft tossing pitchers in general – show me what you’ve got in Reading and then I’ll take you seriously. So until Nick shuts down the foes of the Fightin’ Phils, I’ll err on the side of ceiling and athleticism.

    1. Fanti….could be the Phillies next Randy Wolf or Jamie Moyer, but hoping he is the next Dallas Keuchel or Randy Jones……I will not go Hof 300-game winner Tom Glavine.

  5. I think that Gamboa is the better prospect. Fanti will be tested as he goes up to high A this year. He knows how to pitch though. Gamboa could be very good if he develops. Brito is right on his heels….

    1. The way I see it right now….more then likely Gamboa and Brito will play in the majors with other teams other then the Phillies…..unless Crawford and Kingery both fail.
      You have to figure both will be knocking on the door in 2020 as they go up the ladder to the majors and if they are as good as projected to be…valuable trade chips at some point..

      1. I don’t think Crawford and Kingery need to fail for one or both of them to play in Philly. If Gamboa develops to full potential, Crawford or Kingery could be traded for value to plug another hole. Or, since we still don’t have a 3B on the horizon, Gamboa, Crawford, and Kingery could all play in the same defense-first IF. Brito could be our utility IF.

        1. I’m really not worried about it. Maybe Gamboa or Brito become Ben Zobrist-types. 5-win players all over the field. It’s a good little problem to fantasize about.

    1. 8mark…a little comparison FWIW for projection.
      Age18 season-LKW…PA-523…238/300/288…K-11%…BB-7%…BABIP-.263…ISO-.050
      Age19 season-LKW…PA-350…261/328/378…K-15%…BB-10%…BABIP-.291…ISO-.117

      Gamboa does seem to have a beter hot tool especially when it comes to power…however that one year difference, especially when talking about teenagers, really does make a rather significant difference.

      1. Looking back at Freddy’s minor league career, I think he could have ended up a better hitter if the team didn’t rush him through the system. But they wanted his glove on their bench since they thought they’d continue being competitive. Whoops.

        I don’t think Gamboa is as naturally gifted a defender as Galvis but he has the tools to make it work at short.

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