Phuture Phillies 2018 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #1 Prospect

Welcome to the 2018 Reader Top 30!

Well, here we go.  This should take us through the end of January.  A short two weeks later, pitchers and catchers can report on February 13th and have their first work out the following day, signalling the start of spring training.  The first full squad work out is just a couple days later.  Just 50 or so days to go.

I expect to publish five polls each week, Monday through Friday.  This first ballot is comprised of MLB’s top 20 prospects.  Names are randomized by the polling software.  I’ll add additional names in bunches.  The remainder of MLB’s top 30 (31) will be added by the sixfth poll (est.) – Spencer HowardTomas EshelmanMcKenzie MillsDrew Anderson, Luis GarciaEliezer AlvarezVictor AranoEdgar GarciaSeranthony DominguezFrancisco Morales, and J.D. Hammer.

Then every couple polls after that, the players you voted into the polling process will be added with the intention of having all players available by the midpoint of the process – Kyle Young (102 votes, 5.80%), Darick Hall (83, 4.72%), Cole Irvin (82, 4.66%), Nick Fanti (75, 4.26%), Simon Muzziotti (64, 3.64%), Jose Taveras (63, 3.58%), Andrew Pullin (61, 3.47%), Arquimedes Gamboa (61, 3.47%), Ben Pelletier (58, 3.30%), Elniery Garcia (57, 3.24%), Jhordany Mezquita (57, 3.24%), Jesse Valentin (51, 2.90%), Bailey Falter (47, 2.67%), Luke Leftwich (43, 2.44%), Deivi Grullon (42, 2.39%), Jiandido Tromp (41, 2.33%), Harold Arauz (40, 2.27%), Brayan Gonzalez (35, 1.99%), and Greg Pickett (35, 1.99%),

If you want to suggest a player you think I may have overlooked, you can make the request among the Comments section or e-mail using the Subject Line – Add Prospect, but I am not inclined to consider these requests since I went through the pre-poll process.  And, as last year, the Other option (a write-in vote) will not be used.

30 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2018 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #1 Prospect

  1. Not trying to say that JP’s bad stretch early didn’t sway me a little – it was certainly a reminder that he’s human and not without flaws – but Sixto’s upside is just too much to pass up now that he’s beaten low-A and very likely to see AA this year. Even if JP had put up a star year at AAA from April through his call-up, Sanchez is the guy for me. Had you asked me on October 1, I might have made a case for JP, but it would have been flimsy at best.

    Merry Christmas all!

      1. My wife has a picture of her and Schmidt, with his perm, from Battle of the All Stars, filmed in Miami. Remember that show older guys?

  2. Went with JP over Kingery and Sanchez based on the position he plays and the fact that they cleared the deck to give him the SS job. I expect he will be a steady performer at the position with good defense and high OBP…

  3. Let’s see, what pitcher has the potential to be a #1 TOR guy? Sixto rules! No contest for me. Look how hard it is to get a #1. Worth their weight in gold.

  4. I had Crawford as my #1 for over 2 weeks but I chose Kingery over him and Sixto at the last moment. Call it a whim.

    1. bellman….joined you with Kingery. It was an internal debate between the three of them JPC, Sixto and Kingery.

      1. Romus,

        Internal debate is a good term for what I’m going through, too.

        I went with JP because he looks finished while Kingery has a little more to prove, though I really like Kingery more, in a sense. Sixto, likewise, has yet more to prove, though I won’t argue with anyone who goes with him citing his great potential.

        I might change my mind over the next several days, but right now Alfaro is fourth in line. He hasn’t put it together at the plate and he hasn’t shown the defensive improvement he promised, but I’m still taken with his athleticism, arm, hitting potential and attitude. If he does put it together, he’s a future all-star.

        After that it gets very interesting with Ortiz, Haseley, Jo Jo, C Randolph, several of the Latin pitchers and Mickey Mo, and lots of time to change my mind many times.

  5. Gotta be Sanchez. Crawford and Kingery look like good bets to become first division regulars and potentially All Stars at their positions, but Sixto is the one who has true superstar potential. If scouts are comparing your teenage pitching prospect to Pedro Martinez, it makes sense to listen.

  6. Sixto has the potential, but is still a work in process. I consider JP and Alfaro as 25 roster people. Kingery is my number 1. In June we will see this played out in Philadelphia.

  7. Went with Kingery over JP because I think he can be an impact bat with OBP and speed on the bases. Sixto has time to be #1, but based on his level, I need to see his 2018 before I can put him #1, though he obviously has the projected highest ceiling of the 3.

  8. Went with JPC. Showed he can be well above avg. fielder and was not overmatched at the plate at mlb level. Need to see Kingery do it for couple more months at AAA. Sanchez still ways to go for pitching prospect.

  9. It’s very close among Kingery, Sixto, and JPC. I think JPC and Kingery might produce similar WAR over time, and I love JPC as a prospect, but I think Kingery is the central catalyst for the next great Phillies team, so I’m picking him. Sixto is a fast mover. I expect him to be the clear number one prospect by May or June, especially once Kingery is promoted.

  10. Maybe it’s just me and my iPad but I don’t actually see the poll (have the ability to vote). Separate thread perhaps?

  11. I suspect our top 5 will be in BA’s top 100. Sixto, JP, Kingery, Alfaro, and Haseley should all make it while Kilome, Medina, Romero and Ortiz have a shot also. That’s a very deep top 9 with MM rounding out our top 10 but falling out of the 100.

    1. I would have Alfaro in the back half of the top 10. Don’t see the skills translating at anything above a league average level, at best. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

  12. Went with Sixto Sanchez as controlled possible top of the rotation starters are very hard to find and develop.

  13. I struggled like most of you, but went with Sixto because he is a potential TOR guy and that is the hardest commodity to come by. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

    1. Well, I can understand the Sixto votes. He has the highest ceiling of all of them. His ceiling is a perennial Cy Young candidate – not bad. But his age, high A ball struggles, and lower K % than expected have me ranking him 2 or 3 for now, but again, any of the top 3 is more than a defensible #1.

  14. Kingery is #1, IMO.
    I went on record early last year to say that no matter what BA or BP or MLB say, the Phillies DO in fact have Top 25-worthy stud prospects in Rhys Hoskins and Scott Kingery. Rhys is proving the rankers wrong (even though they scrambled to give him a little recognition by mid year ’17), and Kingery will do the same (though he’s also finally getting a little love, though still not enough).
    Btw, the concern I’ve read often here about Kingery regressing his K/9 and BB/9 when he got to AAA is much overstated, IMO. It’s similar to what he did at end of ’16 at AA and in fact other than BB, K (which weren’t horrible mind you), he actually did alright (.294 BA, .784 OPS). I fully expect a strong 1H at AAA, a promotion in June/July, and then some off/on struggles with big jump in 2019! He’s a very very good one folks.
    …Sixto might(?) be greater, but he’s way more risky. Thus, Kingery is my #1.

    (Btw, where’s the poll?)

    1. John K…..your problem with finding the poll apparently is not just you aloney:

      BigPhan…. December 26, 2017 at 10:46 AM
      Maybe it’s just me and my iPad but I don’t actually see the poll (have the ability to vote). Separate thread perhaps?

      MLL…December 26, 2017 at 12:12 PM
      Same with me on laptop computer- Lenovo.


    2. IIRC, Jim previously indicated that the poll results would not be visible, to minimize their influence on subsequent voting. Could be wrong, but I seem to recall that.

  15. I rarely check the MLB Prospect Watch page, so was a little surprised to see Jose Gomez in their Top 20. Granted, I know nothing about Gomez–and had to look him up when I saw his name on the poll!–but a nice return…for a player who has returned.

    Voted Sixto. Kingery will be next. A toss-up between those two. Always difficult to compare a low-lever pitcher with an MLB-ready infielder, but, hey, that’s what makes the polling so compelling.

    Alfaro is in the back-end of my Top 10. He seems to be pretty decisive on this page, and I’m on the skeptical side of the ledger.

  16. IMO, “Prospects” is synonymous with “Projections” so in my prospect philosophy, prospects with loud tools and projection left will score high in my ranking. The position in the ranking will be a balance of risk and potential.

    For Quinn, JPC and Kingery, their performance in the high minors will critical since they are expected to be closed to finish product (as a prospect not as MLB player).

    I voted for Sixto as #1 due to top of the line tools as potential TOR. While there are some more areas to work on, I don’t see any major red flags that concern me about Sixto. My current Top 10 is as follows:

    1) Sixto – possibly owner of one of the best FB in all MiLB with easy delivery. Sixto can easily carry the velocity up to 5th or 6th inning and has makings of 2 potentially plus secondaries.

    2) Kingery – slightly ahead of JPC due to power potential and I believe that Kingery will be better in the base paths than JPC.

    3) JPC – insane plate discipline with smooth defense

    4) Haseley – none of his tools are loud but he has a potential to be a decent 5-tool type of player that can ascend quickly in the minors level and he can play all OF positions too!!

    5) Ortiz – a combo of power and plate discipline is a dangerous ability to have. so far, Jhailyn has been addressing the red flags.

    6) delos Santos – he is a “wild card” in my ranking as my basis is based on what I read and not on what I see. Slightly above Kilome and Medina to be a much better CU.

    7) Medina – above Kilome since he appears to be safer to meet his projection as a potential solid #3. Medina has been performing in all levels he played.

    8) Kilome – the potential is higher than delos Santos and Medina but so is the risk. Kilome has left projection left than delos Santos and Medina, which concerns me since he still have a lot to develop. Back end of the pen might be Kilome’s ultimate destination.

    9) Moniak – Moniak is supposed to be a a safe player to project but he displayed a lot of red flags that need to work on, thus, the big slide in my rankings.

    10) Romero – he is close behind the other top pitching prospect not named Sixto Sanchez. Like Medina, JoJo also performed well in all levels he played although his overall stuff may be grade better than Medina’s.

    1. I’m curious … what have you read about De Los Santos that leads you to rank him so high (and above Medina)? The FB is supposed to be excellent, but the reports I read suggest that he doesn’t really offer much beyond that. (BA says his changeup could be a plus pitch, but isn’t right now, and his breaking stuff is very underdeveloped). That sounds like a future reliever to me. Am I missing something?

      1. @Mike – I think I clearly explained that Prospect is synonymous with Projections – so I value prospects not based on what they are now, but what they can be at some point in the future.

        I did mention that delos Santos is just lightly above Kilome and Medina due to the better CU. As far as ranking him above Medina, delos Santos’ FB is probably slightly better than Medina’s. You are correct that BA view delos Santos CU as a future plus, MLB projects Medina’s CU is just average – so the CU still favors delos Santos. As far as the breaking ball, delos Santos CB still under developed but Medina’s CB is still inconsistent and it was viewed to be average (which I think that better that advertised based on what I saw in LWD).

        Relievers are normally SPs that has command/control problems or can only pitch 2 pitches – Kilome has that profile considering his BB% of 3.64 BB/9 and a slow development of a 3rd pitch (CU). In contrast, delos Santos BB% is 2.83 BB/9 and already have at least 3 average pitches.

        I just googled delos Santos scouting reports and read the articles from what I perceived to be good sources.

  17. I voted Sixto. JPC next, then Kingery. Part of the JPC/Kingery thing is position and flexibility. JPC can be good defensively as SS, 3B, 2B. I don’t think Kingery can and 2B less valuable than SS.

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