2018 Phillies’ Spring Training Schedule

The Phillies released their 2018 spring training schedule.  This schedule should still be considered as tentative since there are still several TBA dates included.

6 thoughts on “2018 Phillies’ Spring Training Schedule

  1. Jim, when do you think minor leaguers will report? When will their games start? Thanks. See you in March!

    1. I would guess around February 22nd, with the games starting about a week later. However, players will begin working out in January at the Complex. Last year I saw about a dozen players (Mark Leiter was the first one I recognized) there during Phantasy Week. Some of the younger kids, like Kyle Young, took part in a program with the city of Clearwater where they did civic work and had time to work out at the Complex. Kyle expects to be down in January again this this year.

  2. I’ve come down four or five years now and I never seem to meet anyone on this blog. It might be nice to coordinate a cordial hello with other fans if there was some non obtrusive way to connect.

    Regardless, spring training can’t come soon enough.

    1. Let me know when you are coming. My daily “uniform” includes my trademark straw hat, so the kids recognize me from day to day. I also carry a red backpack and will often have a clip board in my hand. And I look nothing like Larry Andersen.

  3. Cesar Hernandez, Dylan Cozens (DH Plooton with Puljous), and Carlos Tucci (Outfield Depth) to the Angels for Kenyan Middleton, Jahmai Jones, Cole Duensing, Jose Soriano, and Wilkel Hernandez.

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