2017 Phuture Phillies Top Third Baseman Poll

We”ll continue the “Best of” series of polls with your selection as the best third baseman in the system.  This should be a more interesting vote.  There is no Hoskins, Kingery, or Crawford to monopolize votes.  Not having a clear cut, top prospect is a little worrisome with Maikel Franco’s struggles this season.  I hate to pin our hopes on a trade that is unlikely to happen or the the free agent class after the 2018 season. 

Again, I have allowed a maximum of three answers for each ballot. This will allow us to establish what kind of depth we have in the organization.  This is NOT a repeat of the first three votes insofar as discussion should begin with the top pick instead of with the runners up.

(Don’t forget to submit your top prospect list by e-mailing it to prospectpoll@yahoo.com.  To date, I have received about thirty.  Please don’t be one of those guys who criticizes the outcome if you don’t participate.)

Each player listed below is in the poll and played at least 10 games at the position.   Each player is linked to his profile in Baseball Reference.  And I have included a link to Gregg’s Report Card for Corner Infielders.

  1. Hector Gomez
  2. Pedro Florimon
  3. Angelo Mora
  4. Mitch Walding
  5. Damek Tomscha
  6. Jan Hernandez
  7. Zach Green
  8. Derek Campbell
  9. Emmanuel Marrero
  10. Drew Stankiewicz
  11. Lucas Williams
  12. Raul Rivas
  13. Cole Stobbe
  14. Jake Scheiner
  15. Keudy Bocio
  16. Jesus Henriquez
  17. D.J. Stewart
  18. Jack Zoellner

Notes: Gomez and Florimon are free agents and may not re-sign with the organization. Mora is also a free agent and if he re-signs will likely compete for Andres Blanco’s role on the big team.  Hernandez was moved off third base toward the end of the Threshers season.  Tomscha and Green split time between first and third.  Campbell, Marrero, and Stankiewicz have shown value by their ability to play multiple positions.  Stobbe and Scheiner split time at the position in Williamsport.  Bocio was ticketed for the outfield at the start of the GCL season, but remained at third until the final two weeks (and played both positions competently).  Henriquez was a swing man between second and third. Stewart signed late (July 6th) and lost development time.  And, Zoellner came off the DL and only played 9 games at third.

13 thoughts on “2017 Phuture Phillies Top Third Baseman Poll

  1. This was unbelievably hard or should I say useless. Tomscha might be the only one on the list with any kind of shot. Walding might get a moment in the sun but only if an emergency is absolutely needed. Walding wasn’t one of my choices. Scheiner and Stobbe are pretty far away and Stobbe hit a wall on the way to the park. Scheiner has a little promise in him so I chose him as one of my choices. As my 3rd choice, I went with Rivas. He’s a 20 yo who held his own in LKW. I think of him as a utility guy so that shows how weak this crowd is.

    1. Agree with everything you said. I went with Tomscha and then the two young high draft choices, Stobbe and Scheiner.

      The front office got some needed LHP with mid season trades. I can only hope they do something to address the dearth of third base talent.

      1. Agree…..I guess trust the process of elimination reasoning.
        Scheiner also my choice…hope Stobbe materializes next season into a hopeful prospect.

        1. I’ll take Luke Williams if I’m forced to choose between stobbe and scheiner. He is the better defender, and runs better. Scheiner power doesn’t profile either and stobbe strikes out too much. Williams by default in a thiiiiiin crop

    2. Have faith as there are prospects in this group that are still developing. Don’t rely just on batting average. Aaron Altherr and Domingo Santana are examples of players that struggled with hitting their first couple of years and now are having success in the big leagues. Stobbe, Sheiner and Williams are 20, 22 and 21 respectively. I think all 3 of these players make the big leagues as their other tools play and the hitting will come.

      1. Domingo Santana did not struggle when he was 20 and 21. Atherr did a little bit, but not batting .203 or the like. Most of the time, the hitting does not come if it is not apparent at age 20. These guys ared NPs.

        1. Agree. Santana OPS’ed .897 as a 16-YEAR-OLD in the GCL. The only time he struggled was when the org inexplicably pushed him immediately to Lakewood the following season. By the time the Astros took him in RAJ’s infamous “You want someone from Lakewood? Have your pick!” maneuver in the Oswalt deal, he was a beast.

  2. Tough vote. Most of these guys are utility infielders (Rivas, Henriquez, Bocio, Mora, Stankewicz, Marrereo). Then there are the AAAA guys, Gomez and Florimon, a couple of actual 3Bs that the Phillies have chosen to convert to utility guys in Tomscha and Campbell, and a couple of high-profile flops. I have to go with 3 choices from the too-soon-to-tell crowd, Stobbe, Scheiner and Zoellner, in no particular order. Let’s hope for a trade.

  3. I know he’s still a SS for now but I’m looking at Jake Holmes as guy who could become a legit prospect at 3B. There’s definitely not much to be thrilled about from the list above.

  4. I know its not prospect related but Franco has shown a great improvement in September in field and at bat. He seems to have toned down his swing and loses his helmet a lot less. But he is making better contact . Lets hope he is wising up and turning the corner to being a much improved 3B for next year.

  5. Guys,

    Agree with all the misgivings about 3B prospects, or lack, thereof. I went Tomscha and Walding, though I agree Tomscha looks like the only real prospect, and then against long odds. Also included Zach Green. He’s easy to forget given his injury woes that have cut into playing and development time. But he does have power and could break out next year.

    1. I remember seeing Green lead the NYPenn league in homers. He looked so good. I too hope he has a breakout, injury-free season, and all at 3B instead of the back and forth between 3B and 1B that the Phillies have had him playing. I also remember Walding’s first year at Williamsport. He was a SS the Phils converted to 3B. His fielding was a bit lacking. Maybe he’s finally settled in and can contribute.

  6. I didn’t vote on anyone because there’s not a major league starting 3B on the list unfortunately.

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