2017 Phuture Phillies Top Shortstop Poll

We”ll continue the “Best of” series of polls with your selection as the best shortstop in the system.  Again, I have allowed a maximum of three answers for each ballot. This will allow us to establish what kind of depth we have in the organization.  This is repeat of the first two votes insofar as the eventual winner should win by a large margin and the more interesting discussion will be about the runners up.

(Don’t forget to submit your top prospect list by e-mailing it to prospectpoll@yahoo.com.  To date, I have received about thirty.  Please don’t be one of those guys who criticizes the outcome if you don’t participate.)

Each player listed below is in the poll and played at least 10 games at the position.   Each player is linked to his profile in Baseball Reference.  And I have included a link to Gregg’s Report Card for Middle Infielders.

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Pedro Florimon
  3. Angelo Mora
  4. Malquin Canelo
  5. Enmanuel Garcia
  6. Jose Gomez
  7. Grenny Cumana
  8. Raul Rivas
  9. Jose Antequera
  10. Arquimedes Gamboa
  11. Nick Maton
  12. Jonathan Guzman
  13. Jake Holmes
  14. Dalton Guthrie

1 thought on “2017 Phuture Phillies Top Shortstop Poll

  1. Crawford is still clearly #1. Gamboa is my #2 SS and Canelo grabbed 3rd place for me. Jose Gomez is still new to the organization so I don’t know what to think of him. Mora and Rivas look like jack-of-all-trades but masters of none. So utility guy might be their best chance of seeing the show. Guzman is the next best thing. He might surpass some these guys in another year.

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