So, Let’s Poll …

The results for upcoming polls and articles are in and tabulated.  As I expected, you guys love polls, so it looks like I will conduct some polls this fall.  

But first, I propose renaming the Phuture Phillies Hitting and Pitching Awards as the Phuture Phillies James’ Hitting Award and the James’ Pitching Award in recognition of this site’s founder and continued benefactor (note that we don’t have advertisements), much like the Phillies awards which are named after Paul Owens.  What do you think?

Now, the outcomes –

  • I don’t know the exact number of people who voted since I allowed multiple choices, but I received 320 separate votes.
  • A ” Best of Poll” for each position received the most votes and will be started next week.  More on it later.
  • The “Best Season Polls for Pitchers/Players” received the least support, as they should have, IMO.  The earlier First Annual James’ Hitting and Pitching Awards, 2017 already settled who the winners were for those polls.  We would have essentially been voting for the runners up.
  • Protection for the existing Readers Poll was evident based on the number of votes cast for “No Top 30” and “Yes, But Still do the Later Top 30”.  The Readers Prospect Poll will be conducted in its traditional fashion as I had always intended regardless of the outcomes here.
  • The “Best Pitcher and Player Poll” for each affiliate received lukewarm support, and will not be conducted at this time.  Maybe I’ll consider it later.
  • Prospect ranking polls received strong support for a Top 20, Top 30, and Top 10 in that order.  A Top 15 also received a write in vote.  I’ll run this, but under guidelines I’ll discuss later.
  • I received 4 other write ins – “Best Tools by Position/Level”, “Debate the Forty and 2018 Rotations”, “Top 5 positive surprises and/or developments and the top 5 bad/surprises/regression”, and “Prospect Profiles”.  The first 3 might be interesting articles to run during the off season and don’t have to be polls.  I’ll consider them as additional content.  Prospect profiles aren’t going to happen.  Neither Greg nor I instituted them on Phuture Phillies.  They were somebody else’ brain child.  You can see how difficult they were to start.  I attempted to do updates a couple years ago, and gave up.  The creator of the profiles tried to do them on his next site, and has had the same difficulty keeping them current.  It is a full time job for a staff of people, not a couple guys keeping a site up and running in their spare time (and I’m already investing more than just spare time).

The Best of Polls

I’ll start these some time next week as soon as I can create the polls.  I will include EVERY player who spent a reasonable amount of time at a position.  The player and his affiliate will be listed.  I see no need for write in votes and, of course there will be no reason to allow multiple choices.  I’ll allow comments so you can stump for your favorites.  I think this should consider projection as well as the results for the player’s season/career.  But you can determine on your own what criteria makes sense to you.  I will run polls for Catcher, First Baseman, Second Baseman, Shortstop, Third Baseman, Center Fielder, Corner Outfielder (2 votes per ballot seems in order here), Left-handed Starter, Right-Handed Starter, and Closer.  I’ll try to come up with another classification for relievers (Set Up Man?, Long Man?).  I’d like to do two per week, but other events may cause a non-uniform scheduled release of the polls.  I’ll also shuffle the order of positions.  I’ll probably do first base to start so we can get that coronation (deservedly so) out of the way early.

Prospect Ranking

I don’t want to run a top 30 in the traditional fashion.  It will run for at least 6 weeks and will end too close to the beginning of the Readers Poll.  Actually, more than 6 weeks.  We are in the process of looking for a new home.  Our current lease expires at the end of the month. This will eat into my time, especially the actual move and the recovery time my body will require after the physical move.  If we don’t effect the move until the end of October, we have a planned trip up north for a wedding in early November.  So, I don’t want to start a polling process whose completion could be subject to outside forces.

So, here’s what I will do.  You submit a top 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, whatever to me via and I will compile the results and publish them at some point during the playoffs.  I will assign a weighted number for each ranking (1=x, 2=x-1, 3=x-2, …). This is the same format Mitch Rupert uses for his end of season poll for the Reading Eagle. If you only know 22 prospects, then you can turn in a top 22.  17? A top 17.  Your choice.

This provides me with the luxury of compiling the results as they come in and not having to create daily polls.  And, it allows me to eliminate or discover the clowns who like to cast write in votes for former Phillies, local and national politicians, cartoon characters, and cast members of TV sitcoms like “Full House”.  The removal of the veil of anonymity should do wonders.

Here are the poll results.

Answer Votes Percent
Yes, let’s do a post season top 10 prospects poll. 37 12%  
Yes, let’s do a post season top 20 prospects poll. 54 17%  
Yes, let’s do a post season top 30 prospects poll. 51 16%  
No, we already do the Top 30 that starts in December. 26 8%  
Okay, but still do the the Top 30 after Christmas. 40 13%  
A best season poll for pitchers (not Eshelman/Sanchez)? 14 4%  
A best season poll for players (not Hoskins)? 10 3%  
A ‘Best of Poll” for each position? 55 17%  
A “Best Pitcher and Player Poll” for each affiliate? 28 9%  
Other: 5 2%  
Other Answer Votes
Top 15 1
best tools by pos, andby level 1
Let’s debate the 40 man and 2018 rotations 1
Top 5 good surprises/developments top 5 bad/surprises/regression 1
Prospect Profiles 1

10 thoughts on “So, Let’s Poll …

  1. The work you do Jim is amazing! I can only say thank you and promise to keep any negativity to a minimum. By all means, naming the Best Pitcher and Best Hitter after James is most appropriate.

    1. Does James have a middle name? It’ll be easier to refer to the hitter or pitcher if the award names differed.

      1. I don’t even know his last name. If I did I would have suggested the “James Surname Hitting Award” and the “James Surname Pitching Award”. Worst case scenario I’ll just continue to go with the “Phuture Phillies Hitting Award” and …

  2. Since 1B, 2B, SS, C, and RHP seem pretty clear cut, maybe you should allow two votes per customer so we crown a winner and runner up. Something to consider.

    1. Also … Jim, I love the idea of everybody just submitting their own top (50 sounds good to me) poll. It’s a lot faster and more fun for me, personally.

    2. I agree. As I hit the Publish button, I had decided that I would allow multiple choices to generate our perception of depth at all positions for exactly the premise you suggest. For example, while we may have a large consensus on the best SS, I already have determined who his successor will be should he stumble or be traded.

  3. Jim…I assume it is the same requirements as the annual Top 30…. a player/prospect with 130 ABs or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues does not qualify in the prospect polls?

  4. Good luck on the move. Take your time packing and use the opportunity to get rid of stuff you don’t need AND – more importantly – don’t use. (So says the guy who threw everything into the garage 12 years ago – and we still can’t park a car there.)

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