Phuture Phillies Hitting and Pitching Awards Polls, 2017

One of our readers suggested I run a poll so that you can select the best minor league pitcher and hitter in the organization.  The Phillies will be announcing their 2017 Paul Owens award winners soon. So, I figured it would be best to run the Phuture Phillies poll before they make their announcements.

I don’t want to unduly influence voters with the players I would use to populate the poll. So, I’m just going to randomly plug in three names at random to met the minimum required by the poll, and allow/encourage write-in votes.  I’ll tabulate all the votes and run the results around the time the Phillies announce their award winners.

Okay, rather than run the risk of influencing the poll with random names that I select, I pulled the first three names alphabetically for each poll from one of the many lists and files I have of the players in the organization.

I have blocked repeat voting.

I have hidden the results, so that voters won’t be influenced by the early returns.

I have turned off comments, so that early voters can’t influence later voters or campaign for their own pick.

Save your comments for the discussion when I post the results in about a week.