Box Score Recap – 9/1/2017

Here is the box score recap.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

But first, an observation.  Without going back and checking each individual box score, it seems to me that the affiliates are allowing a greater number of unearned runs over the past 7-10 days.

Lehigh Valley beat Scranton, 5-3.  Drew Anderson (1.35) pitched into the seventh inning.  He allowed 2 runs (1 ER) on 5 hits and 2 walks.  he struck out seven.  Michael Mariot (7-2, 4.42) got the win for retiring one of the two batters he faced.  Cesar Ramos (3.94) gave up a run in 0.2 innings.  Pedro Beato (2.68) earned his 31 st save recording four outs.

The IronPigs came from behind to win, scoring 5 runs with two outs in the seventh inning on Christian Marrero’s 2-run single and Dylan Cozens’ 3-run HR (27).  Marrero had 2 hits.  Cozens recorded his 74th RBI and drew 2 walks.

The IronPigs remain 2 games behind Rochester with three to play in the Wild Card Race.

Reading lost to Trenton, 3-2.  Cole Irvin (4.06) pitched seven innings giving up 2 runs on 6 hits.  He walked none and struck out five.  Victor Arano (4.30) struck out two in one inning. Jeff Singer (0-2, 6.00) lost the game in walk off fashion.  Reading scored their two runs in the sixth inning on an RBI single by Damek Tomscha (.307) and Zach Green’s SF.  Chace Numata and Mitch Walding had 2 hits each.

Clearwater lost to Dunedin, 2-1.  Harold Arauz (4-4, 2.03) tossed eight innings and gave up 2 runs (one ER) on 2 hits .  He walked none and struck out ten.  Tyler Gilbert (3.02) struck out two in a scoreless inning of relief.  The Threshers scored their run on a fielding error by Bo Bichette. in the third inning.  Wilson Garcia (.275) had 2 of their 5 hits.  Jan Hernandez had an outfield assist, throwing Vlad Guerrero out at the plate in the ninth inning.  Arauz had a typically Arauz-like game.  Lead off HR by Bichette in the first.  Base hit in the second.  No walks. No more base hits.  Blue Jays retired in order in five of the next six innings.  The only other base runner reached on an error and scored on 2 ground outs. And you’re left wondering how he did all that AND struck out 10 batters without a fastball that even touches 90 MPH.  

Lakewood beat Kannapolis, 1-0.  Nick Fanti (9-2, 2.54) tossed a six inning one hitter allowing 2 walks and striking out seven.  Gustavo Armas (6.00) walked two in 1.2 innings and gave way to Will Hibbs (1.83) who stranded two runners and struck out four batter in 1.1 innings.  Gregori Rivero (.257) had two hits and drove in the games’s only run on a second inning RBI single following Austin Listi’s lead off triple.

Williamsport lost to Batavia, 5-0.  Julian Garcia (3-5, 4.25) gave up 5 runs in two innings on 6 hits and a walk.  He struck out four.  Orestes Melendez (6.00) pitched four, one-hit innigs walking two and striking out seven.  Kyle Dohy (4.24) walked two and struck out three in two innings.  Jhon Nunez pitched the last inning and walked one and struck out one.  Yahir Gurrola had 3 of the Cutters 5 hits.  Dohy picked a runner off first.

The GCL Phillies lost to the GCL Blue Jays, 5-1.  Sandro Rosario pitched five innings and gave up 2 runs on 4 hits and 3 walks.  He struck out four.  Jose Jimenez (5.59) was charged an unearned run in two innings.  He gave up a hit, 2 walks, and struck out two.  Rafael Carvajal (2.55) gave up a run on two hits in one inning, but struck out three.  Jakob Hernandez (1.64) struck out two in one inning but gave up a run on two hits.  The Phillies were unable to score until the ninth inning in spite of their ten hits.  Jesus Henriquez stroked an RBI single after two out singles by Kevin Markham and Danny Mayer.  Henriquez (.259) had 3 hits.  Brayan Gonzalex had 2 hits.

Now for the good news.  First, Simon Muzziotti was back in uniform and patrolling center field for five innings.  Second, the Nationals and Twins lost and the Phillies remain in contention for a first round home game, and maybe more.

  • Nationals        34-21     .618     1 game remaining
  • Phillies             35-22     .614     1 game remaining
  • Twins                 35-23     .603     2 games remaining
  • Yankees E.       33-26     .559     1 game remaining

The possible outcomes are –

  1. Phillies win, Nationals lose – Phillies finish with the best overall record
  2. Phillies win, Nationals win – Phillies finish with second best overall record
  3. Phillies lose, Twins lose one – Phillies finish with second best overall record
  4. Phillies lose, Twins sweep – Phillies finish with the third best overall record

The best record hosts the worst record among the division winners in a one-game playoff. The second best record hosts the third best record.

The winners meet in a best-of-three.   The team with the better record chooses whether it wants to host game one or games two and three.  (Last year, the Phillies chose to start on the road and host games two and three  They lost in three games.)

The bad news is that the Nationals and Twins have won seven of ten and the Yankees are on a five game winning streak while the Phillies are struggling to play .500 ball over the last two weeks.


  • 9/1 – Phillies activated RHP Juan Nicasio
  • 9/1 – Phillies sent OF Aaron Altherr on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
  • 9/1 – Phillies sent OF Odubel Herrera on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
  • 9/1 – Phillies released RHP Casey Fien
  • 9/1 – RHP Edgar Garcia assigned to Reading from Clearwater (paper transaction)
  • 9/1 – Clearwater activated RF Jose Pujols from the temporarily inactive list
  • 8/31 – Phillies claimed RHP Juan Nicasio off waivers from Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 8/31 – Phillies designated 1B Brock Stassi for assignment
  • 8/31 – Phillies placed RHP Jerad Eickhoff on the 10-Day DL. Nerve irritation in hand
  • 8/31 – Phillies sent CF Odubel Herrera on a rehab assignment to Reading
  • 8/31 – Phillies sent OF Aaron Altherr on a rehab assignment to Reading
  • 8/31 – Lehigh Valley sent RHP Mark Appel on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies
  • 8/31 – Reading sent RHP Miguel Nunez on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies
  • 8/30 – Phillies recalled RHP Ricardo Pinto from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
  • 8/29 – 1B Darick Hall assigned to Clearwater from Lakewood
  • 8/29 – Clearwater placed RF Jose Pujols on the temporarily inactive list
  • 8/29 – Luis Carrasco assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
  • 8/27 – Phillies optioned RHP Drew Anderson to Lehigh Valley
  • 8/27 – Phillies recalled Nick Pivetta from Lehigh Valley
  • The organization’s rosters are up to date.
  • The organization’s injury list is as up to date as I can make it.
  • The organization’s Rule 5 eligibility list is as accurate as I can make it based on the information I was able to find.

34 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 9/1/2017

  1. Jim, I fell asleep on the lanai and awoke and decided to check Phillies websites before retiring properly. And, what did I see, but your daily report. Amazing. Jim, in the words of Harry Kallas in reference to another hero, “you are the man!” Thanks for your daily reports. I don’t know if you truly understand how great — and appreciated — your work is.

    1. And here in Maine, I fell asleep on my den-man couch and awoke to see your recap. It made my second round sleep in my bedroom more restful. I absolutely love your transaction summaries. Great, great work!

  2. I wonder how attractive a Dylan Cozens is to other GMs?
    Could he be included in a package as added value, that could bring back a premier pitching prospect like a Keller, Kopech or Honeywell of the Rays?

    1. I’m not sure what kind of value he has. To be, his ceiling is Adam Dunne/Rob Deer – which means a very good player. GMs might see something else like the next Aaron Judge.

      If anything, he’s a piece in a larger trade. It’s a tough call though – could you imagine the fans’ reaction if he gets traded and turns into Judge 2.0 (heck, Dunne 2.0 is still a heckuva player)?

      1. Yeah….that would be a real tough pill to swallow if he does turn into a Judge or Dunn.
        Undeniably that would be the selling point for Matt Klentak…and more than likely an AL team would be more interested. They seem to play for the HR offense

        1. Interesting to see what his trade value is, but if all of a sudden he hits 270+ he becomes a stud prospect with huge OBP (due to walks) as long as the power continues. But the SO rates are just scary. So a prospect with huge upside and very volatile and could be night and day from year to year. Or he figures it out totally and is a cornerstone player signing for $300 million dollar extension some point in future.

          1. With Cozens, I think by June 1st we will know what he will be. If he comes out in April and May @ LHV and has made adjustments and corrected the deficiencies, atleast to the extent at maybe a 50% rate, in his peripheral metrics….lower K%, higher BB%, higher BA and OBP…..and still has his power stroike going , then things will look rosy for him getting the call up in June/July 2018.
            On the other hand…..if it is more of the same as these last two months, I don’t know what the Phillies will do with him.
            With Doobie, Altherr, Williams and possibly Quinn all there becomes crowded and Cozens may end up cemented in LHV again for the entire season..
            I do wish they bring him next week to get some ABs vs MLB pitching and let him whet his appetite a little. Perhaps that will spur him that much more for next season.

    2. It is interesting to think about his trade value. I wouldn’t give him up yet, another 3/4 of a season and I’d cement my opinion. If he can show a greater control of the zone, with similar power numbers, you keep him. If not, time to package him for other parts.
      I’d imagine others GMs that believe in their hitting instructors would take a good chance on him. He could have value in the AL. A DH bat with Good defense. Might give the managers some flexibility for their OF with poor defense late in games. make the switch in the 9th. Next year is a big year for him, the org, and the fans. He had huge hype coming into this year for good reason. Damn SO 🙂

  3. Four good starting pitching performances yesterday (plus Pivetta’s) so I’ll take that any day. GCL club is really missing Pelletier, is he hurt? Gurrola moved up which has hurt them also. Playoff pitching, who gets the one game start? They’ve been playing everyone, I hope they go with their best players in the playoff games.
    I’m probably the only one but I haven’t given up on Cozens yet. He’s still young and another year at LHV won’t hurt him. His power is like none other in our system, he just needs to continue improving. Take some walks, shorten up with two strikes, go the other way… can he become a 270 hittter? That’s all he needs with that power. Time will tell.
    Beato – does he get called up on Tuesday? I hope so. It seems cruel what happened to him last time. One batter and hurt…

    1. As Schmidty says from the booth on his weekends, with the two strike approach….”choke, stroke and poke”

    2. I give Cozens until the tradedeadline next year to get his plate discipline down, if not, put him in a package for another piece. If he takes off somewhere else, it’ll
      Stink, but the phils have a parade LF OF prospects coming down the pike. A lot of “Poo or get off the pot”
      Decisions are
      Coming for the FO. First up is the INF positions … But the Cozens decision is not far behind. Let’s hope the FO can make the right calls.

    3. Maybe its because I was always skeptical of Cozens, but I’m not as down on him as some seem to be. Next year he can hit the reset button in AAA at age 24, which I kind of look at as the cutoff before guys start to move into that “too old to be a prospect” territory. He has a big adjustment to make but he’ll have all offseason to accept it and work on it. .

    4. I don’t know about Pelletier. I thought Thursday was just a day off. Friday, I thought he might have been activated as a bench bat for the Threshers after Laird’s injury the night before. He was in the dugout area for part of the GCL game but was wearing work out clothes, not uniform or DL attire. Today he was in uniform, took the bus ride to Dunedin, but did not play. I hope he’s ready for the game tomorrow.

      If they stick to their rotation, and I don’t see them altering it, Manuel Silva will get tomorrow’s start. He and Jhordany Mezquita were charting today. Mezquita lines up as Monday’s starter. Lindow on Tuesday. Jimenez on Wednesday.

      The Phillies will not put their young arms at risk. Last year Sanchez pitched the one game playoff and they didn’t even consider him as a reliever in the third game of the finals. Kyle Young started that game, it was only his third start, and he went five, 2-hit, one-run innings.

      And it’s not a stretch to see a rehabbing pitcher during the playoffs. So, if Nunez, Tirado, and Appel are still down here …

  4. Got to see Fanti for the second time last night. He was at 89-91 all night. Had another no hitter intact until he gave up a bunt single in the 5th. He really is a surgeon out there. Every fastball seemed to be only a couple inches above the knees, except when he decided to go upstairs. He seems to rarely throw a ball down the middle of the plate. Nice breaking ball, better change up. If he can add a few miles an hour to his FB, say 92-94, they’ll really have something. He really knows how to pitch. Tremendous mound presence.
    I’ve also been impressed with the improvements Gamboa has made at the plate. He barreled up a couple pitches really hard last night and seems to have an idea when he steps in the box. No AB’s from the right side. He really is smooth in the field too. Something else to hope for.
    I too checked the site when I got home from Lakewood and was pleased to see and read the write up. Thanks Jim.

    1. Fanti in 21 starts this year has an average Game Score (GSc) of 53……and only 5 games that were considered clunkers(under 40)
      He had 15 games with GSc of 55 or better.
      A 120 innings pitched with a WHIP under 1…truly amazing.
      A great year for him.

  5. Harold Arauz and Nick Fanti continue to fly well under the radar with their ussual pitchability. That’s all I am going to say today.

  6. From John Manuel of BA…chat…Sep 1:

    Tom Eshelman (Painting the Black): Am I done for the year? Hoping to get called up but seems I’m on an innings limit……….
    John Manuel: Hope not! I want him to get that September callup, and obviously I forced him into today’s hot sheet in the Shane Bieber writeup. Bieber’s probably tired of the comparison. Glad to see Eshelman have a strong year and we’re forever indebted to him for being part of the best BA cover ever (2015 College Preview).

    Rich (NJ): Could you please rank the Phillies last three # 1 picks (Randolph, Moniak & Haseley) in terms of MLB potential as I am wondering if Moniak’s poor year & Randolph’s improved second half performance & power have changed your’s & scout’s views. Thanks.

    John Manuel: Randolph is pretty interesting as a pure hitter with feel for the barrel, and a better-than-advertised body. He can hit, but can he hit for the kind of power demanded of a left fielder? That’s in question. Haseley and Moniak are somewhat similar in profile, and I have to be honest, I’m not sure what to make of Mickey Mo’s season. It’s a brutal second half. He had better tools going into the 2016 draft than Haseley, but I’m a Haseley believer because of the contact ability, the bat and the makeup. He’s a different sort of guy in a good way. All Haseley ever does is compete and win, with athleticism and solid tools. I’ll bet on that guy any day.

    1. I thought the comments amount Haseley’s contact ability were interesting so I looked up his college stats and, sure enough, his strikeout % was around 10%

  7. GCL Phils win and with the Twins games cancelled will have top spot in the playoffs with the Yanks as their first opponent.

    1. Francisco Morales with 5 IP , 5 hits, 1 walk and 7 Ks, ERA is down to 3.05. Not bad for a 17 year old. Does he follow Sixto plan and start in Lakewood next year?

      1. Tom, He wasn’t as dominant as Sanchez, and only threw 41 innings this season (Sanchez threw 54). They have a lot of good young pitchers in the low end of the organization, they don’t have to push anyone up the ladder. But if they do, I think Morales and Jhordany Mezquita are likely candidates. Mezquita seems a little ahead of Morales right now. Maybe they both go to Lakewood like Sanchez/Fanti.

  8. There have been some really nice years by a number of the lower level pitchers, starting with Sixto. On Mickey, I am already forgetting this year. I want him to go home, rest for a few days, and then start building up his body for next year. I am giving him a mulligan, not because I am a Pollyanna, but because he is young, a hard worker, and I am hopeful that is true talent will emerge next year. Haesley has shown fine so far, and as he concentrates only on the OF and works his body into that kind of shape, which is different than pitching, he will get even better. “C” still has a lot of room to improve, and I have never been sure of a position for him. He really has to advance his game next year.

    1. matt13…….one thing John Manuel of BA does not mention or take into account,when comparing the three…especially between Haseley and Moniak… that Haseley is two years older, so naturally he will be more physically mature and stronger than Moniak.
      I still think Haseley has a good chance to be Philly next August if the Phillies so desire to push him.

  9. Everyone’s predicting JPC, including me, is getting the call Tuesday. I’m starting to think Appel will too. He is rehabbing but LHV season ends Monday. I think they throw him in to the mix to see if he’s worth protecting.

  10. Has anyone put eyes on Rosso yet? Jim? I’m starting to think he might be something. He just came over and got thrown into things. It has to be hard.

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