Box Score Recap – 8/28/2017

Here is the box score recap.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Lehigh Valley lost to Pawtucket, 7-3.  Joe DeNato (1-1, 5.50) started and gave up a 2-run HR in three innings.  Alexis Rivero (7.00) gave up a run on 3 hits and a walk in one inning. Cesar Ramos (3.81) pitched two perfect innings.  Casey Fien (5.40) gave up 4 runs in one inning on 4 hits including 2 HR.  Pat Venditte (3.48) pitched a scoreless inning.  

The IronPigs missed a big scoring chance in the first inning and were held to just one run on Cameron Perkins RBI double.  They had the bases loaded with nobody out and couldn’t get another run.  They didn’t score again until Logan Moore’s 2-out, 2-run HR (5) in the eighth inning.

Scott Kingery (.298) and Perkins (.289) had 2 hits each.  Herlis Rodriguez (.221) entered as a pinch hitter and also had 2 hits.

Reading won easily over New Hampshire, 6-3.  Jake Waguespack (2.06, 4.06) took a one-hitter into the ninth inning and finished with 3 runs on 3 hits and 3 walks.  Only one runs was earned.  he struck out five.  Ranfi Casimiro (3.59) came in with a run in and runners on the corners and earned his first save, allowing an inherited runner to score on a ground out.

The Phils opened the scoring with Malquin Canelo’s lead off HR (6) in the first inning.  They went on to score 2 more runs on a fielding error and Christian Marrero’s RBI double.  They scored 2 more in the fifth on Derek Campbell’s lead off HR (1) and Kyle Martin’s SF.  They added a run in the eighth on Jiandido Tromp’s lead off HR (17).  Canelo had a 3-hit night.

Clearwater was rained out.  Double header Tuesday.  Sour grapes department: watch all the rain outs down here push Sixto Sanchez’ last start of the season from Clearwater on Friday to one of the two weekend games in Dunedin.  (Update: They did.) 

Lakewood no game scheduled.

Williamsport split a double header with Auburn, winning 2-1 and losing 2-0.

Game One:  Andrew Brown (3.24) gave up 1 run on 2 hits in 5.1 innings.  He walked 3 and struck out five.  Connor Brogdon (3-1, 2.51) inherited 2 runners and allowed one to score to blow the save.  But he got the win, striking out 2 in 1.2 innings.  The Cutters scored a run in the first inning on Greg Pickett’s two-out, RBI single.  They scored their go-ahead run on two, 2-out errors by Auburn.  Nerluis Martinez had 2 of the Cutters 5 hits.

Game Two:  David Parkinson (1-2, 2.25) gave up two runs (1 ER) in four innings.  He gave up 4 hits and walked four batters.  He also struck out eight.  Orestes Melendez (7.20) pitched the final three innings.  Parkinson picked a runner of first.  The Cutters managed just 3 base runners – doubles by Yahir Gurrola and Rodolfo Duran and a walk by Jesus Azuaje.

The GCL Phillies were rained out.  Double header at home tomorrow morning, 10:30 AM. The Blue Jays lost to the Yankees West.  Those two teams are tied for second and trail the Phillies by 3.5 games (4 in the loss column).  They each have 5 games remaining.  The Phillies and Tigers West have 6 each.  The elimination numbers are 3 for the Yankees and Blue Jays and 1 for the Tigers.


58 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/28/2017

    1. Verdugo looks like a really good prospect, but if we are going to trade MLB players for prospects, we need top pitching prospects badly. Our starting pitching quality is awful. Besides Sixto, and Kilome (who is a very high risk prospect), we have a bunch of #5 starters.

    2. I’m going with 0% chance JP starts 2018 as MLB shortstop. Team LOVES Freddy, and he hits and fields (!!) better than JP at the higher level, anyhow. Maybe they’ll trade him once he gets closer to FA, but not this winter.

      1. I’m going to respectfully disagree about JPC. His OBP is way higher than Galvis. Sure Galvis has a nice glove but so does JPC. I’m going with the future here.

      2. JP has hit better than Freddy at every stop in the minors. And that includes his abysmal year this year.

          1. If JP can prove he is a significant upgrade at the plate over Freddy (currently he isn’t) then the team will have a tougher decision. However, Freddy’s D is so vastly superior at the most important defensive position there is no question at this point who will start 2018 at SS. Citing JP’s .803 OPS at Clearwater is not sufficient to prove he is a significant offensive improvement.

            1. Freddy’s highest OPS is .705! JPC is currently at .735 in the midst of a tiny slump. JPC OBP is .347 and Freddy’s is .306. Yes, JPC is by far an offensive upgrade. JPC has more homers and more walks….He is quite an improvement over Freddy.

            2. JP Crawford is a huge offensive improvement over Freddy Galvis. I shouldn’t have to explain why but i am sure that everyone else will. I don’t understand why you think JP Crawford can’t hit

      3. I predict JPC will start at SS with Freddy starting at 3B and Franco starting the year in AAA.

      4. Diamondbacks’ SS Nick Ahmed is reinjured and there may be a need for a replacement as Arizona pursues its Wild Card aspirations. Hope Klentak is calling as Freddy deserves a chance at post-season play.

    1. Technically, Muzziotti isn’t injured since he’s not on the DL. But, I saw the play where he “didn’t get hurt”, and he is still walking around with a slight limp.

    2. Ortiz returned tonight….and in a big way. 4-2-3-4, 3 run dinger to left center and rbi single. .304
      Rest does him well.

    1. Agreed that we need to keep our eyes on both guys. The scouting reports on Wags have been very good. He’s the kind of guy who could come out of nowhere and somehow secure a spot in the rotation. He’s actually done just fine in AA – peripherals are okay, but he needs to keep the walks under control.

      Also, I don’t know if anyone saw Anderson pitch the other day. He’s kind of like a watered down version of Nick Pivetta. He’s going to have to improve a lot or move to the pen to have a future on the Phillies.

    1. There’s no decision really. He will not be drafted in the Rule 5. 100% no way will a team waste a major league roster spot on Jiandido Tromp

      He may have a future as a 5th OF or AAAA guy but no one is drafting him in the Rule 5.

      1. You’re telling me he’s not better than Goeddel? I guess we’ll see because I agree the Phils don’t have room for him on their 40. I think someone else might take a look.

  1. Lots of rainout for the Threshers this season.
    Jim, any chance you give us your asssessment on who should be in and who should be out of the 40 man?

  2. It seemed that when Parkinson threw his pitches in the strike zone their hitters had trouble hitting them. He seemed to lack confidence. He is an SEC pitcher. I hope he can be like Taveras and throw strikes. It may also be control of certain pitches — or both.
    The Phils could lose a few players in Rule 5 decisions, including in the minor league phase. Some of the good bats they have drafted lately will need to develop quickly.

  3. The way that they are shuffling Crawford and Kingery at LHV seems to indicate that they want to keep Galvis at shortstop and trade Hernandez and Franco in a deal for a pitcher. To get the kind of pitcher they need they will have to include more talent, which will deplete their depth in the minors. I think one of the outfielders will be traded also. Because of this they may want to deal before or during the Winter Meeting.

      1. Essentially, Hernandez is a 4 WAR player – a legitimate 1st division regular with room for further upside, whereas Galvis is a decent 2nd division regular. I know Galvis plays a key defensive position, but his offense is dreadful. That Mackanin continues to bat him second is a travesty.

        1. Freddy in over 5000 PAs between the minors and majors has an OBP less than .300. That just is not acceptable under the new regime’s philosophy in what they prefer to see in hitters. Though Freddy is loved by the fans and media his role is probably utility down the road anyway…I am just not sure he is ready for that in 2018 however.
          Does Matt Klentak have the fortitude to move on from Freddy is what i would like to know?

          1. Freddy would be best suited as a super-utility guy. He plays multiple positions well, can hit a fastball and is a great presence in the clubhouse. He’s not likely to be happy with such a role, but I think that’s where he ends up in a few years.

            1. But not with the Phillies. He will probably sign a FA deal somewhere after the 2018 season believing he can be someone’s regular and it’s possible he could be. He’s just so bad on offense that it gobbles up almost all of his defensive value, which is real.

    1. I agree with catch, Hernandez is demonstrably better than Galvis and he is a touch younger. The only reason to look to trade Hernandez is that he would get a better return than Galvis. However, I think the Phillies should try to hold on to above-average players in their 20s, not trade them.

      I don’t think anyone would be interested in trading for Franco at this point, unless the Phils were willing to give him away for free.

      1. I agree in a vacuum that Hernandez is better than Galvis. However, I think the front office needs to explore all options to improve the starting pitching which is the number 1,2, and 3 priority given lack of help coming from minor in next yr or 2. If moving hernandez and inserting Kingery allows for upgrading starting pitching then you need to do it

  4. Hernandez represents probably the only player the Phils would consider trading that other teams might target in the off-season. If the Phils think Kingery will be MLB-ready at any point in ’18, they have to plan for that beforehand.

    Galvis would not be an off-season target for any team. The teams for which he might represent a positional upgrade (Rays, Marlins, Royals, Twins) would recognize that Galvis is a post-’18 free agent. These are frugal, small market teams. So Galvis is a stopgap for them or an in-season ’18 injury fill-in for other teams. Without a boost in offensive performance, Galvis has very limited prospects as a MLB starter going into free agency, unless Crawford is a bust.

    Franco, Joseph and Rupp are essentially filler at this point. No team will target them this off-season. Franco is beyond the point of being a low cost high reward player that a team can take a flier on. Teams can find better than Joseph and Rupp in free agency so why trade value for either. Much like with Galvis, it would take an in-season injury to cause a another team to look at Franco, Joseph or Rupp differently.

    1. If the Phillies ever considered it, Herrera also has value and could be an attractive commodity for a team needing a CFer. He could generate a return similar to what Adam Eaton did last season and he is younger and on a more team friendlier contract. He could be backfilled with Aaron Altherr in CF until Haseley is ready.

      1. Interesting move so late in the year. Atleast he’ll get some at bats at the next level to get a feel for the competition.

      1. Very long overdue. Wonder if they did it just to throw him a bone and make him happy. He should have been called up over a month ago.

        1. He may get 45/50 PAs in before the end of the season.
          Then go home for a little while, see the family, and maybe back for the FIL for a few weeks, and then get ready for his next assignment.

            1. Seven players will represent the Phillies’ farm system in the Arizona Fall League this year.
              Pitchers Trevor Bettencourt, Garrett Cleavinger, Elniery Garcia and J.D Hammer, catcher Edgar Cabral, infielder Zach Green and outfielder Cornelius Randolph are on the Glendale Desert Dogs’ roster.

  5. Overall I’m pretty happy with the way the Phillies prospects have progressed this year. Hoskins, Kingery, and Crawford all seem to be building blocks. The disappointments come up in Cozens and Appel. Cozens I’m not overally worried about, he’ll get another shot at handling AAA. Appel hurts. He never could stay healthy enough to get a good read on him. For the luck of long suffering Phillies Phans, he will probably go light it up at another team.

    1. You forgot Williams, he’s looked very good so far. Plus Alfaro is holding his own while Knapp has been fine as well.

  6. I like the AFL list of 7 this year. Garcia and Hammer have a chance to show they’re legit. Bettencourt could surprise also. Randolph will get one more chance to show he can play with the big boys and Zach Green gets some more at bats to show he can hit.

    1. oh why are we cutting Randolph one of the youngest in his league if he has a tough time. In a league with more experience players?

  7. Darick Hall…first game…first FSL HR…no time to lose, only about 10/11 games left in the season.

  8. Phils Rotation in 2018:
    1 Nola
    2 Young Controllable acquired via trade
    3 Eickhoff
    4 Morgan
    5 One of VV / Lively / Eflin / Thompson / Cashner

    1. Buddy,

      Like your thinking, but Morgan has finally found consistent success in the bullpen. I think he needs to stay there.

    2. Unless you’re planning on giving up Sixto, you’re not getting point #2. You have to give up talent to get talent.

      More likely the Phillies will give a 2-3 year FA deal.

      My guess:

      VV (If healthy)

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