Box Score Recap – 8/29/2017

Here is the box score recap.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Lehigh Valley lost to Syracuse, 4-1.  Jake Thompson (5-14, 5.25) gave up 4 runs (3 ER) in seven innings on 8 hits and a walk. He struck out six.  Michael Mariot (4.45) pitched a clean inning.    

The IronPigs scored one run on 3 hits.  They were 0-6 with runners in scoring position.  They scored their single run on J.P. Crawford’s solo HR (14) in the eighth inning after the game was pretty much decided.  Andrew Pullin (.226) had 2 hits.

Reading crept out to an early lead before losing to New Hampshire, 8-4.  Tyler Viza (9-10, 5.49) labored through 96 pitches in 4.2 innings, giving up 4 runs (3 ER) on 7 hits and 4 walks.  He struck out three.  Shane Watson (5.40) allowed an inherited runner to score on a wild pitch but pitched 1.1 innings with a walk.  Jeff Singer (5.40) pitched an inning and gave up 3 runs (2 ER) on 2 hits and a walk.  Tommy Bergjans (6.75) gave up 1 run in two innings on 4 hits and a walk.  He struck out four.

The Phils scored 2 runs in the first on Mitch Walding’s RBI double and Damek Tomscha’s RBI single.  They scored a run in the third on Kyle Martin’s solo HR (22).  And they scored a run in the ninth on a force out.  Malquin Canelo (.230) had 2 hits.

Clearwater split a double header with Charlotte, losing 8-2 and winning 3-2.  The new guy, Darick Hall, hit a HR in each game.  Reported to be a “dead pull” hitter, he hit one to left-center and one to right-center.  The Threshers are 3.0 games behind the Dunedin Blue Jays for the available playoff slot in the FSL North with 5 games remaining, 4 against the Jays.

Game One:  Ranger Suarez (2-4, 4.06) got pasted, giving up 5 runs (4 ER) on 8 hits in 2.1 innings.  Tyler Gilbert (3.07) struck out 2 in 1.2 innings.  Aaron Brown gave up 3 runs (2 ER) on 4 hits in one inning.  He walked three.  Blake Quinn (4.50) pitched a perfect inning. Cornelius Randolph (13) and Darick Hall (1) hit solo HRs leading off the sixth.  Hall had 2 hits. Jan Hernandez had an outfield assist at third base.

Game Two:  JoJo Romero (4-2, 2.53) gave up 2 runs in five innings on 5 hits and 2 walks. He struck out seven.  Trevor Bettencourt (1.29) earned his second save with two scoreless innings.  The Threshers scored all three runs in the third inning on an RBI ground out by Randolph and a two-run HR by Hall (2).  Emmanuel Marrero (.255) had 2 hits.

Lakewood postponed, rain.

Williamsport beat Auburn, 8-2.  Spencer Howard (4.45) gave up one run in 4.2 innings on 2 hits and 4 walks.  He struck out ten.  Damon Jones (2-3, 5.48) gave up a run on 2 hits and a walk in 3.1 innings.  He struck out five and got the win.  Jhon Nunez (5.40) pitched a scoreless inning.

The Cutters scored all their runs late.  They scored two in the sixth on RBI singles by Jhailyn Ortiz and Yahir Gurrola; five in the seventh on a wild pitch, Jake Scheiner’s RBI single, and Ortiz’ 3-run HR (8); and one in the eighth on Scheiner’s RBI single.

Williamsport pounded out 16 hits, and every starter had at least one.  Scheiner (.246) went 4-5 with 2 runs scored, a double, and 2 RBI.  Ortiz (.302) went 3-4 with 2 runs scored, a HR (8), and 4 RBI (30).  Yahir Gurrola (.196) had 2 hits and an RBI, and Brian Mims (.220) had 2 hits and 2 runs scored.

The GCL Phillies were rained out, again.  The games were cancelled.  The Phillies and Tigers had played to a 3-3 tie thru 2.5 innings.  Manuel Silva had given up 3 runs on 5 hits and one walk in three innings.  He struck out four.  The Phillies tied the game in the bottom of the second.  Ben Pelletier led off with a line drive single to left.  Jack Zoellner followed with a line drive single to right.  Pelletier scored on a passed ball.  Zoellner scored on a fielding error by the first baseman on a Kevin Markham ground ball.  He scored the tying run on Gunnar Buhner’s line drive single to center.  Jake Holmes had 2 base hits. Unfortunately, the weather washed out everyone’s stats.

The Phillies play the Yankees West in a home-and-home series the next two days.  The Yankees lost to the Blue Jays and are eliminated from the division race.  The cancellations eliminated the Tigers.  The Phillies hold a 3.0 game lead over the Jays, four in the loss column.  Their elimination is one.  The Phillies could clinch tomorrow at home.

  1. Phillies             34-20     .630       –
  2. Blue Jays        32-24     .571     3.0
  3. Yankees W.     31-25     .554     4.0
  4. Tigers West    28-26     .519     6.0

The Phillies hold a slim lead over two of the other division leaders for the overall best record.

  • Phillies             34-20     .630
  • Nationals        33-20     .623
  • Twins                32-22     .593
  • Braves              30-26     .536

The best record hosts the worst record among the division winners in a one-game playoff. The second best record hosts the third best record.

The winners meet in a best-of-three.   The team with the better record chooses whether it wants to host game one or games two and three.  (Last year, the Phillies chose to start on the road and host games two and three  They lost in three games.)


83 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/29/2017

  1. My all Pharm team for 2017
    C Austin Bossart
    1b Rhys Hoskins
    2b Scott Kingery
    3b Mitch Walding
    ss JP Crawford (for his resurgence)
    OF Carlos Tocci
    OF Damek Tomscha
    OF Jhailyn Ortiz
    OF Jiandido Tromp
    DH Darick Hall
    RHP Adonis Medina
    RHP Seranthony Dominguez
    RHP Sixto Sanchez
    LHP Nick Fanti
    LHP Kyle Young

  2. Hall wow he likes Clearwater alot, Oritz is back in a big way . Spencer Howard doing his Puk look a like stat line.

    1. Hall, I figured would be top ten first basemen on list by their mid-season rankings ….forget that…judging by who is on their list now 7 thru 10, I think he will be top ten next spring prior to the season beginning..

    2. I was there last nite, along with some phillies brass. Howard walked a couple on close 3-2 counts but he was blowing the ball by their hitters with 10 strikeouts. Saw some 96 mph on the kids guns. Also the reliever Jones looks awkward but was blowing his Fb past hitters, up to 94-95. Both pitchers and scheiner were impressive

  3. I gave a prediction (or gut feeling) that Jake Scheiner is the sleeper of the 2017 draft, and has a breakout year next year.

    1. I think he’s already sorta breaking out! Lakewood will be a good test for him but there is a really high ceiling with him.


    2. I wonder how Ortiz’s season measures up against the better all-time Williamsport seasons. I’m not smart enough to figure it out but my gut tells me it has to be top ten. He’s only 18…love it.

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like people have tended to overlook JoJo Romero on here. He’s lowkey been putting up pretty stellar numbers in Clearwater/LKW this year (8-3, 2.21 ERA, 8.9 K/9, 118 IP). I’m excited to see what he can do in Reading next year.

      1. Yeah, at A ball and below the development of our pitchers is the story of the year behind the AAA hitters (Hoskins, Kingery and Crawford).

      2. I agree. I’m pleased to see his progress. The big question going forward with all our minor league pitchers is whether any of them can join Nola in the top3 of a contending rotation or all they all back of the rotation guys based on limitations in velocity or command

    1. Romero being overlooked just has to due with the depth in the system. The top four pitchers are Sanchez, Medina, Kilome, and Domiguez. They don’t all necessarily match Romero in Age/level but all have better raw stuff or repertoire. Then you have the next group of Romero, Howard, Suarez, Mills, Fanti, Falter, and Irvin. Then there is proximity over upside in Eshelman and Tavarez. Oh and then there is the gentle giant Kyle Young. And then there is the forgotten man Gowdy. And also El. and Ed. Garcia, although they may have already started the conversion to reliever.

      1. I love Dominguez, but due to Dominguez’s shoulder injury (further injury risk) and the fact that Romero is a lefty, I actually have Romero ahead of him.

  5. Hall is sitting at 29 HR and 99 RBI. I’d love to see 30 and 100. Glad he’s getting a cup of coffee with the Threshers and has a 2 game HR streak with them.

    I’m happy and a relieved to see Walding back and hitting. He’s 10 for 33 since his return from breaking his face.

  6. 10 did you say say 10 K’s by Spencer in 4.2 IP? Did anyone here see that game to report on what he was throwing?

      1. Based on the fact that he supposedly throws multiple breaking pitches with a lot of movement, the fact that he was throwing 96 is a huge deal. Huge.

  7. On JP Crawford – is genuinely happy for the guy. Don’t know him personally but hopefully he is a good person. Yes, I take all that into account. I want a ball player, but I hate cheering for scumbags, so I don’t and it takes away the enjoyment for the fans imo.

    Ok back off my ADD rant, i read a lot of comments across a few sites, and most fans are out of touch about the resurgence of Crawford’s season. Manu think he doesn’t have a better bat than Galvis. They will keep mentioning Galvis power… which to me has taken a step back. 11/12hrs vs 20 is a big difference. Say he finishes with 15… not good enough imo to hold off JP. He has earned the right to start over Galvis when the time comes. Franco needs to sit, clear his head, and regroup for next year. All in all, in surprised at how this “sports” town only looks at the current numbers of JP and doesn’t dig a little deeper to actually show what the numbers mean…. his second half has shown
    Me that he has figured out AAA. I hope his and Kingery are starting at the MLB level next yeAr, game 1.

      1. TRADE GALVIS?
        Why not just make him the catcher….he can do anything else out there on the field but pitch.

      2. I’d hold up on that. I wouldn’t start him over JP though. I’d move him into Blanco’s role, but actually play him as a super utility 3-4 games a week. Rotate him around 2B,SS,&3B. If he is a GG SS, he should have no issues playing any of those spots.

        I’m hoping CeHe can play 3B until a better solution can come along. Like Moustaskas or Machado. CeHe is valuable to the team, but we need ammo to trade for
        A legit SP, I think he goes this offseason. Imo Galvis remains, not becUs he is the better overall player, but his utility and overall tremendous defense. They will lose him after next season, but hopefully they figure it out by then. JP should be passed his learning curve by then as well. People need to remain calm while he struggles in the early going of his MLB career. I hope he starts where he left off AAA but his track record screams that he will struggle the first 300+ abs

    1. Why is JPC a scumbag?Remember – we try not to personally attack the ballplayers on here. Maybe i misread your comment and if I did, sorry.

      1. I did misread it, sorry. You just meant you don’t root for scumbags in general. Sorry!

          1. I agree! It’s fun replying to myself to fix a typo LOL
            but great group of people on here

      1. i’ll be curious to see if Quinn starts the year back in AAA next year or if they decide he can’t hold up as a regular over a full season and he makes the major league squad as a 4th OF.

        1. I’m not sure if he is fragile or just bad luck. His speed is game changing it stinks he can’t stay on the field for a season , but as a 4th outfielder and defensive replacement he may work out.

  8. Ortiz is a legit top 100 overall guy and should be high up our top 10 list. The young kid has hit 300 with 8 homers and lots of doubles and has played solid OF defense. At 18

    1. Agreed – he’s a top 10 prospect to be sure.

      Right now, with Hoskins having obviously graduated for good, I have a list like this:

      1. Sanchez
      2. Kingery
      3. Crawford (there is little separating the top 3)
      4. Haseley
      5. Kilome
      6. Medina
      7. Ortiz
      8. Alfaro
      9. Romero
      10. Brito
      11. Eshelman
      12. Dominguez (I’m a big fan)
      13. Moniak
      14. Randolph
      15. Quinn
      16. Howard
      17. Gamboa
      18. Irvin
      19. E. Garcia
      20. Cozens

      Notice how far down 2 of our last 3 first round picks are on this list – disappointing to be sure, but the overall list is fairly encouraging.

      1. I would have Dominguez over Romero and Eshelman. I thought he was a top 15 prospect coming into the season and even with the injury I think his stock is up a little.

      2. I’m down on RANDOLPH as well, put Moniak in as well. I certainly hoped for more out of our top picks…. one of them being the top pick in the draft. There are reasons to be optimistic about them. just posted a story on Randolph. Now .. after reading the propaganda, I feel a bit better about him. The young angle does hold merit, but only for so long. Obviously exceptions exist, so hopefully both have breakout seasons next year. I’d say you might be selling Randolph short on the list , but … it is fair. He needs to show the organization more, and I think he will. development is not always in a straightline m. JP reconfirmed that, I’m sure more bumps are coming before fans will relAx on these prospects

        1. Thanks all for commenting.

          I agree with you the development is not a straight line, but all we have to go by are the statistics and the reports, so while I think Randolph could move up quickly next year I’m comfortable having him between 10 and 15 based on his age and current performance history.

          On Dominguez, it’s obvious that his ceiling is a lot higher than Eshelman’s but Dominguez did have arm problems and he’s not as young as you might think. Also, Eshelman has mastered AAA and looks like he’s going to be a long term major league 3 or 4 – which has some serious value. And, I have a sneaking suspicion he’s going to continue to get better as he masters his breaking stuff. Guys with true 80 command do not grow on trees and that’s what he has. That’s why I have him ahead of Dominguez, for now. But that could change quickly next year.

          1. I have concerns about whether Eshelman has good enough stuff to be a long term number 5, let alone a 3. I hope his secondaries take jumps but it’s no guarantee.

            I think being a #4 is attainable for him and would be really happy with that outcome.

            1. he’ll need to have top level secondary pitches to go along with consistent top level command to be anything more than a 5 at major league level. The only RH pitchers who excel at lower velocity have dominating changeups like Hendricks with Chicago and even his longterm success is unclear

          2. Randolph’s rating seems about right since he can only play LF or first base ( I guess) so he has to hit at a very high level to be a top level major leaguer.. Moniak atleast plays CF so offensively doesn’t have to be as advanced.
            next year is a big year for our last 3 number one picks. Another set of mediocre years will be worrisome

          3. On Randolph, I found this hard to believe, but Fangraphs has his wRC+ as 116, meaning he was 16% better than the league average on offense this year. Maybe the offensive bar in the FSL is so low that a good year still looks poor?

            I just checked on and sure enough, Randolph is 14th out of 49 qualified batters in OPS in the FSL.

      3. I’m not a scout, obviously. However, I’ve seen Brito play four times and I don’t see the highly regarded prospect that the experts do. I hope my untrained eyes are wrong. I would love to have another top notch middle infield talent in the organization. I’ve seen him in Clearwater and in Rome, GA and he never stood out. Just sayin’.

          1. Good call. My son goes to Wake Forest and I watch a lot of college ball, both ACC and SEC. I saw Guthrie last year during the Floridas SEC season and the super regional games v. Wake. I was very intrigued. He struck me as a cross between Kingery and Utley, though he played SS. Something about the way he carried himself, got dirty, and played the game struck a famlier chord with me. I think he was a steal in the sixth round and may turn out to be one of the best picks of 2017. I hope he moves quickly.

  9. it would be interesting to look at which players in the top 3 levels from Clearwater to Lehigh can legitimately be on the 25 man roster of a playoff contending team. Because anyone not on that list you hope to develop to the point that they can be packaged in the trade or just be minor league injury depth

    1. Players in Arizona Winter league: C; E. Garcia; Bettencourt; Cleavinger; Cabral; Hammer: Zach Green.

  10. I’m watching Inciarte get 3 singles in 3 innings against us. How does Tocci not profile to be like him? And, I would be thrilled if he does. Mainly a singles hitter, and outstanding CF defense. Tocci has been that good defensively since he was 17. He just hit over .300 at Reading, and did have more than a handful of 2Bs. I think he has been overlooked because of his build, but his season this year really opened my eyes.We have to protect him or he gets claimed for sure in the RuleV, just like Ender.

    1. Agreed. And he’s super young for AAA (5.7 years below the league average) — for example, Tocci is only 7-and-a-half months older than Haseley!

      It seems like Tocci has AT LEAST a 50 hit tool (that equates to a .260 batting average in MLB), which, given his lack of power, makes him a 4th or 5th outfielder (good defense, including a good arm, and can play all three outfield positions). If, OTOH, he has a 60 hit tool (equates to .280 in the majors), with his defense he may be good enough to be a starter in CF. I’m not sure . . .

      Inciarte is an interesting comp. Assuming Tocci is protected and plays at Lehigh Valley in 2018 and continues to progress, could he in 2019 in the majors put up a season like Inciarte did in his his first year in the majors (and at the same age, 23): .268/.318/.359?

      Inciarte delivered a ton of value on defense, and more value in baserunning than Tocci would deliver. But he also delivered 3.7 WAR, which is very, very good for a 23-year-old.

      1. The problem with Tocci is and always will be the same. He does not run. He is a nice player but where does he fit? No real power, and doesn’t steal bases, so how can he impact the ML club? I’m not bashing, I’m asking

  11. Comparisons of “Three H’s” in Lakewood year:

    Ryan Howard: 493 AB, 19 HRs .280/.367/.460, 66 BB, 145 K, Age 22
    Rhys Hoskins: 255 AB, 9 HRs .322/.397/.525, 26 BBs, 50 K, Age 22
    Darick Hall: 426 AB, 27 HRs .272/.340/.533 29 BBs, 110 K, Age 21-22

    Hall actually showed more power than Howard or Hoskins, but had the lowest average and OBP. His K to BB ratio needs some work.

    1. An intriguing comparison, for sure! Thanks for putting it out there, SIFPA. To be in the same category as those two, Hall needs to control the strike zone better. For those years you cited, here are strikeout and walk rates:

      Howard: 11.6% BB rate; 25.4% K rate
      Hoskins: 9.0% BB rate; 17.2% K rate
      Hall: 6.1% BB rate; 23.1% K rate

      What a find, though, if he turns into anything close to Howard or Hoskins!

    2. I have seen reports that Hall’s metrics…K% and BB% are not favorable when measuring his overall hit tool. The power is evident and is plus-plus already.
      Well when we look at his first two years in college ball, and the subsequent metrics over 500PAs…now it is at Cochise, and not exactly a power-house conference play…..but he however was quite adept at contact.

      …it is when he got with the new coach at DBU, noting his size and strength, that his swing was modified for more lift and less of a flat plane.
      Bottom line…..when the day comes, Darick should be able to make the adjustment to create more contact if he needs to.

    3. When comparing the two H’s…..Hall in his 30 plus games in FirstEnergy hit 7 HRS…Rhys in his 35 games in FirstEnergy hit 1 HR.
      Does not say much other than Hall has more than adequate strength and power.

  12. Nice game defensively, as well as offensively for Jhailyn Ortiz last night. Those who think his future is at 1B have obviously never seen him play RF in person. They’re probably looking at two stats, height and weight. He moves very well for a big kid. Last night there was a ball hit fair just inside the line that bounced into a corner in foul territory. Ortiz had a long run but got to it super quick and threw a lightning bolt to 2B. Ump was putting his hand up to call out but unfortunately the 2B dropped the ball. Without the drop Ortiz would have absolutely robbed the batter of a double.

  13. Earlier this evening there were visions of 2018 when Kingery and Crawford each singled in a run in consecutive ABs. Beautiful….

  14. Henderson looks like he is ready, two games – 7 innings in each game with a win tonight and 2 hits and 2 RBI’s tonight.

  15. The true test here for Klentak is to take a surplus of position players and 1) evaluate correctly and keep the right player, i.e. Knapp or Alfaro or Rupp? 2) Somehow turn the extra pieces into 1-2 guys who could be #2 or #3 starting pitchers. The Phils basically have 7 infielders for 4 spots, 3 catchers for 1 spot, and I’ll say 3 OFers for 3 spots but Quinn could be considered a 4th. On top of that, the Phils have money, there are some great free agent position players in the next two years, and the Phils have drafted position players #1 for at least 3 years I believe.

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