Box Score Recap – 5/28/2017

Lehigh Valley cruised to another  lop-sided victory, 14-2 behind 2 Nick Williams home runs.

Reading lost its 9th consecutive game, 5-4.

Clearwater and Franklyn Kilome shut out the St. Lucie Mets.

Lakewood and Nick Fanti beat Delmarva.  Mickey Moniak was back in the line up.

Lehigh Valley (34-15) beat Louisville, 14-2.

Nick Pivetta held the Bats to 2 runs in 6 innings on 6 hits and no walks.  Michael Mariot (4.34), Hoby Milner (0.00), and Cesar Ramos (1.91) followed with three scoreless innings.

The IronPigs had 14 hits. Every starter including Pivetta had a hit except Pedro Florimon who was HBP twice and walked once.

Roman Quinn had 3 hits and a SB (10).

J.P. Crawford went 2-2, walked twice, and had a SF.

Dylan Cozens, Nick Williams, and Logan Moore also had 2 hits each.

Cozens hit his 13th HR and had 3 RBI.

Williams hit 2 HR (10) and had 4 RBI.

Quinn, Crawford, and Pivetta had 2 RBI each.

The IronPigs scored first.  Quinn led off the first inning with a double and stole third base.  Crawford brought him home with his sacrifice fly.  (Cozens walked with two out and stole second and third before the inning came to an end.)

Lehigh essentially put the game away with 5 runs in the second on Quinn’s RBI triple, Crawford’s RBI double, Rhys Hoskins’ RBI single, and Cozens 2-run HR.

Lehigh proceeded to tack on 6 more runs in the fourth on Cozens’ RBI single, Williams 2-run HR, Pivetta’s 2-run double, and Quinn’s RBI double.

The IronPigs tacked on 2 more in the eighth on Williams second, 2-run HR.

  • #1 Crawford (.201): 2-2 with 2 runs scored, double, 2 RBI (18), 2 BB
  • #3 Alfaro (.283): DNP
  • #4 Williams (.282): 2-5 with 2 runs scored, 2 HR (10), 4 RBI (31), 2 K
  • #6 Quinn (.274): 3-6 with 2 runs scored, 2 doubles, triple, 2 RBI (13), K, SB (10)
  • #9 Cozens (.228): 2-4 with a run scored, HR (13), 3 RBI (37), BB
  • #12 Pivetta (5-0, 1.41): 6.0 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 4 K
  • #13 Hoskins (.323): 1-5 with a run scored, RBI (38), K
  • #17 Pinto (3-3, 5.53): DNP
  • #20 Appel (2-2, 7.59): DNP
  • #25 Lively (6-1, 2.40): DNP
  • #30 Valentin (.229): 7-day DL

Reading (23-22) suffered its ninth loss in a row, losing 5-4 in 10 innings to New Hampshire.

The Phils took an early lead on Andrew Pullin’s 2-run HR (11) in the first inning.  The Fisher Cats had several chances and finally got to starter Shane Watson for two runs in the fifth inning.  The Cats went ahead with a run in the eighth, but the Phils forged back in front with two runs in the ninth on a 2-run double by Angelo Mora.  Jesen Therrien blew the save when he allowed a run with two out in the bottom of the ninth.  John Richy took the loss when he gave up a walk off HR in the tenth.

Scott Kingery, Pullin, and Carlos Tocci had 2 hits each.  Jiandido Tromp had an outfield assist (home).

Watson threw 96 pitches,56 strikes in 4.1 innings.  In giving up 2 runs, he allowed 6 hits and walked 5 batters.  He struck out four.  Yacksel Rios (2.10) stranded 2 inherited runners and retired all 8 batters he faced in 2.2 innings.  Miguel Nunez (2.37) gave up a run in one inning.  Therrien (1.35) gave up the game-tying run in his one inning.  Richy (6.60) retired a batter before giving up the game winning home run.

  • #11 Kingery (.303): 2-5 with a run scored, 2 K, 2 SB (12)
  • #18: El. Garcia: Restricted List,  80-Game suspension
  • #22 Anderson (3-2, 5.14): DNP
  • #23: Arano: 7-Day DL
  • #24 Tocci (.311): 2-3 with a run scored, BB, K
  • #28 Canelo (.262): 0-5 with 4 K
  • Pullin (.328): 2-5 with 2 runs scored, double, HR (11), 2 RBI (34), K
  • Tromp (.248): 0-4

Clearwater (28-23) beat St. Lucie, 1-0.

Franklyn and Jeff Singer combined to shut out the Mets.  Kilome gave up 5 hits in 7.0 innings, walked none, and struck out six.  Singer (1.75) earned his 11th save allowing one hit in 2.0 innings.  He walked none and struck out two.

The Threshers scored the game’s only run on a passed ball in the sixth inning.  Four players collected all nine of the Threshers’ hits – Grenny Cumana (.291) had 3 hits, Zach Coppola (.346) , Wilson Garcia (.253), and Cornelius Randolph (.209) had 2 hits each.

  • # 5 Kilome (3-2, 3.02): 7.0 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 6 K
  • #10 Randolph (.209): 2-4 with a K
  • #27 Ed. Garcia (1-1, 4.68): DNP
  • #29 Pujols (.192): DNP

Lakewood (29-21) beat Delmarva, 5-1.

Nick Fanti (4-0, 1.52) pitched the BlueClaws to victory with 6.0, one-run innings.  He allowed 5 hits and walked none.  He struck out nine.  Will Hibbs (0.00) earned his 7th save with 3.0 innings of no-hit relief.  He walked one and struck out three.

Mickey Moniak returned to the line up and went 1-4.  He capped the scoring with a 2-run double in the seventh inning.  Raul Rivas (.262) went 2-4 and scored 2 runs.  Luke Williams (.170) also had 2 hits.

  • #2 Moniak (.287): 1-4 with a double, 2 RBI (19), K
  • #7 Sanchez (1-2, 3.70): DNP
  • #16 Medina (1-4, 2.98): DNP
  • #19 Brito (.249): DNP
  • #26 Romero (2-1, 2.20): DNP

Williamsport (0-0) – first game on Monday, June 19th at State College.

  • #8 Gowdy
  • #15 Stobbe
  • #21 Ortiz

GCL Phillies (0-0) – first game on Monday, June 26th v. Yankees West.

DSL Phillies (0-0) – first game on Saturday, June 3rd.

DSL Phillies2 (0-0) – first game on Saturday, June 3rd.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Transactions (and paper moves)

  • 5/29 – Phillies optioned RHP Zach Eflin to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 5/28 – RHP Franklyn Kilome assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Phillies Ext. Spring Training.
  • 5/28 – RHP Edgar Garcia assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers.

46 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/28/2017

  1. Williams has hit in 11 straight games. He’s hitting .410 with 8 HRs and 19 RBIs over that stretch. He has 9 Ks and not a single BB over those 11 games. A hit, especially a HR, is better than a BB but it still shows the free swinger that he is. When you’re as hot as he is, pitchers are less likely to throw the ball over the plate. Come on Nick, look to be more selective. Cut down on the Ks and look for that BB once in a while. It’ll get you to Philly a lot faster.

    1. Hard to knock that kinda production, but some how you did.
      But the point is a valid one, I’m ok with Nick not being an obp machine as long as he can hit 25 bombs a year and keep his average around 280, I’m ok with 30 walks and 120 Ks

      1. This would essentially make him Adam Jones in his prime.

        The lack of BBs is less concerning to me if he is able to cut down on the Ks. Aside from the year the Phillies traded for him (2015), he has consistently hovered between 25-28% K rate in the minors. A free swinger with that much swing-and-miss in the minors is going to have a long road to toe in the big leagues.

      2. Always somebody trying to find a negative when there’s a positive. Just look at Crawford, when some of us have hope, someone else comes in and says oh but he fielded the ball incorrectly. You catch my drift.

  2. It’s Fanti time. In 47+ innings spanning 8 starts, he’s been nearly unhittable. He’s given up 25 hits and never more than 6 in a game. Opponents are hitting only .150 against him. He’s given up 1 runs or less in 7 of his outings with the one outlier being a 3 run game. That folks is 7 great games and one average game. He has 53 Ks and 9 in 3 outings to only 13 BBs. He’ll be 20 all year long, since his birthday is December 30th. I don’t think you’ll find many 20 y/o with better stats in A ball, especially a 31st rounder.

      1. rocco…yes you did way back when he was drafted in the 31st. Four more starts close to or equivalent to last night, and he will be a Thresher at promo time. Fanti is Fanta.

      2. rocco…actually you were the one who start posting about his HS no-no’s on Long Island…..I had no clue he had this in him based on his Max Prep pitching profile

    1. bellman,

      You might want to add Hoby Milner and Will Hibbs to your reports. Milner now 19.1 innings and Hibbs 27 innings without a run — that’s without a run, earned or unearned.

    2. @Bellman,

      Fanti’s “outlier” was a 6-inning performance that qualifies nowadays as a “quality start”, I think.

      I’ve had the pleasure of watching Nick since he was signed in 2015. To be perfectly honest though, I don’t recall any of his appearances in 2015, but I enjoyed watching him in his All-Star, 2016 GCL season.

      Fanti’s 3-run outing this year is the only outing over 2 runs in 2 seasons. I know that some of you are concerned about his velocity. But, keep in mind that had he gone to college, he would be finishing his sophomore season this month.

      Nick still has time to add velo. If he does, wow! Just wow!

      But, as much as I enjoy watching Nick Fanti pitch and as much as I am in his corner, I don’t necessarily need to see the Phillies rush him up the affiliated ladder. If he had attended college and was drafted in 2018 after his junior year, he would likely start in Williamsport next June. But, I am usually in favor of a slower progression through the system. And some (all?) of my baseball friends down here would replace “usually” with “always”.

      1. Jim….I would like to see him get the promo to Clearwater for the second half this season….and start there again next season. Staying around the complex and working out at the facilities could be beneficial to him for a year and half. He could gain more strength. So far they have challenged him at LKW, and so far he has responded. But that’s just me..

  3. His April was abysmal. His May has been okay. But Crawford’s OBP is .320 and climbing. Let’s see June and July raise it closer to .375 with more XBHs and I’m good.

    Williams is lighting up the box scores. Let’s all agree he won’t ever be a high OBP guy. Let’s see if he can maintain a consistency at the plate.

    These two are currently showing why they’ve been ranked among the top 5 prospects over the past 2 years.

    Quinn is demonstrating that while he may only be a 4th outfielder, let’s remember that even the best major league rosters have role players who factor heavily into their club’s success. And this kid has an electric and disruptive presence at the plate and on the bases.

    And we’re patiently waiting for Hoskins to find out where his top of the organization bat will land. Shame we can’t spread the depth of 1b, 2b and C like peanut butter to cover the rest of the paper thin roster. But I guess that’s why we trade something to get something.

    I’m growing more confident that Knapp can hold down the fort behind the plate until Alfaro has improved both his ‘D’ and batting eye.

    1. 8mark,

      A poster on another thread noted the number of homers allowed when Knapp catches. And Mike Schmidt and Larry Andersen are practically campaigning for pitchers to move batters back. A lot of people are responsible for pitchers making life uncomfortable for hitters, including the catcher. I wonder if Knapp needs some maturing in terms of getting tougher on these Major Leaguers.

  4. Your a lot higher on williams than me. I Dont see that good major league hitter. hope i am wrong.

  5. I’m a broken record…. but I love Pivetta! 6 ip, 1 er. 4/0 K/BB. (32 ip, 37/2 K/BB. Wow!)

    (partially echoing bellman1) Fanti and Bailey are just 20 all season, both LHP, both with good height (6’2″, 6’4″) both dominant so far, …and with excellent K/BB career rates. If there’s some growth/velo to come (which is not unlikely), then their ceilings are still TBD.

    Kilome’s star is shining stronger again. With Sanchez and Medina, that’s three high upside SPs in A-ball. (Plus we’re waiting to see Gowdy… and then Morales)

    I’m hoping S. Dominguez is healthy again soon, and I am counting the games (35) till El. Garcia can return. …And I’m a big Drew Anderson fan.

    The system is flush with pitching potential! And most is showing very well this year.

    1. Kilome is a slow starter, great to see him really coming on! Good day on the pharm.

  6. 8mark, I am a lot higher on Quinn than a 4th OF. I still think he can bat lead off and patrol CF. His speed is game changing. He has been hitting well, and plays an excellent defensive CF. I look forward to his getting a full time shot in a month or so. Great to see JP crash through the Mendoza line, and his OBP keeps climbing. Hopefully, he sustains that and we see some real good numbers 6 weeks from now.

    1. matt13….Quinn should get the call up now for CF…Herrera optioned to LHV. That could stir up the pot a little. Serves a few purposes…Quinn gets the needed MLB experience, Herrera can correct his plate approach and the team gets an emotional wake up call.

    2. Quinn’s ceiling is a game changing major leaguer. When he plays well you can’t keep your eyes off him. He has that much talent.

  7. Romus, I agree with you completely. Herrera looks lost up there and is in need of something dramatic. OTOH, TJ has been playing very well, and as good as Hoskins has been hitting, I can’t see a spot for him for a while.

    1. Herrera has the his last option left so he should use it.
      Klentak would probably first discuss it with Mack, Bowa and Stairs and I am sure they would all agree to try to let him relax there, and hopefully get straightened out for a month or so in LHV.

    2. My view is that they should let Tommy improve his trade value and flip him at the break or the offseason. I believe Hoskins’ ceiling is a lot higher.

  8. Does anyone know what is wrong with Reading? They are playing very poorly, obviously since they lost 9 in a row. But Kingery and Tocci and Pullin are hitting well. Should we see any of the Clearwater Pitchers get promoted soon?

    1. matt13……apparently starters are going thru a rough spell. Viza, Watso and Anderson have been less than effective. Since Eshelman was promoted they could not pick up the slack.

      1. Viza, Watson and Richy not looking like prospects while Anderson has been up and down. I could see Coppola go up to try and help.

        1. Coppola may help the offense and also the defense…..but who is going to throw strikes and get outs?
          Maybe give Cole Irvin a shot…..he is an older prospect….plus a lefty in the rotation may help
          Without Elniery Garcia it has been an all ‘right’ rotation..

    2. Other than the 3 guys you mention, the rest of the offense is pretty bad and the starters have been struggling…

  9. Last night was awesome. An LHV explosion with hits all astound and Pivetta doing his thing. Pullin wit a homer and Kingery with two more hits, Kilome with a gem and Randolph with two hits, and Moniak played after the injury to his hand. An awful lot to like.
    Question – Pivetta or Lively? Who will get Eflin’s next start in Philly? I’m guessing Lively gets his turn. The

    1. Saw somewhere it would be Lively. Very well could have been speculation. Thompson has been ineffective and Pivetta doesn’t line up. Eshelman would be a candidate but is not on 40 man.

    2. Murray,

      Moniak a base hit and two RBI in first game back. Plus, a poster on another thread who was at the game said Moniak moved runners along in two other ABs, including one who scored.

    1. Agreed – I think he’s their best prospect now. All the national media folks who view him and his stats as some type of Eastern League/Reading phenomenon are going to be surprised over the next year. Folks, I think this is our next big star. He’s here and coming to CBP in not too long.

  10. I’d like to see Singer moved up to Reading soon, with eyes on him maybe being a call-up sometime in 2018. We definitely need a longterm lefty solution in the big league pen and with the spotty control Rodriguez has, I don’t see him being it. Jim, seeing him night in and night out, what are your thoughts?

    1. The last time I saw Singer, he was used in a non-save situation and retired the side in order, albeit via three hard hit outs. I had moved down to my seat behind the plate and was surprised how hard the contact was. His next appearance he blew his first save of the season. On the whole, though, I think he could be effective at the next level. I know that he expected to start the season in Reading, and he has performed admirably since that disappointment. In an upcoming interview, you’ll see that he pitches with a chip on his shoulder, feeling he has to constantly prove himself. My gut feeling, is that given the chance, he will.

  11. Memorial Day is my first measuring post. Offensively, the top 3 are no-brainers. I would rate Hoskins #1 with Kingery #2 and Pullin #3. N Williams is a distant #4 but miles ahead of #5.

    LHV top 5 hitting prospects not including Hoskins ( Quinn,Cozens, Williams, Crawford and Alfaro) are a combined .254 (211-832) with 240 K’s (28.8%) and 72 BB’s (8.6%). 30 HRS 123 RBI’s 20SB.

    Cozen’s is striking out at 38.5%. I can’t imagine he is close to MLB ready even if he has 13 HR’s and 37 RBI’s. Dave Kingman?

    Alfaro and Williams are hitting .413 and ..410 respectively for BABIP. Striking out .31 and .315 respectively. Need to just make contact. Alfaro has only 3 BB’s all season. That worries me at MLB level.

    I have no idea where the future lies for Pullin but I love his BABIP is .394 and K% (15%) with 11HR and 34 RBI’s.

    CLW’s Jose Pujols is striking out at near 50% clip with only 3.8% BB ratio, 76-6 in 156 AB’s.

  12. Kingery leads off the game again with a dinger. Unconscious!

    And by the way, here’s to our faithful men and women who’ve made the greatest sacrifice. Happy Memorial Day.

    1. Thanks for the word about our deceased heroes. They fought so we could live free.

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