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Around the System–Starting Pitching

Lehigh Valley

Mark Appel, 25, Acquired from Houston in 2015; 8 starts, 2-2 with a 6.69ERA; 37.2IP 44H 19BB 26K; 8HR allowed; .291 opp avg; 1.67WHIP; 4.6BB/6.2K per 9; .338 vs LHH, .253 vs RHH, .284 opp avg in May; Among the league leaders in homers allowed and walks tells the story for Appel.  It has been an ugly season coming off his 2016 injury. Gave up 7ER in 3.1IP in his last start.

Tom Eshelman, 22, Acquired from Houston in 2015; 8 starts between Reading and Lehigh Valley; 5-0 with a 2.08ERA; 52IP 42H 8BB 34K; .225 opp avg; 0.96 WHIP; 1.4BB/5.9K per 9; Has had quality starts in all 3 LV starts, going 3-0 with a 0.78ERA; .183 opp avg.  Eshelman has been outstanding all season, actually throwing better after his call up to AAA.

Ben Lively, 25, Acquired from Cinncinnati in 2014; 8 starts, 5-1 with a 2.79ERA; 48.1IP 41H 5BB 38K; 1HR allowed; .225 opp avg; 0.95WHIP; 0.9BB/7.2K per 9; .321 vs LHH, .154 vs RHH; I simply dont know what Lively has to do to get a major league start.  In 27 AAA starts spanning two seasons, he is 16-6 with an ERA of 2.97.  Lively to the Phils rotation, Velasquez to the Phils bullpen and Leiter or Garcia to the ‘Pigs is what should happen.

Ricardo Pinto, 23, SIgned as a free agent in 2011; 8 starts with a 5.85ERA; 40IP 51H 16BB 25K; .311 opp avg; 1.68 WHIP; 3.6BB/5.6K per 9; .306 vs LHH, .315 vs RHH, .393 opp avg in May; After a good first three starts, Pinto has been awful since.  Very hittable, too many walks and too few strikeouts.

Nick Pivetta, 24, Acquired from Washington in 2015; 3 starts, 3-0 with a 0.95ERA; 19IP 12H 2BB 24K; .174 opp avg; 0.74 WHIP; 0.9BB/11.4K per 9; Pivetta was outstanding in APril and got the call to Philly to replace Aaron Nola in the Phils rotation.  For Philadelphia, Pivetta was inconsistent in his 4 starts, going 0-2 with a 5.12ERA. He walked too many hitters and the opposition hit him at a .325 clip in the majors. With Nola’s return, Pivetta rejoins the ‘Pigs for some refinement.

Jake Thompson, 23, Acquired from Texas in 2015; 7 starts, 2-3 with a 4.91ERA; 33IP 32H 14BB 32K; .260 opp avg; 1.39WHIP; 3.8BB/8.7K per 9; .218 vs LHH, .294 vs RHH, .229 in May; Thompson has overcome just an awful start to throw well in  his last several starts.  Since allowing 15ER in his first two starts, spanning 4.2 innings, he has allowed just 3 ER in his next 4 starts, spanning 28.1IP.


Drew Anderson, 23, Phils 21st round pick in 2012; 8 starts; 3-1 with a 5.26ERA; 37.2IP 36H 9BB 32K; .250 opp avg; 1.19WHIP; .265 vs LHH, .237 vs RHH, .190 opp avg in May; 2.2BB/7.6K per 9; Anderson’s “stuff” is as good as any Phils starting pitcher at times, however he has been extremely inconsistent this season. Continue reading Around the System–Starting Pitching