Box Score Recap – 5/24/2017

Lehigh Valley battled from behind to forge a victory.

Reading was shut out.

Clearwater was rained out.

Lakewood posted a shut out victory.

Lehigh Valley (31-14) beat Indianapolis, 10-6, after falling behind 6-2 in the third inning.

Mark Appel (7.59) was charged with all 6 runs on 4 hits and 6 walks in 2.2 innings.  The bullpen shut down the Indians on just 2 walks over the remaining6.1 innings.  Ricardo Pinto (5.66) walked one in 1.1 inning.  Cesar Ramos (4-1, 1.98) walked one in 2.0 innings and earned the win.  Michael Mariot (4.58) struck out 3 in 2.0 innings.  And, Pat Venditte (0.38) pitched a clean ninth inning.

The IronPigs scored in each of the first four innings, culminating with 3 runs in the fourth to tie the game at six.  After falling behind 3-0 in the top of the first, they scored in the bottom half of the frame on Roman Quinn’s solo HR (2).  The Indians scored a run in the second, and Lehigh scored again on Rhys Hoskins’ solo HR (12).  Indy opened up their largest lead in the third, and the home team scored a single run again on J.P. Crawford’s ground out.

When the visitors failed to score in the fourth, the ‘Pigs tied the game on Nick Wiliams’ pinch hit, 3-run HR (6).  They took the lead for good in the sixth on an RBI double by Taylor Featherston and Jorge Flores sacrifice fly.  And the IronPigs tacked on two more in the eighth on Cameron Perkins’ 2-run double.

Rehabbing Howie Kendrick went 0-2 with a walk and strike out and was lifted as part of a double switch when Mariot entered the game.

Hoskins went 3-3 with 4 runs scored as well as his HR.  Quinn and Featherston (.275) had 2 hits each.  Williams had 3 RBI as a pinch hitter.  Perkins (.274) entered as a pinch hitter and remained in the game as part of a double switch and had 2 RBI in his second AB.

  • #1 Crawford (.180): 0-5 with an RBI
  • #3 Alfaro (.281): 0-2 with a run scored, BB, 2 K, HBP
  • #4 Williams (.263): 1-1 with a run scored, HR (6), 3 RBI (19)
  • #6 Quinn (.275): 2-4 with 2 runs scored, HR (2), RBI (11), BB
  • #9 Cozens (.214): 0-4 with 3 K
  • #12 Pivetta (4-0, 1.04): DNP
  • #13 Hoskins (.331): 3-3 with 4 runs scored, double, HR (13), RBI (37)
  • #17 Pinto (3-3, 5.66): 1.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 1 K
  • #20 Appel (2-2, 7.59): 2.2 IP, 4 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 6 BB, 1 K. 1 HR
  • #25 Lively (5-1, 2.79): DNP
  • #30 Valentin (.229): 7-day DL

Reading (23-18) lost to Trenton, 1-0.

Brandon Leibrandt (3-2, 4.57) trailed before recording an out, but held the Thunder to a hit and two walks the rest of the way.  He struck out six and picked off another base runner.  Austin Davis (0.00) and Jesen Therrien (1.14) each pitched a scoreless, two hit inning.

The Phils collected 4 singles, 0 walks, and 12 strike outs.  Malquin Canelo led off and struck out in all 4 at bats.  Only Andrew Pullin avoided a K.

  • #11 Kingery (.282): 0-4, 2 K
  • #18: El. Garcia: Restricted List,  80-Game suspension
  • #22 Anderson (3-1, 5.26): DNP
  • #23: Arano: 7-Day DL
  • #24 Tocci (.303): 0-3 with a K
  • #28 Canelo (.288): 0-4 with 4 K
  • Pullin (.338): 1-3
  • Tromp (.254): DNP

Clearwater (25-21) postponed, rain.  The game was re-scheduled as part of two, 7-inning games on Thursday.  Tirado v. Toussaint in game one, TBD v. TBD in game two.

  • # 5 Kilome (2-2, 3.63):
  • #10 Randolph (.197):
  • #27 Ed. Garcia (1-0, 3.92):
  • #29 Pujols (.189):

Lakewood (27-19) beat Greensboro, 3-0.

Ranger Suarez (3-1, 2.01) pitched 7.2 innings of shutout ball.  He gave up 4 hits, walked one, and struck out ten.  He threw 77 strikes in 106 pitches.  Will Hibbs (0.00) entered with a runner on base and hit the first batter he faced.  Then he struck out the final 4 batters and racked up his 6th save.

Brett Barbier (.261) had 3 hits including a double and an RBI single that accounted for the game’s first run.  After his double in the third inning, Barbier stole third base and scored on Darick Hall’s RBI single.  The BlueClaws tacked on another run in the eighth on Henri Lartigue’s force out.

  • #2 Moniak (.285): DNP
  • #7 Sanchez (1-2, 3.70): DNP
  • #16 Medina (1-2, 2.03): DNP
  • #19 Brito (.249): DNP
  • #26 Romero (2-1, 2.20): DNP

Williamsport (0-0) – first game on Monday, June 19th at State College.

  • #8 Gowdy
  • #15 Stobbe
  • #21 Ortiz

GCL Phillies (0-0) – first game on Monday, June 26th v. Yankees West.

DSL Phillies (0-0) – first game on Saturday, June 3rd.

DSL Phillies2 (0-0) – first game on Saturday, June 3rd.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Transactions (and paper moves)

  • 5/24 – Phillies sent OF Howie Kendrick on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 5/24 – RHP Franklyn Kilome assigned to Phillies Ext. Spring Training from Clearwater Threshers.
  • 5/24 – RHP Blake Quinn assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Phillies Ext. Spring Training.
  • 5/23 – Phillies placed LF Daniel Nava on the 10-day disabled list retroactive to May 21, 2017. Left hamstring strain.
  • 5/23 – Phillies recalled LHP Adam Morgan from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 5/23 – RHP Colton Murray assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 5/23 – Reading Fightin Phils released LHP Mario Hollands.
  • 5/23 – Clearwater Threshers activated LHP Tyler Gilbert from the 7-day disabled list.
  • 5/22 – Lakewood BlueClaws released LHP Zach Morris.
  • 5/22 – LHP Casey Brown assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 5/21 – SS Jonathan Guzman assigned to Clearwater Threshers from DSL Phillies.
  • 5/21 – SS Emmanuel Marrero assigned to Phillies Ext. Spring Training from Clearwater Threshers.
  • 5/21 – Phillies activated RHP Aaron Nola from the 10-day disabled list.
  • 5/21 – Phillies optioned Adam Morgan to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

92 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/24/2017

  1. Can someone please stick a fork in Appel and say he’s done as a starter? In his last 10 games he’s pitched 40 innings. That’s 4 innings an outing. He’s given up 48 hits and 34 ERs. He has 27 Ks and 25 BBs. He’s putting a lot of stress on the bullpen and — it appears — shows no improvement. I was one of the strongest supporters of Appel staying a starter up until recently. Let’s try him as a reliever. If that isn’t successful, let’s move on. Nothing to see here.

    1. He needs to be moved to the pen. The guy has been in the minors for what, 4-5 years? He has never had sustained success

      1. Maybe Mark Appel can turn into a effective reliever like another #1 overall pick by the name of Wade Davis.

        1. Or Andrew Miller. There are a lot of guys who look like they are hitting the end of the line as starters and get a new lease on their careers in the bullpen. It seems time to give Appel that shot.

    2. It’s entirely possible he becomes the first No. 1 pick since Brien Taylor to never sniff the big leagues. That’s pretty hard to do. (Even Matt Bush, who served three years in prison and converted from SS to pitcher, has 2 fWAR as a major leaguer).

  2. To answer the question, Pinto went to the bullpen yesterday. I just love the way LHV battles back most days. We need that fight in Philly.

  3. Here’s the thing: Throwing Appel into the IronPigs bullpen right now isn’t going to magically help him find the strike zone or miss bats. If he’s truely broken (and he might be) then you’ll see them move him to Clearwater to press the reset button with Ray Burris and the rehab staff. Use that time to work on making him a reliever and bring him back up later in season to see if it works. If not, you’ll see them continue to let him work on things between starts and see if the light comes on every 5 days. Just be prepared to score 10 on those days to get the win.

    1. Kram….that is what they need to do to get the process in motion. At this point I am sure he will buy into also. he wants to get to the majors, I assume, and should realize that this would be the best or final way.

      1. But you need a diagnosis before you can prescribe the treatment. What, exactly, is the problem? Is “throw him in the bullpen” the immediate solution to that problem? Or is it simply Phillies fans who are suddenly concerned with the win/loss record of my IronPigs?

        Look, I’m not saying that he’s not destined for a relief role. I’m just saying the way to get him there might be to work out the problems during regular outings and between-days work in the rotation, first. And, if that’s not working, then off to Clearwater. No one is a bigger IronPigs fan than me–and it pains me to watch him every five days, but it might be part of the process. I’m not sure if it’s mechanical, left over troubles from the injuries, a new injury, or anything. The best I’ve been able to determine around here is that they’re working on stuff with him and we’ll have to see if any of it ever clicks. Yes, it’s been years–but this is only the second year in this organization and he was injured most of last season.

        I’ve been thinking lately that it might have been part of the process with Pinto all along this season: Bump him to AAA and let him become accustomed to the more advanced hitters in the rotation (and who knows, maybe it works out) but then to move him to relief after he logs some innings.

        So yeah. The quickest way to the bull pen might be via the starting rotation, for now.

        1. Can understand that.
          Time is going against him however.
          His biological clock is ticking. Turns 26-years old in 7 weeks. Highly doubtful, at this point of the season, that he will be 40 protected come November.
          He has pitch over 350 innings as a starter with little positive results …truncated as it may at times…over the last 5 minor league seasons.
          Perhaps giving him three, maybe four more starts and determine where it goes from there would be what I would do.
          If there is no discernible progress…then a plane ticket to Clearwater, turn the page and start a new direction for him

  4. I was at the Lakewood game yesterday. Ranger looked great. He threw harder than I thought hitting 94 and 93 many times and sitting at 91. He has a killer off speed pitch though that got him most of his 10 Ks. Hibbs is a huge guy but he only throws 91. He has a killer curve ball with a huge break that hit him all 4 Ks. I look forward to see how he does against more advanced hitters. Unfortunately Moniak and Brito both sat the game out and Gamboa is not back yet. Not much else to seee. Hall hits the ball when he hits it, that’s it.

  5. Nick Williams quietly having a good season. Needs to add some more BB, however, it seems like he’s improving.

    1. His line is pretty similar to the one he finished last year with. Same BB% but with more K’s.

      1. This is actually what you hear the Crawford apologists say, no trolling. Let him play, but don’t go to the ends of the earth to defend a guy playing poorly just because he’s been considered a top prospect.

          1. Uhhh he may not be an All-Star but at least his son made it to the big leagues, which is more than what most people on here can say. Also, two weeks–big deal. At this point, JPC will have to flat out rake for two MONTHS before he can even think about getting called up.

            1. I don’t mind him not being called up, give him some more time and his strength will catch up to his plate control.

          2. I want to thumbs up the JP improving but want to thumbs down the part about Stassi.

        1. No, trolling is coming to the board each day to dance on the grave. Let him play and see what happens. I never understand the joy some seem to get from seeing a prospect fail..

          1. 3up, the Germans have a word for that (of course they do). It is Schadenfreude, a psychiatric term that translates literally as shame-joy, which means taking joy in another person’s failure. I don’t understand people like that either. Apparently they need a shrink.

            1. Well, what you said right there is why I think people rip on JPC so much on this site. It’s not so much because they WANT to see him fail, but more so because they’re tired of being called stupid or mentally abnormal just for having a negative opinion about a player who, in all honesty, hasn’t been playing like a #1 prospect for a long time now. In short, people just want to say “I told you so”. I don’t think anybody on here wants to see him fail (we’re all Phillies fans, after all), but they sure do want to shut up some of the posters on here who question their intelligence/fandom/baseball knowledge just for having a different opinion than the mainstream.

            2. It’s about keeping it real and in perspective JP was the 16th pick so its not like he was 1:1. Secondly he was the highest 1st round pick they had in ions so naturally those that follow prospects had very high hopes for him.

              Additionally he is 22 in AAA he has not failed. The naysayers or those that want to shame JP for his season thus far are their own purveyors of lack of knowledge.

              Will he become the MLB player many of us dreamed on…maybe not but its way too early to start calling for the end of his career as a pro.

              Go back and look at that draft. Other than Kris Bryant there aren’t to many guys in the MLB right now that you would say are tearing it up before or after the 16th pick.

            3. Judge may be the only one after the 16th pick in that round.
              And he was a college draftee.

            4. Judge is 25 and while he has had a nice start to his season a players career is not made on a strong half

            5. stuntman, we aren’t talking about differing opinions here. We’re talking about people who take actual joy in tearing the team or individual players down. Different opinions are fine, healthy discussions are fine. It’s an individual who engages in constant, everyday ripping of the same player(s), who DO seemingly WANT them to fail so they can say “I told you so!” Schadenfreude.

        2. Crawford apologist , the has guy is essentially struggling for the first time in his career after being fast tracked through the minors but yeah call those optimistic people apologist.
          That’s classless

  6. Rhys the Beast, I guess just waiting on the June super 2 date for the call up…. Wow

    1. Assume it will be somewhere around June6th-9th or there about …so they will probably bring him up the following week….if that is their intentions.

        1. Why would they call him up only to burn an option year?

          He’s not coming up unless:

          1) Tommy Joseph is hurt
          2) Tommy Joseph goes into another prolonged slump, which is possible he’s not a consistent hitter
          3) Tommy Joseph is traded

  7. Quinn belongs in the Majors batting lead off. The team is awful and unbearable to watch. He needs to be the first one up, if for no other reason than the chance for some excitement. But, he has earned it. I don’t expect to see JP for the entire season before a, maybe, September cup of coffee. Hoskins is just a flat out good hitter.

    1. The problem, I guess, is playing time. I think they should give strong consideration to optioning Franco down to AAA, playing Kendrick at third and allowing Saunders/Quinn to split time in Right Field until Saunders is moved/benched.

      1. JL26….cannot option Franco to AAA unless he is on the 10-day DL….he will have to be DFAed and clear waivers otherwise, and he will be snapped up quickly.

        1. Romus – been away lately, can you tell me what is happening to Franco ? Benched ? other than flailing away what else is there ?

          1. Mack is gave him a few days of reflective thinking and mental relaxation.
            At least that is what some would say.

  8. Interesting how Reading shook up their lineup and all the guys who have been hitting well lately had bad games. I kinda wonder if they did it just to throw those guys a curveball and see how they react, because strategically it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

    1. I think a lot of the shakeup was to drop Kyle Martin from cleanup because he hasn’t been hitting great–then to try to maintain the R-L-R-L the best they could. Canelo second makes sense based on his OBP.

      Fightins are in a slump but should break out of it once they get out of Trenton. Need some consistency out of the starters.

  9. Davis, Therrien and Hibbs all, having outstanding seasons, are hopeful bullpen pieces for the future at the Bank.
    Hibbs could, however, be the Phillies present-day version of Michael Schwimer from 7/8 years ago.

  10. Also Milner and Venditte are deserving of chances for the Phils Romus. They have had very good years. Did Reading face some Ace Pitching Prospect yesterday? They did not hit at all!

    1. Number 13 prospect in Yankees system…..FB: 75 … Sldr: 45… CU 55… Cont 55….Overall: 50

  11. Romus mentioned him above, but not too much talk of Therrien on this site. I’m a huge fan, hes dominating at reading, I would be ok with giving him a call up now to be honest. Look, Milner is a junk tossing lefty and Venditte is what he is; both are probably decent but neither is anything special. Therrien is having a Giles-esque season. I’d really like to see him in the bigs.

    As far as the rest of the guys, am I the only one who is ok with letting Hoskins, Crawford, Cozens, and the rest of the crew chase a AAA title this year? What point is there to brining them up now? Let them get a taste of winning, clearly its not the bigs but I would love to see that group win something big together and then come into camp next year with a chance ot make the team

    1. It’s hard to know. I do want Crawford and Cozens down most, if not all year. Hoskins looks like he has nothing left to learn down in AAA, but Alfaro and Williams still have gaping holes in their games that will only become more exposed at the major league level. I don’t know if they need to stay down all year, or get some exposure to MLB pitching, fail, and work on being more patient.

    2. Most of them dominated the league together at Reading last year. They’ve had plenty of tastes of winning. Bring em up when they’re ready.

    3. I tend to agree. I wouldnt bring anyone up to that toxic environment right now. Gain momentum at AAA and see them in Phillies camp next year.

  12. Baseball prospectus has an article up on Moniak (too rushed to post it) and it isn’t too favorable towards him. Hopefully we weren’t expecting him to be “special” Bc clearly the author doesn’t think he will be.

    1. Here is the Moniak article. I have no idea who the author is. I think the author is being a little harsh but time tells all.

      May 25, 2017; Guarding The Lines; The Grind; by Jarrett Seidler

      (editor’s note: This is from a pay site, Baseball Prospectus. Granted the portion placed here was before the pay wall, but I’m not comfortable having it posted word for word. Here’s the link:

      1. NL, I guess if you know all the buzzwords and can mix in a dose of B.S. anybody can be a sportswriter. Seems to me those stats are pretty darn good for a 19 year old playing in a league where the average age is 22. Then this hack mentions Brito as an unknown. Really? He was one of the Phillies top international signings teo years ago and came with high expectations. Apparently Seidler wasn’t paying attention, so no reason to pay much attention to him.

      2. Meh the 1:1 pick is more often than not a no win situation. Occasionally you’re blessed to have it with a generational talent available. In 2009 the Nats took Strasburg the same year a kid by the name of Trout went #25.

        Imagine if the Nats went Trout and then followed with Harper…

        Anyone can look or sound smart with access to results.

        1. DMAR….agree… just .look at the Yankees number one pick Blake Rutherford….both of them from southern Cal…..and he is older than Moniak and he isn’t tearing up low-A either.
          Adjustments justy need to be made.

      3. I think the writer said it his last line . You see this in your higher picked teenage Outfielders so Mickey Mo was 1.1 . Just saying so if was the 7 pick overall his numbers would be ok.

    2. Don’t know that Moniak was ever considered to be “special” he was more 1-1 by default..

      1. Yeah I think the reason he was chosen was he was seen as a “safe” pick in a weak class.

    3. second time in week I have heard a lukewarm take on Moniak. But keep in perspective that was very week draft and nobody is really lighting it up.

  13. I probably posted too late yesterday to get an answer. Does anybody know the injury status of Sutter McLoughlin, Derek Campbell and Zach Green? All on the Clearwater DL.

    1. I spoke with Green several weeks ago. I had thought he was out due to an injury he suffered in-game last season. I was wrong. Green is recovering from TJ surgery. At the time, he expected to return as a DH much the same as Andrew Knapp in 2014. I haven’t seen any of the three players you ask about in uniform for the XST games, but I’ve only been over to the Complex twice the past few weeks.

      1. Thanks Jim. Sorry to hear it was something serious. I watched Zach many times in Williamsport and Lakewood. Thought he had some talent though a bit rough. Hopes for a speedy recovery to the young man.

  14. I see there’s been another move. Reading released catcher Joel Fisher. The Phillies got catcher Nick Rickles (27 yo) via trade from the Nats and assigned him to Reading.

    1. I can’t believe they are playing. It was pouring rain this morning. I was going to head over but figured no way they play and no way I want to sit out there in this.

  15. There are quite a few players in the organization who I would consider safe bets to make it as major leaguers. By that I mean their floors are projectable. Quinn, Hoskins, Alfaro, Kingery, Sixto, Moniak are the most notable. As long as the FO puts their money where their mouths are, a big FA signing or three will help solidify the core of the next generation of success. I’m also feeling better about Knapp’s acumen and development as a catcher/1b who will hit, especially if Alfaro doesn’t quite reach his projection.

  16. The Phils are obviously not going anywhere this year…

    (Editor: If you want to fix the Phillies, do it in the Open Discussion set up for Phillies talk. Not in the minor league recap. Remainder of this post has been deleted.)

    1. Overthinking. He has a chance to be special at 2B, but not at 3B. He’s more valuable at 2B

    2. As a long time reader of this site and a Phillies fan since 1950 (believe it or not!) I take exception to your decision. First of all, my original posting was to a great extent a response to the danurda888 posting at 9:52 this morning and several smaller previous postings. It would have made little sense in the Open discussion, which has already run out of gas this week. Just for your information, due to professional commitments, I have lived outside the States for the past 50 years where it has always been difficult to obtain good sports information regarding all of the Philly teams. In recent years thankfully it has become easier. As one who spent many years hunched over Armed Forces short wave radio at 6 in the morning, your decision to simply delete my original contribution and trash it and repeat that when I attempted to clarify my position (post, delete and trash) was haughty at best when you could have just as easily transferred it to the next open discussion. Evidently, I did not save copies. Or could this actually be some kind of closed or elite group? Please let me know and I will not bother you anymore.

      1. This is not a closed or elite group. All are welcome. But, your post was about the Phillies and largely about players currently on the major league roster. That discussion belongs in the Open Discussion reserved for Phillies and any other talk. These box score recaps are for discussing the minor league prospects and suspects. Hence the site name Phuture Phillies.

        I happened to see it today, early enough to kill it before it generated too much Phillies talk in the box score thread. If I had the ability to move it to the correct thread, I would have. I recognize that a lot of thought went into it, but that is no reason to leave it in the wrong thread.

        One of the things I have been tasked with (and I don’t like it) is policing the comments for errors like this as well as language, fighting, and discourteous behavior among the comments. I do this (as well as the daily and weekly posts on this site) on my own time for no compensation. I apologize if some or even all of my decisions seem hurtful. I try to be as fair as possible while trying to keep the site I inherited as professional as possible. (I also have to look for and review comments that are tagged as spam and diverted to a collection folder. These I can save and often do.)

        I’m not sure what you mean by “and repeat that when I attempted to clarify my position”. I do not recall seeing another post by you. The deletion below yours was somebody trying to post a Phillies update on the afternoon game, something that also doesn’t belong among the minor league box score discussion.

        Your post implies that you are stationed overseas and part of the military. If that is so, I thank you sincerely for your service. I hope you continue to read and comment on the site. Your input is encouraged.

  17. Can not understand Rickles pickup. Has been poor backup for 7 yrs and only played 2 games at Harrisburgh this year.

      1. Agree. I missed the game Sunday in Reading, but according to my seat-mates Fisher had a really, really bad one. Not necessarily a reason to cut a guy, but if they were unhappy with him for a myriad of reasons, then perhaps that was the last straw. The way they picked up Rickles overnight Tuesday night had me scared because Alfaro had been hit on the arm pretty hard (stayed in the game) and I was worried something cropped up when the news leaked by Wednesday morning. Alas, system depth. (BTW, I haven’t been impressed with Numata’s defense and receiving ability thus far. Perhaps more of a defensive guy, Rickles? We’ll see. Hope he doesn’t just go around insulting people.)

    1. Is he good defensively? Based on how the Reading staff has been pitching they might be looking for a minor league veteran who knows how to handle a pitching staff…

  18. By my count they have 22 catchers in the levels below Reading, 23 if you count Wilson Garcia who started out as a catcher. I guess the Phils thinking is that none of them have stepped up enough to be promoted?

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