XST Update: May 20th and 22nd, 2017

I hadn’t been able to make it to the XST games for a while.  But, one of our readers, Mark Wylie, sent me a batch of photos from Saturday’s game against the Blue Jays at the Complex. He provided a bit of a write up and said I could use both/either on the site.  Since I hadn’t been there, I opted to use everything he sent me.  

I did make it to the Complex today (Monday).  I’ll provide a little commentary after Mark’s contribution.  FYI, Mark has provoded me with photos in the past.  They are always of better quality than I can take with my little camera and cell phone.  BTW, if you are on my personal contact list, as some of you are, I just got a new cell and number, and haven’t notified all of my contacts yet.  So, the new number is coming.

Mark’s photos are a little “Josh Stephen heavy”, so I hope you enjoy them.  I’m sure Mike will, wink.

“Hi Jim,
I finally made it over to the Carpenter Complex yesterday for the first time this Spring.  I went to see the former GCL’ers who will probably be going to Williamsport under Pat Borders.  The Phillies lost 5-2 to the Blue Jays in a 7-inning game.  Very little hitting on the Phillies part as they only got 4 hits. 
Josh Stephen looked locked in at the plate as he ripped a hard liner right at the center fielder in the first inning, and came back and turned a little more on a pitch in the 4th inning and raked a line drive triple that rattled the fence in right-centerfield. 
Josh was thinking triple right out of the box and easily beat the throw to third base (he probably could have made it standing). 
He was locked in and very selective at the plate.  Josh came out of the California H.S. ranks with a pretty stance and great looking swing, as well as good plate discipline.  You can tell he has received great coaching/mentoring.  Anyhow, he was 1 for 3 yesterday.  He ended the day going down swinging after working the count to 3-2.  
 Catcher James Lovett threw out a baserunner at second in the 5th inning on an attempted steal with a runner on third base looking to come home if the throw was bad.
Alex Wojciehowski DH’d and was 1 for 3 with a squib infield hit to the first baseman (Alex beat the toss to the pitcher covering first).
Cole Stobbe was 1 for 3 with a line single to left his last time up.  He adjusted well on an off-speed pitch and lined into left.  He was on base after his single in the 5th inning when Caleb Eldridge hit a homer that hit off of the lower part of the scoreboard in right field. Eldridge had come into the game at first base in the top of the 5th.
Rodolfo Duran DH’d and was 0-3, but he did rip a ball, but right at the third baseman, who backed up on it and was on his heels when the ball kicked up and actually went into his glove as he was protecting his face.  Duran was thrown out at first on the play.  Photo of his swing on the play will be attached in one of the e-mails that will be coming your way shortly.
Jhailyn Ortiz was dressed and in the dugout, but didn’t play.  I think it was his turn for a day off.  It was very hot and humid yesterday (and all week!), so it is good that they are rotating the players and not wearing them out, especially the catchers.
Andrew Brown started the game pitching for the Phillies.  He went 3 innings, and only gave up 2 hits.  His control was sharp and he didn’t walk anyone.  He looked good.
Attached are some photos for you to use.   Please pardon the quality of the photos as they were all taken through the chain link on the backstop at Ashburn Field.  Anyhow, please feel free to post them on the PhuturePhillies Blog!  I am sure many of the fans out there will enjoy seeing what some of the XST’ers are doing.



May 22nd:

I attended the Tigers game at the Complex on Monday.  As I approached, I saw Alex Wojciechowski taking live BP against Will Stewart.  Caleb Eldridge and Gregori Rivero were there too.

Arquimedes Gamboa started and played short.  Since Mark didn’t mention him above, I will assume that this was his first rehab game.  He played the full game.  So if he plays again tomorrow, he may be on his way back to Lakewood this week.

Ortiz was dressed, but wasn’t in the line up.

During the game, Tom Windle walked past me.  I had assumed that his assignment was one of those paper moves.  If he’s here, then maybe he has some sort of unreported injury.

The Crosscutters got 5 hits in the 7 innings I watched.  Malvin Matos singled and stole second on a dropped catch by the shortstop in the first inning.  Rafael Marchan singled in the second and was erased on a Josh Stephen double play ball.  Juan Luis singled in the third inning and stole second on a high throw.  In the fifth inning, Luis Encarnacion reached on an infield single.  Yes, an infield single.  He chopped a ball softly over the mound that the shortstop couldn’t handle cleanly.  In the seventh inning, Gamboa launched a home run over the left field fence.  He went 1-3 on the afternoon.  He grounded out to short leading off the first, and hit a deep fly ball to left center field in his second at bat.

Justin Miller started and tossed three superb innings.  The first two batters were over-matched.  He struck one out and got a soft ground out to second on the other.  He gave up a two-out hit on a pitch that jammed the batter and floated over the second baseman into shallow right field.  He pitched a quick 1-2-3 second inning.  In the third inning, a batter reached on a error by Gamboa with one out.  (He tried to backhand the ball the way they are taught even though he could have gotten in front of the ball.)  The base runner was caught stealing by Rafael Marchan.  Miller followed with his only full count in an at bat that resulted in his only walk of the day.  But then he retired the next batter.

Miller’s final line was 3.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, and at least 2 K.  His fastball was 87-89 MPH. He was extremely efficient, only needing 32 pitches in three innings.

Jhon Nunez pitched next and gave up 4 runs in his first inning.  Of the four singles he gave up only the first one was hit hard, a shot through the second baseman.  The other three were a flair over the infield that the right fielder played into extra bases when it glanced off his glove, a pop down the RF line that eluded 3 fielders, and a soft liner over the shortstop. A second error and a walk helped the Tigers maximize the inning.

We caught a break when with runners on second and third and one out, Nunez recorded a strike out on a ball in the dirt.  Marchan prepared to throw to first to complete the out when he noticed the runner jogging home from third.  He ran him back and threw to Cole Stobbe for the out at third rather than first.  The Phillies rolled the inning after that play. Nunez pitched a 1-2-3 fifth inning.

Manuel Silva followed with 3 hits in 2.0 innings.  He gave up 2 doubles, but avoided giving up a run.

The Phillies trailed 4-1 after seven innings when I left.


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  1. Crawford, Canelo, Gamboa….starting to see some much needed depth at SS. Keep moving the needle, JP!

    1. 8mark….do not forget last year’s high price Latin signee…ss Brayan Gonzalez.
      He should be in the GCL this year, at least I think he could be.

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