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Lehigh Valley

Jorge ALfaro, 23, Acquired from Texas in 2015; .289/.313/.430 in 128AB; 3HR 19RBI; 1SB; 2%BB/32%K; .321 vs LHP; .267 vs RHP; .232 in May; 28 games caught without an error; 5 passed balls; 6/17 CS (35%); Alfaro started very hot and has cooled down a bit of late.  His defense is showing progress.

Logan Moore, 26, Phils 9th round pick in 2011; .300/.326/.500 in 40AB; 2HR 10RBI; 5%BB/33%K; 11 games caught with 1 error; 0 passed balls; 3/9 CS(33%); Very limited playing time for Moore who has played well when in the lineup.


Chace Numata, 24, Phils 14th round pick in 2010; .263/.342/.374 in 99AB; 2HR 6RBI; .194 vs LHP; .294 vs RHP; .357 in May; 10%BB/15%K; 26 games caught with 3 errors (.987); 2 passed balls; 9/20 CS(45%); Excellent throwing out would be base stealers and has been handling the bat competently.

Joel Fisher, 24, Phils 23rd round pick in 2014; Hitting .174 in 23AB with 1HR and 2RBI; 8 games caught with 1 error and 1 passed ball; 3/6 CS(50%); So far this season FIsher has the prototypical stats of a minor league back up catcher.


Deivi Gruillon, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .291/.294/.410 in 117AB; 3HR 11RBI; 1%BB/25%K; .300 vs LHP; .287 vs RHP; .319 in May; 29 games caught with 4 errors and 4 passed balls; 10/31 CS (32%); A very good season thus far for Gruillon who is progressing well.

Austin Bossart, 23, Phils 14th round pick in 2015; Hitting .229 in 35AB; 1HR 4RBI; 12 games caught with 1 error and 2 passed balls; 8/19 CS(42%).


Edgar Cabral, 21, Phils 11th round pick in 2015; ,203/.319/.241 in 73AB; 0HR 5RBI; 13%BB/15%K; .261 vs LHP; .179 vs RHP; 25 games caught with 2 errors and 1 passed ball; 16/27 CS (59%); Cabral has dominated opposition base runners with a eye popping CS %.  A low K rate suggests his batting average will tick up.

Henri Lartigue, 22, Phils 7th round pick in 2016; .273/.323/.386 in 88AB; 0HR 7RBI; 2SB; .278 vs LHP; .271 vs RHP; .293 in May; 7%BB/23%K; 15 games caught with 2 errors and 5 passed balls; 7/16 CS (44%); A productive first six weeks for Lartigue.

8 thoughts on “Around the System–Catchers

  1. I think Grullon could be a very special receiver fro the Phillies in 3/4 years.

      1. Would be nice to see more Latin players with higher BB rates….but I guess for some, it just does not come with the territory. I would be happy with 7/8%

    1. We have been hearing for years what a great defensive catcher he is but he is yet again on pace to have double digits in errors and passed balls. I am still skeptical.

  2. Alfaro seems like he could use the whole year in AAA, then come up in September.

    Numata is interesting. He’s missed a whole lot of would-be development time in his career due to injury. He’s struck out only 12% of the time in his career while maintaining a solid BB% and is said to have good tools behind the plate. If he had any power at all he would be a pretty good prospect.

    1. I haven’t been impressed with Numata’s receiving or blocking skills, at all.

  3. Alfaro will be the starting catcher in Philly beginning in Sept and continuing next year. Rupp or Knapp will be traded. From the lust, only Grullon has a chance to be a major league catcher. There are actually several prospects who will be at Williamsport and GCL with a chance.

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