Box Score Recap – 4/25/2017

Abbreviated Box Score Report

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Lehigh Valley beat Columbus, 8-5.  Ricardo Pinto (2-1, 2.28) pitched 5.1 innings.  He allowed 3 runs on 6 hits with 2 walks and struck out six.

Alfaro (.377) hit his third HR and drove in 4 runs.  He had 3 hits.  Quinn (.227), Hoskins (.333), and Perkins (.302) had 2 hits each.  Hoskins added 2 RBI.  Cozens (.129) struck out 4 times in 5 at bats.

Clearwater beat Tampa, 5-1.  Seranthony Dominguez (2-0, 0.95) pitched 6.0 innings.  He didn’t figure in the decision.  He allowed one run on 4 hits, 2 walks, and struck out five.  Tomscha (.299) and Coppola (.314) had 3 hits each.  Rodriguez (.320) and Grullon (.268) had 2 hits each.

  • Rehabbing Didi Gregorious had 2 of the 4 hits Dominguez gave up, a solo HR in the first inning and a single.

Reading and Lakewood were cancelled due to weather.

The Phillies were rained out and pushed back Nick Pivetta’s first start until Sunday against the Dodgers.

4/25 – RHP Blake Quinn assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers.

4/25 – 2B Keudy Bocio assigned to Clearwater Threshers from DSL Phillies.

4/24 – RHP Seranthony Dominguez assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Williamsport Crosscutters.

4/24 – Phillies placed RHP Aaron Nola on the 10-day disabled list retroactive to April 21, 2017. Lower back strain.


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  1. Crawford has no multi-hit games in 2017. He’s only hit in back-to-back games 1 time and that was April 10 and 11. He has 1 XBH, a triple. He does have 9 BBs which keeps his OBP over .200. I’m extremely nervous. He should have a head-to-head physical because I don’t want to hear that at the end of the season he was playing with an injury the full year. Fix it now. If it’s mental, shut him down for a week or two. Fix it now.

    1. I don’t think shutting him down is the right thing to do, aside from a game or two off. It’s cliche, but a big part of the minors is learning to deal with failure. Unfortunately, that’s where he is right now.

      1. Let him DH for a few days. No other field responsibility, just at the plate. He needs a 3 hit game. A trip to XST to breathe some fresh air. Do something, anything out of the ordinary. But don’t shut him down unless he’s physically hurt. Growing pains may be occurring early.

    2. Letting him play his way out of it is obviously not working. It is time to sit him and Cozens for 3-4 games to clear their heads. A brief demotion to Reading may also be in the cards. I’m not one who thinks failure and hardship necessarily result in better character.

      1. What will demoting him do?

        Maybe it’s time for him to sink or swim?

        If he can’t fight his way out of this then he’s probably not a major leaguer, let alone an impact player in the majors.

        There’s no magical solution, like sending him to XST or Reading, or giving him two games off.

        Either he fights his way out of this and proves he belongs in majors or he fails and we’ll find out sooner that he’s not part of the future.

        At some point, the minor leagues is about being productive. Being young for your league, and “working on things”, and stats not mattering as much as the process all go out the window.

        To a certain extent, if a player cannot produce results in AAA, he likely isnt going to be a successful major leaguer.

        I’m not saying that is the case with Crawford, but this is his second go around in AAA. If he doesnt turn this around, and the results don’t come, then maybe we start figuring out the future without him….

        1. Oh, but there’s absolutely nothing to worry about because it’s only been a few weeks. May/June–THAT’s when it’ll be time to worry. And he’s so young. Just so, so young. No one at age 22 has ever produced at AAA, so why should he? Don’t worry, he’s still our SS of the future. He doesn’t have to hit, hit for power, or play defense better than Freddy Galvis. But he’ll be replacing him come August because… prospect?

          1. This is a bit glib, considering what JPC has been able to do as a prospect in our system since being drafted. He hit his wall (as most prospects do) in AAA. Now he has to adjust and climb over it. Or not.

            And it has only been a couple of weeks. And he is young.

            He’s a top prospect for a reason.

            1. He’s still our top prospect because it’s assumed he’ll learn how to hit (and hit for power) over time. That, coupled with his flashy defense and ability to take a walk (i.e. get on base) make him a nearly complete prospect. Unfortunately, as time goes on, I’m buying less and less into that hit tool of his. But, hey, what is my opinion worth anyway?

            2. In reality, it doesn’t matter if JPC is considered the top prospect or not. Prospect ratings, rankings, etc. are mainly click-bait fodder for the fans anyway. Each player stands on their own based on how they progress or regress as they move through the system. IF Crawford was considered to be the team’s 10th best prospect would his struggles be less meaningful?

              Crawford’s current play is concerning because the team doesn’t have other options at in the upper levels of the system at SS right now and he was expected to be “the guy” moving forward. I’m not close to bailing on him at this point because it is early in 2017 and he is still young but the team should be prepared to move forward with other options at the position if necessary.

              But the Phillies are not going to find out if he is the SS of the future by demoting him, sitting him, making him carry the ball bag or anything else. He will either have the mental toughness to play through the problem or he will not.

              To me, it’s encouraging that the team has not yet pulled the plug because that tells me they don’t think they’ve lost him mentally. I’ll become concerned if the team announces that’s he’s taking a break to “clear his head”..

            3. @3up “the team doesn’t have other options at in the upper levels of the system at SS right now”

              What about Galvis?

              He has plenty of time to figure things out. A year and a half at AAA isn’t the worst thing in the world because we’re not competing yet, and still have a 2nd div regular in the majors at that position.

              And he’s projected to play very good defense at a premium position, so his bat isn’t imperative to be good. It can’t be OPS .500, but it doesn’t have to be .800 either.

              If he drops to #3-6 prospect by the end of year, it’s sad, but it happens. Let’s hope for our other prospects like Alfaro, Moniak, and Sixto to take his place on national lists.

            4. FYI the quote and first sentence were directed at 3up3kkk, the rest was my 2 cents to everybody.

            5. @REI,

              I don’t consider Galvis to be a long-term option for several reasons.

              He fits the bill defensively but offensively, he’s not disciplined enough as a hitter to every hit for average or get on-base enough. Hitting 15-20 hrs in nice but he’s never had an .OPS over 700 in the majors. He is basically a 0 WAR player.

              Secondly, he is also getting expensive with 1 final arbitration season before becoming a FA in 2019. He’s making $4.3 million this year and will probably get to around $5M in 2018. Moving into FA in 2019, I don’t see paying $5+M per season for a replacement level player..

        2. Since we all like to talk about Carlos Tocci and his frame/weight and strength, why not mix in JP? Most if not all of us have seen JP play, whether it’s on TV or in person. Yes he is long and lean as an above average SS with his measurables should be, but I am beginning to think about how “strong” JP actually is. When I saw him in LHV last year the bat looked slow and he looked very thin likely due to the grind of a long baseball season. You can only do so much to maintain muscle and endurance during a season as we all know, but I am beginning to think the off-season regiment is lacking. Maybe he works out for 4 hours everyday but he was quoted at one point about how he wanted to alter his off-season workout plan yet he returned to Spring Training looking exactly the same and maybe even a tick thinner.

          Learning to deal with adversity is an awesome thing, you can learn so much from failure so these struggles will hopefully only help him in the long run. I simply do not think JP is as physically strong as his counterparts.

          1. TRiles,

            I agree. Several times I’ve used the word weak to describe Crawford both in his stance and in his contact with the ball. I’ve also noted his tendency to succumb to what could be fatigue at the end of the season.

            And, while like others on this board, I’m not giving up on JP and hope he breaks out of his funk, I also hope the Phillies are considering Plan B. With Galvis on board, there is some time for a player lower down to develop, maybe moving a Scott Kingery and/or Daniel Brito to shortstop.

      2. I’d actually go the complete opposite direction than a lot of you guys suggest. I’m guessing his confidence is very low right now and he is pressing. I’d find a way to call him up to the show let him be around the big club even if it’s just for a week let him start one maybe 2 games maybe get in a pinch hitting spot show you believe in him then let him go back down and hopefully that let’s him relax with a taste of the bigs under his belt

        1. You are setting a bad precedent by promoting a prospect that does not deserve it. The Phillies WILL NOT do that. You get to the bigs based on your performance, plain and simple. It does not matter if you’re a top 5 prospect or not. And Valentin deserves a promotion way more than JP.

        2. Agree with Guru that moving Crawford up would send a bad message that draft position and reputation is more important than performance. I think they are showing confidence in him by keeping him at AAA, letting him play every day and continuing to bat him at the top of the order.

          1. Ultimately it is about doing what’s best for the organization, and if the other players don’t like it that is too bad for them. Less than 5% of them are even going to get to the majors and be regular contribuors. J.P. is the crown jewel of the far system so he gets special treatment and that is just a fact, you have to do everything in the power of the organization to get him through this rough stretch and get him to reach his potential

            1. All you’re going to accomplish is fostering resentment by the players and even by the coaches.

            2. What’s best for the organization is creating a culture where everyone knows that performance is how you are ultimately evaluated and how you advance.

              No one player is more important than the culture that you create..

  2. I keep going back to when they promoted JP to AAA he had not completely solved AA. I think he needed to dominate AA before he was promoted. He is great in the field. It is a treat to watch him play the position. He is still being patient at the plate. He is doing things that allow for good hitting. He just isn’t making good contact. Right now he needs to have patience and we need to have patience. It all there. He needs to figure it out with some technical and some TLC.

    1. I agree with this. He had not dominated in AA before they promoted him. My guess is they believed his advanced approach and plate discipline would allow him to succeed in AAA.

      As for his struggles, it’s hard to know what to do, but it is so bad that it now has a mental component as well as a physical/technical component.

      On the mental component, I would avoid sending him down now if possible (although that may be necessary in the near term too). Pushing him past the point of repeated and embarrassing failure, however, is not helpful and trying to give him “tough love” by throwing him out there when he’s pressing and failing miserably may sound good to a football coach, but I don’t think it works at all in baseball. If he doesn’t break out soon, they should let him clear his head for several days and just focus on fundamentals and getting him relaxed. If it doesn’t work, they should then send him down so he can focus on his game and go to a league where he can restore his confidence.

      On the technical side, I’m no hit doctor, but there are probably a number of things that he needs help with. One thing that seemed obvious to me is that his approach is extremely defensive – he’s not selecting pitches and driving the ball. He’s swinging late and trying just to make hard contact and, as part of that approach, there’s little to no “load” in his swing. It reminds me a lot of how Jason Heyward looked at the plate in the last few years – he was just trying not to make outs, which, of course, is how you go about making outs. I think he needs to make serious adjustments to his swing to put himself in a better hitting position. I have no idea if these are changes that can be made during the season, but I think they should be made, because his current approach is causing him enormous problems.

      The goods news with J.P. is: (a) he’s young – really young; (b) for all his strikeouts, he has elite strike zone judgment – he’s always going to draw walks, which puts him ahead of the game in many respects; (c) he plays a key defensive position; and (d) by all accounts, he plays that position very well.

    2. I think the Phillies felt that JP had the mental fortitude to handle the promotion. It’s now up to the player to make it happen.

  3. Here’s why we all need to stop freaking out about Crawford:

    Possible 2018 Phillies Lineup:
    1 Quinn CF
    2 Hernandez 2B
    3 Alfaro C
    4 Moustakas 3B
    5 Franco or Hoskins 1B
    6 Herrera LF
    7 Altherr RF
    8 Galvis SS

    And maybe in 2019:
    1 Quinn CF
    2 C Hernandez 2B
    3 Machado SS
    4 Moustakas 3B
    5 Alfaro C
    6 Franco or Hoskins 1B
    7 Herrera LF
    8 Altherr RF

    Or in 2019:
    1 C Hernandez 2B
    2 Quinn/Altherr CF
    3 Harper RF
    4 Alfaro C
    5 Moustakas 3B
    6 Franco or Hoskins 1B
    7 Herrera LF
    8 Galvis SS

    And then if we really want to dream in 2021:
    1 Hernandez 2B
    2 Trout CF
    3 Moustakas 3B
    4 Machado SS
    5 Alfaro C
    6 Herrera LF
    7 Franco or Hoskins 1B
    8 Quinn / Altherr RF

    I think these are all scenarios we could live with, minus Crawford

    1. I agree that Crawford’s sink or swim will neither make nor break the club’s future. There’s simply too much going in the organization’s favor. If he was ranked say the 10th best prospect, this panic attack wouldn’t be going on here. We have a SS who’s not the preference of most but Galvis in the 8 hole in an otherwise stacked lineup down the road is fine if we can’t find plan A2.

      1. 8mark……..concerning JP Crawford…I have plenty faith he will turn it around.
        Just before he gets drafted by the Phillies in ’13 he learns his mother, Beth, is diagnosed with cancer.
        As a teenager , just graduated HS, he is now driving his mother to radiation treatment.
        And at the same time in the process of negotiating a signing contract with the Phillies.
        However, his biggest supporter in life and in baseball may now be taken from him.
        Then he signs and goes 3000 miles away from SoCal to Florida.
        So he had a lot on his plate, emotionally in particular, from the start of his career
        At this point, not sure how his mother is doing, but he has shown the maturity and resolve to press on and work hard in life.
        And like he said…he prayed a lot to God.
        I am confident he will turn it around at the plate and on the diamond.

        1. Thanks for that insight, Romus. I hadn’t heard about his family situation. That would affect any young man. Let’s hope he turns it around.

    2. Ha, glad you posted this. I was going to say something like “the only way we’ll see a perennial gold glove/All-Star level SS playing for us in 2019 is if we sign Machado and convert him back to short”, but this is much more effective.

  4. On a positive note, loving me some Alfaro, Quinn and Hoskins!!!

    Hey ToJo and Cameron Rupp, can you hear those footsteps coming for your jobs??

    Top prospect UL lhp/1B Brendan McKay yesterday hit 4 HRs and 9 rbis in game vs EKU.

  5. By the way, Rhys Hoskins keeps getting promoted and keeps rising to the challenge. He has the second highest OPS in AAA in his first season there. At the plate, he is doing almost everything you would want, hitting for average, drawing walks, hitting for very good power in AAA. I’ve come to the conclusion that Rhys Hoskins can just flat out hit and he’s going to be a starting first baseman for somebody in the major leagues – the real question is whether he is going to be a first or second division player.

    We are now getting to the weird point where young players in the majors are blocking prospects and where prospects are blocking prospects. That’s what happens in a very deep organization. We’re just not used to seeing this because, although the Phillies have promoted their share of excellent prospects over the last 20 years, the organization’s talent pool has never been anywhere close to being deep in pitchers or position prospects. If a guy deserved a promotion, he typically got one.

    The current problem is that Joseph is blocking Hoskins and the organization has made a commitment of sorts to Joseph. But the problem is that I think Hoskins is just flat out better than Joseph, particularly as it relates to plate discipline. To test that theory, I went back and checked Joseph’s AAA stats last year. My recollection was that they were roughly equivalent to Hoskins’s stats right now. But I was wrong, Hoskins’ stats are quite a bit better, although the sample size is still pretty small. Let’s see how Joseph does, but if we are in a similar place about a month from now with these two guys – they should promote one and demote the other.

    1. agree with everything you say … the question is at what point do they pull the trigger on change? If Hoskins is still doing what he’s doing in AAA, regardless of what ToJo does, do you think they might make the call in June?

      1. I think if ToJo just plays so-so, he will block Hoskins for quite some time – perhaps into late summer or September. I think to get a promotion in the next month or two, Hoskins is going to have to hit well and ToJo is going to have to continue to fail as he has thus far.

        I’m not say that this is what SHOULD happen, but knowing how the Phillies operate and how Mackanin manages, this is what I predict will happen.

        1. I agree, it would really take a TJ collapse for a switch to be made before the all star break in July. Let’s just enjoy watching Hoskins and Alfaro tear up AAA. Williams seems to be figuring things out and I’m confident Quinn will bounce back from his slump. JP and Cozens look awful but I think you just keep running them out there and work with them on the side yo improve. Improvement will come.

          1. I would love to see a Quinn, Herrera, Altherr outfield by the end of July. Now THAT would be exciting!

            1. Catch, That would be a heck of a defensive outfield. You might call it No Ball Left Behind.

    2. We have a pretty brutal stretch of the schedule coming up. We play the Nats, Cubs, and Dodgers 13 of 18 games (with 10 on the road). I could see TJ and even Rupp continuing to struggle and a change being made on 5/15, which is an off day.

      1. I don’t see Rupp going anywhere, except in a trade. He’s already proven himself to be a second division regular. What could happen, however, is that Andrew Knapp might get more playing time, which would also be a good thing. I happen to think Knapp has a lot more upside than Rupp both on defense and especially on offense.

        1. I’m not even sure who would want Rupp in a trade, but I agree that Rupp is not going anywhere. Barring an injury, Alfaro will spend the year at Lehigh and come up when rosters expand. Then during the offseason, if Alfaro had a good year, you can see the Phillies try to trade Rupp then. Else, Alfaro will likely be the anointed catcher and Rupp/Knapp will battle it out to be the backup in spring training.

          1. Here is something I thought about last night while crying about two straight Phillies off days. What if they ask TJ to pick catching back up on the side, maybe even a little left field too. I wouldn’t ask him to start any games at catcher, but just work on it in a way where there is little to no risk of him getting hit in the head again and keep himself fresh. Now you have an emergency catcher on the roster in case you want to get Knapp’s switch hitting bat into a late game situation without risking not having a catcher(or having to use blanco there). Our bench of the future could include TJ, Knapp, Galvis, Altherr, Blanco/Valentin . That’s pretty damn strong.

            1. TJ is done as a catcher. One more concussion (which is easy to get after you’ve had several) and it’s over – he has to retire. He’s not going to do that and they are not going to ask him.

      2. i’m not worried about the schedule because regardless how you put it – the Phils is the underdog 90% of the time. the 1st 18 games is supposed to be tough as well with 12 playing against the Nats and Mets – and the Phils came out at 0.500.

        i think the Phils are sneaky good and will steal some games against the good teams, play like a worst team at teams and implode/explode on occasional basis.

        i follow the Phils to see the player development and player management so i actually want the Phils to play against a better team to see how the next core plays up to the challenge.

    3. Catch,

      I agree. I’ve been a Hoskins believer ever since seeing him with the Threshers. TJ is a great human story and I’d hate to see him demoted, but the clear-eyed decision might be just that. Let’s hope they both rake and further complicate the decision.

    4. I just read 2 scouting report about Hoskins 1 on Fangrahs By Eric Long the another site. In both scouting reports he s defense is rated a little under avg he has a little stiffness . He does catch what he gets too his are his arm also under avg. My question is he going to be another Howard. In long term is he a DH because he is 24 and Big boy. His Approach is great but will hit for a high avg .

      1. Tim….from when I have seen him play, he is fine.
        He isn’t a liability for sure, and he may not be a Gold Glove right now.
        His arm is not like TJ’s cannon…but it is better then Ryno.
        And definitely he isn’t Dr Strangeglove.

  6. C – Rupp’s struggles may only expedite the inevitable. Alfaro will be here no later than Aug 1, probably sooner.

    1b – ToJo is not their long term guy and I think they know that already. Hoskins should get his call before long. I also hope they draft Pavin Smith in June. BPA at 1-8.

    2b – Take your pick. Cesar has the most value. Kingery is the FO favorite right now. Valentin and Brito make it a win-win-win-win situation.

    ss – We all wait to see what’s up with JPC. By next season we can decide if Machado is an option for ’19.

    3b – Franco is fine as a non-middle of the lineup bat. Moustakas is intriguing. Machado is appetizing. We’ll see.

    OF – Altherr has to be given a legit shot. No Mackanin half measures, this kid’s gotta play. Doobie is an eventual trade piece. Written on the wall. If none of Quinn, Williams or Cozens reach the show, it’s time to go free agency or trade from the depth of the organization.

    Pitching – Even with the tentative futures of Nola and Velasquez, we’re in pretty good shape. The bullpen will continue like most to be an ongoing work in progress.

    1. I wonder how you can make the statement. Kingery is fo favorite. I am guessing your a gm or work for the phillies. I just keep seeing the disrespect for Cesar and it drives me nuts. If anyone watches baseball and understands. Right now the parent club has Cesar, Franco who is a maybe and i love him. but he has to stop pulling off or he is gone. Galvis if they find a power hitting first basemen and outfielder can carry him. Freddie defense is great, and he will hit some homeruns. and another guy you are trading dobbie. so imo they have in place right now. second base, center field, maybe third, and maybe short. a lot of postions to fill. and no real good starting pitching. if they want to compete with the mets, they better find at least two aces.and two power hitters. and they arent in the minors. i do like alfaro as catcher.

  7. The difference between Crawford and many other prospects is his pedigree. He comes from a family of ball players and has been bred for the major leagues. Very similar to Jesmuel Valentin.

    Let him play through his struggles. I agree, at only 22, he may still need to build strength. You can argue there is more focus in the minors around recognizing pitches, batting & defense practice, and baseball approach, than on building up body strength. Probably the last part of development.

    Let JP play, this is where his value will be proven over the long term. Nick Williams is in the same exact place with his plate discipline and maturity. Dylan Cozens has a long way to go, striking out 4 out of 5 AB’s.

      1. Apologies if it came off that way. I was trying to articulate these guys were raised in an environment of professional sports and as such, should be given time to play through struggles.

        Feel free to delete the post.

        1. I don’t think that is at all what he sounded like. Jimmy the Greek’s comment was racist. John was talking about the environment in which he grew up.

        2. Your comment was fine John. No reason to go hunting for code language that isn’t there..

        3. No need to delete, John. I didn’t think the comment was racist nor was I looking for code.

          But I worked in an environment where I learned that the word “bred” in that context carries certain flags. I can see the insensitivity in the word. As editor, I would be remiss if I didn’t comment. If others don’t see the insensitivity that I see, well they’re lucky I guess. I physically cringed when I read the sentence.

          1. For you “bred” was a code word…. You might not have been looking for it but it certainly jumped out to you as such. I physically cringe when people immediately go down that path.

            I’ve had people on other sites comment regarding the “KKK” in my screen name and had to explain that a “K” is a strikeout in baseball lingo. They then follow-up with “well maybe you should change it so it won’t be misunderstood”…

            1. I guess it’s a matter of perception. In the case of your screen name, I am always reminded of a scene in “Good Morning Viet Nam”. Sgt. Major, “What does 3 up and 3 down mean to you, airman?” Cronauer, “End of an inning?”

  8. JPC hit tool has been a concern during his draft days that’s why he fell outside Top 10 and into the Phillies lap. if you believe that JPC is the face of the rebuild and the next core of a winning Phillies team — then you’ll become disappointed and worried about JPC’s struggles. JPC’s main strengths are not really highlighted by stats, JPC will not carry the offensive load of any team but he will be an integral part of a core of players.

    as of now, the Phillies in general doesn’t have a “game changer” type of a player in the majors and the high minors — that’s why the Phils really need to explore outside options (i.e. Otani, Machado, Trout, etc) to look for that “franchise” players that will carry the team and lead a sustainable run. I understand that the Royals won without a bonafide superstar, but just like the 2004 Detroit Pistons – that looks like more of the exception rather than the rule.

  9. On Hoskins promotion – it will be dictated by the roster space. Similar to last year, the 2017 40-man roster spots might be tight again – and I expect around 6 (JPC, Hoskins, Kilome, Arano, Seranthony, Pullin) that might be protected from Rule 5. I expect Knapp to get the 1st shot at the 1B if the Phils given up on ToJo. If Hoskins forces the issue, I can see after the July trade deadline as the earliest date of promotion for Hoskins.

    1. Interesting take – you may be right about Knapp getting the first shot or he may be placed into a modified platoon with Stassi. You may also be right about the July trade deadline.

      1. catch – if both Alfaro and Hoskins continue their current phase and force the issue, Alfaro will be the 1st call up since he is already in the 40-man so the Phils can do the move anytime. this move will address both C and 1B offensive woes – Alfaro will start at C, Knapp at 1B and move (if not traded) Rupp and ToJo to the bench as back up (and probably force the Phils to option Stassi back to LHV if no space is available in the 25-man).

          1. lol!! i’m literally on fire with this bad allergy i’m having. i’ve been touring the northeast corridor with visitors the past few days and I inhaled different kinds of pollen!!

    2. I don’t agree here. If Hoskins is ripping and TJ is hitting .185 at the break, it’s more likely that TJ gets DFAd and Hoskins comes up. Let’s face it, TJ is right handed and subpar defensively. So he can’t hit and he can’t field. I don’t know why anybody would want to claim him if he was on waivers.

  10. What a performance by Ranger Suarez today. A seven inning complete game shutout with 9 strikeouts and only 2 hit allowed.

  11. Ranger Suarez last 3 starts.

    18 Innings pitched, 10 hits allowed, no runs allowed, 5 walks, 26 strikeouts.

  12. Jim any updates on anyone in Extended Spring training? I was thinking on go over on Friday but wasnt sure what kind of schedule they have over there.

    1. They had camp days on Monday and Wednesday, and road trips on Tuesday and Thursday. They will be at the Complex Friday. I watched them Saturday and have some notes I haven’t shared yet.

      1. Jim i hate to bother you but how is my man Josh Stephen doing. i love this kids swing

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