Box Score Recap – 4/24/2017

Abbreviated Box Score Report

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Reading cruised 12-1.  Brandon Leibrandt (2-0, 1.69), 6.0 IP, 7 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 7 K.  Three-hit games for Pullin and Tocci.  Two hit games for Kingery, Martin, Walding, and Tromp.  Pullin got the ball rolling with a solo HR (4) in the first inning.  He hit a grand slam later (5).  Martin hit his 4th.

  • Tocci is hitting .327 and that prompted me to check him out.  He has one XBH (a triple) and one walk.  His slash is .327/.367/.364.  He has hits in 8 of his last 10 games and reached base in 9 of 10.  He has three, 3-hit games in that span.

Lakewood lost 4-1.  Bailey Falter struggled through two innings.  Harold Arauz pitched well in four innings of relief.  Daniel Brito and Danny Zardon had three hits each.

4/24 – Phillies placed RHP Aaron Nola on the 10-day disabled list retroactive to April 21, 2017. Lower back strain.


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  1. Is Tocci 30 pounds away from hitting for power?

    He already hits for average, high OBP, and doesn’t strike out a lot. Has been durable and still only 21!

    1. You can give up on the “30 pounds”. Not going to happen.

      The closest comp IMO is Inciarte. Biggest difference is Inciarte was a base stealing threat in the minors. Had 43 in AA. Also more power (albeit still not much power) and an unbelievable 9.1% k rate which is much lower.

      Let’s see how the season unfolds for him. But I see a poor mans Inciarte

      1. That’s how I see him – a player similar to Inciarte, which means worse than Herrera. I don’t see any role for him on this Phillies team going forward – the hope is that he plays well and adds value in a trade.

      2. Interesting comparison but I agree lets see how this season unfolds. Everyone develops differently but Tocci did have a better slash then Inciarte at a higher level at the same age:

        Tocci 20 YO A+ 556 PAs 284/331/362/693 2016

        Inciarte 20 YO A 514 PAs 262/333/333/666 2011

        Inciarte did have more SB 26 to 13 but wasn’t very successful either 63.4% to 68.4%.

        That’s at least encouraging for his possible future outcome.

        1. Yes a singles hitter who compares favorably in regards to level and age to a First Division Regular Center Fielder who was also a singles hitter. Listen I’m not saying he’s going to be a star or anything but if he can develop on the same lines of Inciarte that is a pretty valuable player. Also with how long we’ve all been talking about him it would be nice to see him actually become a major leaguer.

          Feels like he’s been in our system for 2 decades….

      3. At this point, the Carlos Tocci muscle watch has become a yearly Spring Training ritual for me. Alas, I also think it’s time to admit that it’s probably never going to happen. I still think he’s outperformed expectations of many people on this site who thought he would never hit enough to make it out of the low minors. And it’ll be really galling if after all this he ends up developing into a decent centerfielder in someone else’s organization. I do think it could happen. But he’s been passed by other prospects and he’s going to have to merit a spot on the 40-man in the offseason or he can walk as a free agent. Hard to see where he fits. It’s a Goeddel paradox. (Logic joke!)

        Although who knows–if Quinn has another serious injury maybe that changes the calculus a bit.

        1. Very much agree with the Quinn logic. He hasn’t played more than 80 games a year. I was a proponent of making him a 4th or 5th OF this year.

          But if he does get hurt again, wouldn’t Tocci logically move into his spot at AAA?

      4. His inability to gain weight makes me question his dedication.

        Getting jacked at his age is a matter of effort, sleep, and eating correctly. It’s so clearly been a flaw in his profile for so long now that I find it really disappointing.

        1. It sure why all the thumbs down
          1.5 x his body weight in grams of protein a day
          Eight full hours of sleep and 5 x5 and he should be able to get a lot larger and stronger
          My guess is something to do with him wanting to remain a center fielder

    2. Cesar was also a singles hitter at 160lbs and now 4 years in the league is finally coming together as a player at 27. But Tocci is 6-2, hasn’t filled out yet, and still only 21. The plate discipline is there without the strength. He will develop power hitting in a few years, but the clock would have run out in Philly. Some team will draft him Rule 5 after this year.

      My point is, he could still be a 4th or 5th OF on a rebuilding team until he develops physically. The patience could pay off, the way it has for Cesar.

      1. Cesar also packed on some beef in the off season. My biggest kudos to him have more to do with his mental approach. He seems to have gained confidence. Players like Tocci and Appel, no matter how gifted they are, HAVE to at some point own their careers and their game. How long does an organization wait for maturity to happen?

        1. 8mark…Cesar packed his added muscle over this past off-season ….he was 26 years old. May have been easier than a 21-year old to do that. Tocci at 6’2″ has 3/4 inches also on Cesar. Harder for taller guys to bulk.
          He is still listed at 160…..but read last season in an interview that he had said he gained 10/12 lbs and was around 170.
          Still about 20 pounds too light.
          Not sure he will get there anytime soon.

  2. Wow Pullin he on a 2 yr tear stick him In Lf in Cbp . Kingery too looks great every one keeps forgetting about Leibrandt a lefty with promise . I was checking the top 100 pitching prospects most were having trouble with walks and hRs.then I checked out the Phillies top pitching wow very good walk ratio and no hrs trouble great job. Falter pitched in some bad weather it was cold and rained.

  3. Is Andrew Pullin the most under-rated position player in the system? Kid continues to rake and is blocked in AA.

    1. Yes, by a mile. If he continues to hit like this, he will get his chance. My concern is that maybe the Phillies underrate him too. Historically, they haven’t always been the best at scouting their own players. Maybe that will change with the new administration.

      1. According to Jim Salisbury Phillies do not underrate Pullin.
        He mentions that it Is just the opposite.
        I beg to differ.
        Their actions seem to dictate something entirely different…..slow promos…and 40 un-protection

        1. And yet, he wasn’t selected in the Rule 5 draft. So he’s not undervalued by the Phillies at all.

          1. Many of believed that they dodged a bullet on that one – he was the one guy I was most worried about losing because he hit a ton at Reading last year.

          1. Understand catch…..I am not sure how they feel about his potential. Rarely ever hear Joe Jordan talk about him in any interviews and when he did, he says something like generically he is ‘progressing nicely’.
            But Jim Salisbury always says they rate and value him highly, so not sure what to be made.
            Remember Steve Susdorf?
            That could be the path chosen for him.

            1. I would trust Jim Salisbury. He’s as tuned in to this team as anyone. Also, I’ve heard/read Matt Stairs really likes Pullin.

    2. If Pullin has a weakness, it’s that he’s probably stuck in LF. He’s played 2B and RF too but 2B wasn’t a good fit for him. LF is perfect for him. He’s not a fast guy. He’s shown a very good bat in Reading. Until one of the AAA OF’ers gets called up or one gets hurt or traded, he’s kind of stuck in AA. AAA might show some warts but I’d like to see how he does there. AAA shows a lot of guys the door. He’s only 23 and will be throughout the baseball season.

    3. Players like Pullin and Sandberg and Perkins and so on are great to have. They produce and have success and you just cannot write them off because they are not ranked prospects in some opinions. If that was the case there would be no Stassi on the roster and others like him. Now they may not ever become stars or starters in majors but they always could. For Pullin if he advances to the next level and thrives there then he is only a call away from the show. And Pullin has put up some really good numbers the last year, may even have a better chance than Cozens of major league success

      1. Last year and throughout the whole summer, Cozens was everybody’s darling. People wanted him to skip AAA and insert him right into the Phillies starting lineup. Let’s wait and see how Pullin and the others fare in AAA before we give them big league jobs.

        1. As much as I and many others liked Cozens last year, he was certainly not without flaws. I never wanted him to skip AAA; he needed this.

        2. I like Pullin, but I agree. I saw him against a true LOOGY and he was kind of flailing out there – so he has work to do to improve his game. That said, I think his hit tool is pretty decent and he could hit AAA running. We all knew Cozens was probably going to struggle at first at AAA.

      2. Sandberg , like Ryan Sandberg
        I know you didn’t just lump Perkins and Pullin with one of the all time greats

        1. Cord Sandberg another outfielder who can hit, just not highly ranked. He does have decent potential

    4. C’mon, we all know that he is a product of the ball park, I mean, look at these home/road splits

      home – .208/.269/.333/.603 – 1 home run
      away – .487/.524/1.000/1.524 – 4 home runs

      Oh wait, that didn’t prove my point at all!

      SSS applies (6 home games and 9 road games), but good to see the production on the road any way.

  4. Pullin, Tocci both solid. Tocci needs some more thunder to translate his slash line at higher levels.

    On a side note, I live 20 minutes from the Delmarva Shorebirds (O’s affiliate). The Blue Claws are in town but it literally down poured all day yesterday. I guess they started the game real late, I was banking on it being a wash out. I could’ve rolled over there after the kids went to bed. So ticked.

    1. I was listening on the radio & It sounded (from announcers perspective) that Brito played well at SS last night, despite the conditions; with 3 hits to boot..When we’re at our seasonal home DE, we’re only 45 minutes away, so I hope to actually see them play once or twice this year. .

    1. Yup. It’s a problem. I’m not high on Williams at all for this reason. Alfaro has a similar problem, but his hit tool is better, his raw power is much better, and he plays a premier defensive position, so, while it’s still an issue, it’s much less of an issue.

  5. The lack of power and base stealing is getting me soured on Tocci. Been pulling for the kid and I know he’s only 21 but I feel like we’ve been talking about him for 10 years now.

    1. What were Freddy Galvis’ power & stolen base #’s in Reading? Then last yr. he hits 20 hrs, who knew??

      1. Have you seen Tocci in person? If you had, you’d know why his ability to gain weight and power is extremely limited. He’s a skilled ballplayer, but it’s highly unlikely that he is going to develop legitimate power. You have to project him out as a guy like Inciarte – no power, moderate hit tool, mediocre plate discipline, great fielder.

  6. Bailey faltered in his start, not lasting too long. Hasn’t issued a walk in this short season though.

  7. What would you rather debate – whether the Phillies should trade Cesar H or whether Carlos Tocci will be a major league player? Two dead horse topics, but it’s what we do here on rainy days. Let’s talk Trout.

    1. Maybe they should just trade Cesar and Tocci for Trout and take care of the entire conversation..

    2. I wasn’t saying it as a negative, just saying that we’ve all been talking about him for so long that when does it get to the point he doesn’t develop? I just feel we’ve all been watching this kid grow into what we hoped and we’re getting close to that hope not panning out but then I look at see that he’s still only 21 even though we have been talking about him for so long. Well, you guys since I don’t post often as I’m more a reader.

      1. Don’t stress it brother. A month or two ago this entire thread was a Pullin-Tocci debate. Talk about some guys going hellfire and brimstone one way or another. Fringe big league guys are the most interesting to discuss and breakdown. 1, maybe 2 tools slightly lacking that are keeping them from making more noise.

        But I will continue to keep my Doug Glanville “ceiling/comp” for Tocci. At 21, he’s a junior at the collegiate level. And say he was in college, with his defensive acumen you’re talking about a 1st rounder in this draft. The ability to get stronger and bigger doesn’t end at age 21. Premium up the middle defenders don’t just get kicked to the curb, especially when they hit around .300 in AA.

  8. Pullin is one of those players who’s going to have to prove it at each level because he doesn’t have any particular loud tool that will get him noticed.

    So far so good in AA..

  9. Hey, Jim

    Any report on C Rafael Marchan? GCL this year? I vaguely remember glowing reports on him a year or so ago.

    1. The 6 catchers in XST are all likely to play in one of the Rookie leagues. Plenty of work for three catchers per team, especially at the Complex. I would guess –
      Williamsport: Rodolfo Duran, James Lovett, and Nerluis Martinez
      GCL: Luis Aparicio, Rafael Marchan, and Lenin Rodriguez
      Gregori Rivero isn’t on the XST roster or any team roster for that matter. It looks like he has dropped into that void known as roving bullpen catcher. His MiLB player page lists him as being on the Threshers. But, he hasn’t seen the field yet, and isn’t on their roster.

      Hard to report on Marchan et al. They rotate starting roles each day, only play half a game when they do play, and play some first base or DH.

    1. I heard that he and Hernandez were suspended after a bench clearing incident toward the end of Saturday’s extra inning game. That would explain why Keudy Bocio was called up from XST and a second starter was assigned to Williamsport/XST, Irvin on the 23rd and Quinn on the 25th.

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