2017 Spring Training, 3/17

On Saint Patrick’s Day the Philies started a three-game home stand at Spectrum Field.  A half dozen players were sent to the minor league.  And an updated list of the minor league groups was available.  After the Phillies game another player was sent down.

With the recent influx of players from the major league camp, the work groups have been expanded to five.  Recent additions Jorge Alfaro, Nick Williams, J.P. Crawford, Cameron Perkins, Taylor Featherston, Pedro Beato, and Ben Lively are not included and will likely start a downward progression for some players.

Workgroups 3-17-2017

Earlier in the week, I reported that three players were reportedly released from the minor league camp.  Since then we have been unable to get anyone to reveal those names, although the players were identified as a catcher and two pitchers.  To date, no one has revealed the names, but I compared the current work groups with those on the first list.  I found that FIVE names are not included – Catcher Daniel Garner, and pitchers David Whitehead, Scott Harris, Scot Hoffman, and Alex Kline.  So, I won’t report these guys as released, just missing from the work groups.

Note that the Group 5 column includes 2 infielders and 9 pitchers in italics.  These guys are are injured and in various stages of rehab.  Also note that Elniery Garcia is listed in italics and in Group 1.

The Complex today consisted of morning work outs and afternoon intrasquad games.  These games ended after 4.5 innings on Ashburn and 5.0 innings on Schmidt.  I watched the game on Ashburn, Groups 1 and 2.

Knapp caught for group 1 and Alfaro caught for group 2.  Both batted in each of the first four innings.  The rest of Knapp’s team consisted of Martinez, Mora, Flores, and Walding in the infield; Pullin, Tocci, and Brown in the outfield; W. Garcia as DH; and Arauz and Cabrera pitching.

Alfaro’s group 2 team mates consisted of Martin, Stankiewicz, Cumana, and Hernandez in the infield; Rodriguez, Laird, and Pujols in the outfield; and Tirado and Koplove pitching.

Highlights and low lights included Wilson Garcia launching a solo home run off Alberto Tirado, Harold Martinez greeting Kenny Koplove with a solo home run, and Jorge Alfaro throwing out Mitch Walding at second base on what appeared to be a missed hit-and-run by Aaron Brown.  Grenny Cumana made a nice play at short.  Jose Pujols stranded five runners striking out twice.  Alfaro had a couple singles.  Knapp hit the ball hard into a couple line drive outs.  And someone, I think it was Hernandez got a ball over Tocci’s head for a double.  Harold Arauz pitched into trouble in the first inning and gave up two runs. Tirado gave back one in the bottom of the inning but the inning was rolled after a bases loaded walk.

Group 5 played seven innings on the back field.  They won again.  They’ve been playing traveling teams that seem to be age appropriate – e.g., JuCo teams, CC teams.  I think they are 4-0.

Saturday and Sunday, the Single A teams will be at the Complex against the Yankees and Pirates.  AAA and AA will face the Pirates at the Complex on Monday.  Games are scheduled at 1:00 PM but I was told they played at 10:00 AM last Sunday.

Here’s some video from Thursday.  Some are short.

Zach Eflin video and video2.

Mickey Moniak video and video2.

Darick Hall video and video2.  The ball to CF was absolutely crushed.  Hit to the deepest part of the field and a great catch by the fielder.

C Randolph video.

Cord Sandberg video.

Jose Taveras video and video2.

Casey Brown video.

6 thoughts on “2017 Spring Training, 3/17

  1. Jim….see anything of Shane Watson around the complex? Wondering how he looks and how he is pitching.

    1. According to the Blueclaws blog, Watson pitched on Wednesday. Liebrandt got the start, but went 1.1 innings giving up three runs. Watson came in in relief and pitched two scoreless innings. That was for group two.

      1. dag5 thanks for that update.
        Its been a few years since the shoulder surgery and I expect him to be a pleasant surprise this season jumping back right into the prospect pitching picture.
        He almost had a no-hitter last May going into the ninth for Clearwater.

        1. I agree completely with you. I think he will be a pleasant surprise, and I think he’ll definitely regain his prospect status this year.

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